If you think O’Reilly had to go but you voted for a woman who enabled sexual harassment for decades you’re an idiot



Bill O’Reilly recently went on a vacation trip to Italy and the Vatican. The vacation came on the heels of a NY Times report that alleges O’Reilly was involved in sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, which have cost him and Fox some coin:

On April 1, The New York Times published an article on an in-depth investigation, writing that it “found a total of five women who have received payouts from either Mr. O’Reilly or the company in exchange for agreeing to not pursue litigation” after making accusations against him of “sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior.”

“The agreements,” the Times reported, “totaled about $13 million.”

Fox has dumped O’Reilly. There is some irony in the papal visit. O’Reilly did seem to believe that he was the Pope of Fox News.

Since the harassment revelations, dozens of advertisers have dropped the show and new accusers are coming out of the woodwork, although some assertions do seem pretty thin. Predictably, the networks are dancing on his grave. The issue was front and center this morning on ABC, NBC and CBS with the hosts barely able to contain their glee. On one of those channels- ABC, I believe- Dan Abrams said something which I think makes sense. He said that O’Reilly wasn’t dumped over the past. It was the new and continuing revelations that did him in.

I still don’t know if they’re true or not and O’Reilly has denied wrongdoing, but his history becomes so littered with the accusations it becomes very difficult to dismiss them. A best friend of mine called me last night upset about the left getting a scalp. One of my staff asked me about O’Reilly today. More than anything, she was disappointed- disappointed that he let her down.

I bet an awful lot of people are going to feel that way.

O’Reilly did much good work but seems to have succumbed to hubris. I rarely watched him over the last several years because his style became more and more obnoxious. He was almost always condescending and frequently interrupted and talked over guests. Room for differences in opinions from his became scarce. It was easy to know whether he had any respect for his guests. If he did, you were addressed by your first name. If not, you were known only by your last name. I found it rude. But then, I don’t believe he’s ever used an intern as an ashtray for his cigar.

There is no question that the Soros funded Media Matters organized the lynching of O’Reilly, but it was O’Reilly who furnished the rope. Do not believe for one second that this is over. It’s not just O’Reilly, or Hannity, or any one single person at Fox News. The goal here is to legitimize Fox News. Fox really had no alternative but to let him go and expect to hear the drum beat from the left for some time.

Having said all that, if you wanted O’Reilly taken down but were willing to vote for a woman who enabled sexual harassment for decades you can go to hell.




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According to Ailinski’s Rules For Radicals winning a battle is Never the end.
Soris’ backed the ouster movement against O’Reilly who was a centrist.
Radicals are not finished with Fox News yet.
The blood is in the water.
They will target any and all others they don’t like at Fox.

In addition to the example provided, one of the other accusers made accusations about how after she rebuffed O’Reilly’s advances, he declined to help her career, though she continues to appear on his show as a source and he promoted her book.

When the left is involved, such accusations can never be taken a time face value. Only convictions would validate the accusations, particularly considering how desperately the left wanted him gone and the depths the left will sink to in order to accomplish it.

@Bill: Almost any female employee can make a sexual harassment charge against a male at any time and the female usually gets the benefit of the doubt. If the female makes the first move and gets rejected, she ‘likely’ then, wants to make it seem as if the male made the advance and she was offended. That’s a natural human reaction. Most women know how to reject advances if they are just ‘casual’ advances. Very aggressive advances are something entirely different. I don’t think asking a person to ‘have a drink’ with you is overtly aggressive, even if the person is a powerful person. Let’s go up to my room and have a drink is certainly most likely an invitation for sex. If the answer is ‘no’ and it’s not mentioned again, it should be dead. But what if the female is the one that suggests ‘we go up to your room and have a drink’. Exactly the same thing. A simple ‘no’ should end it. The ‘powerful’ person should know the intricacies of the game.
Is the left ‘after’ the right? Aren’t they always?

in corporate, smile at a woman, hold the door, hold the elevator, and it’s sexual harassment.

Wait where have we seen this recently, the ploy didnt work…. How many democratic women with a famous ambulance chaser lawyer were accusing a wealthy man of rape, merely a greeting kiss in public, but blown into something like an old fashion vanity cake all dressed up on the outside and hollow inside. There is Russian thing too, just seems Fox cant stand the heat in the kitchen.
I am sure Bill has set aside a dollar or two out of a 40 million a year contract he will scrape by he may have to sell his 20 million dollar mansion but I doubt it.
Typical tired old game.
Maybe he was an old flirt, who really cares, its the women who expect something for being nice to the rich old fart that should get blackmail and extortion charges .

