Remember When the Left Was Against Torture?


I really miss the days of slow news cycles when the press would have to look for excuses to bury a story like this instead of somewhat legitimately burying it under the latest terrorist atrocity, whether by Islamists or Black Lives matter.

Remember those innocent days of a decade ago? When stories about US soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib could warrant Page 1 coverage at The New York Times for 32 straight days?

This is, of course, because the Left is naturally against torture. This is because they are better people than the rest of us and need to expose such terrible acts. That said, however terrible what happened in Abu Ghraib was, I think we can safely say that it pales next to what Members of the Religion that Shall Not Be Named committed at the Bataclan Music hall last year:

A government committee’s testimony translated by Heat Street, a conservative site owned by News Corp., on Friday spotlights beheadings, gouged-out eyes, and sexual abuse at the Bataclan theater last year. The Islamic State terror attacks killed 130 across the city and 89 at the concert venue alone.

A translation provided by the website show France’s Commission of Inquiry asking an investigator about the remains of victims on the second floor of the theater. The questioner said that injuries attributed to shrapnel seem dubious given that one man had his testicles removed and placed in his mouth.

“Some of the bodies found at the Bataclan were extremely mutilated by the explosions and weapons, to the point that it was sometimes difficult to reconstruct the dismembered bodies,” an prosecutor said. “In other words, injuries described … may also have been caused by automatic weapons, by explosions or projections of nails and bolts that have resulted.”

“Would those have put a man’s [testicles] in in his own mouth?” the committee member fired back.

“I do not have that information,” the prosecutor replied.

But prosecutors claimed these reports of torture were “a rumor” on the grounds that sharp knives were not found at the scene. They also claimed that maybe shrapnel had caused the injuries.

The lies and coverup are the result of the government not trusting that the people can handle the truth. Horror of horrors if there’s an anti-Muslim backlash or voters demand that the French government do more in the fight against ISIS. It’s far easier to suppress the truth than deal with the reality that the terrorists are operating on another moral plane than the rest of us, which gives them a significant advantage.

So how did the Old Gray Lady compare in its coverage between the two? When I plug in the search term on their site of “Abu Ghraib Torture” I get 887 hits. You get more by excluding the word “torture” but I included it so as not to mix up how they covered Bataclan. Take a guess how many hits “Bataclan Torture” gets? Go ahead. If you guessed anything above zero you’re wrong. The motives are obvious – smearing our troops in an effort to make your country lose a war versus burying a story that doesn’t fit your narrative is why the media is so reviled and distrusted.

As I was finishing this piece I did a little bit more searching, and found some Leftists questioning the validity of the story. The author at Red State who goes by Streiff gave a fair reading of the arguments, and I can’t excerpt it here – it’s a “Read the Whole Thing” kind of piece well worth five minutes of your time. Spoiler: It doesn’t give a definitive verdict. And it’s a damned shame, because now more than ever we need to be able to trust our media to report honestly and responsibility on hat’s happening, and we need to be able to trust our government to protect us from these threats. This story is another sad example of how and why that trust has been shattered and won’t be repaired any time soon.

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Like the tourture done upon the POW’S by those veit cong monsters and the liberals totaly ignored the whole thing and CASTRO and the treatment of cuban disidents and the other war crimes commited by commie scumballs

You do realize that the United States and France are two different countries, right?

What a disingenuous stretch to discredit a position.

Fuck you.

Brother Bob please cite for us one named person who said that they themselves saw signs of torture
I looked I couldn’t find it all I found was one person who said that “someone else” told him who had seen
Unlike Abu Gharib there are no photos if that “rumour”
None if the many survivors have said they saw anything like that as opposed to what happened in Iraq
And BB those terrorists are rightwing religious extremists, far from the left politically
Il y a eu des mimiques d’actes sexuels sur des femmes et des coups de couteau au niveau des appareils génitaux.

