The Progressive Socialists Are Guilty of Treason


The progressive socialist Democrat Party and the media (both are the same partisan hacks that are destroying the sovereignty of our country) continue to work against our country. Journalists have compared the terrorist to Charles DeGaulle and have honored the sustained terror caused by this animal. Below are two columns written back during the Obama administration, which point out the position that we now find ourselves in this country.

Ben Rhodes, an Obama flak who watched and allowed this to happen. I do not doubt that all the progressive socialists will continue to wring their hands and whine about not consulting Congress or our allies. These same people were silent when Obama took us into Libya. The patriots of this country will continue to back this President and will be prepared for where the opposition takes us. The progressive socialists can continue to put forth their lies and hypocrisy but no one is listening.

 The Enemies Among Us Part 1

Having written about the group Jamaat al-Fuqra, now known as Muslims of America, once before and considering the election of Donald Trump as President, there is more to investigated by our administration and made available to the general public.  Different sources, including many within the Muslims of America organization, have made clear that they expect the members of this jihadist organization to arm themselves purportedly in anticipation of raids by the new administration. The group is waiting for a violent confrontation with law enforcement on the jihad bases they have in this country listed somewhere between 22 and 34. They are attempting to stockpile automatic weapons in what they consider the start of the end time.

They consider the reopening of FBI investigations proving them to be a homegrown terrorist organization that was set aside by Obama as a spark to the violence that they have spent these past years training for. Sheikh Gilani, based in Pakistan and running the operation from there, has made clear to his followers here in our country that Donald Trump is part of an anti-Zionist conspiracy to destroy Islam. The FBI, as early as 1988, identified Jamaat Al-furqa (MOA) as an Islamist paramilitary group which believes the Islamic faith will dominate the world within the century through violent confrontations. In an NCIS investigation since closed because of funding, it was shown that all of these MOA compounds have specific individuals involved in criminal scams to raise money, including insurance fraud, mail fraud, credit card fraud, workers compensation fraud, and straw purchase of weapons.

Sheikh Gelani , founder of the MOA on November 14th stated:

”I foretold the disastrous results should this man be elected as the American President. He has come as a test and trial for faithful adherents of the holy books.”

Gilani has prophesied to his followers that a “tyrant” would be in the White House during the end times before the battle of victory for Islam. This is the same Sheikh Gelani that Wall Street Journal Daniel Pearl was going to see when he was abducted and murdered.

Sheikh Gelani also distributed a videotape in 1992 that was sent to all the compounds that discussed “Advanced Training Courses in IslamicMilitary Training” with contacts in International Quranic Open Universities in the U.S., ( In New York, Michigan, South Carolina), Canada and the Caribbean. Those who finish the training are designated “soldiers of Allah,” an international jihad force affiliated with the MOA.. A good portion of the training is explicitly fighting Jews and Israelis. They continue to train without government interference and consider any attack on MOA as an assault on Islam and enough reason to start Islamic Jihad countrywide. Declaring all the arms training and bomb-making activities are for self-defense while planning to take offensive action. Khalifa Hussain Abdallah (K1) is the man responsible for the preparations being made for armed conflict. AN FBI report from 2007 has found MOA to be involved in at least ten murders, three firebombings. It also stated that the “soldiers of Allah” are sent to Pakistan to receive terrorist training that allows these compounds to become capable of planning and instigating terrorist campaigns within the U.S. This group is known for an attack that ended with the assassination of Arizona Imam Rashid Khalifa in Arizona in 1990.

In Islamburg, outside Hancock, New York, the MOA headquarters in New York, have been shown to be training women in guerilla tactics in 2002, and continues to this day. There is a history of terrorism, criminal activity including weapons trafficking, and a policy of violence against “enemies of Islam,” including the U.S. Government. At the “Red House” compound in Virginia, law enforcement attempted to arrest Traci Upshur for a straw purchase of firearms for her husband, who was convicted of a felony. Police were threatened by the “Mayor” of the Islamic village. Matthew Gardner, who goes by the name Muhammed Ali, threatened the officers by claiming there were 200 armed followers on the compound that was ready to defend Ms. Upshur should the police attempt to arrest her.There are also MOA members who have been arrested for the distribution of drugs, weapons charges, welfare fraud, and counterfeiting. These members have been told by MOA to stay off the compounds and to minimize meetings with other MOA members. As parolees, those convicted of felonies can be searched at any time by local law enforcement. The compounds do not want local law enforcement to be able to enter these compounds, and so these parolees are silent jihadists away from the compounds.

