A Che grows in Brooklyn



The latest left wing media darling is Alexandra Ocasio Cortez. She defeated incumbent Joe Crowley in the democrat primary by approximately 16,000 to 12,000, which, given that each House district represents about 700,00 people, is what you might call a very low turnout. Let’s take a look at the new media sweetie. Her platform reads like this:

a call for the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). Ocasio-Cortez championed a single-payer, Medicare-for-All health-care system, declared that housing is a right, and called for sweeping criminal-justice reform. And she identified as a proud member of Democratic Socialists of America.

She’s not really from Brooklyn. She claims to be another poor kid from the Bronx, but she grew up in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country:

In a fun coincidence, Yorktown, which contains Yorktown Heights, is also home to a 436-acre state park named after – yes, one Donald J. Trump.

After high school, Ocasio-Cortez studied international relations and economics at Boston University and worked for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA). Only after college did Ocasio-Cortez return to the Parkchester complex, where she launched Brook Avenue Press, a publishing group aimed at improving the public image of the Bronx.

Westchester County – which the Washington Post, in a glowing profile on Ocasio-Cortez, describes as only “middle class” – ranks #8 in the nation for the counties with the “highest average incomes among the wealthiest one percent of residents.” According to the Economic Policy Institute, the county’s average annual income of the top one percent is a staggering $4,326,049.

Yorktown Heights, specifically, offers a sharp contrast from Bronx living. According to USA.com, the town’s population is 81 percent white, and median household income is $96,413 – nearly double the average for both New York state and the nation, according to data from 2010-2014.

She was a Bernie Sanders organizer. She is virulently anti-Trump (as any Communist would be) and claims the GOP is gaslighting the country:

When asked about the upcoming Supreme court nomination Ocasio-Cortez said, “You know, for me, I’m a fighter. I’m always one for a fight. Especially when we see what the GOP has done. I feel like they’re kind of gaslighting the country. When they want to fight, when they want to bend and break the rules and stretch the Constitution to its limits, they’ll do it, but when they’re on the other side of the table, it’s, whoa, decorum.”

Naturally, she offered no examples, but she does want democrats to stop Trump’s next SCOTUS pick, no matter who it is

The woman who ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New York said Democratic lawmakers shouldn’t be afraid to “play hardball” and “delay the damage” of another right-leaning Supreme Court pick.

“I think the [Democrats] should be unafraid to play hardball a little bit in this Congress,” Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on CNN Thursday.

She does, however, have a couple of issues. Although she claims to espouse “democratic socialism” she is unable to articulate the difference between democratic socialism and socialism.

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t explain the difference between socialism and Democratic socialism while appearing on ABC’s “The View” on Friday.

Co-host Meghan McCain asked Ocasio-Cortez about the views of her party, the Democratic Socialists of America, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

“Do you think that the future of the Democratic Party is socialism?” McCain asked.

“First of all, there’s a huge difference between socialism and Democratic socialism,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed. “Democratic socialism, and really what that boils down to me, is the basic belief that I believe that in a moral and wealthy America and a moral and modern America, no person should be too poor to live in this country.”

Sounds very elementary schoolish.

“That’s what I believe,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “I can understand that there may be some divisions. You know, I don’t think people wake up in the morning and say, ‘I’m a capitalist!’”

I do.

She also has a math problem. About the Annapolis shooting:

“Horrifying. This is our nation’s 195th mass shooting — this year,” said the rising political star, who will be heavily favored in November’s general election in the overwhelmingly Democratic New York district.

Her political history knowledge is a few cards short of a deck:

Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview Wednesday that the U.S. did not add criminal penalties to immigration law until about 1999.

Verdict: False

The U.S. criminalized unlawful entry in 1929. Laws passed in the 1990s intensified criminal penalties relating to immigration.

