Profiles in Treason James Comey Part 2


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The last column discussed the malfeasance and ignorance shown by James Comey and Robert Mueller that allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government and culture. From the formation of Jamaat al Fuqra (MOA) to the purging of all references to Islamic terror in FBI training, our country was being systematically destroyed by decisions that these two men in collaboration with our Muslim-in-chief President Barack Hussein Obama. Political correctness, diversity and a deep-seated hatred of our country have led us down a path of chaos. The identity politics of the Obama administration did nothing to keep America safe from Islamic terrorism. The Deep State bureaucrats will continue to foment unrest with the help of globalists like George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Maxine Waters.

This posting is about what has further happened with James Comey and why his new book talking of truth and loyalty is nothing more than a smokescreen to keep him out of jail for what he has done to undermine the citizen’s confidence in the FBI and our government in general.

The conduct of James Comey on July 5, 2016, was criticized by both sides. That was the day that James Comey announced that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Hillary Clinton. After a lengthy press conference in which he laid out a case against Hilary Clinton written in collaboration with Peter Strozk.  It has been shown the Strozk was the one who changed the wording from “grossly negligent” to “ extremely careless” voiding the wording of the applicable statute that would have put Hillary in jail. It contained numerous violations of the law and the way official public servants are to conduct themselves in service in our country. No other politician except Hillary would have had violations of federal law glossed over so blatantly. Comey stated that even though Clinton has a Homebrew server in violation of the law, and destroyed various devices to hide them from the government, and “bleach-bit” the server, that there was no intent to deceive or hide the confidential information that passed through the server. There is no need to provide evidence of “intent” in the statute, or at least there wasn’t until Comey made it so.

From November 2016 to May 2017, as reported by Sharyl Attkinson, numerous publications and people have made a statement about how there is no evidence of collusion between Candidate or President Trump. In May of2017, James Comey was one of those who made a statement confirming no evidence. He was in good company, others who are part of the Deep State have also stated the same. These include Former DNI James Clapper (twice once on March 5 and again on May 8, 2017), Rep. Adam Schiff  ( on April 2, 2017)Senator Diane Feinstein, (May 3, 2017( and even “Impeach him loudmouth Rep Maxine Waters, on May 9, 2017.  Even the liberal paper the New York Times admitted that there was no collusion (Nov 1, 2016)

The Special Counsel investigation started with an unverified dossier provided by Christopher Steele and financed by the DNC, Hillary Clinton,  and possibly the FBI has been shown to have no merit.  So what we have now is an investigation with no facts to back it up. It is Comey’s refusal to end this investigation and his attitude that he could do no wrong, his higher loyalty to himself and the Deep State and his highly partisan ideology that has caused this turmoil that the country finds himself in. In the words of Law Professor Jonathon Turley on Morning Joe

“No one has yet to explain to me what the core crime that would be investigated with regards to Russian influence. I don’t see a crime, and I don’t see how it can be closing in on Trump” and

“For weeks I’ve questioned the need for special counsel because honestly I still don’t see the underlying crime here.”

Comey appointed E.W. Priestap to counterintelligence knowing that Priestap’s wife contributed $5000 to Hillary and was a campaign consultant. Along with Andrew McCabe, who was second in command to Comey and took $500,000 from one of Hillarys friends for his wife’s campaign which was never reported by law. Comey has yet to explain why the counterintelligence investigation in July 2016, but was not reported to Congress until March 2017.  Comey has knowledge of the poliitization of both the FBI and the DOJ, along with the highly partisan findings of DNI James Clapper. Comey was knee deep in the gathering of intelligence for partisan purposes, willing to play politics while insisting that he was out of the loop and only revealed his secrets when they served his purpose. Other than the secrets that Comey can use for his own purposes, Comey and the FBI have refused to allow the House Intelligence Commiittee to review any documents that would shed light on where the leaks since the Inauguration come from.

In the firing letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions from Rod Rosenstein, Rosenstein stated:

The FBI’s reputation and creditability have sustained substantial damage and it has affected the entire Department of Justice.”

“the FBI Director is never empowered to supplant prosecutors and assume command of the Justice Department. There are well established processes for other officials to step in when a conflict requires recusal of the Attorney General.”

Rosenstein talked of Comeys mishandling the Clinton e-mail probe. There has been criticism from all sides, from exonerating Clinton without ever interview her. The interview with Hilary was done without any video or audio recording which should have been the primary evidence in this interview of this importance. Usurping Loretta Lynch, Comey played a one man wrecking crew to totally exonerate Hillary Clinton in violation of federal statutes and regulations promulgated to various government agencies.

Under federal law, Comey is charged with reporting obstruction of justice. According to 18 USC 4 and 28USC 1361, not reporting obstruction of justice is a felony. Comey did not report anything to the DOJ because what Trump said did not rise to the level required to be considered intent to obstruct.

In 2013, when Comey became a board member, director and Financial System Committee member of the London based HSBC. AT the same time, HSBC also became a Clinton Foundation member and partnered with the Clinton Foundation in the financing for retrofitting 2000 housing units. Peter Comey served as Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for DLA Piper , one of the Clinton Campaigns largest donors and was responsible for the Clinton Foundation audit. The audit was never meant to show any discrepancies of pay-for-play, but was more meant to clear the Clinton Foundation of any corruption.

In the Russian collusion case, Comey has stated his position as a “fairly easy judgment” that Trump was Putin’s candidate. These was evidence to back this up, and Comey has yet to elaborate on what his opinion is based on.

Working with the Democrats, Comey finds himself in a predicament of his own making. The Russian collusion investigation has not come close to proving collusion between President Trump ad Putin or anyone in the Russian government. They can not meet the expectations of the Democrats or the Never Trumpers, even though the camera addicted Rep. Adam Schiff claims there is more than enough evidence.  It is very interesting that he cannot show it to us because it is supposedly and conveniently classified.

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You couldn’t possibly write a script that showed more blatant disregard for facts, truth, justice and the law if you tried. Under Obama, the DOJ became a political device to keep criminal charges from beleaguering Democrats while using accusations, suspicions and investigations to tarnish Republican candidates and representatives.

Evidence the American people (leftists excluded) are wising up to the coupsters and are getting sick of the elitism in DC. This poll is not good news for any of them. Given the partisan breakdown is skewed toward the dems, the real numbers are probably even worse for the Praetorian Guard. As predicted last week, those former intel types who complained about Brennan losing his clearance will find themselves on the wrong side of history. Imagine how bad it is going to get when documents like the FISA application start getting declassified.

Allow me to ask. When the hell is the disclosure of FISA documents as well as all the documents congress has expressed an interest in seeing going to be disclosed.

Hey Mr. President, wake up!