A Revolution Has Started (Guest Post)


So once again, the “peaceful Democracy” progressives, disguised as Democrats take to the streets to cause chaos, to pull Trump supporters out of cars and beat them and to destroy property to show that they are peaceful and disagree with the majority of Americans about the direction of this country. The display or rioting and violence, mostly in the urban areas of BLUE states shows the pathetic desert that has become the progressive agenda. There are many in the media and the Democrat party ( but I repeat myself) that had their panties in a wad because Donald Trump did not declare that he would accept the results of this election. Since then, Trump has been pummeled by the progressives as being a homophobes, racists, misogynists, and the left wing media has instigated much of what is now occurring. They loudly proclaim that Trump will ‘destroy our country and democracy”. This is interesting since Hillary along with colleagues like George Soros have done the best they could through this administration and policies they held to destroy our government for the vision of the New World Order.

Immediately upon winning the nomination, the Left was attempting to invalidate the election. Although the votes were in and Trump won, the Left continues to undermine the results because it did not turn out the way they wished.

In the media, VAN JONES, a socialist Muslim, declared that this was a “whitelash”, a pushback by whites on a black President. Jones didn’t explain that Obama was elected twice with white votes, or that more Blacks and Hispanics voted for Trump than any other Republican in history. Jones even came out the next day and claimed Trump wanted to put Muslims and Hispanics into internment camps. Does anyone. Other than low information Clinton supporters really believe this”. Of course, CNN, where Jones works happily trotted this garbage out to further divide the electorate. Is it any wonder that 85% of this country no longer trust the media?

Another fallacy being pushed hard by the media is that Hillary won the popular vote. She only received 47.7% of the vote, while her opponents garnered 52.3%. For those in the past who were educated in math other than social justice understand that is NOT a majority. Juan Williams seems to think that battering the public with the idea that she won the popular vote will change it. It won’t. Of course this is the same Juan Williams who is so upset with things that Trump has said in the past, but declares that Bill Clinton’s philandering and the corruption of Hillary is not important. I suppose to Juan Williams it is also not important than a majority of Americans rejected the Hillary ideology as being detrimental to the citizens of this country.

Once again, the Dems have failed to convince the American people that the concepts that have will work for America. So they now have decided that taking to the streets like some third world country will changes the results more to their liking. Insults, riots and violence will not change the outcome. The vast majority of the American people will not allow it. Those of the globalists Soros machine, and our poorly educated young adults have been taught that riots and violence should be a first resort. Calling for the assassination of Trump, or even more perverse, the rape of the First Lady-elect is not going to accomplish anything but causing more anger and the dissolution of the Democratic Party as a whole. The Soros paid protesters are never sure why they are rioting, but this elite army will protest for an agenda that is not even in their interest. Insulting all those who disagree with them and causing the silence of the majority of Americans is the attempted end result. It is up to the American people to make them understand that the end is upon them. Along with the corrupt media, the American people will no longer be held captive to “political correctness”. We will no longer be silent in the face of the temper tantrums that these parent coddling youth have had will not change the opinion of anyone, and the cry-ins that they feel are helping are showing that our youth are weak, and nowhere near the rugged individualism that shaped this country into what it is today.

We hear of children crying and having traumatic episodes because Trump was elected President. They didn’t get traumatized by the words of Trump but by the words of the parents who expect the government to live their lives for them.

There are those who plan to fully implement the main goal to make a statement of political instability to make it impossible to govern. They scream all about the mean words of Trump, but nothing has been said about the destruction of what these liberal socialists have said or done. They claim there are many instances of Trump supporters who have attacked progressives. I want to see one that hasn’t been proven a hoax. CNN is the leader on making this hoax go nationwide, and yet no stories on the Trump supporters whi have been pulled out of their cars and beaten, or a high school girl who was attacked because she was a Trump supporter. Or a school in California, where a teacher was attacked by members of another school who wanted to bring the protest to her school Where are the stories, mainstream media?

The leftists that have been spurring on these riots are the same ones who drone on about “peace” and “Love Trumps Hate”. They are now using the “Love Trumps Hate” signs to pummel Trump supporters. We even have CEO’s of major companies telling their employees to leave if they support Trump.
Absurdly, the West Coast is planning to secede from the Union. Like a little child, they didn’t win, so it’s time to take the ball and go home and cry to one another. Sorry, most Californians think is it a stupid idea, and will fight it. If you do secede, do I get to play helpless victim and take you to court to help me resettle in another country, like the United States?

