How Hillary Clinton became the mother of modern sexual harassment



You can place the blame for the current epidemic of sexual harassment right at the feet of Bill and Hillary Clinton. It could be argued that it began with Ted Kennedy, who let Mary Jo Kopechne drown while he chilled out at a hotel after saving himself, but it was the Clinton’s who raised  the politics of sexual harassment and personal destruction to an art form.

As the accusers of Bill Clinton came forward, Bill Clinton’s top aide Betsy Wright coined them term “bimbo eruptions” and she and she colleagues then set about to destroy the women who dared speak of their treatment at the hands of Bill Clinton. Then Hillary took over. Her plan included such efforts as “I would crucify her”

“I think, by then [Bill’s presidential run], Hillary had a very good notion of Bill’s behavior,” said her longtime friend Nancy Pietrafesa. “Maybe she endured it, but I don’t think she condoned it.”

Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton dismissed an accusation made by Gennifer Flowers, the singer who sold her story to a supermarket tabloid after having previously denied an affair. In an ABC News interview, she called Flowers “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a résumé to fall back on.” She told Esquire magazine in 1992 that if she had the chance to cross-examine Flowers, “I mean, I would crucify her.”

and  “We have to destroy her story.”

According to journalist Michael Isikoff, the Clinton campaign in 1992 spent $100,000 on private-detective work related to women. The approach, when rumors first popped up, was to get affidavits from women denying affairs — the reflex of most women is to avoid exposure — and, failing that, to use any discrediting tool at hand.

Hillary was fully on board. When a rock groupie told Penthouse in late 1991 that a state trooper approached her on Gov. Clinton’s behalf, Hillary said, “We have to destroy her story.”


And that is what her posse, led by George Stephanopoulos, then undertook to do. The Clinton gang began deriding the women victims of Bill Clinton, calling them “trailer park trash” and “sleazy woman with big hair” and  “Drag $100 bills through trailer parks, there’s no telling what you’ll find.” The left wing media were willing participants in this sordid episode. And then there was Juanite Broaddrick. No one wanted to listen to her assertion that Bill Clinton raped her.

The allegation with which the Clintons have never truly had to grapple is Juanita Broaddrick’s charge of rape. The media roll their eyes whenever this comes up, but Broaddrick deserves better. Her story has been consistent over the years; she told people about the alleged assault at the time; and her account includes telling details that accord with what other women have said about encounters with Bill.

She never backed off. Far too late and grudgingly some in the left wing media began to accept her story as credible.

Bill Clinton’s victims are now amused by the sudden piety of left wing politicians all too willing to position themselves on the right side of history only for the sake of politics:

Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, said it “is a little bit too late” for Democratic women to come out against the former president.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and a number of others said Clinton should have resigned under the specter of sexual misconduct allegations in the 1990s.

“We were not believed,” Jones said. “[We] did not get any kind of help whatsoever from any of those liberal women.”

Broaddrick said it was “absolutely disgusting” to see the backlash come against Clinton after they exited electoral politics.

“This great epiphany should’ve occurred 20 years ago,” she said. “I should feel ecstatic about it but don’t.”

Jeffrey Lord summarized the Clinton tactics nicely:

Clinton Rule One: Dismiss the accusation as Old News.

Clinton Rule Two: Attack the messenger.

Clinton Rule Three: Call the accuser a liar and say they are doing it for money or publicity.

Clinton Rule Four: Cover up inconvenient truths

They were so good at what they did- so effective at destroying the victims that women (and men) became afraid to dare make public their experiences for fear of being ridiculed and personally destroyed as were the Clinton accusers. Harassment without consequence became possible. You could abuse women and still become President of the United States. It was quite an achievement for the Clinton’s.

Once this precedent had been established those who were inclined to sexually harass others were freed to engage in their recreational abuses. Hubris reigned until the crack appeared in the sexual harassment house of cards and then burst open.

