Is London’s Islamic Mayor the Key to Saving the United States? (1 of 2)



While this post’s title sounds like pure clickbait (OK it is a little bit), but I’m dead serious about the point. To give some background, last month London’s newly elected Muslim mayor banned some ads from being shown in their subway system, The Tube:

Concerns were raised last year when an advertisement featuring a model in a bikini asked “Are you beach body ready?” The ad promoted a weight loss supplement and prompted 378 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority last year — one of the most complained about ads in 2015.

The authority has the ability to ban ads that are likely to cause widespread serious offense or harm once they come into public space.

What interested me are the reasons that Mayor Khan gave (emphasis mine):

Advertising that promotes an unhealthy body image will be banned on London’s subway network, in a move that signals a backlash against suggestive marketing in public places.

Starting next month, Transport for London will not allow ads that cause pressure to conform to “unrealistic or unhealthy body shape,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement.

“As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies,” Khan said. “It is high time it came to an end.”

Sounds reasonable, throwing out blue meat like feigned concern for women – exactly what anybody would be happy to see from a moderate Muslim in the role of Mayor of a major city. There’s one problem: he’s not moderate. As The Federalist’s M.G.Oprea reports:

Khan’s own professed moderate Muslim faith holds the promise that he will be a stalwart against radicalism at a time when homegrown Islamist terrorism is a mounting problem in Europe.

There’s just one hitch. Despite being a moderate Muslim, Khan has a long history of appearing alongside radical Islamist clerics and thinkers. And he can’t really explain why.

In 2004, he participated in a pro-Palestinian conference organized by Friends of Al-Aqsa, a group that previously published works by Holocaust denier Paul Eisen.

That same year, Khan also defended the influential cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, an Islamic scholar and prominent Muslim Brotherhood member who was labelled one of the “sheikhs of death” in a petition signed by 2,500 Muslim intellectuals to raise awareness of those who incite violence in the name of religion. Al-Qaradawi is, by any reasonable measure, an extremist. He supports Palestinian violence against Israel, and following the Iraqi insurgency in 2003 encouraged the “abduction and killing of Americans in Iraq [as] a [religious] obligation.” He has been barred entry to the United States (1999), the United Kingdom (2008), and France (2012).

To top it all off, just days before the election a video emerged, from 2009, showing Khan in an interview with an Iran-backed news agency calling moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms.” He made these comments when he was in charge of fighting extremism as minister for community cohesion.

Read the whole thing.

Maybe I’m being naïve or bigoted, but I just haven’t encountered hard core Muslims with as much concern for women as Khan claims to have. In my own unenlightened view, I’m guessing this will be one of many steps in a gradual and progressive march toward imposing Islamic law over the people of London. London is a beautiful city that I was lucky enough to visit many years ago, and I sincerely hope that I’m dead wrong and will happily eat my words if I’m wrong. But recent events around the world tell me that won’t happen.

Back on point, look at how easily Khan got leftists to submit to censorship at the hands of a radical Islamist – all that he had to do to sell it was put the censorship in terms that leftists want to hear. And that is the key to how we will defeat, no, destroy the Radical Left in this country. How, you say? That will be covered in the second part of this post – tune in tomorrow!

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Just watch a discussion between this clown and CNN’s Amanpour, and you get a good sense of what he is, . . . a racist liar.

Oh, and Amanpour, just as dumb as she ever was. She accused those who were “Pro” Brexit, of ALL being xenophobic. She has no insight of what is happening around her, other than repeating lies she is fed.

James Raider. Maybe CNN should be called the Clown New Network

I think Little Bob is the key for implementation of stealth and nuanced strategies by a process of Educating our youth to resist the mind numbing indoctrination of Public Education and university training. Although, the Democrat elites have apparently caught their 44 double D’s in the old type wringer washers and right now, they don’t know whether to scream or wind their self-winding watches.

Our Liberal contributors can recite their talking points with breathless excitement and the polls, the polls told of great Liberal victories, but alas, like “The Men Who Don’t Fit In,” (from Robert Service) they missed their mark; as they realize the joke is on them. They might have gone far, but they picked the wrong race and the wrong candidate.

Not that we should delegate any credit to the GOP establishment for the collapse of the Democrat Party: Indeed, McConnel and Ryan and Ryan are probably making calls to see if they can help shore up Hillary’s timbers and pant suit cross beams as they sag to the floor. It will take better men than McConnel and Ryan to help the Hildabeast with her foundation garments and forget her husband, mature women are aware of his rapier wit and are no longer impressed. No, he is better off with teenage prostitutes on private islands. Where he can do his part to shoulder the white man’s burden, one sixteen year old at a time.

These tricks and strategies the Bob writes of are certainly beyond we who have snow on the roof year round, but the young ones like Little Bob can pick up the colors as we falter with palsied hands.

Like liberalism, Islam as a form of government cannot be sold to civilized people without lies.