Until groups like ANSWER.com, MOVEON.org, and other Soros groups are shut down for insurrection, and the media and Hollywood celebrities are made to understand that if the socialist New World Order that they want so much takes over, they would be the first to go, the only answer is for the American people to push back.

The American people will push back, as much and as hard as it takes. Count on it.

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@Bill… Deplorable Me: You personally insulted me and did not answer my simple question. That would be typical of you reactionary Trumpeteers, Duplicated below For effect.

@Bill… Deplorable Me: You insult me personally and refuse to answer my simple question .
You are a typical reactionary Trumpeteer.
Hopefully “I said I’d do what?” DT won’t actually be as crazed as his followers..

@Rich Wheeler: I guess I am guilty of missing the personal insult I slung (unless you find having the truth pointed out to you insulting) or the question I failed to answer.

You personally insult me by constantly referring to me as a “Trumpeteer” when I have made my position abundantly clear, but this does not really bother me. After all, you are a committed Obamaniac and wished Hillary to be President with the (not so) plausible deniability of voting for a loon worrying about human rights for animals.

RW, here is the exact quote, taken from the audio, please point out where it says, against their will. Once you do, then your discussion might become legitimate, until you do, you are ‘misquoting’ him and that’s an offense you shouldn’t be guilty of. That’s as bad as not condemning Slick for Felony Draft Dodging.

At one point, speaking about women, he is heard saying, “Grab them by the pu$$y,” “You can do anything.”

@Bill… Deplorable Me:

. After all, you are a committed Obamaniac and wished Hillary to be President with the (not so) plausible deniability of voting for a loon worrying about human rights for animals.

Bill, there is no way in hell that RW did not vote for Hillary. And he’s constantly referred to me as a Trumpeteer, even though I’ve said several times my total support was to vote one time for Trump, in the general election. But even RW has now become a Trumpeteer, because he legitimately claims to be an American loving veteran and, of course, all of those are Trumpeteers now. Do I want the American president to be successful, much unlike the Bozo currently in the office? Absolutely.

@Bill… Deplorable Me:Personal insult to me In #148 “you look rather stupid and scumbaggery”
Question unanswered In Trump’s genital grabbing of women’s statement–Was he speaking of consensual grabbing as RT suggests- or not.? Yes or No

If you consider calling you a “Trumpeteer” personally insulting I’ll refrain from future use.
How bout an apology Bill. You got it in you?

I’ll check back tonight.

@Rich Wheeler:

Yet twice you said you were O.K. with it.

The exact quote he made, I am ok with. As modified by dishonest folks, to make a point, no, I’m not okay with anyone deliberately misquoting anyone. So get the quote correct, THEN tell me why you disagree with his ‘exact’ statement.

@Rich Wheeler:

Personal insult to me In #148 “you look rather stupid and scumbaggery”

Oh, well, sorry, but when you conduct yourself like AJ, the facts are undeniable. There followed, if you would recall, you were given the opportunity to clarify your remark. Tell me, do you think it OK to lie and misquote in order to vilify a person? Once you clarify your statements to more accurately reflect the actual words spoken, we can discuss apology, though MY remark was based on a gross misquote of yours. Perhaps you misunderstood Trump’s statement or have never heard the actual recording and were referring to the dishonest media’s representations. If so, then no apology is necessary as the characterization I wrote would not apply.

Trump clearly stated that a powerful person, such as he, could do what he said they could do. He neither condoned it nor stated he did it. He stated a sad fact. His language, for a politician, is not pretty or commendable but he never said he did it or encouraged it. You are all too desperate to find something to put Hillary on a competitive playing field.

To answer your question, he was speaking of grabbing whatever he wanted, regardless of invitation, due to his power and wealth. Again, he stated this was possible, not that he did it.

Though you deftly avoided answering my question, I still am interested in knowing your take on it. Is stating that something is definitely wrong as a fact the same as performing the act?

RW, apparently you’ve never heard Trump’s actual statement because you continue to misquote him. Get the quote straight and then comment. It’s time for you to try honesty. Surely you’ve heard that famous quote. Give Honesty a chance.

We all heard his exact statement and know what he meant.
He said he was embarrassed and apologized to his wife. She chastised him then forgave him.
One job lost BB none created.

@Bill… Deplorable Me: Ah. You knew “what he meant”. Never mind the words, let’s just put all our confidence in your interpretation.

@Rich Wheeler:

We all heard his exact statement and know what he meant.

If I interpret you, you’re saying he said one thing but ‘meant’ something different. I’m going to assume that he meant what he said. No wonder you still believe Slick Willie is not a child molester and rapist.