Fact Check:

Ocasio-Cortez defeated incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley, one of the top Democrats in the House, in a New York primary Tuesday. She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and has called to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Ocasio-Cortez elaborated on her reasons to abolish ICE on NPR’s “Morning Edition” Wednesday. “What we’re really talking about is re-imagining immigration to be humane,” she said. “It wasn’t until about 1999 that we chose to criminalize immigration at all, and then once ICE was established we really kind of militarized that enforcement to a degree that was previously unseen in the United States.”

Congress made unauthorized entry into the U.S. a criminal offense in 1929. Aliens who entered the country outside a port of entry or without examination by immigration officials could be charged with a misdemeanor. Previously deported aliens who tried to re-enter the country without authorization could be charged with a felony.

Unauthorized entry and unauthorized re-entry remain misdemeanor and felony charges today.

But she does seem to enjoy palling around with a known anti-Semitic racist:

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned the political world and rank-in-file Democrats by defeating incumbent Joe Crowley in Tuesday’s New York primary. The Ocasio-Cortez win signaled the growing swing leftward for national Democrats, a party undergoing a power struggle and identity crisis after Trump’s election victory in 2016. The platform Ocasio-Cortez ran on was deeply progressive, calling on the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nationalized health care, universal jobs guarantee and getting America to 100 percent green energy.

However, footage reveals that Ocasio-Cortez also has associates with regressive views.

One of Ocasio-Cortez’s most enthusiastic campaigners and a man who stood behind her at her victory party, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, is a known anti-Semite and racist. Lopez-Pierre has regularly used slurs against Jewish and black New Yorkers in public forums and while running for office himself.

While running for office in 2017, Lopez-Pierre specifically campaigned on “protecting tenants from greedy Jewish landlords.” Lopez-Pierre’s own campaign website shows his rantings agains “Greedy Jewish Landlords.” His campaign website applauds the arrest of “Greedy Jewish Landlords” and says that “Jewish Landlords” are “punishing” black and Hispanic families.

This is a child. An immature, ignorant child who would bristle at being forced to live by the brand she now endorses. Her “biography” reads this way:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University College of Arts & Sciences in 2011. She was a volunteer organizer for Sanders’ presidential campaign and worked in former Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) foreign affairs and immigration office. Ocasio-Cortez founded Brook Avenue Press, a children’s book publisher.[6]

In other words, she’s never held a real job and has never been responsible for anything more than herself. The prototypical liberal.

Or, in her case, the burgeoning Communist.

As we all know, the goal of socialism is Communism.


For an ant-capitalist, she sure doesn’t mind pumping her lipstick brand

On June 15, Ocasio-Cortez wore her distinctive red lipstick during a debate with Crowley, and when her Twitter followers asked her to name the shade, she delivered the details with an emphatic “I GOT YOU” and a lipstick emoji.

The color — Stila’s “Stay All Day” liquid lipstick in a shade called Besos — has since sold out on multiple websites, as first reported by Quartz. As of Friday afternoon, the $22 product remained sold out on Sephora’s website, but seemed to be restocked on Stila’s website and on Ulta.com.

When push comes to shove with dollars, the truth tends to emerge.


Socialism always means someone else, not me

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being hailed as the new face of the Democratic party after vanquishing Queens party boss Joe Crowley in Tuesday’s primary, but one former co-worker isn’t jumping on her bandwagon.

Most of the staff at Flats Fix, the East 16th Street taco and tequila bar, say nice things about Sandy, as they knew her for the four years she worked there, until she quit six months ago to run for Congress.

But one waitress has a bad memory of working with Ocasio-Cortez, 28, as Ocasio-Cortez tended bar during the very busy Cinco de Mayo celebration in 2017.

At the end of the night, when it came time to split the $560 in tips she had gotten at the bar, Ocasio-Cortez gave the waitress only $50. After the waitress complained to her manager, her take was doubled to $100, a source said.

“It says so much about her character,” said my source. “From that point on, I wouldn’t talk to her. I couldn’t look at her.”

Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t be reached for comment.


Here’s the house where Alexandra from down the inner city block grew up

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Is she a crazy looking bitch or what?

“I think the [Democrats] should be unafraid to play hardball a little bit in this Congress,” Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on CNN Thursday.

