The Month that We Learned that Democrats Are Horrible People Who Hate America


Well that headline got your attention, didn’t it? Yeah, it’s a bit over the top but how else do you explain what we’ve seen take place? This actually goes back to the end of April, but to recap:

Comedian Michelle Wolf used the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as an opportunity to give an audition for the next late night TV show host opening by firing off a nasty, vitriolic routine, including anti-woman and anti-gay slurring. It was so bad that even members of the MSM acknowledged that Wolf went too far and they would have a harder time doing their jobs of pretending to not loathe half of the country.

Now, before any of you Lefties reading this tut-tut that Conservatives can’t take a joke, compare this with thew eight years of tongue baths that were given to President Trump’s predecessor. Major props to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for handling herself with the grace that she did, although I wish she had handled herself a little bit differently. I would have loved to see her go up to the mic after Wolf departed to acknowledge her performance:

“I’d like to congratulate Ms. Wolf on the outstanding job she did here tonight. You did a great job of displaying how the DC press corps views half of the country. You’ve done the country a great service, and your performance will be remembered for a long time.”

Next we go across the Atlantic to the UK, where we got to see the end game of Bernie Sanders’ dream of “Medicaid FOR ALL!!!” After it was determined that the child Alfie Evans’ sickness was incurable the British courts denied his parents the right to seek alternative treatment, even when Italy was willing to allow Alfie’s parents to bring him to their country. What I found most interesting was how the MSM American press basically ignored this story. If there were a policy that I supported I’d want to address it head on to keep my opponents from being able to use it against me. I looked at two of the more hardcore Leftist sites, MSNBC and The Nation and found… nothing. To their credit, CNN did post a guest editorial from a doctor blasting the decision. But take a good look at the end game of the Single Payer advocates where we essentially become property of the government.

Then there was Kanye West, who infuriated The Radical Left by declaring that he liked President Trump. I never jumped on “The Kanye Train” myself – the guy is a bit crazy and I haven’t forgotten previous comments he’s made. But his public proclamation terrified the bigots in The Radical Left to melt down. One of their prominent race hustlers decreed that thinking for yourself is a trait that non-white Americans have yet to master, while another prominent bigot scolded a black man to not speak out of turn.

By mid-May the terrorist organization that currently rules the Palestinians had organized massive riots and attacks on the Israeli border, which of course garnered great sympathy from The Radical Left. It also caused some embarrassment when NPR’s Steve Inskeep interviewed one of the locals who happily revealed that he was a Nazi sympathizer.  For as much as Leftists hallucinate Nazis at every gathering of more than two Conservatives, they certainly have no trouble offering sympathy for actual Nazi groupies.

Speaking of radical groups that get Leftist sympathy, how about MS-13? President Trump referred to the gang as “animals”, and our dishonest press and equally dishonest Democratic politicians lied that the president used the term to refer to all Illegal immigrants, not just the thieves, murderers, and rapists of MS-13. In a rare show of intelligence and combat savvy, the RNC created an ad blasting Speaker Pelosi.

As if further proof is needed that it’s time for the government to step in and drop some destructive legislation on Silicon Valley, Google decided it would be cute to label the California Republican Party Nazis. Perhaps if some CA Republicans launched some pilgrimages to the Gaza Strip Leftists would view them with more sympathy?

Remember that largely ignored story last year of the series of deranged Democrats physically attacking Republican lawmakers? That insanity never left the deranged hearts of The Radical Left, as a Democratic Party PAC has ads on its web site calling to “Take out Steve Scalise”. It’s a good thing that Democrats don’t advocate and carry out violence the way those evil Tea Partiers used to! I understand that one crazed group of Leftists doesn’t speak for all (although I’m guessing that they represent a lot more Dems than I’d care to think), but if the ideologies were reversed do you doubt that this group wouldn’t get wall to wall coverage in the press?

Going back across the pond to the UK, Tommy Robinson was arrested and rifled through the British legal system to a prison sentence for the crime of… reporting outside the court house on the trial of rape gangs who all share the trait of being from the religion that shall not be named. Worse still, the British courts put a gag order on the press to prevent reporting on this arrest. When I went to the three big cable news sites, no mention was on CNN and MSNBC, and once reliable but now RINO Fox News referred to Robinson by the preferred Leftist terminology “Far Right Activist”. Based on the year and a half collective tantrum The Radical Left has thrown since the 2016 election, is there any doubt Leftists weep with envy over the idea of the same treatment of political dissidents coming here?

