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Liberal Dumb-O-Crat introduces dumb bill to end the use of Fossil Fuels by 2050 dont know that fossil fuels is used for many other uses besides moor fuel which proves the I.Q. Leavel of a liberal demecrat is far below a ants and the demacratic donkey is still the worlds stupidists political animal

Wow! An Internet campaign was used to trick the liberal media into thinking “OK” handsign was white supremacist.
And it only took 2 months before the media was parroting the joke as truth!

The clenced fist of the black Power movemts is just another version or rhe Communists clenched fist salute the dirty reds give during their parades

Bill Nye is a nut case and out of his gord all this Global Warming/Cmilate Chnage(Or Manbearpig climate change)his rantings about over population and persicuting Climate Change Skeptics means Nye is a maniac and needs put away for life