The Danger of Globalism Part 2 (Guest Post)



The outcomes that will be brought about by the 2016 election of Donald Trump will be important. The progressive socialists are hell bent on global governance as espoused by Anne-Marie Slaughter who was head of policy and planning at the State Department during Hillary Clintons term as Secretary of State.

“the global administrative state would work through the coercive power of vertical government networks”.

Implementation of rules created by a global government is the basis for this vertical government network. It will entail, as Obama has said in the past the loss of our freedoms and will force federal, state and local governments to abide by laws and regulations embedded within this vertical global governance.

First, the process requires that the power of each individual nation be decimated to the point of collapse. This has already taken place in much of the EU, and is in progress in academia, entertainment and much of the government here today. With the funding of such groups as Black Lives Matter, LA Raza and Islamic groups being allowed to thrive is one step along the path to the divisiveness required for the global agenda to succeed. Unlimited illegal immigration is only another step to this divisiveness that breaks down the culture and creates an opening of identity politics that have been so damaging to this country over the past eight years.

Globalism of this type has damaged Europe beyond its limits. No go zones in Sweden, the Muslim rape culture that permeates all of Europe, the legalization of a 6th century rule of law in much of Europe has made the Europeans people fearful for the survival of their own countries. This has lead to the people understanding that the current situation will not work, and they are flocking to those politicians that understand that the present situation can not and will not work. They are attempting to return to the nation states that made Europe more fulfilling and powerful in the past. The globalists can not move forward without the consent of the governed, but they will try by causing chaos to damage the peoples belief in their own government.

In this country, at all levels, we are ruled with the consent of the governed. Over the past eighty or so years, the power has shifted to the international corporations, globalists, professional activists and billionaires who have decided how our country should be run. In 2002, David Rockefeller, chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations spoke to this in his 2002 Memoirs:

Some believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the interests of the United States, characterizing us as “internationalists” and conspiring with others around the world to build amore integrated global political and economic structure, one world if you will. I stand guilty and am proud of it.”

Another global enterprise, the Bilderberg Group of media, industry, bankers, academics, and the global elite have met once again to chart the course of policy for the nations states that are still not under globalist control. A violation of the Logan Act, their meeting was attended by such American as John Kerry, Jon Huntsman, Michael Evans, chairman of Goldman Sachs, Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp, Washington Post CEO Donald Graham, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan and others. Although no information has been forthcoming about these meeting, general subjects discussed were political, societal and economic issues in Europe and the US, cybersecurity, Energy challenges, and the future or democracy. Started by a Nazi SS member Peter Bernhard the meeting are said to be secretive to encourage frank discussion.

First and foremost in this undertaking by the progressive globalists in the United Nations. Starting with Agenda 21, and continuing the push for power through Agenda 2030 and now into Vision 2050, the UN will force millions to adapt to the globalists vision of living within the plant’s resource. I have covered apportion of this earlier. Under Agenda 21, the urbanization of the country has already begun. Eleven areas of the United States have been designated as “Megacities” and was an amendment of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. Part of the Agenda 21 policy is the abolition of private property. Citing the premise of “sustainability” land will be taken if the government decides there would be a better use. Before you say that this is not possible, look at SB1 in California’s Marin County waiting to be signed by our Socialist governor. Vision 2050, as comprised by the United Nations and put together by 29 global companies from 14 industries, and were the effort of CEO’s, over 200 international companies and stakeholders in those companies. The UN is basically turning the running of the world to corporatists and allowing them to be the dictators of how we live.

“Sustainable development” although not adequately defined in Agenda 2030 is leaning towards a diminution of the right of the individual and the extinction of private property. The working people will be forced to live in urban areas where transportation will be by bicycle or walking, and all will be obligated to follow the “human scale experience” foisted upon them by the central globalist government. It is already starting. EPA regulations not voted upon by the legislature, water use controls, the process of making electricity, the stifling regulations on everything from raw milk to having your own home garden and limiting everyday use of transportation through taxes and high fuel prices.

Obama declared to the United Nations that he is all in with the globalist agenda. Before the United Nations, Obama has declared that globalization will continue growing rapidly but must be hidden from the populace the wealth that the elites have accumulated. He has spoken against aggressive nationalism, a precept of Donald Trumps win, populism, where the people of the country make decisions and not corporations, and the collision of cultures within nations. Not mentioned is that it is Obama and his progressive cronies that has forced the refugee migration problem and it was forced upon the whole world, including the United States, to help break down the cultures so his globalists friends can step in and replace the current nations states will all that has been described above.

