The week in Radical Leftism, 12/15/2017


Happy Saturday, everyone – Leftist crazy never sleeps, so let’s get to it!

12/7 – UK Mom: ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Didn’t Give Consent To Be Kissed By The Prince

Is there nothing the Radical Left can’t find offensive and want to ruin for everybody? As a follow up here’s a great response from the YouTuber who goes by the handle “Sugar (Breasts)”. Some language is NSFW so don’t play it in front of the kids!

12/7 – Smug Fan Talks Crap on Hunting. Gets Owned by Chris Pratt!

And you thought that Crowder just made cool videos – when you check this out be sure to sign up for his newsletter!

12/8 – Facebook’s Racial Thought Police Look Exactly How You Would Picture Them

Normal America, meet your moral and intellectual Superiors!

12/8 – Muslim Students at Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention

I’m old enough to remember when this would have been a really funny satirical headline in The Onion

12/9 – Eco-Ferry That Needs Fuel Shipped In From Middle East

Like everything else that involves “going green”, it’s more about virtue signaling than accomplishing anything constructive.

12/9 – Not A Joke: Florida Democrat Thinks YOU Should Be Punished If A Teen Steals Your Car

Apparently that dumb “Florida Man” who makes so many headlines in social media has now gotten elected into office!

12/9 – Helpful word definitions for CNN/MSM Editors: “Newsworthy”

It’s not like they don’t need all the help they can get

12/9 – This Woman Really Wants a Baby With a Ghost

With so many great crude remarks I’d love to drop I’ll take the high road and defer to commenter tom_swift:


So how’s she going to hit him up for child support?

12/9 – Dear CNN, Your Bananas Are Showing

There’s really no reason to stop mocking them over that idiotic ad campaign, is there?

12/9 – Sarah Silverman ‘scared’ at sight of American flag

Not bad. Under Dubya it took @ 3 years to get to the Radical Left’s “The flag is scary and hating America is the new patriotism!”, while under Trump it’s barely taken one. Well done!


The next time a Leftist tells you there’s no need to be able to defend yourself against the government or that we should blindly trust them with something like our health care ask why nobody on the left showed an ounce of outrage over “Exhibit A” for why we’re right

12/11 – 2-year-old boy dies from lack of treatment after #SinglePayer doctors go on strike in India


12/11 – Teacher Who Was Fired For ‘Misgendering’ A Student Slaps School With Lawsuit

More of this, please.

12/11 – CNN Walks Back Jeff Sessions-Russia Bombshell

CNN committing journalistic malfeasance, better known as “Days ending in a Y”

12/11 – Feminist Site Offers Advice Guaranteed to Ruin a First Date

Personally, I’d love to see a recap by anyone who tried throwing out this crud on a 1st and last date!

12/11 – Roy Moore Proves Media Only Destroys Itself in Elections

I wasn’t even a fan of Moore, and the only reason I supported him was to point out the hypocrisy of the complete silence from the Radical Left on Bob Menendez. This article is a great read, especially the short video of Moore supporters pushing back at the press.

12/11 – Republican tax bill would tie the hands of blue-state governments

Yeah, as much as I hate seeing Conservative friends who have the misfortune of living in Blue States get hit, in the long run this will speed up the day of reckoning their governments will have to faee

12/12 – No, Stupid Media, Trump Didn’t ‘Sexually Harass’ Kirsten Gillibrand. Here’s The Video Proof.

Great sub-story – Fauxcahontas calls Gillibrand a slut! Yes, really!

12/12 – Alleged NY Terrorist’s Family ‘Outraged’ Over Law Enforcement’s Actions

Not that this will penetrate any Leftists’ minds, but this can help to reach more Normals to show what CAIR represents.


I am just glad to see Europeans complaining that a U.S. administration is favoring American companies and workers. That certainly isn’t something we had to worry about during the Obama administration.

12/13 – End net neutrality. Federal meddling can’t improve the Internet.

One simple barometer that tells you that Net Neutrality is wrong – have you seen a single Leftist who opposes NN? Seriously – I haven’t seen one, which is enough for me. If you want more substance to form your opinion click the link for Jon Gabriel’s excellent piece!

12/14 – WATCH: Cuomo Tells Female Reporter She’s Doing A ‘Disservice To Women’ By Bringing Up Sexual Allegations Made Against His Top Aide

In other news, Cuomo says quiet prayer thanking God that he doesn’t belong to the political party where saying stupid (dung) like this would get you run out of office

12/14 – Bernie Sanders Hits Trump as Commander In Chief Over Climate Change

Socialist says climate change ‘could severely jeopardize our military readiness’

Don’t you love it when the Radical Left unknowingly makes a completely correct statement, and is completely clueless as to why?

12/14 – Philadelphia Gets Approval To Remove Bulletproof Glass From Local Businesses

I have a simple solution – demand that the Philly City Council conduct their business only at establishments that they’re forcing to remove their glass!

12/15 – 4 Big Signs of a Trump Economic Recovery

Our last link from the week’s events will be a piece of good news. It makes you wonder why the press makes such efforts to avoid headlining strong economic news when the president is a white mail – could it be that our press is made up of racists?

