Expel Schiff from Congress



Yesterday’s hearings were a pathetic spectacle. democrats presented three pompous democrat donor asses from the University of Pompous Ass Law Schools. Each was hyperbolic and/or dishonest.

Noah Feldman was bombastic- and dishonest

Feldman has a soft spot for Islamists.

Harvard Law professor and Democrat witness Noah Feldman took the witness stand yesterday in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Feldman wrote in a New York Times op-ed published on March 16, 2008 that “Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world.”
He also juxtaposed Sharia with English common law, and claimed the West “needs Shariah and Islam”.

Pamela Karlan was a complete loon. Trump’s election left her emotionally scarred

Karlan used 13 year old Barron Trump as a foil for her attempt at sarcasm

Michael Gerhart was way over the top

But however smart people such as Michael Gerhardt, distinguished professor of constitutional law at University of North Carolina, might be, they aren’t immune from peddling partisan absurdities. Once Gerhardt argued that Trump’s conduct was “worse than the misconduct of any prior president,” we no longer had any intellectual obligation to take him seriously on the topic.

Because while I’m certainly not a distinguished professor, I am very confident that history began before 2016. Which means that, even if I concede Gerhardt’s framing of Trump’s actions — bribery, extortion, etc. — I can rattle off at least a dozen instances of presidential misconduct that are both morally and constitutionally “worse” than Trump’s blundering attempt to launch a self-serving Ukrainian investigation into his rival’s shady son.
Let’s ignore for a moment that American presidents have owned their fellow human beings, and focus instead on the fact that in 1942, the president of the United States signed an executive order that allowed him to unilaterally intern around 120,000 Americans citizens of Japanese descent. Not only was the policy deliberately racist, it amounted to a full-bore attack on about half the Constitution that he had sworn to uphold. Such an attack was a specialty of FDR’s, despite the all the hagiographies written about his imperial presidency.

But that wasn’t the big story. The big story was Adam Schiff securing and publishing the phone records of political opponents- specifically reporter John Solomon, Trump lawyers Lev Parnas and Rudi Giuliani and HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes.

In April.

This is about as dirty and despicable as it gets but it does open the door for the Senate GOP. They can feel free to subpoena and publish the phone records of the entire Schiff family, the entire Biden family, Nadler, Pelosi and all of Barack Obama’s lawyers.

FYI, a past President can be impeached if there was something like obstruction of an investigation into a gun running fiasco.

This impeachment farce is all about Trump allegedly abusing his power against a political opponent. Schiff has been lying about the phone call since the very first day of hearings and he does not stop. Schiff continues to utter things such as

‘The Uncontested Facts Show This President Solicited A Bribe’

That is patently false. Schiff’s behavior is completely out of control.

The Senate should conduct hearings on this abuse of power and ultimately expel Adam Schiff from Congress as he deserves.

Pelosi is now pushing to hold impeachment hearings next Monday. You know, the date the IG report is being released.

America deserves better.


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In a Vice Article on 5/17/17 he stated that President Trump committed Impeachable Acts. (https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9ae8vd/trump-just-took-a-big-step-closer-to-impeachment …)

This is Perjury and should be brought for Criminal Referral.

Well, he’s a “scholar” so his lies excusable. Plus, he was lying to promote the Democrat agenda. He’ll be rewarded like Susan Rice.

Pamela Karlan looks like a bitter, man-hating spinster. Crossing the street to keep from walking in front of a Trump hotel shows the maturity, rationality and open-mindedness needed in a discussion of the most important action Congress can take.

‘The Uncontested Facts Show This President Solicited A Bribe’

Nadler lied just as blatantly, as did Nancy when she sealed the doom of Democrats by going ahead with impeachment. Because the media protects them, their lies get more and more bold and brazen.

I’ll repeat myself; the entire validity of the Democrat’s impeachment argument rests upon whether or not Biden actually extorted Ukraine to get the prosecutor fired that was about to expose the coke-snorting bastard producing machine Hunter’s involvement in Burisma corruption. If Biden did NOT, then perhaps Trump’s request for Burisma (not Biden) to be investigated was improper. However, if (as all the evidence shows) Biden DID extort to protect his worthless son, then asking Ukraine to complete the investigation Biden had killed was totally proper and absolutely necessary. But Schiff blocked all efforts to delve into the facts of the matter and prevented the truth to be known… for OBVIOUS reasons.

I pray our Constitution is resilient enough to withstand the beating the Democrats are giving it right now. Hopefully, the Republicans realize the existential battle they face; they’ve proven they have the talent to overcome, let’s hope they possess the will. Severe penalties for the Democrats that have promoted this is not only warranted by demanded.

Feldman has a soft spot for Islam & Sharia.
He once said it has a higher standard of proof than Western Law.
Mob rule is allowed in Sharia.

A woman was just burned alive on her way to a Sharia court in India.
Her crime?
She had been RAPED.
Those who murdered her got away scot free.

