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She’s 100% bonafide liar, though.

Really? seriously?
Then theres the OTHER story of how it was family lore, cause high cheekbones.

recent article notes that in private she is a bitch to everyone-two faced lying bitch-but she claims that she is a native american demorat

@MOS#8541: Hmmm…. shades of Hillary. Hillary just claims to be 1/16th Human Being.

@Deplorable Me: And that’s a stretch…

@Bookdoc: She is demanding 1 mil from Trump for the DNA test that proves she is has forked tounge.

@kitt: He said “if it shows she’s an Indian”. It showed she’s a liar. No sale.


me thinks lady speak with forked tongue

This is also a good photo

Eliabeth Warren is whiter than Ivory Soap. The famous “99.44/100% Pure” slogan came about as the result of laboratory analysis.

@kitt: OK, I had to make a meme out of that.

@Deplorable Me: Gee, 23 and me doesnt show I have any Russian ancestory…

@kitt: My father-in-law, 86, has always sworn he had Indian blood; that his mother told him Apache, then Comanche blood was in his veins. He got a 23 and Me kit for Christmas last year… and he has ZERO. So, I made him a meme of him telling Elizabeth he knows exactly how she feels.

Though he never made money off it.

Gee. You would never know that the DNA which was used was from Mexican Indians. To which Madame Faux is related, by the way.
The Cherokees are rightly suspicious of DNA.
What a marvelous exemplar of the Dimmocrats. You gotta be 99.44% ignorant to believe anything she says.
By the way, the remaining 0.56% is air. That is so it will float.
Did you know that?
Poco does not float. She sinks like a rock.
Which she is a dumb as, by the way.