Barack Obama, Conservative?


A few weeks ago The Washington Posts’s David Swerlick wrote a piece of clickbaity dreck called “Barack Obama, conservative” (sorry, been too busy to write this until now). As you may have noticed, I didn’t embed the hyperlink to the story as I normally do. That was intentional – suffice to say I read it so that you don’t have to, and I refuse to provide a link to something this stupid. If you’re truly interested you can easily do a search on the author name and title, but it’s ten minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

To give one example of the weapons grade stupidity, Swerlick throws out the tired line that Obamacare is actually a Conservative idea, based on a 1989 Heritage Foundation paper (that apparently everyone who makes this argument didn’t read) or the fact that Pierre Dilecto inflicted this garbage onto the people of Massachusetts. Instead of trying to fight this intellectually dishonest argument, I just point out that removal of Iraq was a Leftists idea and that every Lefty who opposed/protested the war was a total hypocrite since it was a Democratic idea. A few years ago I would have dissected this idiocy piece by piece. But I’ve come to realize that when you’re arguing with someone who’s either this stupid or intellectually dishonest, facts and reality are useless. So I’m going to take the only logical course of action – agree with him!

Since Obama is a Conservative, let’s label him the same way Leftists tag all other Conservatives. Barack Obama is a racist, sexist, homophobic Xenophobe. He wants to destroy the environment. Obama hates the poor and wants to kill them off. He wants to pollute the water and air, and he helped contribute to the impending Climate Catastrophe. Don’t believe me that Obama is a Climate Denier? Then why would he buy a house on Martha’s Vineyard that every intelligent person knows for a fact will be underwater in a few years? And don’t get me started on Russia – “more flexibility after the election”? We all know what Lefties think of Russian Assets!

And if you’re the kind of person who argues that Obama was a Conservative, but praised him while condemning Bush and Trump? If you’re holding Obama to a lower standard because of the color of his skin, then you’re obviously a racist.

Take your hate speech elsewhere.

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I dont think anyone who works for the Washington Compost knows what a Conservative is or what the term means since its mostly a liberal rag anyway

All the man-without-a-dog-in-the-hunt said (Obama) was this:
To Dem candidates; quit swerving so far off into the Leftist-most extremist-lands or you’ll lose the 2020 election.
He’s right, but that doesn’t make him a conservative.
Just a realist.
If he had any real clout he’d tell Nancy P. to drop this impeachment farce before it destroys any chances the Dems ever had!

None of the candidates are realists.
Even Biden has raised his hand that his “ObamaCare For All” would cover all illegals.

And is Obama correct?
Let’s look at the latest polls:

Trump now beats all the Democrats, including Bursima Biden, in the only three states that will matter next year: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Prior polls from Firehouse Strategies showed Biden competing evenly with Trump in states like Michigan or beating him in the states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, Biden went from a 12-point lead of President Trump in March to nine points below the president in December.

That is a 21-point shift in Trump’s favor in the same poll.

In the Dairy State, Trump trounces Warren by 13, Sanders by 13, Buttigieg by 11, and Bloomberg by 12.

In Michigan, Trump is up five over Biden (they were tied in March), nine over Warren, six over Sanders, and 11 over Buttigieg and Bloomberg.

In Pennsylvania, Trump is up five over Biden (Biden led by seven in March), up seven over Warren, ten over Sanders, six over Buttigieg, and four over Bloomberg.

Of course, all the most reasonable Dems have had the sense not to even mount a run for the presidency.
So, who is polling at the head of all Dems right now?
According to the New York Post, the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard released an online Harris Poll survey among Democratic voters, Hillary Clinton managed to wrangle 21 percent of support in the Kerry-included poll, with Biden coming in with a close 2nd-place finish at 20 percent. Rounding out the top five included Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with 12 percent and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren garnering 9 percent. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg tied with Kerry at 5 percent support.

HillaryCare sounds real “conservative” compared with ObamaCare which, in turn, sounds real “conservative” compared with the “plans” of every Dem officially in the running.

What does that tell you?

So, what was the point? Were they trying to suppress reality and convince us Obama is a sensible guy or smear him as a conservative? Or, are they just practicing their lying?

Once they have the nomination, we will see the Democrat nominee have an Epiphany, as Obama did, and veer way right of their primary campaign positions. Basically, during the primaries they try to court their base by proving they are more stupid and hate America more than any of the other candidates. Once they win (when the DNC’s pre-selected candidate is revealed) then the candidate can pretend to support ‘Merica! and not a be a communist proxy.

One wonders why, if the climate crisis is so real and near, more liberal billionaires aren’t building space ships to transport the liberal elite to another world to continue their quest of screwing up the universe?

@Nan G: Are Democrats desperate or what? Hillary?!? Really? Well, we can dream, I guess. What could be better than a Trump/Hillary rematch? What would be more delectable than yet ANOTHER Hillary defeat?

He was a conservative. Did he not conserve the Deep State? Did he not conserve AG Holder? Did he not conserve his mother in law? He conserved lots of things, including the precious youts who entered this country without papers, granting them DACA status in perpetuity. So don’t tell me he was not conservative. He conserved Obamacare. And look at all the thugs to whom he granted immunity from persecution. He conserved our shore lines, stopping the ocean from rising. He conserved our climate, keeping Global Warming at bay. He conserved Executive Orders, authoring over 100,000 of them. What’s not to like?
Oh, that he was a socialist thug, a manipulator, and a liar. What else?

@Brother Bob:

@Nan G: Or a simpler of Obama’s warning, “Don’t be honest about how you plan to screw the voters until you’re in office”

Wasn’t that Joy Behar’s advice about gun control? I think that’s a pretty open secret among Democrats.

@Deplorable Me: I think it’s going to be a lot harder for Dems to try to steer back towards the center.

They face the problem the Saudis face. For years, the Saudis supported madrasas spreading anti-west hatred. That has backfired, the terrorism turning on themselves and getting out of control. Likewise, the Democrats are going to have problems turning off the full-bore fascist socialism they’ve been promoting. They will throttle back, but not as far towards the center as Obama did.

I have conversed with liberals who expressed that on things like gay marriage and other agendas they knew when their candidates were lying and had no problem with it. For instance, they knew (assumed) Obama was lying about opposing gay marriage. They understand lying; they accept its necessity and utility. So, Democrats will be able to, campaign-wise, pull back from their far, far left positions; lying is taken for granted.

@Brother Bob: Are you in a proposed 2nd Amendment sanctuary?

@Brother Bob: On a positive note, this is what people need every so often; a good, healthy dose of liberalism. It usually cures them for a few years unless they OD on it like California did.