And of course after the Roseanne Barr controversy (another boor who I never cared for or found remotely interesting, even in her heyday), we immediately get Leftist hypocrisy exposed when Samantha bee called President Trumps daughter a misogynistic epithet that rhymes with “runt”. The biggest difference between the two? No, not that Roseanne was immediately cancelled and unpersoned in Hollywood while Bee was still being given a Social Change award (where the press was shut out to avoid uncomfortable questions – I couldn’t make this up if I tried), but as Sean Davis observed, Roseanne’s tweet was spontaneous stupidity. Bee’s was scripted, reviewed beforehand, and approved by TBS. The level of complicity in this is disturbing to day the least. Both apologized publicly, but the incident with Bee and the White House Correspondents dinner speech remind me of Kathy Griffin making the ISIS-style video of he pretending to hold up the bloodied head of President Trump – each of these was thought out beforehand, and each party is so wrapped up in a tiny bubble of fever swamp hatred that they had no idea that enough people would think differently and that there would be fallout. Bee’s apology is no more sincere than Griffin’s was – what she’s sorry about is the fact that actions have consequences. At least as of this post’s publication Bee is starting to lose advertisers.

Continuing with offensive Leftists in the media, MS13NBC’s Joy Reid has had an almost Andrew-Breitbart-eque day by day release of some bat (guano) crazy beliefs that would get any Conservative skewered. Apparently being an LGBQWERTY hating Anti-Semite is OK in Leftist circles.

And finally, President Trump granted a pardon to Dinesh D’Souza. Naturally, giving a pardon to a political prisoner who had served jail time and was forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for… a small campaign finance violation has The Radical Left completely losing their minds. Of course, these are the same people who had no problem with the Clintons’ pardon of criminal Mark Rich or Obama’s pardon for Bradley Manning’s treason.

One last note on Samantha Bee – at the end of this post one of the tweets shows the picture that set Bee into her seething rage. When the image of a mother holding her baby fills you with loathing because you despise her father it might be time for some introspection. Likewise if you think that an insincere apology is all that we need to move past the incident.

And this is all in the last 50 or so days – I won’t even go into the two year meltdown that started with Leftists being fine with a rigged Democratic Party primary or their candidate hiring thugs to assault people attending political rallies, probably hoping to achieve the same success Leftists had in taking power roughly 80 years ago in Europe. Now Lefties, before you give the obvious retort of “But TRUMP!!!”, Trump is a reaction to your side becoming increasingly nasty and violent. You had civil, well behaved Republican leaders in Chimpy McHitler Retard Bush (and his chief henchman Darth Cheney), that senile sexist John McCain (yes Lefties, remember how you despised him 10 years ago?), and Mitt Romney putting women in binders and firing people to give them cancer. You had civil in The Tea Party, and after years of “Shut up, you racist Teabagger!” now you get Trump. Strangely enough, having worn out The Race Card over eight years upping the rhetoric to calling Trump supporters Nazis for the last two years has done nothing to bring back civility.

What I find most concerning is that what I’ve presented here should be just the fringe extremist opinion that is soundly rejected by mainstream Democrats, but the radical has become the mainstream for Democrats, hence why in my posts I only refer to them as The Radical Left. I also have a number of Leftist friends who haven’t gone completely off the deep end, and I still see posts on their Facebook pages nodding in agreement with Hilary’s hatred for half of the country or just outright anger over being denied the right to have their Birkenstocks pinned to our throats. Back in the early days of The War on Terror I remember thinking that Dubya’s “They hate us for our freedom” line seemed simplistic. The Radical Left has made me now understand that there is more to that line than meets the eye. It’s not so much our freedom that they hate, rather it’s our unwillingness to surrender our freedom and live under their rules that gets them angry. The totalitarian Taliban see it not only as their right, but their obligation to impose their rule over nonbelievers. Sound familiar? P.J. O’Rourke quipped that the difference between the Left & Right in America is that one side stands for fast cars, loud guns and hot women, while the other hates all three. Or to look at it from more of a policy-centric view, three things that the Radical Left hates and wants to legislate away are guns, cars, and single family homes – all cornerstones of The American Dream.

I’d love to end this on a positive note, but the only solution I see is following the way of Kurt Sclichter – make them hate the new rules. Being nice to Leftists only encouraged bad behavior to the point where they now find violence acceptable. At some point they’ll feel enough pain to call for a truce, and I hope it happens before they completely normalize violence against us and get to taste what will follow.

Nah, let’s end this on a lighter note – here’s one of the better excerpts from the Schlichter article I linked in the last paragraph:

Oops. Look who’s laughing now. Turns out we can throw a punch as well, and did, slugging the feckless NFL right in the wallet. You want to politicize everything? This is politicizing everything. Enjoy. We’re playing by the New Rules too.

I warned them they would hate the New Rules.

“But that’s not conservative!” the sissies whimper.

That’s true only if you adopt a definition of conservatism that presumptively surrenders whenever it meets resistance. The simple, undeniable fact is that punishment works. Retaliation works. If you want the Old Rules back in effect – I’d prefer that – then you need to teach the enemy that it can’t apply New Rules without feeling the same pain it inflicts. That’s a realconservative principle.

