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I see Greta Thunberg is on her way to Spain in a Plastic SAILBOAT

Normally I don’t mind a few of the lefty cartoons mixed in. I just raise an eyebrow and wonder how some people function in society (and indeed how society functions with so many brainwashed mental retards in it. {no offense intended towards people with actual mental disabilities} )
In any case, I had to stare for a bit at the Catalino piece where Trump is supposedly going to kill “Truth” and “Due Process” turkeys on a stump labeled “impeachment hearings”. The levels of ignorance, stupidity, blind obedience to a propaganda narrative, and just plain old TDS is astounding and downright stunning. Anyone (whether they love or hate Trump or somewhere in between) can research impeachment rules and previous proceedings and learn that what Pelosi and Schiff for brains are doing is (to be polite) highly irregular. It is a bit odd to accuse Trump of those things when he is not allowed representation at these hearings.
I’m going to shut up before I lose my temper. Have a blessed Sunday folks.

He’s Just a GURL Who’ll QUID PRO QUO! – Randy Rainbow Song Parody (or, House Impeachment Hearings – The Musical)

WTF? (Seriously, click and you’ll hear the question asked about a hundred times. Buy hey, it’s all in fun.)


I am guessing that you are either stupid, uninformed, or incredibly naive.
A. “Quid Pro Quo” can basically be used as the entire definition of international politics. It’s not an impeachable offense even if Trump stated it clearly, which he didn’t Joe Biden DID declare this clearly and publicly, it’s on tape.
B. The entire premise of this impeachment farce is that Trump was doing this to gain leverage over Biden as his POTENTIAL opponent in 2020. Obama, DNC, Hillary all did much worse in 2016 against Trump. Hypocrite much?
(If you are posting those vids in jest, my apologies… But a lot of us are seriously sick of the Dem’s BS)
The entire country if getting sick of this “Orange Man Bad” bull crap. See you at the polls.

A lot of Anti-Trump toons on here. Not a fan! I could watch CNN or go here to see anti Trump propaganda cartoons.

@Vukdawg: AMEN! (Don’t forget the Quid Pro Quo cartoon and others).

@Ted: Right back at you Ted. I only chose the Turkey/Stump cartoon panel because it was the most egregiously stupid (in my mind). We see this over and over these days. Lefties just swallow the narrative, regardless of logic or facts. People on the right do as well, but as for myself, I try my best to do at least a little research, and make sure I am not buying a load of crap. I’m a private citizen, I don’t have resources to know for absolute sure that Trump did nothing wrong. But every time I research this topic, all I find is that Trump was just trying to research nefarious DEMOCRAT intel operations in Ukraine. By this point, my mental picture of the Ukraine is a dead roadkill carcass that is literally swarming with Democrat maggots. You know? Like the body is moving around because there are so many maggots under it’s skin? 2020 is going to be entertaining to watch.