The Danger of Globalism Part 1 (Guest Post)


The American people are hardening in their position against globalism. They are starting to understand that the amalgamation of the media, academia, Hollywood and elite politicians will do whatever it takes to advance the agenda they have set for the country. They have begun to rise up against the lies and power that those elites use for no benefit but their own.

The same globalist elites have a pattern of destruction and corruption to enable them to attain the power and money that they feel that rightfully belong to them. Sovereignty of individuals as well as nations is to be negated, private property is no longer valid with all subject to minority rule and all others are pawns to the agenda of these self described superiors to the everyday man.

Obama and Hillary both are globalists. The final days of this administration will be very informative. There has already been an acceleration of refuges being brought to the country  mostly Muslims who have not been vetted, and even though the demographics have changed, the American people stood up and forced the globalists to curtail some of what they have planned in the near future.  Obama has spoken of how violence throughout the world is nothing more than a competition between “social groups, religious groups, and national solidarities”. The common solution to all the troubles in the world today, according to Obama, and collaborators such as George Soros is to employ globalist policies, including the loss of many freedoms including freedom of religion, of movement, and self defense. Our President believes that these freedoms are wrong for the individual to have because it is used to make the individual feel superior, which is solely the realm of the globalist elites. If the current trends continue, parental right will be codified by the United Nations.

Who are the enemies to the global elites that must be constrained? The list is long:

If you are a patriot who believes in our nations sovereignty as individuals and the laws should be made as locally as possible then you are an enemy.

If you believe the 2nd amendment is a God given right and not to be curtailed by the government or the United Nations then you are the enemy.

If you feel government is too big then you are the enemy.

If you feel we need a strong military that should be used for the protection of this country and not for social experiments then you are the enemy.

If you believe in marriage as one man and one woman and refuse to bend to the political correctness of the left you are the enemy.

This government thinks you are such a danger that these people have been listed by the Department of Homeland Security as “domestic terrorists.

This stance for this administration is not new. In 2009, the National Security Strategy Report released by Obama have primary policy positions from an agenda for a world empire being pushed by Such as George Soros and other financial oligarchs and international  corporatists. It speaks of an “international order with authority being given to the IMF, WTO,G20, and the UN. In essence, both Obama and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State spoke that an international order must be part of national security, and be a part of the answer to the “challenges of our nation”.

The New World Order has been discussed since World War I, and was the secretive basis for the formation of the UN.

George Bush first mentioned the “New World Order” and stressed the United Nations in the implementation “where diverse nations are drawn together” After the attacks on 9/11 Gary Hart a Council of Foreign Relations member  spoke of how 9/11 could be used to further the implementation of the New World Order.

Wars are one way to test the viability of this New World Order. Libya was Obamas test. As the Brookings Institute, funded by Qatar declared “Libya has become serious test for the international community resolve. In particular, it is a test of the ability of the multi-polar new world order. CNN subsequently aired a program called Libya-The New World Order. The operations in Libya by the Obama administration were authorized by the United Nations and bypassed the Congress. Obama even sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner citing this UN authority as all the permission needed to move forward. This same UN was the sole authority for the debacle in Syria that is still ongoing. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta even made the case that this was the only authority needed.

Opponents of the New World Order has discussed that there would be a loss of national Sovereignty and the undermining of national cultures and moralities. The proponents of this globalist order understand the  American way of life from wages  to our standard of living must fall to accommodate the agenda of the new world order.

The circus of the right and left in this country is nothing more than a distraction. Causing the citizens to look inward on manufactured wedge issues and building these wedge issues into the chaos and violence that is now bubbling to the surface, the globalists continue their agenda without any impediment from the population.  Obamas doubling of the national debt, his assault of civil liberties, executive orders to damage the businesses that are struggling, and the chaos that has gripped this nation are all part of the revolution that the globalists need in order to weaken the fabric of the nation to the point where there will be no resistance. More regulations, more taxes,  regulations toxic to the American economy will continue to grow, if not put in check by the incoming administration.   Even Harley-Davidson, an American icon has opened a plant in India.

What will the globalists do? The answer is simple when we look at the agenda that has been laid out by the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, and international corporatists.

American are now considered part of the global workforce, being under rules and regulations that the rest of the world ignore.

The trade deficit will explode as it has since China was allowed to join the WTO from $6 million for 1985 to  $28 billion in just the month of August.

The United States has already lost 42,400 factories since 2001. Nine million more people work for the government than in manufacturing.

12 million Americans are now working in manufacturing the lowest since 1941.

There are 1,5 million that have run out of unemployment and the real unemployment rate is at least 9 percent.

Oil that is here could be used and save the country over a quarter of our trade deficit. Obama will not allow the drilling required supposedly because the greens would disrupt it.  This causes  people in the lower classes to spend a larger percentage of their income on fuel.

It will be up to the people of this country to support those in Congress, and the new administration that oppose globalization. We can no longer allow those in Congress that look to consolidate their power by  allowing our jobs to be placed in slave labor countries. Progressive Internationalism must be stopped, the UN does not have the interest of America at its heart, and should not be allowed in the domestic matters in the United States to do the bidding of the globalists

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We don’t want to be any part of some WORLD COMMUNITY we don’t want the Useless Nations anymore and we don’t want any blue helmets confiscating our guns and private property and giving it to some so called refugees gaia worshiper or whining little snowflakes looking for a place to live

Something tells me that if the “blue helmets” show up to confiscate guns, they will start needing blue body bags.

Never forget the young solder who was court martualed by the Draft Dodger in chief King William the Rapists for refusing to wear the UN Blue

Well past time to bring back the 1960’s meme “Up the Establishment!’