America’s Red Guard



During 1966, paranoia gripped Mao Zedong; he felt he was losing his power and influence in the Communist Party of China. To reassert his political presence, he announced a new Cultural Revolution and unleashed a paramilitary force of teenagers on the country, known as the Red Guard. It was their mission to destroy all bourgeoisie and Western influences in China and to restore the purity of the party that he led during the revolution and World War II. Wearing red armbands, red neckerchiefs, and continuously reading and reciting from a little Red Book of Mao quotes, the groups were in competition to see who could provide the greatest fanaticism in the restoration of the party’s purity. They destroyed everything that didn’t conform to Mao Zedong’s personal vision of Utopia. In the effort to purge all Western influence, these teenage bands of thugs burned books and art, and destroyed archaeological treasures and antiquities. Anyone who resisted or refused to participate in the revolutionary fanaticism was humiliated in mock trials and forced to wear humiliating signs and dunce caps, proclaiming their reluctance to accept the Cultural Revolution. Those who refused to admit their guilt sufficiently were beaten and sometimes executed by the Red Guard.



One point five million were killed during the Cultural Revolution and untold millions more were imprisoned, tortured, lost their property, and humiliated publicly.

Like most staged government efforts, designed to influence public opinion, the Cultural Revolution produced the exact opposite of its intended purpose. The Red Guard created a distrust and fear of the government among the Chinese people.

Two years later, the military was called to put an end to the Red Guard; even Mao had to admit they were out of control.

In the United States, a movement is gaining momentum. It’s purpose is to purge the country of everything Social Justice Warriors of the Left disagree with. The latest victims of the Left’s strategy of destruction and reconstruction of America are the monuments to the soldiers and generals of the Confederacy. Presumably we will all be living in a perfect society when they are finished destroying the old and building anew in their personal images of Utopia. “Bring them down,” they scream, “These men were evil slave owners.”

Some of these Confederates were slaveholders, possibly 1%. However, the Civil War was not fought over slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation was a punitive effort against the Confederacy by Lincoln; it is important to remember, the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the states that were in open rebellion against the United Sates.

During the winter of 63-64, the Confederacy was braced for General Sherman to destroy Atlanta, the industrial center for the southern war machine, but in the North, there was no sense of victory. There were rumors of impending draft riots, throughout the North, like the ones during the previous summer in New York that left hundreds dead. From the Midwest, came rumors of a Pro-Southern clandestine paramilitary group, numbering over a quarter of a million, called the Order of American Knights, whose sole purpose was to overthrow the government of the United States and start a Western Confederacy.

The Western states were upset over not being allowed to ship their grain on the rivers and enraged over the price gouging of the railroads, whose owners lived in he Northeast. In their view it was the same northeasterners who provoked the war with their incessant calls for abolition. They were tired of the draft and wondered why their young men had to go die for a war that didn’t concern them.

Gold soared to $250 an ounce, reflecting the lack of faith the public had in the government.

The people of the North were war weary and tired of the ever-growing casualty lists. The majority of Northerners were ready to sue for peace on any terms.

Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune, predicted Lincoln’s loss in the upcoming presidential race, writing that 9/10’s of Americans were, “anxious for peace- peace on almost any terms- and utterly sick of human slaughter and devastation.” Greeley wrote, “We must have another ticket to save us from utter overthrow.” Greeley was pushing for a stronger leader than Lincoln. His views were representative of the mood of the American public.

Lincoln was not only feeling heat from the Democrats who were allied with the South, but there was tremendous pressure from his own party loyalists as well. On August 24, 1864, Lincoln wrote at a cabinet meeting, “This morning, as for some days past, it seems exceedingly probable that this administration will not be reelected. Then it will be my duty to so cooperate with the new president-elect as to save the Union between the election and the inauguration, as he will have secured his election on such ground that he cannot possibly save it afterward.” The president had each member of his cabinet sign the note and filed it away.

