THIS is what chicken sh*t liberal fascism looks like


Chicken sh*ts. All of them.


But unlike Portland, DC has real police who do their duty

One day they’re going to pick on the wrong person.



I can’t wait.


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Perhaps someone can organize a rally in a big, open lot for anti-ANTIFA supporters. Promote it that if ANTIFA shows up, there WILL be violence; the sole purpose of the rally is to confront ANTIFA. Then, see if they show up.

If there was something like that in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I’d go. However, ANTIFA knows people in Texas don’t put up with that crap, so I am certain I am out of luck. However, that is something I would love to see; some hale and hearty individuals throwing down the gauntlet to ANTIFA punks in an open challenge.

You can see, by all the people with cameras following the cops around as they broke up disruption after disruption, that they intent of them dragging paper boxes out and destroying property was to provoke a violent response from the cops so they can use the video to promote their lying agenda. Isn’t what they accused Ngo of doing by just being at an ANTIFA rally?

One day they’re going to pick on the wrong person.

Yep. And they’ll get sent home to mommy in a box.

Those Antifa hide their faces just like any common Crinimal or ISIS terrrorists dose to hide their cowardly faces many crinimals have been shot and killed wearing masks or Bandanas it happened in a Georgia Pawn and Gun Store and Pennsylvaia Pizza Place ending two dead robbers one from mach the Georgia gun store robbers partner in crime ran away the Pennsyvania robber ended up in Critical Condition shot by a armed costumer hos brother ended up dead

I’m actually going to be in Portland next weekend. Here’s hoping that The National Guard starts cleaning up before then

The American form of AntiFa is just a spin off of the AntiFa group formed in Germany. And nothing that has ever come out of Germany has ever been good. It is only a matter of time before AntiFa takes the route of the Weatherman Underground and the Black Panthers. They operate autonomously via the internet.

What we need is for them to be declared a terrorist organization, infiltrated by the FBI and taken down just as the Hell’s Angels and the Mafia was. Find out who their leaders are. Chop the head off a snake and it dies. In the meantime, carry. A bike lock is no protection against a Coyote Special.

@Brother Bob: Best of luck hope you donrt see a single one.

@Brother Bob: Unless you are seeing them cracked in the skull with bicycle locks and clubbed with tire irons.

declare they domestic terrorist, outlaw masks and start clubbing, spraying, and arresting them. these assholes assault a cop max jail time. injure or kill a horse same thing only after the shit has been beaten out of them. TIME TO END THIS LIBERAL CONDUCT. now go after saro, clinton and Obama.

Why were there not more arrests? Why are the police ignoring the law? Code of District of Columbia 22–3312.03. No masks
They will ticket you for parking violations hardly a dangerous situation for the public.
They did a great job at keeping the different sides apart, there was little violence. From the looks of it the paddy wagons should have been full.

Is “liberal fascism” really a thing? It seems to me that once fascist elements are involved, you’re no longer talking about actual liberalism.

@Greg: Well I doubt you’d find a Trump voter among them .

@Greg: Fair point – Leftist Fascism would be ore appropriate. There’s nothing liberal about today’s Democrats unless it involves sticking something in yourself or somebody else for pleasure

@Greg: Well, these are fascists acting at the behest of liberal leaders. What would you call them?