The Week in Radical Leftism, 12/27/2019


Welcome back! I hope you had a great Christmas, or are having a Happy Chanukah, or at the very least are not as miserable as our Lefty pals. How are our Lefty pals angry? Let me count the ways!

12/20 – NYT: Impeachment rightfully gives losers tyranny over winners

I haven’t linked to the Bookworm in a while, and the site gives this week’s edition of “One of my favorite things about the Trump Presidency is how Democrats now feel completely comfortable in admitting how much they despise half of the country”

12/20 – Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

You can take a wild guess as to the cause

12/21 – Virginia Burning

This needs to be a bigger story, as what we’re seeing in the state where I live is a preview of how Democrats will try to punish America the next time they take the White House.


The whole idea, of course, is based on skin color — that is the obvious, visual, proof of ‘real’ diversity. And be very sure you have someone very black in the group, or it will not be diverse. It’s more a talking point for Democrats because Democrats believe they are entitled to be in charge because they are morally superior. They are morally superior because they care, and because they care they are carefully diverse, and try to demonstrate that characteristic at every opportunity, because they divide their voters up into groups.


When demand for white supremacists exceeds demand

12/24 – The Green Road to Serfdom

Of course, to The Radical Left, serfdom is a feature, not a bug

12/25 – Make Gas Cans Great Again & Lock Up the “Snow Blower Vote”

I thought my being unable to operate these insanely designed cans was just me being mechanically declined. I feel better now about completely unscrewing the cap whenever I need to pour gas

12/26 – Again We Ask: Why Isn’t Rachel Maddow Treated Like Other Crazy Conspiracy Theorists?

If you have to ask…

12/27 – Why do so many people view President Trump as a threat?

From the archives, we go back to the start of 2019 when I declared And the 2018 Person of the Year Is… With Greta so predominately in the news this post aged incredibly well!

And if I don’t blog at you between now & Wednesday morning Happy New Year!

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12/20 – NYT: Impeachment rightfully gives losers tyranny over winnersAnd what are the odds that if Hillary had won the Electoral but not the popular, we would be hearing how brilliant the Framers and Constitution were?

12/20 – Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

Democrats pander to their newest interest group: criminals. Criminals make good Democrats; they have no respect for anyone else’s rights and believe what others have earned rightfully belongs to them.

12/21 – Virginia Burning

Gee, have Democrats simply discarded any pretense of hiding their hypocrisy? They’ve created sanctuary states for illegal immigrants, who have brought with them poverty, crime, gangs and death. Now they denounce sanctuaries for Constitutional rights, which they are openly violating? It’s like they’ve declared following the law against the law.

The first time they call on law enforcement or the military to enforce their unconstitutional infringement and the authorities refuse, it’s all over.


So, under the liberal rules of diversity, who in the debate field would have been excluded? To include one of the non-qualifying candidates, a qualifying candidate would have to be dropped. And that is how their concept works; deprive someone that earned their position and give that position to someone selected based on race. Who SUPPORTS these idiots?


The left is always ready to create the issue when they need one to exploit. Though it’s terrible when racism affects the person, it could be relegated to the back page and allowed to slowly die out if Democrats did not find it so deliciously useful to their agenda.

12/24 – The Green Road to Serfdom

“At a recent Democratic presidential debate, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) announced on national television his intent to “prosecute the fossil fuel executives who knowingly destroyed the planet””So, does that mean that those who lie about climate disasters that never come to pass can be prosecuted for creating social unrest?

12/25 – Make Gas Cans Great Again & Lock Up the “Snow Blower Vote”

Thankfully, a company called Gas sells conventional gas spouts that vent. I gave some away as Christmas presents a couple of years back. Along with short-life CFL that require special disposal, the new gas cans take stupidity to a new level and SCREAM for further damage to the environment.

12/26 – Again We Ask: Why Isn’t Rachel Maddow Treated Like Other Crazy Conspiracy Theorists?

One thing I’ve seen proven, and it is demonstrable, is that liberals never grow tired of hearing lies that reinforce their prejudices. Maddow merely feeds that hunger to be lied to when the truth causes large portions liberal’s minds to die.

12/27 – Why do so many people view President Trump as a threat?

Trump, as many candidates do, laid out programs and policies that sounded good to a lot of voters. The difference is that he is carrying them out and they are working. I’ve said before that had Obama concentrated on restoring the economy and brought about a great recovery, Democrats would have controlled the government for decades. Instead, he pursued a socialist agenda that left the economy languishing and floundering. Trump’s performance is likely to establish Republican power for a long time to come. Democrats have no answer but to try and upturn the government through police state methods.

The gas can , yes I had the pure pleasure of showing my sweeties very liberal sister with a masters degree the operation of “the dreaded spout” She was pulling back the hook on the filled 5 gallon can with her delicate, never calloused, highly educated finger.
Bob put the hook thingie over the rim of the gas tank ( (you know where you unscrewed the gas cap) and push with just enough pressure to open the spring the gas then trickles painfully slowly from the crap design spout into the tank, You now have a free hand to smoke that cigarette.
(I know..”OK Boomer”) WTSHTF you all gonna die.
Haunt estate sales til you find a real gas can, keep it as an heirloom for little Bob.
Eagle UI-20-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type 1 Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel, 2 gallon Capacity, 9.5″ Height, 11.25″ Diameter
From Mitch to Nancy

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime: worked in Chi for years, everyone carried a gun. cpd took control of drugs in the early 80’s. cook county government is so corrupt not even cleaning out every employee of over 3 years would solve the problem. yes chi is a shit hole city.

@Brother Bob: Whatever GenX. 😉
Some of us have gas powered weed eaters with teeny tiny tanks and only use premium gas in our small engines to prevent goo in the carbs.

@Brother Bob: Sure just when I had the perfect tease for the kid,

I did get sweeties B-day gift spent 38 bucks so he wouldnt have to lift the full 5 gallon cans shoulder high to fill the bobcat tank.

How does Maddow defend herself in court? “Hey, I’m a liberal liar. What do you expect?”

Maddow Argues Statements on Air Should Not Be Taken as Fact in Response to OAN Lawsuit

@Brother Bob: Far be it that I shame you on the toxic planet killing amount of fumes, coming from someone that recycles her waste oil as “girl scout juice”, I start my fires to burn my brush piles at camp releasing insane amounts of trapped CO2 from burning branches.@Deplorable Me: Careful you will make Greg mad with that kind of Madcow bashing, I believe he has a crush on Herman Munster’s bastard son.

@kitt: I’m sure once they themselves have confessed to lying, Greg and AJ and their like will be denouncing them and seeking more truthful pundits, even if they recount facts they find uncomfortable. What do you think?

@Deplorable Me: With battered viewer syndrome, a Liberal MSM watcher may develop a learned helplessness that causes them to believe they deserve the abuse and that they can’t get away from it. Ya they are asking for it. Just like the wife that”opens the cabinet into her eye” , then falls down the basement steps once a week or so.

December 17, 2019 – Trump’s Plan to Criminalize Homelessness Is Taking Shape

Camps instead of encampments? Watch this space.

@Greg: More like criminalization of liberal government criminal mismanagement.

@Greg: Oh no where will Hunter Biden go to score his drugs??!!

@Brother Bob: Oh my. We caught Trump doing the job he was elected to do

Good for him.