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Having the right doesn’t always mean you should exercise that right:


Its also our constitutional right to KEEP & BEAR ARMS yet then scum sucking bottom dwelling muck sucker wants to take away our 2nd AMENDMENT rights while releasing crinimals and bringing in so called refugees SHUT UP OBAMA the FINK

I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t been able to post, but should be back soon – thanks for jumping in, Word!

“My understanding at least is he’s exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. I think there’s a long history of sports figures doing so,” Obama said Monday during a news conference in Hangzhou, China.

Strawman. This isn’t a question of Constitutional rights. No one I know who is challenging Kaepernick’s “stance” disputes his 1st Amendment right to be anti-American ….

Yeah, there’s times and places for these things.
I LOVE how the Left has a tiny place on campuses for ”free speech.”
Apparently, if you are praying (and NOT inside that zone) you can be kicked off campus!
Meanwhile the Left has no issue with their own side messing up awards ceremonies, looting businesses, setting fires to cover their other crimes, etc.
And Obama keeps quiet on this or even invites the instigators to the White House multiple times (BLM).

Colin is so stupid he will do a Cindy Sheehan and run through his entire fortune just to get laid by that hot BLM chick whose got him wrapped around her little finger.
But, like Cindy, once he’s broke she’s drop him just like all those Lefty activists all dropped Cindy once she’s run through her late son’s insurance money.

Colin could literally get any girl he wanted.
But he’s in for the long haul with this one.
She use and lose him.
I wonder if his adoptive parents will ride to his rescue when its over.

Shouldn’t be a surprise our Community Agitator in Chief wholeheartedly endorsing an agitator.

I once spend two days in San Francisco back in the 1970’s back before the freaks took over even drove throug HEIGHT ASHBURY when it had its bad reputation now the whole city has a bad reputation

It’s also interesting that Kaep wasn’t talking this stupidity when he was on top of the world. Now that his days in the NFL are numbered he’s found a way to keep his name in the headlines. (slow clap)

Its also a right to burn a efegee of Obama as a protected form of Free Speech just like the lowlife reptiles do during their protests against america like that scum rat Gregery(Joey)Johnson and his vile bunch of alley vermin and gutter trash

The one thing that should unite all of us who call ourselves American, regardless of color or political stripe, is the national flag. We’re all red, white, and blue, aren’t we? Or are we?

You are confusing Obama’s America with The United States of America. Two different things. One is alive and well and the other has been around in name only since around 7 years ago. Time will tell if it comes back.


One fails to understand if the slut, lesbian, treasonous piece of shit occupies the office she will crush the 1st Amendment. Now that will take away anyone right to protest.
one can protest but using the NFL as a base is ridiculous.
time to clean this country up and made it great again-Trump

There are a lot of other countries in the world, if the anti-Americans don’t like America, they should do us all a favor and move out!

@Nanny G:
Colin has a 120 million dollar contract with 60 million gurranteed whether he plays or not.
I never knew before his sit down that our National Anthem’s 3rd verse had anything to do with re-enslaving the Blacks that had been freed by the British in 1812 and had enlisted in the British Army
I guess that is why we only sing that one verse………?

You sound like you don’t like America. Most Americans (over 50%) like Obama

A little reminiscent of Michael Sam and Jason Collins. Kaepernick didn’t have an exceptional season last year. Perhaps he is going to try and replace performance with a social issue to have a victimhood fall-back position if he gets benched or cut.

Anyone that cites Black Lives Matter as a reason to protest is disingenuous, to put it mildly.

@bwax: Oh now we can move out. Help build the country then by all means you can leave.


Perhaps he is going to try and replace performance with a social issue to have a victimhood fall-back position if he gets benched or cut.

Most of his playing days are behind him. He needs someone/something to blame. I think he chose to blame all those folks in Chicago that are shooting all the black folks. 500 so far this year. and 4 months to go.

I was at a high school football game on friday everybody stood for the national anthme

in a totalitarian communist state EVERYTHING is political, get used to it… we did in the workers paradise and see how well that turned out (for the leaders)!

I’m totally shocked that a black racist president would side with the hate groups because they are black. I am offended by what he has done to race relations in our country. Can Kap do what did, I suppose but remember that exercising your rights under the constitution, say like our 2nd amendment right, comes with consequences!! You can be right and dead just like our veterans who gave their lives serving under the flag that he fails to recognize during our National Anthem. I have been a 49er fan for 30+ years and now I WAS one!!

@Common Sense:

I have been a 49er fan for 30+ years and now I WAS one!!

My biggest disappointment in that whole deal is that the 49s and NFL left him get by with it without any consequences. They are disrespected by Kaepernick taking ‘their’ forum to make his racist comments.

@Redteam: You nailed it brother!! I am a die hard Husker and adopted the Niners when Rathman and Craig where in the backfield behind Joe!! I am totally in agreement that my biggest disappointments are with the owners of the Niners and the NFL!! I am a disabled Viet Nam Vet who still gets emotional when I stand for the Anthem. Maybe I’m the crazy one here but so be it. No more NFL for me but I love college ball still!!

@Common Sense:

I am a disabled Viet Nam Vet who still gets emotional when I stand for the Anthem.

I’m a vet also, but not a Viet Nam one. I get emotional about the anthem also. I’m an announcer for a lot of youth baseball games. Recently as we were getting ready for the first game of the day, the umps, said “play ball” I then very nicely said to the crowd. Would everyone please stand for the National Anthem. What a cheer.

@Redteam: Thank you for your service to our country and to our youth playing baseball. I remained in North San Diego county as a retired person and my wife works at Pendleton. I came from Iowa and spent many many summers playing baseball all day. Not a Padre fan though, pulling for the Giants but not looking good. Thanks again!!

so this piece of shit is using the nfl to present a personal belief. the majority of American’s do not support this pos, nor his belie ifs or policies. it would be interesting to do a federal background check on him, wonder what one would find? my last two tours in the Corp were in Vietnam , did not see this country for 27 months. doubt if this pos has ever sacrificed anything for this country. when nfl owners realize that the protest will come with decreased attendance then the shareholders will express some concern. maybe the panthers or other racist groups will hire him as a mouth piece for “cracker killings”