Know the Names



Gary Gordon.


Randy Shughart.

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I know full well who they are. Medal of Honor winners.

And another name.

Michael Durant

God Bless them.

True warriors and heros.

Honored, and remember always.

Pat Tillman is a name that I think is in the mainstream consciousness thanks to sufficient media coverage and attention. But Gordon and Shughart not being household names…deplorable.

Found this YouTube comment:

There was a documentary not too long ago where they did a lot of interviews with not only with the Americans and other UN personal involved, like the Malaysian and Pakistani troops, but with many Civilians and former Aidid Militiamen. The former Milita really shed a lot of light on the battle and I remember one of the things that stood out was the guy talking about their battle against the Gordon and Shughart, most of the Militia were high on Khat which increases aggressiveness yet many of them fled after so many were killed, he says that the ones who stayed thought that the two snipers were demons and he also expressed regret because he says that not long afterwards many who had fought against the UN forces realized Aidid had just used them and controlled them with propaganda and drugs like khat and he talks about how being involved in the battle with Gordan and Shughart was one of the things that he regretted most because he really respected them and so did many former Milita, The documentary was on PBS and I would recommend it to everyone because it is such a sobering view of not only the battle but of war and humanity in general.

stars over bar
rest in peace