There are sources that can prove the MOA affiliated funds are collected to be sent to “mujahideen” in Pakistan and Kashmir. Children of the members of these camps have been indoctrinated into the Jihad terrorism taught in these compounds.

In 1991 a Colorado investigation described MOA as “the most significant terrorist group in the United States. On the terrorist training camp located outside of Buena Vista in Colorado, it was found that the intimidation of local law enforcement and violence perpetrated by its members to achieve their jihadist agenda was not terrorism because terrorism was not defined in state or federal statutes.

The State Department includes MOA it the annual Patterns of Global Terrorism but does not designate at as a terrorist organization. It does describe MOA as an Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through violence. They were included in this report as a group that has carried acts of terrorism not formally designated as such by the State Department. The reason given by the State Department for this non-designation is that they consider MOA a domestic group, rather than a foreign organization. Never discussed is if past violence that was instigated by this organization has been checked so as not to draw attention to the policies and objectives of violent jihad in the U.S. when the time is right. The Center for Policing Terrorism has stated :

“it is only a matter of time before Al-Fuqra (MOA) assists an organization in an assault on U.S. soil.”MOA can blend into the background and still conduct terrorist operations. The funding that they receive is questionable at best, and many of the members wok in transportation in the major cities of this country, making it simple to plant explosive devices and achieve workarounds of any and all security protocols. The Department of Homeland Security in 2005 has discussed MOA as a possible sponsor of a terrorist attack in the U.S. It has listed this group as a group that requires continual monitoring, agreeing that MOA is adept at concealing its activities and its preparations for a confrontation with U.S. authorities.

There are also links to Al Quaeda that have been proven. To be shown in the next column is the ties from MOA to Lashkar-e-Tabir, the Blind Sheikh, and the front groups that are able to collect firearms, training and give the MOA the ability to launder finances.

The Enemies Among Us Part 2

In the first part of this column (, we discussed Jamaat Al Fuqra or Muslims of America and the battlegrounds that are being formed throughout the country. Today, we will discuss some of the histories of how this organization is financed and where the money goes.

They are starting with an investigation in 1983 initiated by the FBI in response to a firebombing in Detroit, intended to force the dissolution of the Ahmadiyya Islamic Movement in the United States. Further investigations were performed, leading to a Colorado Springs investigation that focused on fraudulent claims of worker’s compensation. It was found that MOA members used aliases and fraudulent companies to plan and implement the worker’s compensation and violent crimes. In the storage locker that was investigated, a targeting packet was found along with a description of a planned attack on a Hare Krishna Temple in Denver that had occurred five years earlier. The explosives found in the Colorado Storage locker were nearly identical to those used in the temple bombing. Bomb-making materials were found, including switches, timers, 30 pounds of explosives, three large pipe bombs, bomb-making instructions handguns with serial numbers removed, IED’s, potential target maps including Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Denver. Also found were documents showing that al Fuqra was performing worker’s compensation fraud, and 54 fake birth certificates from North Carolina.

In the storage locker investigation was also found a list of worker’s compensation fraud cases that were turned over to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. There was a cross-reference of 2000-3000 names that belonged to Al Fuqra members. Charges were brought for insurance fraud, identification fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. The fraud produced more than $35,000 for Al Fuqra to help fund the terrorist camps.Gateway charter school in Fresno County, California, was another fraud that was run by Al-Fuqra. A charter school system was run by the same members who owned the local Al Fuqra commune if the area. It was found that attendance numbers were inflated in order to receive more money from the state of California, resulting in a $3 million overpayment to al-Fuqra.

