Fake news or real: Homeless Black Woman Living in Trump Tower for Free



I just saw an FB friend post the following video that seemed to surface yesterday:

So far only 559 views at the moment of this blogpost. Surfing around, only places like Infowars seems to have reported on it.

I’d like to have this story verified. If true, it affects my perception of Trump as selfish and uncharitable. It becomes a caveat.

I’d also be curious to know if Trump’s people ever followed through with helping Denise Scott:

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So, you’re figuring it’s a lie or ploy?

Homeless Trump Tower Squatter Speaks Out (video)

As a Christian I live by the admonition to “not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.”
what they means is we don’t brag about charitable giving.
I never even kept account of it for tax purposes.
I look at these stories about a $25,000 gift to a man who Trump learned prevented a bridge jumper suicide, and this lady, and the money for the guy who was getting mugged and I see someone who lives by that same admonition.
He just doesn’t brag about certain things.
Far as we know, the lady who was guarding his star in LA got over $25,000 after his lawyer tracked her down.
How much of that came from Trump, himself, is a mystery.
He won’t tell.

@Wordsmith: Nan is totally in the tank for the altruistic narcissist Trump with his “Christian values.” A joke

On another issue—Giuliani has withdrawn his bid to be Sec. State. A true Trumpist he’s told to quit or go under the bus. His devotion to DT–WORTHLESS

@Rich Wheeler: So you would prefer someone be promoted to a job due to devotion rather than qualifications?
So you think that just because Trump may not publicize some charitable that he doesn’t do any charitable things? So you’re saying that you publicize your charity because otherwise you wouldn’t get credit for doing it?
What’s the matter, Rich? Trump not fitting your pattern?

@RedTeam: I can’t stand the brown nose Giuliani–I say good for Trump–You’ll be happy to know he’s also got no room for devoted loyalists Gingrich, Christie and Huckabee.

@Rich Wheeler: I think that’s good. Giuliani, Romney, Gingrich, Christie and Huckabee would all be more swamp water. The pledge was to ‘drain the swamp’, not make the water deeper. Just because the Dims want him to appoint those you named doesn’t mean he has to capitulate.
I notice you didn’t address the fact that he’s apparently appointing based on qualifications rather than devotion.

@RedTeam: The Dems don’t want any of the Trumpists I mentioned. Good riddance to all of them.
Trump is going with big business and Goldman Sachs just like all Repub. Presidents before him. Also going with big donors
He can pick as many Marine Corps Generals as he likes. They won’t be politically influenced and will honorably defend our country
This Army General Flynn with his “fantasies ” is questionable.

@Rich Wheeler:

Trump is going with big business and Goldman Sachs just like all Repub. Presidents before him.

Big business and Goldman Sachs? is there a difference? Which of those categories do you put Mattis, Kelly and Dunford and Flynn and ‘big donors’, how much do you suppose those Generals donated? I have heard of no ‘verified’ big donor being appointed to anything. Could you enlighten us?

@RedTeamDonors: Linda McMahon 7.5 Mill– Betsy De Voss 1.8 Mill Steve Mnuchin 425,000 Andrew Puzder 372,000 Commerce Sec Ross 200,000 for starters
Trump is no different than all the other pols.–just substantially louder and crasser.

@Rich Wheeler: This Army General Flynn with his “fantasies ” is questionable.

I was under the impression it was the General’s SON who was fired for his conflation of the Podesta emails about spirit cooking and weird codes with an actual pizza place that Podesta used for a Clinton fundraiser once.
Did the General also spread Fake News?
Was it, “Hand’s up, don’t shoot,” or “I landed under sniper fire,” or something else?

@Nanny G: It’s true Flynn’s son was the driving fantasizer of “pizzagate”–apple/tree?.
Gen Flynn led the “lock her up” chant which Trump–to his credit–has distanced himself from.
Other than the personally charged 24/7 tweets, Trump IS acting more presidential. Kudos

@Rich Wheeler: That “Lock her up,” chant arose out of her own email issues, not Podestas.
Her own emails put her sharing secrets with foreign governments, getting an Iranian scientist, double-agent killed, sharing secrets with people who lacked clearance like Huma’s hubby.
Her own emails also put Bill going to Pedophile Isle over 20 times and her going there 6 times.
(No pizza place mentioned except to thank Comet Ping Pong Pizza’s owner for the fundraiser he had at his place.)

She could have been locked up for many of those things…..she just wasn’t.
Now, how can Obama ”pardon” her if he and she don’t admit to SOME level of wrongdoing? So, eventually, she may be locked up!

