Wednesday Christmas Funnies


Merry Christmas, FA Readers!



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I just really loved the Fireman Santa one.
Thanks for all the work you do all year long, Wordsmith.

all very good, enjoy the day and the meaning of the day. hopefully, it will last a long time to come, recall that Christmas does not exist in a communist state.

The one with the Tree and pushing the Sierra Club the Sierra Club is one of the reasons we are having all these fires here in California them and Moonbeam Brown our former Govnenor

@Spurwing Plover:
jerry was an idiot his first eight years and the second eight years were no differernt. now you have an even bigger idiot, feel sorry for the people of CA.

You put some good work into this one Word just like everything else you post. Normally I don’t post on Christmas but this my second one today. Here is a good catchy tune.

Thank you Nan G, another vet, and All!

Merry post-Christmas!