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Talking without a brain just look at David Hogg and March for Our Lives group of walking and talking dummies

I find it disappointing that Flopping Aces is buying into the leftist narrative that is trying to disparage and sabotage Scott Pruitt. From what I see, he is reducing onerous EPA regulations, exposing global warming fraud, and getting rid of Obama-era radical environmental bureaucrats. He has stopped the “sue and settle” tactic of the leftist EPA to funnel taxpayer funds to radical groups.. This is heresy to the left, and he must be destroyed. Which side is Flopping Aces on?

Bill Maher like all typical liberals open their mouths before their brains kick in and so their always saying real’y stupid things and good example is Obama claiming his Dictatorship was without a single scandal

I guess he drew one too many cartoons critical of Our Leader.

No need to worry. He’ll be picked up by the NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, etc., ad nauseum…