When Fatah still had a presence in Gaza, Hamas accused them all of being homosexuals.
No trials.
All Fatah members were shot in the backs of BOTH knees and forbidden medical care, rendering all of them either dead (bled to death) or crippled for life.
Hamas “won.”
And these examples are how Muslims under Sharia treat fellow Muslims!

Non-Muslims are simply there to support Muslims, be degraded by Muslims, be raped by Muslims, be murdered by Muslims, build things for Muslims.

Just for thinking this man was a good idea of an “expert” on our US Constitution is malpractice by Adam Schiff.
He ought to be removed from office in shame.

Alternately, punch the button on Trump’s ejection seat, because republicans don’t seem the least bit concerned about saving the republic.

@Greg: The Republic is under assault from Democrats trying to invoke their beloved police state. They are going to be handled roughly in the Senate.

He has the same expression as the mouse who was selected to bell the cat

If true, could this be one of the reasons for Schitt’s erratic behavior and the reason for holding the impeachment hearings on the same day the IG report is released?

REPORT: DOJ IG Report Has 104 Criminal or Admin Investigations of Misconduct by FBI Employees (Updated)

@another vet, #6:

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has apparently found nothing supporting the republican claim that the FBI’s Russia investigation was undertaken for political reasons or was improper. Durham has evidently come up empty as well.

The IG’s report is expected to be released this coming Monday.

@Greg: You keep believing that, right up to the last minute. Just keep in mind, Schiff is a filthy liar. Meanwhile…

Indictments for funneling illegal foreign money to Hillary’s campaign

@Deplorable Me: He was sure Mueller had the Russian goods on Trump too, his track record isnt stellar.
Creepy uncle Joe has a tough time filling a classroom in Iowa tour. He should bring Schiff maybe they could attract a couple of tomato tossers.
Schifty has crossed the line there is no turning back for him or Ninny Pelosi.

@Deplorable Me:

You keep believing that, right up to the last minute.

That’s supposed to be this coming Monday, so we won’t be waiting long.

“Inspector General Michael Horowitz has apparently found nothing”
“Durham has evidently come up empty as well.”

I sincerely hope you are wrong. Otherwise, our Republic is entering its final death spiral. The dark government will have won. And we will have all lost, including you.

@Greg: Hey, don’t blame others because your party’s front runner is a demented perv. That’s YOUR fault.

What’s wrong with a father and daughter loving each other? I know Democrats hate the family unit (it interferes with the dedication to the State) but that is what normal is. It is nowhere comparable to Quid Pro Gropin’ Genius Hairy Legs Extorting Joe loving having young boys rub his leg making his hairs (and no doubt other parts) stand up and having young boys sit in his lap. Maybe it’s just how he is trying to compete with Buttigieg, but it is creepy and unnatural, more characteristic of a child predator than a national leader. Would he do like Clinton did in Arkansas, who had the Highway Patrol bring him young girls, and have the Secret Service procure young boys for his entertainment?

But, he’s your guy.

@Greg: Those father daughter photos are so adorable. Obviously she adores her daddy, and still does.
Creepy Uncle Joe sniffing and groping dozens and dozens hardly comparable as the women and children are clearly uncomfortable.
Joe doesnt talk politics or clear platform, he talks creepy and disjointed.
Then there is the comparison of how his kids and Joes kids turned out.
What is up with Schiff revealing to Russia that the Javelins are not deployed yet, that country is at war, loose lips and all. At the very least he should be removed from all intelligence committees he just cant not leak what should be classified.
Are you and your Democrats so thirsty for blood and human carnage?
Im hoping the retention of the Senate and gain of the house to normalize Russian relations so we can talk Russia back into in its borders, you f’ers want more war.


Then there is the comparison of how his kids and Joes kids turned out.

Well, not just his kids; his brother is obviously a real class act as well.

Man suing Biden’s brother receives death threat in mail

But, remember… Orange Man Bad.

If this is where his 2020 campaign is headed, Trump will have to open every window in the White House to get rid of his own stink.

Why are you so afraid of Joe Biden? Hey, if you damage him enough, it might be Hillary Clinton who comes to take you out. She’s rumored to be lurking behind the Oval Office curtains.

@Greg: WHO is afraid of the idiot Biden? He is he preferred candidate, though each and every one would be easily defeated. You delude yourself to believe anyone deems that moron a “threat”.

Which, again, proves that Trump was not looking for “dirt” on Biden but wanting assurances that money was going to continue flowing into the pockets of grafters (like the $5.3 billion Obama sent did) before he continued providing money.

We can only DREAM Hillary would be the candidate again; beating the hell out of her is a lot of fun.


Who is afraid of Joe Biden? His own mouth will be his undoing. Just let him loose and let him rant. Perhaps he will finally learn what state he is in and when he was Vice President.

As to Hillary, now there’s a winner for the DNC. Perhaps she thinks 3rd time is charm. Maybe the Clinton Foundation will finally be looked into. (you love those words “perhaps” and “maybe” so I thought I would use them).

@Deplorable Me:

grey, you are a true communist. you reflect W.Cleon Skousen’s work The Naked Communist perfectly

Schiff-T-Eyes is a sneaking little weasel never turn your back on his even for a minute