“Playing hardball” is what got the Democrats in this pickle and what will assure Trump gets his next pick confirmed.

She lies well. That alone could make her a Democrat front runner. The left loves the cult of personality and worships whomever strikes their fancy at the moment. Such children.

There hasn’t been a Leftist dictator in recent times who hasn’t filled his personal bank account out of “the people’s” wealth.
I remember when Yasser Arafat died with his wife fighting Gaza’s Fatah and the newer Hamas over her “right” to his (UN/USA supplied) billions.
She made a deal so as to avoid death whereby she “only” got ~$2 million a month to live in Paris.
And she complained it wasn’t enough!
People point out how Russia has only got the economy of, say, Spain, but Putin in a billionaire!
When Hugo Chavez was ruling his family skimmed all the wealth out of Venezuela.
There wasn’t much left by the time he died. Maybe Sean Penn should have helped “the people” out more than by mere words.
Obama talked up how he wanted this & that for “all the people,” but was famous for dining on Kobe beef, lobster and fine wines.
The Obama vacation budget topped $9 million per year as the “couple” often took separate planes/vacations.
Time will tell if Ms Ocasio-Cortez is as much a spendthrift as other socialists we have seen. She grew up in the lap of luxury. Question is: did she love it or hate it?
$22 for a tube of lipstick is on the high end, but there are higher. That story about how she’s all for distributing the wealth as long as it doesn’t come out of HER tips was very telling.

@Nanny G: Socialism is good business… for the leaders.

* DING DING DING * We have a winner for the best post title in 2018!

She tried to tell everyone she grew up poor, in a poor neighborhood. She did not. Regardless the bernie sanders wannabee would be better suited for Venezuela or Cuba.

@Deplorable Me: I’m fairly certain you’re a touch understating what a total LOON the beoych is. The ONLY saving grace is, isn’t she too young to run for President, But she could run for VP with Kommiela Hairass, now there is a combination that would destroy all sanity.

@Boris Badenov: her parents came from puerto rico. It depends whether they were citizens at the time of her birth. Just wait pretty soon she will seal her records

@Brother Bob:Remember this movie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTX7H3GBeJg its just how the gal fits into working class America.

female Trotsky


her parents came from puerto rico. It depends whether they were citizens at the time of her birth. Just wait pretty soon she will seal her records

Depends on how well she can hide her birth certificate and if screams of “misogyny!” will work as well as “racist!” when someone asks the obvious question.

She does look and sound like a looney tune.
But scarey.

alleged rising star-she will burn out quick. ok, she can go back to tending bar. so where is her education other than a bar: college, post graduated degrees??? every one has a law degree?

@kitt: Now THERE’S a trip down memory lane – I can’t remember the last time I watched The Jerk!

@Brother Bob: Like Blazing saddles, Young Frankenstein and many other really funny movies today there would be a lynching.
Tab soda ewwww

The house she grew up in is in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country? You saw the house, right Doctor?

claims she worked for whore dog, killer ted kennedy. whore dog dies of a brain tumor in 1999 and was out of the senate for almost a year. so that means she worked for him at 16-17 years old?? there is no description of her job with killer teddy.

Where have I seen such a wild eyed look before……………………

Oh, that’s right; Charles Manson.

@Nanny G:

“There hasn’t been a Leftist dictator in recent times who hasn’t filled his personal bank account out of “the people’s” wealth.”

Typically, this hypocritical Marxist airhead, amongst other reversals, spoke against taxes on business in 2012.

. . . whatever “sells,” the ignorant will swallow with Feeling.

@M0S #8541: what a bunch of racist haters! You got a lot of facts totally wrong. You sound illiterate and coke addled. Not ready for prime time!!

@Abbey Harper: “racist”? Where the hell does that come from? The FACT is she is a dumb as a box of rocks socialist. Socialism is more important to her than intelligence. Race has nothing to do with it.

You know what is racist? Using racism as a weapon to attempt to steer an argument you have no idea how to wade into away from the facts. THAT’S racist.