Hillary Clinton was her husband’s enabler, but she became so much more than that. She made sexual harassment de rigueur. She is the mother of modern sexual harassment. She became the enabler for Weinstein, Spacey, Rose and the all of the others who now finally have to face their consequences of their actions. What we must not do is become enamored of the faux piety oozing from the left. That ship sailed long ago and they all missed the boat.

This is the Clinton legacy.






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The media bears ultimate responsibility. None of the Clinton tactics, or the use of false accusations made against opponents, could be possible without media aiding and abetting them. The media only reports truth and facts uncomplimentary to the liberal cause when the facts are so overwhelming as to defy ignoring them.

When I look at this latest crop of liberals being attacked by the ladies, I see something else:
A new move away from fact-finding and due process along with a move toward snowflake emotions-rule.
What’s the downside for Dems?
There is none.
Two totally disposable and easily replaceable with clone Dems on the Legislature.
BUT, should that new LOW standard become precedent, EVERYONE in any position is in danger of having their entire body of work and career destroyed by mere accusation.
That means from the President on down to the supervisor at a roofing job!

We only see this type of low standard for punishment in Islam where a mere suspicion of wrongdoing, a mere rumor of such, can lead to the mob rising up and murdering the imagined perpetrator.
Recall the Hindu woman thrown into a burning kiln over the rumor that she drank from a cup Muslims considered to be “theirs.”
That’s where we’re heading.

@Nanny G: Well, you can rest assured that is exactly the direction the left is heading. Oh, they’ve tried and failed here lately with golden showers, snatch-grabbing and Moore (should those accusations prove to be false). But, what do you expect the left to do, stand on their record and accomplishments?

That tactic works pretty good, though, when the target is actually guilty. It appears the left can take their pick of targets among their own.

It’s interesting how my predictions here of the rabid right keep coming true.

I’ve mentioned repeatedly the hyperpartisn madness of Dr John and how his batshit crazy lunacy would intensify as his bigoted idol egomaniac and vagina grabbing con man continues to implode and how he would continue to use Obama and’or Hillary to offset it.

And low and behold, here we have per Dr John, devil woman Hillary disrupting mankind’s natural order of purity to bring sexual deviations and misconduct into what has historically been the Garden of Eden.

Just wondering DJ, are you in competition with someone for a prize in stupidity?


Typical radical leftist, you are. Attack the messenger, not the message.

The problem is that people are beginning to wake up to the left’s tactics and you don’t like it. But what is also beginning to happen is that the very tactics of personal destruction that the left has always used so prolifically is now coming back to bite them.


I’ve mentioned repeatedly the hyperpartisn madness of Dr John and how his batshit crazy lunacy would intensify as his bigoted idol egomaniac and vagina grabbing con man continues to implode and how he would continue to use Obama and’or Hillary to offset it.

I’ve mentioned repeatedly how you run, flailing your girlie arms, from questions on your positions. When will you answer them? Add to them,

What is your substantiation for calling Trump a racist?

Does Hillary dropping N-bombs make her a racist (and, by extension, all of her supporters)?

Is ANTIFA committing violence?

Shouldn’t the left be demanding Yale University change its name because Elihu Yale was a slave trader and the school was built with support from slave traders?

Tell us of how Trump “breached the Constitution”.

Why do liberals get to make vile, unsubstantiated accusations in media but conservatives get fired if they voice a non-liberal opinion?

How is questioning Obama’s demonstrably dubious birth records racist?

Are immigration laws expected to be enforced?

Who is justifying “mass murdering people not of their heritage”?

Who has ever asserted that “all Hispanic and Latinos are murders, rapist, and drug dealers”?

When did Trump ever grab anyone’s vagina and who was it?

What did Trump lie about?

Whose wages did Trump steal?

What is the nature of Trump’s “con”?

How did I indicate your answers would be meaningless?

What answer have you provided that has been ignored?

Can you show us an incident when conservatives overreacted to a tragedy and accused the wrong responsible party?