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I understand that one crazed group of Leftists doesn’t speak for all (although I’m guessing that they represent a lot more Dems than I’d care to think), but if the ideologies were reversed do you doubt that this group wouldn’t get wall to wall coverage in the press?

If the use of violence to try and eliminate political opposition was NOT widely supported by the left, it would be denounced and shut down. It is NOT shut down (whenever it rears its ugly head, the left uses the opportunity to denounce CONSERVATIVES for being fascists) but the left simply pretends it never happened.

I also have a number of Leftist friends who haven’t gone completely off the deep end,

I have friends and relatives who are of the left and, believe me, they can control their hatred long enough to act civil in one-on-on encounters either in person or on social networks, but when they are among their own, they cannot contain their vile hatred for the deniers of The Promise (that Hillary was to be President to continue Obama’s ruination of the nation).

I posted this on my Facebook:

You know, come to think of it maybe Sally Fields has a point. So, Sally Fields is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. Michelle is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. Hillary is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. Samantha is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. Whoopie is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. Elizabeth is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. Joy is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest. Kathy is powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest.

I wanted to experience the consternation of liberals who knew exactly what I meant but wouldn’t know how to disagree without disavowing Sally’s cute point. Unfortunately, I don’t have any liberal “friends” that haven’t un-friended or un-followed me, so it is unlikely that anyone that could use the irony got to see it.

BB I think you gotta be a masochist to be a Conservative–certainly a Trumpist-look at the derision that a guy like Bill Burriss receives from his own family and friends–seems he enjoys it
He’s gotta come on this right wing site to get love from wonderful folk like you BB. Anyone who likes The Boss as much as you do is OK with me.
That said don’t you think DT would be better off with Christie as his hit man rather than clownish Giuliani?.

One of these days these ANTIFA goons in their black and red with their Caps and Bandanas over their faces with their Hammer & Pscycle will choose to attack a well armed American who will shoot back and leave a few of the Brownshirt thugs in a mourgue with a bullet in the chest and tag tied to their big toes

That’s some pretty rich rhetoric coming from the party of Trump, the pro-rape party, pro-school shooting party, anti-worker, sexist, endorser of pedophile for U.S. Senator, party of racism and theft of immigration children to sell to the child market, the party of serial lying, the enablers of the KKK and neo-Nazism………….

@Brother Bob: I don’t use anything but Facebook and all the liberals have run away, so it hasn’t gotten much exposure. Feel free to spread it around; like I say, I would love to see liberal reaction.

Certainly someone like the idiot AJ could use some stimulus to their brain.

@Brother Bob: Hey… for a good laugh, ask AJ to provide example to back up his “points”. That’ll be all you hear of him for weeks.

@Brother Bob: kind of amazing (well, actually not) the exact rubber/glue rebuttals from both writers and writer’s cheerleaders. Its impossible to distinguish the difference. But when that’s all you have, well…..

@Brother Bob:
And let me guess, it was the Democratic Party rather than the Rs that just elected the admitted white supremist James Allsup as an official to the Washington State Republican Party?

@Brother Bob:

If memory serves, Ajay never engages in dialogue, just dropping one & done drive-bys, right?

Exactly. And when asked to provide some substantiation of his sharts, he runs away, arms flailing, squealing because he is too cowardly to back up any of his comments. He once asked if we conservatives would vote for Hitler, Stalin or Obama (or some other liberal loser), and absolutely ridiculous and seemingly rhetorical (though stupid) question, then went apoplectic when he didn’t get any answers. So then I answered, but that still wasn’t good enough and did not evoke any quid pro quo from the worm. So, I have determined him hopeless and worthless, not warranting any intelligent conversation.

His gutless dishonesty is apparent with his reference to Allsup, who was not “elected” but was uncontested in a bid for a precinct chairman. Nor does he mention the Republican response:

Caleb Heimlich, chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, told the Daily Beast that the state group “does not condone identity politics, in any form, whatsoever.”

Yet, has he ever resented racists like Obama, Holder, Watters, or Ellison cavorting with distinguished racists like Farrakhan or Sharpton?

To give credit where credit is due, he is obviously fully aware of his mental shortcomings and effectively avoids entering into actual debates, preferring the carpetbombing lies technique.

@Deplorable Me:

Certainly someone like the idiot AJ could use some stimulus to their brain

Nope, he’s beyond ‘stimulus’, can’t wake up the dead, even with an alarm clock. HoJay hasn’t had a coherent thought since he’s been here.

@Deplorable Me: all about HoJay:

To give credit where credit is due, he is obviously fully aware of his mental shortcomings and effectively avoids entering into actual debates, preferring the carpetbombing lies technique

I’m not sure HoJay has the ability to be fully aware. He can’t even remember what his current name is. I don’t think he is ‘effectively avoids” entering into actual debates, I think he doesn’t know the difference and when he doesn’t respond, it’s because he’s out in left field. He doesn’t even recognize when he’s being insulted.