War is an integral part of the globalists New World Order both for profit and the create the chaos to further their agenda. The concern about Hillary starting World War III was real, both sides were massing at the border. Preparations were being made for an 80-90% hard kill of the worlds population.

Just a few statements of some of the elites:

I believe that human population is a fundamental problem on Earth today”
-Dave Foreman of Sierra Club

The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, can not be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization, and abortion, but must be met in the present by reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.
–Intiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER.

Frankly, I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population control and particularly in populations that we don’t want too many of
-Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The globalists have infected every aspect of our lives. Even the Boy Scouts, a bastion in the past of culture, morality and patriotism, now has a “Citizenship of the World” badge where the scout must be able to explain what citizenship in the world means and what it takes to be a good world citizen.

And yet, in our schools they no longer teach what it means to be a citizen of this country.

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I think anyone who tries to pretend we don’t have a global economy and that we can get by with just our domestic economy needs to back away from the crack pipe. >50% of American manufacturing sales is foreign sales. GM sells more units in China than it does in the US. When I hear people use the word “globalist” and “globalism” and “elites” I tend to think they are spewing buzzwords and don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

After WW2 the US was the world’s largest manufacturing *and* consuming nation on the planet. Europe and Asia had been, for all practical purposes, destroyed. Both were living hand to mouth and could not even produce enough for local needs. It took until the late 1970’s, about 30 years, for these economies to develop the infrastructure required to compete with the US and boy, did they ever!

Today the world outside of the US consumes more product than people inside the US do. If you are making air conditioners for the Latin American market, you can not compete with European companies manufacturing in Latin America with plants manufacturing in the US. Japan learned this very early and today manufactures their vehicles in the regions where they are consumed. That is because the costs in those regions are commensurate with what people can pay there. My Nissan was made in Tennessee, even its engine was cast in TN. BMW and Mercedes also manufacture in the US for sale in the US. They manufacture in Latin America for sale in Latin America, and they manufacture in Asia for sale in Asia.

This notion that we can somehow make America 1960 again is insane. The world around us has changed. I suppose we could TRY but it would mean putting millions of Americans out of work and losing half of our manufacturing markets.

Contrary to what a lot of people would have you believe our economy is not really so bad right now. Yes, we have 90 million people over 16 not working but 50 million of those are retirees. The workforce participation rate today for workers 25 to 54 is the same as it has always been — about 80% (it was 82% in 2000). Our manufacturing output is today at an all time record high. Automation is allowing factories to continue producing as the baby boomer generation retires in droves. The area where workforce participation has seen its massive decline is in workers 16 to 19 years old. In 2000 nearly 50% were working and today that has been cut in half to nearly 25%. Current job openings are also at an all time record high in the US according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

This entire line of thinking is trying to solve a problem that does not exist. Repatriating a bunch of cash from overseas will have just about zero impact on our economy because companies in the US are already sitting on a mountain of cash they aren’t doing anything with now. Adding more to the pile isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference. This article has just about every single buzzword from the right wing statists who would want to create an isolationist US and have government micromanaging industry. No thanks.


Wow, I had no idea Obama did such a great job! Nothing more to see here, folks. The economy is just fine, everyone’s employed in a great job, and globalism is wonderful. Sounds like you have been grabing the latest talking points from the DNC and their Fake Stream Media. I’m not sure what a “right wing statist” is, but it sounds like an oxymoron.

Back in realityville (a Limbaugh term), through the election of Trump, people have voiced their opposition to being ruled by corrupt, unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats. The EU faces this with disasterous results continuing to unforld. Imagine a world ruled by these corrupt bureaucrats in which America has lost all power to resist enslavement through unjust global decrees. Obama and the Dems have tried hard to weaken the first and second amendments to our Constitution. These would be the first to go in a global “governance”. The rest of our God-given rights guaranteed by the Constitution would soon follow.

There is a huge difference in participating in a “global economy” as a sovereign nation and being under the boot of a global government. You are conflating the two in order to make inane, ignorant comments. Typical leftist behavior. Guess what? Elections have consequences, and you lost. Hat tip: Obama.

