This is why democrats should never be allowed to appoint judges



Expectedly, democrats have signaled their intention to filibuster the vote on Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch has been given the highest possible rating by the American Bar Association. He is as qualified to serve on SCOTUS as anyone ever has been. democrats, still smarting from the election loss are locked in a war over this nomination and show everyone why they really should never be allowed to choose judges.

In his zeal to impugn Gorsuch, Al Franken, who says he made a career in absurdity, made an absurd ass out of himself. Franken wasn’t the only ass either. This is priceless.

It is embarrassing to this country that Al Franken is a US Senator. The moron asked a politically loaded question about Merrick Garland and then told Gorsuch that he need not be political.


If Franken wanted to write better comedy than democrats at these hearings, he could not do it.

The Biggest Tool Prize, though, goes to Princess Fauxchohantas. She had this to say:

“We need to have a judge who’s kind of acceptable to both sides,” Warren said on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition Friday. “That’s the reason there’s a 60-vote rule in effect on Supreme Court nominees.”

“I don’t think Neil Gorsuch meets that standard,” Warren said. “Here’s someone — read his record.”

His record is distinguished and scholarly. Here’s where she goes off the rails:

“In every opportunity to choose between corporate interests, big corporations and the little guy — employees, women, consumers — he always chooses the big corporations,” Warren said. “And I think that puts him way outside the mainstream of what we need.”

Her assertions were false, of course, but that’s not his job. It is not the job of any judge. His job is to adjudicate the law in accordance with the way it is written. Despite being provoked over and over and over, Gorsuch said

“My job is to apply and enforce the law”

democrats wanted to know what Gorsuch’s personal stances were, They wanted to know his political leanings. All he did was give exactly the right answer every time. He did not want to comment on anything not before or prejudice any possible proceedings.

It’s precisely what you would want from a judge.

But not democrats. Lead by Fauxchohantas, they want an activist judge- someone who will legislate from the bench, but acceptable only if he would rule according to their liberal doctrines, of course. This is why democrats should not be allowed to appoint judges.

Gorsuch frustrated them at every turn, refusing to take stances on issues not before him. He did not give them the rope they sought with which to hang him. Now they intend to filibuster.

Which makes it time for the nuclear, er, I mean, the “Reid Option.”

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You know who else received the highest ABA “well qualified” rating for the Supreme Court? Merrick Garland. Time for some pay back against the Republican efforts to steal a Supreme Court seat.

We all should know by now the demac-RATS only wants liberal actvists judge who rule in fovor or Biigger Goverment like the infamous 9th Circus Court and also abide by the demands of the Useless Nations and those idiot judges in Seattle and Hawaii In realty the demacrats are leftists socialists scumbags




That’s exactly the kind of mature, thoughtful response I’ve come to expect from liberals.

The trial lawyers and the ABA are the demac-RATS biggist supporters the Vulture the Shark and the Donkey are partners in crime

Getting an originalist back on the court would be bad for Progressives. The leftist Judges love to legislate from the bench, its not their role to legislate nor change the wording of legislation to make it fit a progressive agenda, or change the meaning of a word easily looked up in every dictionary to fit any agenda.
That type of ideology leads to very bad rulings, it upheld slavery at one point in time. Allowing them the power of 2 or 3 branches means 1 person has the power to rule. Having a balanced bench and keeping their powers constrained is the best way to maintain our Republic.
I listened to the Democrats rail against an originalist style Judge, that means they think the Constitution is a bad thing(unless they are trying to abuse it)it is to be twisted out of its meaning to uphold whatever they want. So much for their oath to protect and defend it.


Time for some pay back against the Republican efforts to steal a Supreme Court seat.

Democrats took the same stance on a Justice appointment at the end of a lame duck President’s term. All this shows is the extent of liberal hypocrisy.

Indeed, this was my primary reason for voting for Trump (though he has proven that he was the far and away superior choice). Liberals have been placing liberal activist, revisionist judges all across the nation and the harm that has done was exemplified by the decisions against Trump’s legal travel ban, presenting reasons that have no foundation in law or reality. While it should not matter if a judge is liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, the left shows repeatedly their dishonesty and untrustworthiness and inability to protect law rather than enacting it.

Please please please filibuster Gorsuch
Get it out of the way so it can be nuked and we’ll be done with the DEMS bitching

Chucky Schuimer is the oe who neds to be filibustered right clean out of america with quite a few other members of the dirty donkey party

Gorsuch explaining the law to Feinstein is like explaining the color purple to a dachshund.

@Mike aka Proof: a female dachshund, if you get my meaning.

@Steve Nickerson: I seriously hope not. The Democrats have established far too many bad precedents, I don’t want the Republicans to follow suit. But, Gorsuch at all costs.

@Spurwing Plover:
chucky needs to be investigated for his immigration green card fraud scheme wich has been going on for years. he and his assoc. law firms have scammed 100’s of millions off illegal immigrants

Thank you Dr. John! You have no idea how much that improved my mood today. I highly recommend watching something so hysterical you cry. I had Southern Momma yesterday
and then you today. It’s the thing that keeps me going when the s*** hits the fan and the world is going to Hell.
PS Stuart Smalley knew he was a Mess, Franken does not O:-)

@SkippingDog: Payback my ass!! Reid paved the way for this to happen. Libturd loser being a libturd loser eh??

Anyone who supports allowing illegal aliens into america should bet tried for treason and given life without parole