Sunday Funnies


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Maybe they should pull down the Che Statue in New York’s Central Park and i see Al Bore wants trump to resign i have a better idea why dont Al Bore do us all a big favor and stand on his head and fly a kite while wishtling muskrat Love

no, now it is time to pull down all black states, and remove all black national. Holidays. these snowflakes live in a country where the police and military do not control the press of movement of it’s population. these snowflakes live off the American taxpayers monies.

Now about those vandals tearing down confedrate statues then how about removing the Che statue in Central Park or tear down the idol of the Quetzalcoatyle its a pagan idol deicated to a bloodthirsty race(The Aztecs)who ripped the hearts out of their victims as offering to their devil gods