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Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and possibly Austria, as well, now that it has voted in anti-Islamization leaders. The EU may use military force to make them comply with the destruction of European culture.
First they threatened to impose €250,000 per migrant for countries that want to avoid EU-imposed quotas for the resettlement of Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers. Now, European globalists are preparing to “force” Central European nations to accept mandated Muslim migrant quotas and open borders, according to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.
While the new military coalition is being praised as a program to facilitate a ‘common defense’ for the superstate, one can only wonder how it might be applied to “force” dissident nations to comply with the diktats of the internationalists in Brussels.
What will the USA do if Putin comes to the aid of these eastern countries?

Western nations suffer from a sever birth rate shortage. They need laborers and believe they can import them impoverished countries. Now, they have a BIG problem and to solve it they have to admit they made a BIG mistake. Since liberals are running these countries, they do what liberals always do when they have made the problem worse; they try to ignore it. Only problem is, people are getting hurt, raped and killed. Do you see them putting the safety and lives of citizens above their own agenda? Nope.

@Deplorable Me: What did they pound on when we were in school ..population explosion is causing the destruction of our planet, so we began to have fewer kids to stop the coming ICE AGE. That worked so well it reversed to global warming and not enough money being stolen to support social security ponzi. They also say we need illegals to do jobs our kids wont, but push automation will end these low end jobs. No conservative solutions allowed we are to mean we want people to have the freedom to solve their own problems or face consequences.

Who will the EU use to fight those countries in central/eastern Europe that are refusing to accept Muslim migrants?
The EU doesn’t have a young population of military-aged men.
Except for Muslims.
But Muslims won’t fight for fellow Muslims to get perks inside their own countries, much less in other European countries.
Russia won’t have to defend those countries fighting forced migration.
The EU has not fight in them.

@kitt: The guy that handles my retirement is from England. He went back a year ago and took his son. He said he won’t be going back to London; it is unrecognizable. I guess that’s another “fundamental transformation” for you.

@Nanny G: The EU will lose more members, like Great Britain, if they keep forcing their blind eye towards Islam policy. It might be too late for Britain, but others seem to be seeing the warning signs.

@Nanny G: The Muslims will fight these are Christian nations that refuse to support them on the dole, EU refuses to count the christian refugees from war torn Ukraine that are in Poland, who were welcomed with open arms.
50 million Muslims in Europe many of fighting age, many coming of age. The NWO not going to let that resource go to waste.
Will they fight for Europe no, will they fight to conquer it?

But you know who the British authorities will arrest and imprison?

Anyone who notices what they ignore. Anyone who investigates what they ignore.

Actually, they generally arrest, prosecute, and imprison the perpetrators, as the individual articles linked on the list below indicates.

List of sexual abuses perpetrated by groups — United Kingdom

Nor are rude, belligerent, dangerously volatile a-holes restricted to any particular nationality, race, or religion. Defective human beings can be found just about anywhere. I’d cheerfully exchange the lot of them for well-meaning people of any sort any day of the week.

Baghdad Greg defends the indefensible. Europe is being run by unelected (and elected) leftists/socialists who cannot change course because they can only think in terms of absolute political concepts that fit the agenda. Unfortunately, the majority of their citizens are similarly afflicted. It would take a miracle at this point to jar them out of their trance-like groupthink. They are all going downhill on a crazy train, where the engineers only know how to hit the accelerator, and the passengers meekly pretend with a stiff upper lip that everything is under control. Very Kafkaesque.

God, you conservatives are such vile scum. It’s a waste of time even trying to discuss this with you, in your mind, Muslims are pediphile rapists full stop, and the Nazi who founded the EDL is a “persecuted” hero. I hope he rots in prison just because you want him to be freed.

@The ghost of Jim robinson:

in your mind, Muslims are pediphile rapists full stop

I would have to say that the record of their pedophilia and rape bears this out.

@Deplorable Me:
Conservatives don’t pay attention when a white guy commits rape, but every time someone from South Asia does it they lose their fucking minds and take it as proof all Muslims are rapists.

Hopefully your Nazi hero dies in prison

@The ghost of Jim robinson:

Conservatives don’t pay attention when a white guy commits rape,

Well, actually we do. In fact, they go to prison. Now, if the rapist happens to be a wealthy liberal or a liberal icon, THEY don’t go to jail, white, black or indifferent. But, others certainly do.

but every time someone from South Asia does it they lose their fucking minds and take it as proof all Muslims are rapists.

No, every time it is done EN MASSE and INSTITUTIONALLY, as has been happening everywhere Muslim “refugees” have been welcomed by the west, it draws attention. Then, when the authorities turn a blind eye to it so as not to “offend” the rapist animals, it draws further attention.

Islamic rape culture spreading across Europe

Crimes by migrants soared 50% in Germany, 2016

To avoid being raped by Muslims, women should stop “asking for it”

Muslim sex-mob cover-up grows

More Muslim crime in Sweden

Muslim immigrants in Sweden murder a gay man that offered them food and clothes.

Coverage of New Year’s rape rampage not covered in Germany

Though sexual assailants are all Muslim immigrants, German media cautions not to jump to conclusions… just like OUR media

German police covering up extent of Muslim immigrant crime

Sweden is now the rape capital of the west

Rapes by Muslims in Sweden the bulk of rapes

And, of course, radical Islamic terrorism is a WHOLE different subject.

Tell me, how is Tommy Robinson anything resembling a Nazi?

@Deplorable Me:
He founded the EDL you stupid fuck

@The ghost of Jim robinson: Well, are you going to explain how that equals Nazism, or are you too fucking stupid?

@Deplorable Me:
Lmao sorry I forgot the Vogue thing now was to pretend you guys aren’t Nazis because it hurts your feelings. Awwwwwww. Poor babies.

@The ghost of Jim robinson: No, the “vogue thing” is for whiny idiots, when they find something that causes an outbreak of butt-hurt, they call it “Nazi” or “racist”. Now, what is in vogue for ME is to ask these morons to explain WHAT it is that makes the person, behavior, organization or whatever the left chooses to hate at that particular moment “Nazi”, then watch the fun as, without fail, they dodge, duck, dive, squirm, quiver, dash, run, flee, recoil from actually answering the question which is, in fact, the answer. Because, lo and behold, the answer is, THERE IS NO SIMILARITY and the idiot making accusation has no idea what Nazism was.

Thank you for entertaining me. See, you just proved you are stupid.

@The ghost of Jim robinson: #16
I thought you sounded familiar:
Yep. I may not know you, but I recognize your style.

@The ghost of Jim robinson:
Ugly, stupid leftist troll. Ignore.

@Petercat: Guy sounds like Whoopie ” it isnt rape rape”, and the rest of the leftists that cover for pedos and rapists in Hollywood.

@Deplorable Me: WTH, did they clone the Moron Greg? Now we have another dumbfuck Communist.