And, “you” probably attended some Higher Education Indoctrination Center (HEIC). No one can support O’Reilly’s firing and not have wanted to impeach Clinton with- out having been trained to think this way.
Actually, it’s always about the money, this case the purchase of Sky News and not Bill.

It’s only harassment if they don’t like you–if they like you it’s foreplay–
O’Reilly the best on Fox-wish pretty boy Sean got canned.
Tucker Carlson??–no way–viewership will plummet.
Waters a rising star

25 Mill out the door—I’ll miss the show.

Dunno what O’Reilly may have done. If he was actually sexually harassing women, versus simply making a pass at an attractive woman that was declined – then never repeated, the former action(s) require he go, while if the latter is another hypocritical SJW scalp hunt of a conservative.

The fact that leftists still cover for Clinton the rapist (Broaderrick), the creepy douche harrasser (Paula Jones – Arkansas govt employee who Clinton paid $900k in out of court settlement for sexual harassment), and the sperm shooting on blue dress then lying on live national TV press conference scumbag (Lewinsky) – who cares what hypocritical, fascist leftists think?

James Murdoch appears to be sacrificing Fox News on tge altar of his SJW ideology. He may regret the loss of his huge 20% share of 20th Century Fox profits when the real Americans he despises return the favor by refusing to watch his network, should he continue to shamble the network into the same fetid dishonest leftist agitprop sewer where ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN et al decompose.

Theres plenty of liberal propegandidt i would rather see dumped like Chris Mathews,Katie Couric,Al Sharpton and the rest of the liberal left propegandists

bills from a different generation i dont know the man but here in scotland people just tell it like it is. in particular if a womans going to show of her parts what hell do you expect a man to do dam women should take responcability for what you wear we as men are no different than you we have urges and if bill was inappropriate then a warning and fines. i don’t think woman can lay the blame at the door of men. If bill got randy and out of order suspend him and why were these woman who felt so offend even talking to bill or appearing on his show after these allegdeds happened. if there so offend why go near him why work with him . old white men are a target for this and woman of the past had the balls to suck it up and take the banter young woman in any office now think anythings sexual harrassment. to me sexual harrassment is touch thats a NO NO! having banter which you don’t like and you do nothing in fact you appear back on his show or have a conversation with him again then your the arse for going back on the show take some dam responcability for flashing your female parts with low cut tops and extremely short skirts which show me your knicks on the five or outnumbered if your going to advertise your bits on tv what the hell do you expect men to do. Grow up whine woman (thats not to say that woman should be objectified but christ ladies you dont help yourselfs with your stupid outfits if your going to dress provocitivly then you’ll get attention)

If you think O’Reilly had to go but you voted for a woman who enabled sexual harassment for decades you’re an idiot

Idiot is spelled D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.

I like O’Reilly and didn’t vote for HRC

You may be an idiot if you voted for a guy who thinks S.Korea used to be part of China.

@Rich Wheeler:

on Fox-wish pretty boy Sean got canned.

I certainly think Hannity is Soro’s next target.

Tucker Carlson??–no way–viewership will plummet.

Not so sure. Tucker’s numbers are higher than Kelly was and are still going up. He’s about as neutral as O’Reilly is. I’d like to see O’Reilly start a new News network.

@Angel Artiste:

Idiot is spelled D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T

Thanks, I thought it was Dimocrap. .

@Rich Wheeler:

You may be an idiot if you voted for a guy who thinks S.Korea used to be part of China.

I know you ‘re trying to make Trump look uneducated, but you might want to review history. The area that is presently S. Korea, was in fact part of the area that is China today. You can find that on wikipedia.
You get your tuition refund yet?


@Redteam: stupid, unnecessary,debatable comment that upset an ally. .
For what?

Carlson is boring and will never approach O’Reilly’s numbers.You still think Megyn Kelly is gay? How bout Shep Smith?
Is your gaydar functioning satisfactorily?

@Rich Wheeler:

stupid, unnecessary,debatable comment that upset an ally. .
For what?

Didn’t hear the comment and don’t know who it is/was addressed to, but if it was about S Korea having been a part of China in the past, that doesn’t seem debatable. Don’t know the purpose of the comment.

Carlson is boring and will never approach O’Reilly’s numbers.You still think Megyn Kelly is gay? How bout Shep Smith?
Is your gaydar functioning satisfactorily?

I don’t think Carlson is boring, you would because he nails liberal hides to the wall every night. Numbers already better than Kelly was.
Kelly Gay? yes. Shep gay? absolutely. Don’t need gaydar, Shep is ‘announced’ gay. Only need hearing.