Newton’s Third Law of Politics is about to strike at democrats



Newton’s Third Law stipulates that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In physics, this happens at the same time. Politically, it may not occur at the same time.

Call it Newton’s Third Law of Politics.

I once wrote that while the left wing media was playing checkers, Trump was playing chess. That just happened in these hearings. I knew immediately by the confidence with which Trump ordered the FBI investigation.

He knew everything. He was setting democrats up.

The FBI investigation is said to be finished perhaps by today and a vote on Kavanaugh is planned for Friday. Feinstein made a feeble effort to once again delay everything.

Now for the bad news for democrats.

Ford is a liar.

Prior to her committee appearance, Ford scrubbed her social media, her high school yearbooks were taken off line and her criminal record was scrubbed.

She told the committee a number of lies. Margot Cleveland:

But the problem for Ford is not that she doesn’t remember everything: It is that everything she remembers changes at her convenience.

First, Ford’s testimony that the assault occurred in the summer of 1982, when just 15, conflicted with both her therapist’s notes and the text message Ford sent to the Washington Post. According to reporter Emma Brown, Ford claimed she had been assaulted in the mid-1980s; and the therapist’s notes stated Ford had been the victim of an attempted rape in her late teens. But by that time, Kavanaugh was attending Yale, so Ford’s recasting of the attack to the summer of 1982 is suspect.

Ford’s retelling of the alleged sexual assault also included several conflicting accounts of the number of individuals at the gathering. The therapist’s notes stated that four boys had attempted to rape Ford. (Ford claims her therapist confused the total number of boys at the party with the number of boys who had attacked her.)

Later, in her July letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford again placed the number of individuals at the party at five, stating the gathering included her and four other individuals. But Ford then identified the four by name, and that group included three boys and one girl. And finally, during her Senate testimony, Ford unequivocally stated that “there were four boys I remember specifically being there,” in addition to her friend Leland Keyser.

Another significant change in the scenario came when Ford testified about the location of the party. She had originally told the Washington Post that the attack took place at a house not far from the country club. Yet, when Mitchell revealed a map of the relevant locations and reminded Ford that she had described the attack as having occurred near the country club, Ford backtracked: “I would describe [the house] as it’s somewhere between my house and the country club in that vicinity that’s shown in your picture.”  Ford added that the country club was a 20-minute drive from her home.

Finally, Ford altered her description of the interior layout of the home and the details of the party and her escape.  A “short” stairwell turned into a “narrow” one. The gathering moved from a small family room where the kids drank beer (and which Ford distinguished from the living room through which she fled the house) when she spoke to the Washington Post, to a home described in her actual testimony as having a “small living room/family room-type area.” And in an obvious tell to the change, Ford suggested that she could draw a floor plan of the house.

And then there’s this letter

During her testimony Ford denied ever assisting in preparation for a polygraph.

And here’s the proof that Grassley already had the goods

Now Grassley tightens the noose on Ford’s legal team

Ford’s lawyers may have a big problem. They may not have told Ford about Grassley’s offer

Question: “Okay. Was it communicated to you by your counsel or someone else that the committee had asked to interview you, and that they offered to come out to California to do so?”

Counsel: “I’m going to object, Mr. Chairman, to any call for privileged conversation between counsel and Dr. Ford.”

Question: “Could you validate that the offer was made, without her saying a word? Is it possible for that question to be answered without violating any counsel relationships?

Ford: “Can I say something to you? Do you mind if I say something to you directly? I just appreciate that you did offer that. I wasn’t clear on what the offer was. If you were going to come out to see me, I would have happily hosted you and been happy to speak with you out there. I just did not — it was not clear to me that that was the case.”

democrats, out of gaslighting, now demand that the FBI findings be kept private.

They got to eviscerate Kavanaugh in public but now want his vindication kept private? That’s bullsh*t.

And Corey Booker tells us what we knew all along- he doesn’t give a damn whether Kavanaugh was innocent.

He never did. They never did.

democrats are currently whining that the FBI has not interviewed Ford. They may yet, just prior to her receiving a grand jury subpoena.



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democrats, out of gaslighting, now demand that the FBI findings be kept private.

Depending on their fortunes, Democrats oscillate between wanting everything open and public (while they make unsubstantiated and false accusations) to being kept private (where the proof about the lies is exposed).

Those who support this should seriously consider what they are supporting.

We need to dust off and nuke the democrats from orbit, its the only way to be sure.
Last comment from dem minority

Mrs Ford’s lawyers are NOT her lawyers.
They are DNC lawyers USING Mrs Ford as their useful idiot.
And they are looking for more useful idiots, too.

An email sent on Sept. 26 was delivered to roughly 50 alumni of Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, an all girls school near Georgetown Prep, with the subject line, “Corroboration Needed.”

Debra Katz needs to find people who are familiar with what the slang terms used by Brett Kavanaugh in his yearbook page meant—such as FFFF—Devil’s Triangle—and Renate Alumnus,” wrote Andrea Caputo Rose, who identifies herself as a friend of Katz. “If you can speak to any of these and are willing to sign an affidavit, please contact her.”

And even other lawyers’ clients get help from Katz’ friend:

Rose also was soliciting classmates for information on the allegation made by Julie Swetnick, a client of Michael Avenatti.
“In regard to Julie Swetnick, whose allegations of drugging and gang (‘train’) rape just came out through Michael Avenatti today, please also let me or Debra Katz know if you can corroborate any of her allegations,” Rose wrote. “Time is critical if you have information and do not want to see Brett Kavanaugh sit on the Supreme Court…”