Lincoln drafted a document calling for a peace commission to query the south for peace- with or without slavery-remember; this was after the Emancipation Proclamation. The Democrats nominated former Union General George McClellan, who had been fired by Lincoln twice for losing battles to Robert E. Lee. McClellan was against the abolition of slavery. He was considered to be the best man to negotiate for peace, with the South.

Currently, there are a few problems with the Social Justice Warriors and their hatred of the Confederacy. We might recall one of many examples that contradict the Left’s opinion of these men. It was a late night in North Georgia, on May 11, 1864. In a tent lit by coal oil lanterns, a man was about to be baptized. General Leonidas Polk, an Episcopalian Bishop, serving as a corps commander of the Army of Tennessee, the main Confederate Army in the western theatre, was conducting the solemn procedure.

The man being confirmed into the Episcopalian Church was Lieutenant General John Bell Hood, an oversize and handsome Kentuckian of thirty-three. At a certain point, General Hood was supposed to kneel, but his war wounds precluded normal procedures. His arm had been mangled at Gettysburg and a leg had been amputated at the hip during the battle of Chickamauga, ten months earlier.

General Hood grabbed his crutches and stood from his chair, when it was time to kneel. He told General Polk, if he couldn’t kneel, he would stand and bow his head.

General Hood was received into the church while 150,000 men slept on the hills around him, awaiting the morning and the opening salvos of the final and one of the most-bitter fought campaigns of the American Civil War,

Why General Hood requested the baptism will never be known. Hood might have wanted to take communion with the beautiful socialite, from South Carolina, with whom he was carrying on a volatile love affair or he might have figured it was time to get right with the Lord. The reason is lost, but within two months General Polk was nearly severed in two by a cannonball and the young Christian General Hood was poised to march the Army of Tennessee and the Confederacy itself into the battles of Atlanta and Nashville and on into the oblivion of time.

Hood, Grant, Sherman, Thomas, Lee, Johnston, Jackson and all the rest marched into the mists of time, to disappear forever, but for a while they ruled the earth. Probably no armies ever assembled would have wanted to march against them. They were giants on the field of battle, and they were the ones who formed the mystique of our military traditions. It was their grandsons who marched into WWI and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. No one else admits it, but it is these men and their armies that young boys admire and emulate. It is these men who set the bar of courage for those who wear the uniform, and of course the Left wants to erase all traces of this tradition as the basis for the undaunted courage of our troops today.

Where else can our young men look to for the courage and willingness to face hardship in the face of unspeakable horror? Once this influence is defaced, demeaned, and withered away our military will have fewer giants of history to look up too. Unless the tale is told, the sun will not shine as brightly and the heroic grandeur of our great great grandfathers will be ground into the dust and forgotten.

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We can find solace with the fact that we are replacing the remembrance of those who fought and died for their HOMES and their STATES with Barack Obama Day.

Congratulations on your book, Skook.
I’d been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy both your writing style as well as your choice of subject matter.

I have read a (perhaps) conflation about all the money LA spent tearing down Confederate History recently.
There was a flood that topped the levees, again.
People blamed spending the money on PC revisionist history instead of infrastructure improvements.

Most recently, however has been the SJW red guard at Google turning on one of Google’s most expert employees.
James DeMore has a PhD and a long history at Google.
But he was thrown under the bus (they would have drawn & quartered him if they’d thought they could get away with it) simply because he told the truth….you can read it for yourself here:

Men are different from women!

I am happy to hear that has offered this man a job.

Skook, good article. But there are connections that people should be aware of.

Mao understood the Gramsci theory that if you indoctrinated children by the age of 12, when they become young adults possessing physical strength, you could lead them in the direction of Communism. But it blew up on him, hence, he called in his military.

The same thing happened in the ’60’s in the U.S. Children indoctrinated by teachers/professors of the Frankfurt Marxist philosophy created the Black Panthers, the Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground. Those young adults truly believed they could change our society of personal freedom but they made the mistake of turning to violence, and Americans, being by nature a non-violent society, rejected them and their philosophy.

