Post-SotU Address Open Thread



Apologies for no new posts since Sunday.  There should have been an open discussion thread for the State of the Union Address.


FA readers’ thoughts and impressions?  Articles and links of interest to share?

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all the demorat congresswomen wore white- whores wear white when they work the streets. looks like the bar fly pelosi had trouble keeping her dentures in. her performance during the State of the Union Address was atrocious. she is no leader. her parents had ties to the communist party following WWII.

@MOS#8541: Yeah, Pelosi looked like she had a hunk of pheasant stuck in her teeth.

It’s easy to see what Democrats oppose. Border security, ICE, ample employment, higher wages, minorities FINALLY benefiting from economic growth, positive progress on better trade.

I couldn’t help but notice that Abrams didn’t announce she was FINALLY going to pay up her delinquent taxes.

Loved he gently twisted a few socialist tails. Seems the minority leader of the Senate painted a “smirk” on his face, hes his head tucked down committing a face crime. Already the penguin meme is out.
CSPAN carried a democrat SOTU before Trumps speech, we are all gonna die was the theme.
The official after speech rebut had no facts just recycled debunked crying and more we are all gonna die, from a LOSER.
Nancy showed more of her total mental breakdown, she only had a few sheets of paper, I am thinking they were a copy of the speech she couldnt sit still for, she was constantly rumpling and sorting them.
Carefully crafted so the dems were forced to applaud and stand once in a while.
Did I hear them chant USA? OMG OMG Whats next? If Hillary runs, LOCK HER UP?
Still no definite proof of life for Ruth, she would have brought the house down with an appearance.

I guess we clearly saw why Pelosi was so desperately trying to keep Trump from giving his speech. The facts of his record are devastating to the liberal narrative. Having video of liberals scowling at the prospect of NO socialism was a stroke of genius.

@Deplorable Me: So that answers the question why Nancy kept shuffling her copy of the SOTU bwahahaha. So dense, she through the whole thing didn’t know she had been snookered. The media was also announcing a kid with the last name of Trump was suppose to be there because of bullying, as Melanias guest to feature her be best campaign, he was no where to be seen, maybe Trump is sending ice cream to the school in his name, 2 scoops for Trump 1 for the others. 😉 00>

@kitt: Liberals keep thinking they are the smartest ones in the room. That usually results in great comedy.