We dont want a NWO we dont want a One World Goverment we dont want to be any part of a World Community we dont want our borders erased and we dont want the Useless Nations anymore

@Angel Artiste: You are right. Some of these lefties should actually spend some time in these countries who yearn for global government. I noticed all of those vowing to leave the US if Trump was elected are still here. Maybe Crosspatch is considering a move?

Trump era confronts organized labor with gravest crisis in decades

President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter attack this week on a union official, followed by his choice of a labor secretary who has criticized new worker protections, has rattled leaders of the American labor movement, who fear unions may be facing their gravest crisis in decades.

On Thursday, Trump announced that he would nominate as his labor secretary Andrew Puzder, a fast-food executive who has opposed additional overtime pay for workers and expressed skepticism about increasing the minimum wage. That followed a pair of Twitter messages Wednesday evening in which Trump attacked an Indiana union leader who had criticized him, saying the official had done a “terrible job representing workers.”

Yeah, that must be the reason why Carrier—a corporation that made $15.6 billion in profits last year—decided to move two of their very profitable manufacturing operations from Indiana to Mexico, where their profits will become even higher.

Let me know when and if you ever figure out what’s happening right in front of your noses. It’s eventually going to dawn on the working people who voted for Donald Trump and his billionaires’ club administration that this is all exactly what it looks like it is, not what you’re being told it is. Suckers.

@Greg: Actually, there are quite adequate laws that protect workers that had not been their previously when unions were first formed. Unions are obsolete. They actually mostly exist to support the union bosses and their political allies.

Ever notice the the only ”fix” for all those ”scare memes,” is More Strong Centralized Government Control?
The Left created the turmoil in North Africa and the ME just so all the EU borders could be breached by ”migrants.”
The rapes and murders of ethnic Europeans by these migrants is hushed up by “hate crimes” based on PC.
Geert Wilders was just Convicted of hate speech for merely noting that certain migrants were in Netherlands in ever higher numbers.
If the Left thought that would shut him up, they were wrong.
His reaction in English:

@Greg: “Let me know when and if you ever figure out what’s happening right in front of your noses. It’s eventually going to dawn on the working people who voted for Donald Trump and his billionaires’ club administration that this is all exactly what it looks like it is, not what you’re being told it is. Suckers. ”

Too bad the Democratic Party didn’t have anything better to offer, beyond making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

And you don’t know d*ck about manufacturing in America…should leave that one to the adults instead of cherry picking propaganda from Liberal Fake News.

@Nathan Blue, #8:

And you don’t know d*ck about manufacturing in America…should leave that one to the adults instead of cherry picking propaganda from Liberal Fake News.

You mean stuff like, In a free market with no regulatory constraints, corporate decision-makers who are personally rewarded with million-dollar bonus for upping profits over the short term will move U.S. jobs overseas wholesale, with no concern whatsoever for the long-term consequences to the national economy, or to American workers who can’t possibly compete with dirt-cheap overseas labor?

So now we have the Trump solution: We’ll slap enormous tariffs on products made in all those foreign countries that somehow cleverly stole your jobs, folks. There’s the much-touted conservative free market theory in action! It’s so simple! Why didn’t the democrats think of that?

Too bad the Democratic Party didn’t have anything better to offer, beyond making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

Yeah, it must be those d-mn democrats. During the 21 years from 1995 through present, democrats have had control of both the House and the Senate for a grand total of 4 years, while republicans have had control of both the House and the Senate for a grand total of 12 years—which, for the arithmetically impaired, means that republicans have controlled both houses of Congress 3 times as long over the past two decades.

Given the superior republican understanding of the economy and business, their higher levels of concern for regular folk, and their control of government for three times as many years—often at state as well as the federal level—how do we explain this seemingly magical power of democrats to make the rich richer at the expense of everyone else?

Poor Greg his tiny world is all upside down, Obama lied the Democrats died. Tariffs only hurt the consumer, its government control that drives businesses out of the USA. It the uncertainty of what new regulations fees and rules Mr Pen and phone and his minions in the regulatory agencies will next impose that keeps the companies sitting on the mountains of cash, those mountains of cash also make investors comfortable as they are less likely to go bankrupt and can pay the government its shakedown fees, including police depts