Now, here we are, 50 years later, with a new breed of indoctrinated young adults. BLM = Black Panthers, Safe spaces, mansplaing, removal of historical monuments, gender neutralization = Students for a Democratic Society ala 2017.. The equal to the Weather Underground will follow. And once again, those groups will resort to violence (like a child throwing a tantrum and smashing your favorite platter) and once again, they will only gain the disdain of the majority of Americans.

It’s all cyclical and once again, it will not work only for us to see the same ugly head rear up in another few decades.

And to brain-dead liberal snowflakes Mao was a great man and their hero in their mindless little ranting against capitalism and our republic when the fact Mao was a bigger mass killer then Hitler ever was

Another excellent piece, Skook. It’s always good to read REAL, interesting historical fact as opposed to the revisionist crap that is out there.

It is these men who set the bar of courage for those who wear the uniform, and of course the Left wants to erase all traces of this tradition as the basis for the undaunted courage of our troops today.

The left has zero use or respect for the military- past or present. None of these snowflakes can hold a candle to the youngsters who are volunteering to serve knowing full well they could end up in some foreign nation destroying those who want to destroy us.

In the United States, a movement is gaining momentum. It’s purpose is to purge the country of everything Social Justice Warriors of the Left disagree with. The latest victims of the Left’s strategy of destruction and reconstruction of America are the monuments to the soldiers and generals of the Confederacy.

The reason the left wants to rid the Nation of anything Confederate related is to make themselves feel good about themselves. Just like everything else from manmade global warming to their social justice crusade, it’s all about them and their poor little feelings.

The Author has informed me of a few pieces about the Civil War that I did not know, and has confirmed a few pieces about it that I did.

I think that in the runup to 1860, there became a new form of Government that today we call “Crony Capitalism.”

The South leaving the Union was a serious economic threat to the interests of the Crony Capitalist coalition in the corridor running between Washington DC and Boston.

Lincoln was willing to give them slavery to keep them under the economic control of these interests, but he was not willing to let them be free of the economic control of this Washington/NorthEast cartel.

That cartel has mostly been running the country ever since 1860.

Some of these Confederates were slaveholders, possibly 1%. However, the Civil War was not fought over slavery>> Evil revisionist retard. Read the Bills of Secession of every state that tried to secede. EVERY ONE said it was about slavery. Denying it is not only idiotic, it’s treasonous.

It was ultimately about slave rape., economic and sexual. “Crony capitalism”? Bah.

You’re no better than the SJWs, just stupid in the opposite direction. Fuck you and the horses you rode in on.

@Odgred Weary:

Fuck you and the horses you rode in on.

Wow! You’re a real class act.

@Odgred Weary:

If it was about Slavery, why did Lincoln offer to support the Corwin Amendment (In his first Inaugural address) which would have made slavery permanent in the Union?

Lincoln was willing to give the South slavery, but he was not willing to let the huge amounts of money they were earning in European trade, get away from the control of Washington and New York.

It was about money. It’s always about money.

Well done Skook — good one.

Much like Mao’s centrally controlled, financed, and organized, “Cultural Revolution,” and Red Guard, we have a socialist media today which no longer pretends and pushes its insane ideology on the population. The push is ever present and the MSM hammers on all corners of our society without shame.

Today, the lunacy of the MSM was in full display with a NYT article, “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism”. The sheer ignorance of that writer and the lack of insight on anything including all things “economic,” is an embarrassment. The minions are going full-bore, promoting socialism and a borderless world, without grasping what is really intended by the puppet masters and why.

@Deplorable Me:

cry more nerd

@elias phrenologymajor: That’s it? That’s all you got? Talk about NERD! Go back to mommy’s teat.

@Deplorable Me: So now Nerd gets a new definition…..I guess it isnt the really smart kid that doent care what the latest fashion trend is.
Its obvious a troll has popped in to prove they have been poorly or are being poorly educated.
Civics and history need reform in schools.
The result of the civil war was centralized Federal control, which was much easier to control by Money than all those states with the ability to be swayed by the citizens.

@kitt: I suspect one of the existing trollish liars that thinks appearing under a different name is clever.