Also found in the storage locker was a plan to assassinate Rasha Khalif, imam of the Tucson mosque. Two weeks after an interview by the Tucson police department, Imam Khalif was stabbed in the mosque and killed. This was one of the methods discussed in the documents found in the storage locker. One of the frauds that have been perpetrated in the past and is still ongoing is the formation of security companies such as Professional Security Company (PSI), which has close associations with Jamaat Al Fuqra members. It has been claimed that PSI is a key facilitator of money laundering and money transfers as well as a strategic information source for planned terrorism. PSI has also been able to obtain access to targets and obtain firearm permits and the firearms themselves. The PSI has also been used as a front company to get access to property and information used for white-collar crimes, bombings, and possibly murders. Also a portion of this criminal activity is wire fraud through e mails and telephones.

Not designated as a terrorist organization by the State Department, Jamaat al Fuqra and its subsidiaries such as PSI have negotiated security contracts with the federal government and airports throughout the world. Other security organizations affiliated with Jamaat al Furqa include:

768 Security New York operated ay Al Fuqra member Husain Abdallah.
It is suspected the 768 has transported funds through Canada to Pakistan.
Dagger Investigation Service A 786 Securities affiliate organization
Watchdog Securities A 786 Securities affiliate organization
Mills Security A 786 Securities affiliate organization
CCC Carpentry operated by Al Fuqra member Chris Childs
RDW Construction operated by Al Fuqra member James Upshur
CML Corporation associated with Al Fuqra members
R & D Carpenters associated with Al Fuqra members.

All of the criminal activities associated with Jamaat AL Fuqra have identifiable characteristics that have been made plain by the original Colorado investigations. The organization of the criminal activities by terrorist organization differ in some way that other criminal organizations. It is based on a central figure who has an understanding of what the organization is attempting to achieve, with the others in the organization not having more than the information they need to carry out the agenda of which they are a part. Members are required to undergo a rigorous vetting process, and contractually obligated to written contracts allocating the monies to the organization of any crimes or frauds. It is made clear to them that the money raised in fraud is used for the benefit of the organization rather than the individual. The group members raise money must have a deep-rooted commitment to the cause; they must raise money for food, clothing, housing, and to send a portion back to the founding organization overseas. Generally, 10% goes to the parent organization in Pakistan and supported by Pakistans ISI services, 50% for land and weapons, and land purchase.Some of the ways this money is accumulated are through worker’s compensation fraud through companies they own, public health care fraud, welfare fraud and food stamps, and even student loans. They have also been found to attain monies from false I.D. cards and other forged documents.

Another investigation tied to individuals living at the Colorado compound and storage locker was carried out in Buena Vista, Colorado, and the Trout Creek compound. At the Buena Vista compound were found 30 firearms hidden in a cave and over 9000 rounds of Chinese ammunition. There were other raids conducted in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, at the same time. It was found that the children of those at all locations were homeschooled and had received terrorist training at an early age. It was found that worker’s compensation fraud was an integral part of the purchase of the Trout Creek compound.Counter-terrorism policies and the ability of different agencies being able to communicate and coordinate information a major concern, and will take a considerable effort to reach the ability to find and close down these concerns, while still allowing for citizens privacy in relation to national security. There needs to be more cooperation on fraud and white-collar crime on the local level and further ability to ties this fraud to terrorist organizations.It has been reported that parolees who may be on these compounds have been moved off the campus along with members to areas with no MOA presence before. This was done after President-elect Trump’s election and is believed to be setting up safe houses in areas unknown to law enforcement.

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I wonder which of the Democrat proposals for gun control addresses weapons caches built up by Muslims? Are they even concerned? Do they even care? No, they focus on the law abiding citizen and what they want for their own needs.

Under Obama, investigation of anything related to Muslims or radical Islam was curtailed. One wonders why.

So many ignorant people falsely claim there are “peaceful” Muslims, but as long as those Muslims pay their “tithe” (called the zagat) they are SUPPORTING jihad.
And almost all of them know it, but play dumb for the infidels.
Just this week in India the fruits of all that jihad money to Kashmir and Pakistan began to bear fruit as jihadis stormed the Indian borders intent on swamping the Indian population with millions of illegal aliens of the Muslim religion.
India is fighting it but Islam is growing its percent of their population very quickly.
Think they won’t do it here?

when bloomberg was the mayor of nyc, he diverted over $60 million dollars to the gangs of nyc. American has a preditor at its door and in some cities now part of the local and state government-Minnesota prime example. NEVER FORGET THE JIHAD MOTTO-SUBMIT OR lose YOUR HEAD