ICYMI, I weighed in on an economically illiterate writer at The Washington Post who thinks that President Trump’s tax cuts will cause another depression

From the archives, Wednesday will mark the 30th anniversary of my first Eagles Game! And most amazingly, what I remember most was not The Minister of Defense’s 5 sacks, but that I got to witness what would be the coolest incident of fan on fa violence I’d ever see…

And to go back a week for a great piece of satire, check this gem from The Babylon Bee: ‘Our Love Life Is None Of Your Business,’ Says Couple Forcing Business Owner To Approve Their Love Life.

There won’t be any Week in Radical Leftism next Saturday, as I’ll be spending some quality time with the family next week. But you’ll still get a post to start your Saturday morning next weekend when I unveil 2017’s Villain of the Year – stay tuned!

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12/11 – 2-year-old boy dies from lack of treatment after #SinglePayer doctors go on strike in India

Sure, it’s terrible. But it’s FREE!

Yes Wisconsin was the first wave of Dem sore losers, they went bonkers when Walker kept his promises. A Recall then reelection where the Milwaukee gestapo treated conservatives like they were Manafort, why well they were tea party organizers. Kick in the door and take every electronic device including the kids cell phones, Then tell them if they talk to ANYONE including their ATTORNEY they will go to jail, thats right when Esther next door asks if everyone is ok as the street was lined with swat and flashing light as they tore your house apart, just keep your mouth shut cause it will make you look more guilty. But the other side can leak to the Milwaukee paper.(yes electronic spying was involved too)
They didnt in all their efforts find election fraud, the promises saved the Wisconsin taxpayer gobs of money by breaking up collective bargaining of the teachers union. I know he messed with a union, and lived. Now like every other employee, even other unionized workers, they must pay a portion of their health care and retirement.
But John Doe was very much like an FBI investigation I read about Eerily similar
Finally one broke down and talked to his lawyer and all hell broke loose Wisconsin Supreme court got involved and the Conservative Radio celebrities were having a ball. Walker won his recall and second election.
Even the Government accountability board was found to be Dem infected so broken up. That Children is how the Dems lost Wisconsin.
So play dirty libs ignore the constitution never learn from mistakes and always double down when you are wrong.

Eco-Ferry has fuel shipped in from the Middle East kind of reminds me of a few years ago when the Sierra Clubs Calendar’s were not made using recycled paper or of former Beatle Paul McCartney had his limo flown in by cargo plane
Terribly offensive lol

If anyone asks why, just tell them it’s false news. Now I’m going to count to three and snap my fingers. When I snap my fingers, you will wake up feeling refreshed and alert, and you will have no conscious memory of these instructions.

CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity

@Greg: Why hasn’t MSM reported this? hint have you seen big pharma commercials played during the news?
Have you had your flu shot yet?
Just change the language, fetus=preabortion, transgender=mental patient, diversity= including everyone

Because it isn’t true. Thimerosal is ethylmercury, which is quickly excreted from the body, as opposed to methylmercury, a different mercury substance which tends to accumulate in the body and is a known neurotoxin that is particularly dangerous to children. Methlmercury is the toxic form that turns up in tuna fish, and in breast milk after being consumed by an infant’s mother.

No statistical connection has been found between thimerosal in vaccine and autism. I choose to believe the CDC on this one, rather than websites promoting conspiracy theory and questionable “natural” health products. Vaccines have saved untold millions of lives.

Yeah, I got a flu shot. Also Prevnar 13. I think the benefits greatly outweigh any potential risk.

@Greg: Im not antivax but the schedule these babies go through seems excessive not how fast its excreted but how much at one visit is administered. At 2 and 4 months 6 doses, at months 7 doses, at 15 months 9 doses.
So many 2nd and 3 and 4th doses doesnt the first one work?
CDC accepted Monsantos own research that roundup was not causing cancer for YEARs and YEARs. Are they accepting Mereks studies?
Also of note, the former director of the CDC, which purchases $4 billion worth of vaccines annually, is now president of Merck’s vaccine division.
Tests revealed that flu shots contain over 50,000 ppb mercury — more than 25,000 times the EPA’s mercury limit in drinking water much higher than a tuna sandwich..
Each year lower and lower standards for BP and cholesterol levels, everyday a new commercial for 1 800 bad drug.
But oh my what about not being able to use the word diversity oh me oh my somehow I dont think Donald Trump came up with that idea.
Yes trust the government

@kitt, #9:

I don’t have kids I’m making decisions for, so my opinions about childhood vaccinations are just opinions. Clearly some are a very good idea. During my own childhood polio was still a reason for fear. My cub scout pack had an “honorary member” I only remember seeing once. He was at home, in an iron lung. I can understand skepticism about so many shots, though. I’ve skipped the shingles vaccine. My doctor advised me to do flu shots and pneumonia shots, but really seemed to have reservations about shingles. He said he doesn’t think it’s been out there long enough to really know about its effectiveness, and thought the live virus involved might pose some small degree of risk. It’s being pushed really hard as a product, of course. Marketing always confuses the issue.

@Greg: Many doctors simply act on whats the latest from the CDC ,AMA or FDA which is driven by Pharma, when I asked a doctor heart doctor about COQ10 and cinnamon he said they were snake oil, but recommended fish oil.
Remember when eggs, butter and whole milk were bad?
Doctors need to be required to take a course in nutrition and recognize dietary issues and not just cut a script.

I see the Windbag City (Chicago) has banned Trump and they cant do that More reasons to Boycott the Windbag City