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The Unite The Right rally was led and organized by Occupy Wall Street uber-liberal (but wolf in disguise) Jason Kessler.
Jason Kessler has been pretending to be on the right only since the election of Donald Trump.
He remade himself.
And, due to a leadership vacuum, he was given a leadership position without a bit of due diligence as to who he really was.
That’s surprising.
The fact that a liberal judge agreed to grant him (with the liberal ACLU’s help) a permit starts to look like an astroturfed riot.
I wonder if anyone was there who was not on a liberal payroll.
Real ”skinhead nazi-types” were notably absent from the city.
Guys who looked more like police cadets filled in the ranks under Kessler.
Sure a few real white supremicists showed up.
Even their traditional leader, Robert Spencer, was there.
A conservative female reporter was punched in the face.
A conservative male reporter was sprayed with acid in the face & is permanently blind.
A woman is dead.
Two officers, too.
Many people were injured.
In VA what is the distinction that made the DA charge the driver with 2nd degree murder?
Can he get the death sentence for a conviction on that charge?

Now, the bigger picture.
Over the last few days Russia, Russia, Russia as disappeared from the media.
So had the talking point that Pres Trump was going to start a war in Asia.
39 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend with 9 dead.

Our Rule of Law concept is being thrown under the bus if the liberals who run VA, the media and BOTH sides of the riots get their way. A news woman, in all seriousness, demanded to know how much time the driver will get, or will they execute him right away?
A gov, rather than respect dialogue, demanded that all who HE calls nazis must leave this country.
There have been calls to kill ALL whites.
(White gays, lesbians, trannies, in mixed relationships, etc., will need to make their identities as liberals with right-think very clear, very fast.)
Can the US Constitution survive this tearing apart of our country?
Can rule of law be replaced by mob rule (by emotions) and the country stand it?
Perilous times.

@Nanny G: I strongly suspect that this type of rally-riot will not be allowed to happen many more times before some Federal laws begin to be violated and the US law enforcement begins to have a hand in it. I don’t think the Federal government can continue to allow local law enforcement to just ignore the laws and peoples rights and allow the black Nazi’s to continue to break any and all laws that they wish, just to undermine the President.

@Redteam: I don’t think the Federal government can continue to allow local law enforcement to just ignore the laws and peoples rights and allow the black Nazi’s to continue to break any and all laws that they wish, just to undermine the President.

Great sentiment, RT.
I hope you’re right.
This AM I start reading the web and see two important articles:
That one backs up everything I’d been hearing about Jason Kessler probably being a mole/double agent designing to make all Republicans (certainly all white conservatives) look bad.

The other, http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/14/flashback-charlottesville-mayor-declares-city-capital-of-the-resistance/
shows that C’Ville set this whole thing up with cooperation to hurt conservatives. Planning it well and in advance.

Dr. John: Please stop using terms like ‘right wing groups.’ There were no true conservatives involved. True Conservatives hold rallies (think tea party on the mall) in a peaceful fashion. Conservatives are otherwise engaged in making a living and supporting themselves and their families. They don’t have the time or inclination to get involved in stupidity such as this. Conservatives will try to affect change through the legitimate ballot procedures. Charlottesville was one group of leftist, black lies matter, battling other leftists from the Nazi groups, KKK, and skinheads. They can call themselves ‘unite the right’, ‘alt right’ or anything else they want. They have nothing to do with the conservative people, white and black, who elected Trump because they are sick of being lied to.

@71 Grad: First post I’ve seen from you, 71 Grad, but you seem to actually know what you’re talking about. You are 100% correct that there were no ‘conservatives’ or ‘right wing’ involved in the Charlottesville Riots, it was only a staged event by the lefties to create a disturbance to try to make Trump look bad. Too bad for them that Trump recognized what they were attempting and did not fall into the lefties clutches. The lefties had the other lefties fooled though, look at RW’s reaction, for example.

This crap won’t stop until antifa is declared a federal domestic terrorism organization and its members arrested on sight, and Soros is arrested for treason for funding it.

Nothing less. Antifa is the enemy of America.

@Doggonit: Absolutely.