Trump should step into Chicago



Recently, 72 people were shot in Chicago, 12 fatally. There they call it another weekend in August.

CHICAGO – At least 72 people were shot, including 12 fatally, over the weekend in Chicago, another eruption of violence in a city that has struggled with murders and shootings in recent years even as the national homicide rate hovers near historic lows.

Police investigated a 13th murder – the slaying of a 32-year-old woman who was found dead around 9 p.m. Sunday in a bathtub with her hands and feet bound. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office was scheduled to conduct an autopsy Monday to determine how the woman, Shantel Boler, was slain.

No arrests have been made in any of the incidents, but police said investigators have strong leads for some of the shootings.

“There is a shortage of values about what is right, what is wrong,”  Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “We as a city, in every corner, have an accountability and responsibility. If you know who did this, be a neighbor. Speak up.”

The violence, which police say is primarily fueled by gangs, disproportionately affects several swaths of low-income black and Latino neighborhoods on the city’s West and South Sides.

This happened shortly after city officials were congratulating themselves over their progress:

The latest shootings, stretching over a 60-hour period from Friday evening until early Monday morning, came after city officials expressed optimism that Chicago had made headway in cutting the persistent gun violence.

At the end of July, the city had recorded more than 300 murders –more than any other U.S. city, but an improvement for Chicago. Murders were down 23% compared with the same point last year, and the city tallied 19% fewer shooting incidents.

Mayor Ram Emanuel got all choked up. He has a history of crying for the cameras. What he doesn’t have is a solution to the violence.

Chicago is a democrat city. Owned and run by democrats for a very long time. It’s a disaster.

Donald Trump has previously threatened to send in the Feds, but Emanuel wanted no part of it.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday welcomed federal assistance to help stem Chicago violence but rejected the idea of the National Guard patrolling the city as “antithetical” to the trust he’s trying to build in law enforcement.

That’s really working well. They will, however, tackle climate change. Emanuel has labeled Chicago a “Trump-free zone.”

Rahm Emanuel appeared Tuesday on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” and wowed the host and audience with his rabid anti-Trump rhetoric. Perhaps jealous of his famous Hollywood power-agent brother, Ari Emanuel, Rahm giddily joined the cacophony of late-night TV anti-Trump snark and, unknowingly, provided Chicagoans a Nero-like vision of a failed leader playing his fiddle as his city smolders, beset by rampant violence, failing schools, and a fleeing population.

The New Yorker called Trump’s desire to stem the violence “ominous.”

Chicago is on the edge of oblivion. Trump should issue a Federal Disaster Declaration for Chicago. Ideally, the Governor should declare a state of emergency and then seek the President’s assistance. This is a disaster and it has been one for years, papered over by Emanuel and his fellow democrats.

Donald Trump needs to get involved. He needs to send in the National Guard to establish the order and the peace that the democrat leaders of the city are utterly unable or unwilling to provide.

It would be a win-win deal. The people of Chicago would find relief and safety and Donald Trump would find his re-election guaranteed.

And democrats would go insane.

You won’t find it in the legacy media, but a Fox News interview showed local residents saying they would welcome Trump’s help.

Win Win.






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No troops. Reform the Government. End liberal solutions.

Reporters, Celebs Call Trump Supporters ‘Nazis,’ ‘KKK,’ Say They Should Be Euthanized After Tampa Rally

Things are getting ugly out there for those that like the elected that keep promises. Time to stop tax payer funding of NPR.

Clearly more guns are needed.

@Greg: There is a town that owning a gun is mandatory 1 murder in 6 YEARS. Putting more guns in peoples hands not the answer obviously gun control laws aren’t either.

Chicago’s leadership has not hit rock bottom yet.
So, there is no point in running to save them from their own actions, yet.
The people of Chicago are free to leave and should do so in increasing numbers.

I am currently in Anchorage. There is a young black man working at my hotel. He was watching the Chicago killings and shootings on the morning TV shows. There was a tear in his eye that rolled down his right cheek. I mentioned that someone needed to get off their ass and do something. There were too many innocent people being killed.

He choked a little and told me that three of his extended family died in a park having a picnic that weekend. Over the past 4 years, over 15 members of his extended family have been murdered in these unsolved shootings. He has asked them to move to Alaska, but they are afraid to fly. So, he gets a phone call after every weekend notifying how many more of his family died because Democrats have no solutions. This man wants Trump to intervene. He wants this killing to stop. He believes the intern program and training for a job is going to help his family if they survive. Another convert who thinks and does not follow the rhetoric/propaganda of the left. The left has moved way too far to the left for many who were dedicated Democrats.

a year ago the idiot mayor formed a commission to address city violence, funding was massive. recall that Trump has been banned from Chi by the idiot mayor. over $156 million of state funds where directed to the terrorist’s library now in legal battle. Illinois is broke but $156 million was funneled to the terrorist library, while the state dies. the gay demorat mayor will do nothing but grand stand-he has been told by his advisors that he is a prime demorat candidate for 2020. the tombstone shall read “one great city destroy by demorat rule”