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Every time there is mass shooting the liberals the Hollywood hyotcrites who make violent movies the M.S. Media always blame the Gun Lobby like the NRA when the fact the NRA was not involved and espcialy idiots like Hogg and his stupid March for Our Lives group

I see where some enviromentalists crack-pot group wanted to make it as a illegal taking of a endanegred bug if it got squished on your Windshield this Eco-Freak group THE WILD EARTH GUARDIANS Just another bunch of idiots

I see where the so called refugees are demanding the Useless Nations supply them with Buses and as usial most likely the UN will comply with the help of the CFR and Bernies Sanders as well the DNC and al the Sanctaury Cities

Eco-Wackos wanted to make it a crime to have a endangered bug squished in your Windshield the court ruled a against them the Wild Earth Guardians these Greens are getting more rediculous all the time