Democrat women betray and exploit female victims of alleged sexual assaults for political ends


You will recall that Dianne Feinstein was sent a letter from Christine Blasey Ford:

July 31 (Day 25): Feinstein writes Ford. “The letter promises not to share Ford’s letter without her explicit consent. Ford did not provide this letter to the Committee.”

AFTER Feinstein received the letter she met with Brett Kavanaugh in private:

Between July 30 and Aug. 7 (Days 24 to 32): Feinstein and her staff recommend to Ford “that she engage Debra Katz,” a far-left attorney spotted at anti-Trump rallies. As Gregg Jarrett of Fox News reports, Katz has said: We are going to resist. We will not be silenced.” Michael Bromwich also joins Ford’s legal team. He also represents Andrew McCabe, the disgraced and dismissed FBI deputy director who abused the Russiagate and Hillary Clinton email scandals.

Aug. 20 (Day 45): Three weeks after receiving Ford’s letter, “Senator Feinstein meets one-on-one with Kavanaugh.” Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, asked last week what happened.

HATCH: Did the ranking member raise these allegations in your one-on-one meeting with her last month?

KAVANAUGH: She did not.

She had the letter. She promised Ford anonymity. She did not ask Kavanaugh about it.

The letter would then be leaked to the press, who then hounded Ford. At the Kavanaugh hearing John Cornyn suggested that it had to be Feinstein’s office who leaked the letter. Feinstein piously turned to her staff and asked if anyone leaked the letter and they all religiously shook their heads.

That apparently wasn’t true either.

Feinstein had assured Ford the letter would be kept confidential. Feinstein betrayed Ford. 

Feinstein betrayed Ford for political ends.

Enter Heidi Heitkamp. From Rob Port:

Recently Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign ran an ad (see below) formulated as an open letter sent to Congressman Kevin Cramer by survivors of sexual assault.

The letter purports that some of Cramer’s recent comments about the controversy surrounding the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were insensitive, but at least four of the women named in the ad feel like they got the raw end of the deal.

Kady Miller of Bismarck is one of the women named in the ad, but says in a Facebook post that “A lot of these people listed, including me, did not give anyone permission for our names to be posted.”

“I don’t even support Heidi Heitkamp and I am not a domestic abuse survivor,” she continues.

Miller didn’t name any of the other women allegedly included in the ad without permission, but in the comments to her post Keeley Beck of Mandan says her name was included without her permission as well:

Heitkamp used these women for political fodder. She betrayed them. One of Heitkamp’s victims had this to say:

In terms of what Heitcamp can do to fix her error, Zhorela said its a moot point since “the damage is done” and people have already been outed against their will. She also talked about what her life is like now that people know what she experienced.

“From now on when I walk around I’ll know that they know that’s what has happened to me and forever, for the rest of my life, I will have to hold the title as a survivor, and that wasn’t my choice. I never made that choice in the first place but now I’m gonna have to live with it for the rest of my life.”

What is it with democrat women? Despite all the self-righteous pleading about women being abused and how much democrats care for them, they betray the victims for their own selfish needs. When a liberal starts crying about the plight of women victims of alleged sexual assault, don’t believe it.

And for Heaven’s sake don’t trust them. They lie.


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If Susan B. Anthony was alive today she would vote for Trump and oppose Hillary

For the left, everything is expendable, including the privacy of women. Exploitation of women is a liberal trademark.

Not only did Hideous Heitkamp think it was a good idea but the ignorant editor of most likely a liberal rag. Just wondering which voters the Dems would not betray or insult, embarrass and revictimize.
This is democrat campaign strategy? But Greg will blame her loss on the Cherokee tribe not having proper legal addresses for voting IDs?

Since these women all claim that they hadn’t made their being sexually abused public, how, EXACTLY, did Heidi’s ad campaigner get ahold of all their names and photos?
Some heads should roll over this.

Here, in Utah, because of the high number of sexually abused women, (the man-1st religion, perhaps) hospitals don’t require the name of fathers on birth certificates.
That way, a woman can change her name and thus the baby’s name and hide within the state from a violent man.

The difficulty is that the named Dems are doing something truly shameful.
They are abusing a mentally ill person.
Have they no shame?
Dr Ford suffers from DID (dissociative identity disorder).
Her disability has been put on public display. Apparently her right to privacy and her right to protection have been revoked, in the name of defeating Trump.
We have not seen such public shaming of the mentally ill since the Salem Witch Trials.
How dare they?
Dr Ford cannot recover from this assault on her person and personality.
What kind of wacko nut jobs act with derision toward the disadvantaged? I thought that to do so was against the code of political correctness. They can’t be called “crazy”. They can’t be involuntarily put into an institution. Their medical records are sealed.
The Democrats are a truly sick group, and they need help.

The latest Dem fool to out herself McCaskill , yup the media was doing their part to keep the Veritas quiet so what does she do? Squeals hat she wants an investigation so they ha to show the film and expose how she is lying to the voters of MO.
Plenty of Dems are gun owners, Way to go Claire way to go!

@Nan G:

Since these women all claim that they hadn’t made their being sexually abused public, how, EXACTLY, did Heidi’s ad campaigner get ahold of all their names and photos?

Perhaps this is a new Democrat strategy. Instead of waiting for some woman to appear and level an unsubstantiated accusation against a Republican, they will merely pick a woman’s name out of a phone book and claim she has been sexually assaulted.

But Greg will blame her loss on the Cherokee tribe not having proper legal addresses for voting IDs?

Screw Greg. Don’t allow him to live in your head. Let him come here and defend Heitkamp’s actions. I’ll bet he can’t.

@Deplorable Me: #7
Reminds me of the time a feminist group on one campus put photographs of random male students on a poster with the heading “Potential Rapists”.
They got sued and lost.
But at least they didn’t have to attend sensitivity training!

@Bill H: If I want to know Gregs opinion I will ask Wretched Madcow what it is.


Right on. I’m sorry for coming on so strong to you.