@Nanny G: You’ll be locked up before HRC .lol


@Rich Wheeler: Rich, are you aware that there are limits to donations for candidates? Are you saying those people broke the law with their donations? I don’t believe you have any proof that they donated the amounts you stated.
Why did you ignore my question about which category you put those generals into? Big business, Goldman Sachs, or big donors, since you say that’s all he’s appointing to cabinet jobs. So far, he has shown excellent judgment in his picks for posts. And, no, he is not going to appoint Rahm Emanual to any post.

Hope Kennedy-Johnson get elected today in Louisiana. It is not the same pair that ran in 1960. We need to keep both those seats in Conservative hands.

@Rich Wheeler: Trump’s Christian values compared to Obama’s? Rich you were wrong with your predictions during the campaign. You just can not admit that you do not know what you write about. Nanny always has well thought out posts. That she researches topics and presents the best knowledgeable currently available doesn’t mean she is in the tank for anyone. Being in the tank means that someone blindly follows/supports someone no matter what they do or say. Kind of what you have done here with Obama and Hillary.

@Randy: Point out one NEGATIVE thing NAN has ever said about Trump–a true Trumpeteer.IN THE TANK
I blasted Obama for not bombing Assad when he ignored BHO’S “red line” I didn’t support HRC because of her Benghazi position.

@Rich Wheeler: So if you do not say something negative about someone then you are in the tank for them How ignorant. If that were the truth, then you are in the tank for every liberal, to include the criminals and felons, right?

@Randy: You’re stretching Col. You said I was totally supportive of HRC and BHO, I pointed out where you were wrong.
Fact is I can point out negatives about any pol any Party. If you can’t I’d say you were the ignorant one—wouldn’t you agree?
Congrats to Army

Great time of year for movies My wife and I are going to see 3–Everyone have a great Sunday.

@Rich Wheeler:

Great time of year for movies My wife and I are going to see 3–

What??????, you’re not gonna stay at home and watch Kolin Kaepernick get his butt kicked again this weekend? Thought you were dedicated to those unpatriotic NFL guys. Obama’s Christian values? What? when did he get some of those? I’ve never seen him linked to Christianity. Have seen many links to Islam.

@RedTeam: I have absolutely no interest in the NFL. Waste of time and Sundays.
Much prefer High School and College Footbal.
DT’s and his buddies links to Russia and Putin seeming to bother many Repubs. and Dems. .More will be revealed.


@Randy: Don’t sweat it, Randy.
Rich has conveniently forgotten Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.
I used up all my criticisms of Donald Trump on my hubby when he saw in Trump things I didn’t.
Then, like Peter Thiel said, I started to take Trump Seriously BUT NOT Literally, while his many detractors on the Left and the Right took him Literally but not seriously.
They made a big mistake there.

@Rich Wheeler:

I have absolutely no interest in the NFL. Waste of time and Sundays.

What, their beliefs are right up your alley. All that political protesting business, kneeling for the Anthem, etc. Anti-Americanism.

DT’s and his buddies links to Russia and Putin seeming to bother many Repubs. and Dems.

links to Russia and Putin, yeah, you mean like when he was whispering to Putin about ‘having more flexibility after the election’ ? That was Trump, right? No, wait………
I don’t believe you can reveal even one ‘secret agreement’ that Trump has made with Putin. Just more of this ‘fake news’ business.

@Nanny G: Just for the record, I said from Day one when Trump entered that he would win. Now I think he’s probably the best person that could have won. I can think of no one else that will move the economy like he will. He’s already created more jobs, just by being president elect, than Obama has during his entire 8 years. I’m quite sure that net jobs in the US is down quite a bit from the day Obama took over.

@RedTeam: Glad to see you finally admit you were a Trumpist from the get go. You always denied it–I never knew why .
I like a lot about his Sec.State pick . a believer in Paris global warming accord.
Pro immigration reform–pro gay marriage. also pushed for acceptance of gays in the Boy Scouts when he headed that organization
He’ll be questioned about his very close relationship to Putin

Nan 11th Commandment?? Guess Trump never got the memo

@Rich Wheeler: Point out one NEGATIVE thing NAN has ever said about Trump–a true Trumpeteer.IN THE TANK>>>>>
Asked and answered.
So, then what?
Nan 11th Commandment?? Guess Trump never got the memo

This is the fallacy of the Moving Goalposts.
There’s no reasoning with you.
You’re slippery as snot.