Please Stop Expecting Us Normals to Not Make Jokes About Your Gender Pronouns


As much as I hate putting any dollar into Jeff Bezos’ pocket that I don’t have to, Sister Babe’s insistence on subscribing to The Washington Compost so she can read it over breakfast is a phenomenal source for blog fodder. The latest example appeared when I opened the paper a few Sundays ago to be greeted by the headline, “Please stop making jokes about gender pronouns when people tell you theirs” with the Subhead, “They might hurt people more than you realize.”

The story proceeds to open with the anecdote about how Fredo Cuomo was forced to grovel before the Gaystapo after joking when Kamala Harris announced her preferred pronouns. I could give a blow by blow recap of how traumatizing mocking someone who inflicts their pronoun demands onto you truly is. But it reads exactly as you’d expect, so we can cut straight to how one should respond.

First the short version: “Go (copulate) yourself.”

Now for the longer version: For a moment let’s overlook that you live in what may be the greatest decade in the history of the world for a human to be alive. And by amazing coincidence, you happen to live in the greatest country the world has ever known. If that weren’t enough, you live in its capitol city, where a disproportionate amount of the country’s wealth has been distributed. You’re also part of this trust fund generation that’s never worried about war, famine, nor plague. Yes, you are part of a generation of trust funders who has some strange notion that peace and prosperity are the norm and to be expected – hate to break this to you but this era is the exception, not the norm.

Let’s also look past that you live in one of the most gay friendly cities in one of the most gay friendly cultures the world has ever known. Try living in one of those fossil fuel based economies halfway around the world that funds so many in your profession. Or better still, the next time a politician suggests dropping a few thousand migrants from one of those countries into one of those hated Republican voting rural or suburban towns, contact your local politician and demand that they be relocated to the DuPont Circle neighborhood. You could probably get many Conservatives across America behind this – Hell, I’d personally come out to watch your next Gay Pride Parade as you march through a neighborhood inhabited by a few thousand followers of The Religion of Peace.

But enough about your ingratitude and need to create a crisis because the safety and comfort in which you live just aren’t good enough. Insisting that every person you meet remember your pronouns is not only obnoxious, it’s damned selfish. I’ve never been good with names, and that hasn’t improved as I’ve gotten older. Now you’re expecting me to bend over backwards to accommodate your mental issue? And I don’t mean that in an offensive way – I honestly feel badly for you. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like being born with the biology of a man and being attracted to the gender that nature did not intend, or vice versa. But I’ve also had enough friends from the various LGBQWERTY categories over the years to know it’s also possible to roll with it, adapt, and have a happy life. I could be wrong, but part of why they’re happy might have something to do with not having to invent new ways to justify their personal misery. And we’ve already hit Peak Pronoun when even Lefties are admitting that asking for pronouns is a form of oppression (video).

So in the meantime, if you’re that offended that I don’t give a damn about your preferred pronouns, tough (excrement). If I remember your name, consider yourself lucky. So if you’re going to demand that I go beyond my normal mental capabilities to accommodate you, don’t get mad when I counter with a demand that you address me by my preferred pronouns:

The Earl of Funk

The Duke of Cool

The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!

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First the short version: “Go (copulate) yourself.”

No doubt, there’s a “gender” that can actually do that… in theory.

@Deplorable Me: @Brother Bob: Just join those seeking to be victims and admit you are Lesbians trapped in a mans body.

@Brother Bob: Where you trying to hit on a lesbian? You Gen Xers really need a good long talk. I’ll let Deplorable handle that, pointers you are in the wrong bar.

@Brother Bob:Bi polar, sexual or feminist which covers both.

Went to UNM back in the day me an Apollo six two 187 blonde blue my best friend and roomie was the Black Apollo man (“Maddox”) when we two went out things got crazy real fast. Had an obnoxious Indian (American) “lesbian” activist girl “friend” attending all our same honors classes all senior year (1992). Finally somehow a week before graduation she wound up over at my place getting pounded by yours truly . Lo and behold, a couple of days later she was back at my place getting pounded by Maddox. Last day of finals, Maddox and I are at the bar across from the school finishing our first pitcher of beer, and “Chrissy” is supposed to show up any minute to join us. “Let’s make her buy” Maddox says. To which I respond–“I think we already have!” (get it?)

If they are not happy with the usual normal “he” or “she” then I call all the rest “Comrade” or “Comrades”. I consider it to be the universal pronoun. It is friendly, inclusive, and gender neutral. And an interesting side effect of the whole LGBTABCD thing is that almost all of them are communists.

@johnfender333: Maybe just, “Hey, you.”

As a genderfluid person, I accept that people will get my pronouns wrong a lot of the time. It’s not their responsibility to magically know somehow. That’s why I appreciate it when people ask. I guarantee you no trans, nonbinary or genderqueer person will be offended if you ask for their pronouns.

@️‍: Well, that’s reasonable, but I’m not putting too much effort into it.

so a hairy dude has a penis, no vagina, maybe/maybe not hormonal induced breasts, many drugs on the market will cause gynecomasty in males, similar to the vegi bergers 2ed to estrogen content and wants to be called a female? oh, wears feminine clothing and walks like a man-ok what is on the individual’s birth certificate?

The Rainbow Fascists bully and harass people for stating and believing the obvious–that a man can’t become a woman or vice versa. Their demand that I use ridiculous, made up pronouns like xir is worthy of ridicule.

Yes, the Rainbow Mafia IS comprised of communists.


I guarantee you no trans, nonbinary or genderqueer person will be offended if you ask for their pronouns.

But they will be offended if I don’t, and thus we have the problem.

@Nathan Blue: So how to ask….
What the hell do you think you are?
So what the F are you?

@Adonis Apollo: Now THAT’S funny!!!

@️‍: I’m just offended that you actually think genderfluid person is an accurate descriptor… (Not really offended… Just amused!!!)

Feel free to ignore all my old fat white guy privilege… But don’t forget to throw a 20 in my guitar case as you disappear into the library…

@Deplorable Me: I’m putting less than that into it.

I’m afraid it gets worse…..

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (whoever it is) has published a “Safer Sex for Trans Bodies” guide, and the folks at the foundation have decided to rename male and female genitalia (sorry, “parts”).

‘Front Hole’? Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s ‘Safer Sex for Trans Bodies’ Renames Body Parts

The comments from social media mirrors mine:
Who do trannys think they are co-opting vagina and leaving natural women with “front hole?” Um, No.

@Boris Badenov: If they look female, they get the female pronouns. If they look male, they get male pronouns. If they look like neither or both, I probably have nothing to say to them.

@Nan G: I guess the radical left likes to imagine they have the power to redefine terms. They ARE the “back hole”.