The Week in Radical Leftism – 6/16/2017


Well this week certainly wasn’t dull! The Radical Left briefly put on hold their visceral hatred toward our president and everyone who voted for him to pause and lecture us that their visceral hatred toward our president and everyone who voted for him doesn’t lead to violence!

6/10 – Christian Soccer Player Pulls Out of Game Where U.S. Team Wears LGBT Pride Jerseys

I don’t know, maybe if they balance it out with jerseys for Conservative causes this could work

6/11 – Murder at the Bridge, Bacon at the Mosque 

Police focus on the real threats to its citizens’ safety!

6/12 – One Year After Pulse Nightclub Attack, Orlando Sentinel Gaslights Omar Mateen’s Motive

He must have been a Trump supporter, right?

6/12 – Black Lives Matter Halts Toronto Gay Pride Parade London 

There’s nothing like watching the Radical Left eat their own!

6/13 – Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: ‘Every Racist in America Voted for’ Trump 

“So many folks dripping in hatred flocked to his candidacy.” Yep, this is the party of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance!

6/13 – Gay Activist: Orlando ‘Forged a Lasting Partnership’ Between Muslims, LGBTs Against Trump

Sometime the stupid burns so hard that even I am at a loss for words…

6/14 – Black College Fired White Professor Because of her Skin Color, Court Rules

This week’s edition of the best racism coming from the Radical Left!

6/14 – Social Justice Activists Want the UN to Make Cultural Appropriation Illegal

Knowing that the UN troops would be in charge of enforcement has me sleeping easier at night

6/15 –  CNN’s Cillizza Asks for Examples of ‘Fake News,’ Regrets It

“I think you’re gonna need a bigger website.” – I’m sure he thought this was a good idea at the time…

6/16 – Could Illinois be the first state to file for bankruptcy?

Yep, this is the model for what the Radical Left wants applied nationwide!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I love this series!

When the “cultural appropriation” law passes, will the US get to sue anyone that uses the telephone or an airplane? How about wearing cloths made from cotton that was not cleaned and separated by hand? Can we sue anytime someone in another country exercises freedom of speech? How about suing anyone driving a car that was not hand-assembled, one at a time?

I think I like this law.

why is the left always the victim?

The domestic reference to “All enemies foreign and domestic”
applies well to the radical left. They are pack animals who never assault alone. They like to isolate their victim like they did to that
poor young woman outside of the hotel after a Trump rally.
The kid that sat next to you in grade school who peed his pants and whined all day is now a delusional “heroic” member of the

@Brother Bob:
Thank you Bob. I had a moment of clarity.

Are we all going to be prohibited from getting vaccinations….unless we’re Jews?
They developed almost all of them.
And, will American Indians be prohibited from using the wheel….since it was brought to the New World by the European “invaders?”
Will folks have to “prove” they are Italian before they can buy a pizza?
Will folks have to prove they are German before they can buy a beer?

The Trump budget cuts have every dept looking to save tax payer dollars, Navy to save money by abandoning man overboard rescues
Last year alone we had 17 sailors fall overboard,” Stackley said at a press conference. “It costs an average of $50,000 to divert a single ship off course for an hour. Given the average three to four hour rescue time, plus diverting accompanying vessels, we’re easily wasting millions of dollars a year on sailors who apparently can’t master such elementary tasks as not falling off a ship.”

“You also have to ask yourself: ‘What sort of sailor falls off a ship these days?’” Stackley asked. “It’s not like you’re on the yardarm of the [USS] Constitution in a force nine gale. Staying on the ship is kind of ‘Navy 101’. If you can’t even do a simple task like that, what does that say about your long-term career prospects?”

Read more:

The terrorist shooting at the baseball practice, hey antifa Bernie libs we are not scared but you are beginning to get on our last nerve.

A semi reliable poll shows Trump at only 50 % disapproval,…um er …I mean, a whopping 50 % approval rating!

It was “green energy” that made a chimney out of the Grenfell Tower. “Greenies” kill more than birds.

RIP Batman your type of social justice is indeed dead

So much more see you next week

@Brother Bob:

fully agree, and none take any responsibility for their conduct or actions.…@kitt: It was “green energy” that made a chimney out of the Grenfell Tower. “Greenies” kill more than birds.

Maybe it was the green “cladding” (whatever that is) that spread the fire, but it was a Muslim’s attitude that let it get out of hand.
A Muslim on the 4th floor had a small fire in his kitchen.
He calmly packed his bags and left instead of grabbing an extinguisher and fighting it or even calling the Fire Dept.
After his bags were in the hall, he told a neighbor about it as though it wouldn’t spread.
Then he left while the elevators were still working.

@Brother Bob: Yes its satire damn funny stuff

@Nanny G: Wasnt it said his ref. blew up? I guess its important to keep your explosives fresh. Just dont slam the door shut.