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Furloughed federal employees might be missing paychecks BUT, at least in Utah, they are doing fine.
Restaurants are serving them FREE.
Markets have set aside foods (with hearts drawn on them) that are FREE only to federal employees.
Rents are on hold if you are on furlough.
Bank issues, too, including mortgages.
As long as these people keep it simple, they can live FREE until the back pay is forthcoming.

Anybody hear if their state’s businesses are also being so generous?

@Nan G:

Aye, stuff like that is going on all over the country. Must be nice. All I got the last time I was laid off was eviction/late notices and skinny.

I went to pay one of my phone or cable bills online and there was a pop up that told me to contact them if I was a furloughed federal worker to make arrangements.

There are some crack-pot researches who now have come out with the idiotic finding that we now gave to quit the use of all Fossil Fuels which makes one wonder its these so called researchers have not lost their marbles or something

Back in the days when men were men and Boys wanted to be sports figures Construction Workers or Truck Drivers Now they want boys to be Ballet Dancers and they make stupid ads on TV when men in skirts shaking their bottoms and making Ting-A-Ling sounds for Christmas I can still remember TV ads for Christmas from Norelco with Santa riding on their electric Riazor head