Do you denounce those who are rejoicing in the slaughter in Las Vegas and using it for obscene political gain?

Trump said a word. Weinstein groped, fondled and… whatever else that shall be revealed. Are you intellectually incapable of understanding the difference?

What is Trump doing that is “energizing the KKK and Neo-Nazis”?

Provide examples of anyone that “harrass and falsely imprison and then beat and attributed death to people of color (even openly declaring his prison as his “own personal concentration camp)”.

Maybe you can make a New Years resolution not to be such a lying liberal coward in 2018.

so when is George Stephanopoulos going to be added to the list. he is a whore dog; besides the was going to leave the country if Trump won, so why hasn’t he left?

Speaking of Teddy the swimmer, if we’re really going to be serious at eradicating sexual harassment/abuse of women then we need to consider the behavior of those wild wild Kennedy boys. It’s time to re-evaluate society’s love affair with the Kennedy “mystique”. Instead of removing Confederate monuments and replacing the names of Lee, Jefferson, and other members of the Confederacy from roads, buildings, etc. there’s an airport in NYC, an old football stadium in DC and many highways, byways, schools, buildings, parks and landmarks that need to be renamed.

She has always been nothing and always will be nothing. Self serving sick old hag without a future and a sordid pathetic coat tail riding past.

@Ajay42302: You still got terminal butt hurt from hilldabeast losing and Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States. I wonder how long this disgusting behavior will last!!

@Lee: Cmon… you act as though liberals actually take sexual harassment and abuse of women seriously rather than just something they can use as a political weapon.

I wonder how long this disgusting behavior will last!!

Are you referring to supporting an accused child molester who seems to have had a pattern of targeting vulnerable, inexperienced young women, because of a stated need to retain a Senate seat in order to push through a tax reform bill that will rob the middle class and poor while making the richest even richer?

Maybe the right should be reminded of this blatant moral hypocrisy every time they mention Bill Clinton.

@Greg: 4 young women have come forward on Bill the child molester even Hillary has flown to pedo island more than a few times.
The article is simply showing they are tossing the Clintons into the trash bin of history.
I want the 15 to 17 million back from the Congress people that used tax payer funds for hush money. Let them open their wallets and repay.
Anyone know why the leg brace on McCain keeps changing legs? Its like Igors hump in Young Frankenstein.

Why did John McCain’s leg brace switch legs?
by u/madisonrebel in conspiracy

4 young women have come forward on Bill the child molester even Hillary has flown to pedo island more than a few times.

Bill Clinton isn’t running to be a Senator from Alabama, or for any elected office anywhere. Roy Moore, on the other hand, is.

Bill Clinton isn’t currently president. Donald Trump is.

@Greg: #15 this article isnt about Moore its about Clinton.


Bill Clinton isn’t currently president. Donald Trump is.

You got that right.

This article isn’t about Moore its about Clinton.

It’s only about Clinton? That’s such an easily correctable oversight:

Senior Texas Republican Swept Up Into Storm Over Explicit Photo

Hours after his initial apology, The Washington Post reported that Mr. Barton, 68, had threatened in 2015 to report to the Capitol Police a woman with whom he had shared explicit photographs, videos and messages if she exposed him.

So he exposed himself to her, and then threatened her with the Capitol Police if she exposed the fact that he’d done so? Is this guy another comedian, like Al Franken? Because this is funny.

@Bill… Deplorable Me, #14:

Another one bites the dust

So says Breitbart—and then concedes that their timeline doesn’t actually rule out a thing:

This would mean that from the court hearing on February 21, 1979, until Corfman was ordered to move to her father’s house, Moore would only have had 12 days, including the day of the court hearing, to have repeatedly called Corfman at her mother’s Gadsden house, arrange two meetings, and attempt another. Moore has strenuously denied the accusations.

While that timeline is theoretically possible, the Moore campaign stressed in a press conference today it is unlikely.