@Rich Wheeler:

One job lost BB none created.

Look at how many protestors Soros has put on the payroll.

Probably not as many as the Russian hackers and paid internet trolls Putin had on the job.

It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans

Putin’s calculated use of the internet for propaganda campaigns and disinformation is nothing new.

From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities.

Nor have their activities ceased, now that the election is over. They’re likely responsible for injecting a lot of the false news stories that go viral on Facebook and other social media, which allow them to leverage their bullshit. They’re mounting phishing operations, attempting to gain even broader access.

Russian ‘Dukes’ of Hackers Pounce on Trump Win

Then there are our domestic “Trump trolls,” a loose association of unskilled internet saboteurs that have collected around various social media outlets like Reddit, that voluntarily go out en mass on low level internet missions. A very recent example would be the organized One Star Review attack on Amazon against Megan Kelly’s recent book:

Megyn Kelly keeps smiling as she promotes her new book ‘Settle for More’ in New York while Reddit Trump trolls savage her in coordinated attack on Amazon

They pushed her one-star reviews up over 90 percent. Amazon has been trying to find and remove the phony negative reviews, but the trolls are persistent, apparently having nothing better to do than venting their anger on any available target. Today they’ve bumped the total of one-star negative reviews back up to 56 percent. They’re sort of a mobile internet lynch mob.

@Greg: .

It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans

No fake news here..

That is what freelance journalist Adrian Chen, now a staff writer at The New Yorker, discovered as he was researching Russia’s “army of well-paid trolls” for an explosive New York Times Magazine exposé published in June 2015.


Putin’s calculated use of the internet for propaganda campaigns and disinformation is nothing new.

Oh, absolutely not. Obama originated it.

Luckily for the Democrats, they had the establishment MSM to spread THEIR lies.

You really are exploring new frontiers in cluelessness.

Who hired the KKK to salute Trump??

@Rich Wheeler: Who, indeed.

@Rich Wheeler: You’ve slipped a cog there, RW. The KKK endorsed Hillary, remember? She was thrilled.
Well, until she figured out it didn’t mean Kute Klinton Klan

@Rich Wheeler:who hired the KKK? surely you know the answer to that. Same guy hiring all the protestors. Ajay should be able to fill you in on that. He’s very familiar with that employer.


They pushed her one-star reviews up over 90 percent. Amazon has been trying to find and remove the phony negative reviews,

How do you suppose they ‘find and remove’ a phony review. Amazon’s policy does not require that you read the book from Amazon. So tell us how they can do it? Just like they can tell you who I voted for without being in the polling booth and watching me push a button. I can’t imagine a book being more boring than something Kelly’s shills would write for her. I suspect if they are removing ‘fake’ reviews, none of those removed are 5 star and I suspect that those are just as fake as the 1’s.

@Bill… Deplorable Me: Bill and RT Love you guys– great imaginations–won’t even call you Trumpeteers

Gotta say I love Megyn Kelly, You still think she’s gay RT?–

@Rich Wheeler:

You still think she’s gay RT?–

All the signs are there. I thought your Animal Mercy guy had taught you all the signs.

@RedTeam: Think her husband and every other straight male in America would disagree with you.
What tell tale vibes is Megyn sending you RT?

@RedTeam, #172:

How do you suppose they ‘find and remove’ a phony review. Amazon’s policy does not require that you read the book from Amazon. So tell us how they can do it?

They can sort out all reviews that aren’t associated with verified purchases, and then click on the reviewer’s name in such cases to see if there are any other product reviews associated with the name. If not, and if the review is nothing more than a one-line negative comment or personal attack associated with a single star, what you’ve generally got is a bogus review.

These morons damage and degrade the marketplaces they infest. What they’re doing is vandalism.

I suspect if they are removing ‘fake’ reviews, none of those removed are 5 star and I suspect that those are just as fake as the 1’s.

Actually, many people write genuinely honest reviews, creating a better marketplace for everyone. Many people have little difficulty distinguishing an honest review from a dishonest one, whether it’s positive or negative.

It’s been interesting watching the term “snowflake” spread across right-wing media. Someone on Amazon has applied the term to Megan Kelly in a one-star review. I’m guessing this can be traced back to a point where some right-wing blogger became infatuated with the movie Fight Club, possibly identifying himself with the story’s protagonist. A lot of people seem not to realize that the story’s protagonist is an anti-hero, not a hero, and the tale is about an uprising of angry losers and misfits striking out against society while offering nothing productive as a replacement.