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Found on a friend’s Facebook:

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As always the dumber then a stump liberals will blame he gun lobby the NRA David Hogg with his walnut brain has Liberals too stupid to think before reading their Horrorscopes

Or why not call him an anti-Trump Dem as one FA’er has already done?

Before David Katz attended college, he went to Sheppard Pratt Health System in Towson for psychiatric treatment. His parents made reference to it in divorce papers where they described his two stints there and the fact that he had been prescribed anti-psychotic and antidepressant medications afterwards..
He looks like a typical “soy boy.”
Did his parents and teachers conspire to knock all the masculinity out of him before he was even grown?
How upsetting is it for a man to struggle to fulfill masculine desires from within such a wimp’s body?
Is there rejection at every attempt?
And here we see how the parents dealt with his wimpiness:
They threw more pills at him!
I bet he was a maelstrom of psycho-nightmares inside.
And the one thing he could excel at, playing games, there’s always somebody coming up after you, better & faster.

Drugs and more ineffective mind altering substances, every one of these shooters has been a total failure of psychiatric treatment.
Stop drugging your kids to make your life easier.

@kitt: Concur—stop over medicating kids and adults.

“soy boy” ?? You seen some of the vegan body builders out there?
Plant based diet healthiest way to go—red meat consumption truly un healthy .and unnecessary


Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams says Katz carried two guns during the shooting but appears to have only fired one. Investigators say the guns were purchased legally in Baltimore from a licensed dealer.
What I’d like to know was WHEN did he buy these gun (legally)?
After he’d been hospitalized in a mental institution?
After he’d been put on anti-psychotic and antidepressant medications?
Because MOST gun dealers ask those questions and refuse to sell to such people.
Did he lie on his application?
Did a gun dealer run his info?
Are the laws in Maryland so lax that gun dealers sell to anyone still breathing???

@Richard Wheeler: Soy consumption has its issues

Monsanto GM Soy Is Scarier Than You Think
Mom and dad working my bets growing up these kids were processed foods victims. Needed a dietician not a pill.

@Nan G: They also looked at Gatz’s Reddit account and found it loaded with anti-Trump posts. He was probably angry because he didn’t win the event. We see firsthand every day how unhinged the left is at losing the 2016 election so it’s not too surprising that an unhinged leftist would strike again because he didn’t get his way.

@another vet: LOL

Too damn easy to buy guns–this psychotic kid should never have gotten close to one

Where I work as PT security guard these young addicted gamers talk about and buy guns whenever they save some money–I tell em–join the Marines if they wanna use guns—“no way” -not sure they understand difference between these video games and reality

The psych eval to get a gun is bull scat, they had this boy and didnt fix him they let him loose, they know nothing. But requesting that information for a right, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED are you nutz? How about we cut their tongues out cause freedom of speech shouldnt count for crazy people either, dont allow them an attorney, guilty before trial prove you are not mentally ill first. Stop stomping on the bill of RIGHTS.
6.1 % of kids now on adhd meds should we brand them so they cant ever get a gun? A nice tattoo on the forehead?
Then there is the 1 in 6 of ALL adults on anti depressants they need a tattoo as well.

Too many prescription drugs–74 Fri no meds—exercise and plant based diet the answer.
Definitely too many guns in the wrong hands–it’s like the wild west in America–too many people stressed out–including Trump.
Too many people tweeting and playing video games

A nation of zombies——CHILLL

@Richard Wheeler: Your tiny chunk of America, you need to get out more and rediscover your country.
FDA and CDC plus a few more are in serious need of reform, basically the FDA takes big Pharma at is word for testing. They want to down grade the last resort horrible inhumane One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest treatment electro shock, well why dont we just make that over the counter?

Wasnt this why we created the FDA?We used to be able to buy all kinds of miracle electro products right out of catalogs.
Better now…

It’s racist, but it’s acceptable to be racist against whites.