A twelve day time frame? It’s not theoretically possible that events could have transpired as she says. It remains entirely possible. There’s absolutely nothing about the time frame Breitbart delineates that makes the girl’s allegations any more or less likely to be true. Twelve days is plenty of time for all she said to have occurred. It actually seems more likely than for such events to have stretched out over weeks or months.

The article is nothing but an effort to confuse and mislead.

@Greg: #18 Saw the edited photo that was funny, not exactly “hunk o burning luv” there but not Weinergate either. DC is not only a swamp but polluted too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


It’s only about Clinton? That’s such an easily correctable oversight:

It’s about liberal hypocrisy. For decades, the left has protected the Clinton’s from Bill’s sexual scandals… accusers that persist, file charges, don’t just disappear when their political use is done, and win judgments. Hillary, who defended rapists and attacked Bill’s accusers, waxes feminist when the political agenda demands. This has served to diminish the impact of accusations of sexual harassment and, along with the left’s tactic of making false accusations as a political weapon, casts doubt upon all accusations.

So he exposed himself to her, and then threatened her with the Capitol Police if she exposed the fact that he’d done so? Is this guy another comedian, like Al Franken? Because this is funny.

They were dating. He was separated from his wife. He was ending it and she threatened to release the photo. Stupid but not harassment.

The article is nothing but an effort to confuse and mislead.

Perhaps it is confusing and misleading to those who salivate at false accusations believing them to be a silver political bullet. However, what the ENTIRE ARTICLE reveals are numerous holes in the accusation that, while not exoneration, reinforces the “innocent until proven guilty” premise you pretend to subscribe to.

She said she called from her phone in her bedroom; she had no phone in her bedroom.

She said she became a problem child after her alleged meeting with Moore; she was a problem child BEFORE she said she met with Moore and her behavior improved AFTER her allegations took place.

The rendezvous point is over a mile from her house… not just around the corner, as was implied.

There should be an investigation to find the actual facts, but there is ample doubt to support the distinct possibility that Moore is telling the truth in his emphatic and total denial.

Looks like yet another liberal swing and a miss.

Two more accusers of Franken while he was campaigning for Senator.

Should he resign? Lots of accusations, which adds up to total guilt, right?

@Bill… Deplorable Me: What ticks me off the women groped in the hind quarters should have slapped him on the spot called him a pig and be done with it. He would never have been elected to begin with if they had. We need to teach our girls how to handle poorly raised boys. Dont gimme no lines and keep your hands to yourself.

@kitt: Not to characterize all victims alike, but many, especially those in show business, serve themselves up willingly, expecting quid pro quo. When it works out, the victims are silent. When it doesn’t work out, they remain silent for fear of ruining future opportunities.

On campuses, girls go to alcohol-driven parties knowing exactly what to expect. Sometimes they have buyer’s remorse after the fact and a drunken tryst becomes “rape”.

At some point, it becomes advantageous to expose the incidents. Or, as we are seeing, some brainiac figures out such accusations are VERY politically useful when the electoral system fails to realize the benefits of socialistic liberalism.

The type of girl that is going to slap some boorish lout for grabbing her butt are not usually those that are targeted. Not universally true, I admit, but widely applicable.

@Bill… Deplorable Me: On campuses, girls go to alcohol-driven parties knowing exactly what to expect. Sometimes they have buyer’s remorse after the fact and a drunken tryst becomes “rape”.
This is something our boys need to learn do not mix booze with condoms, give her a safe ride home try your best not to let the little head do all the thinking. I know you are laughing right now and thinking sure thats going to happen.

@kitt: Indeed, unless in a relationship, such hook ups should be viewed with suspicion, but us guys at that age (or any, apparently) can’t always think that clearly.

@kitt, #20:

A Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well.

@Greg: You liberal progressive minded men should talk to your women, Feminist filmmaker @EmilyLindin: “If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay.”
How brave of her to “pay” w/ someone else’s reputation!
We may have to put a few of them in jail or sue them into poverty if they go after innocent men, of any political slant.