Some translators say the women had their genitals ”stabbed” others say they were ”sliced.”
Female genital mutilation is the slicing of the outer, visible portions of a woman’s genitals off their bodies.
A literal translation of the relevant words above is ”knifed at.”
If they’d been ”stabbed” the French word would have been poignardé.
Poignardé is no where to be found in that sentence, however.
So, it seems the reports are true.
Whether or not the cutting was done before death is the only issue.
In the long-standing debate within Islam about execution of immoral people, the amount of time spent torturing them beforehand is the oldest part of the debate.
The murderous of Islam give the Marquis de Sade a bad name.

@Doesn’t matter to you: Classy :/ When you have nothing else just spew vulgarity?

There’s an old joke that comes to mind.

Two men are walking through a forest. Suddenly, they see a tiger in the distance, running towards them. They turn and start running away. But then one of them stops, takes some running shoes from his bag, and starts putting the on.
“What are you doing?” says the other man. “Do you think you will run fast than the tiger with those?”
“I don’t have to run faster than the tiger,” he says. “I just have to run faster than you.”

This is how the Left has come to view segments of it’s own constituency recently.
Namely GAYS.
The Left doesn’t have to take a side against Islam …. yet.
Right now Islam is targeting GAYS.
So, let them.
Who wants to guess who Islam will target after they get enough GAYS?
Will it be WOMEN?
Will the Left abandon their women as quickly as they did their gays?
They are chickens.
Will all this disloyalty make Islam like what’s left of the Left?
It will make Islam hate them for being weak even more.
Jews and Christians will outlast all the Left according to Islam’s own standards of priorities.
The Jews and Christians are protected to a degree as, ”People of the Book,” while the Left consists of gays, women and atheists and thus worthy of death.

Take a guess how many hits “Bataclan Torture” gets? Go ahead. If you guessed anything above zero you’re wrong. The motives are obvious – smearing our troops in an effort to make your country lose a war versus burying a story that doesn’t fit your narrative is why the media is so reviled and distrusted.

Alternately, it might be because the torture story has been judged to be total b.s. In which case repeating it in the media is a very bad idea, for two reasons:

because it enhances ISIS’s ability to promote the feelings of helplessness and terror that they’re hoping to promote; and

because pushing rumors that prove to be untrue diminishes the credibility of the media in general, ultimately casting doubt on stories of ISIS outrages that all evidence indicates are entirely true.

@Nanny G: Aw, cmon. John likes to operate in a total fact vacuum and believes others do the same. He loves to demand citations from others (as if they are navigating by propaganda as he does), the executes the big skeedaddle when confronted for his facts.

@Brother Bob: IF ONLY we had an honest media. There would have been no Obama, Hillary would be banished or imprisoned and Trump would still be doing The Apprentice.


That’s all this bullshit deserves. Especially when there’s no way the poster can’t know that their spewing bullshit.

So yeah, you guys are fucking up this country and this world. You can all fuck off.

@Doesn’t matter to you: Utter, complete liberal trolling moron.


Isn’t it time to begin looking at the news and the media objectively. In this instance, the European media tries to paint the best picture possible of their refugees, but why? Perhaps the public would begin to lose faith in their leaders and their nonsensical plans of globalism.

The media has created an ambiguous image of terrorists, copied from the terrorism template of Obama. We have the terrorist who is a criminal. He commits his acts of insanity, not because he is a Muslim, but because of growing up without opportunities; despite the fact that some of these maniacs are from wealthy families. Like misunderstood children, they act out inappropriately; eventually, they will grow out of this stage as they become accustomed to being wards of the welfare state of the Western world. Since the refugees are illiterate and devoid of marketable skills, they are destined to be eternal parasites. This is the ruse promoted between the government and media, and if necessary, there will be criminal prosecution of anyone who disputes the government and media lies. Unfortunately, the bizarre script is harder for the citizenry to swallow if the terrorists who are Muslim by accident, are engaging in atrocities, especially sexual atrocities. Remember, misguided Muslim youth never engages in sexual atrocities, especially against women. These are random acts of violence, by those who grow up in poverty and ignorance. They want equality and justice, and for the Western world to embrace Islam and live in poverty and ignorance. At this point the people of the world will achieve the great orgasmic embrace of Muhammed and young men can still seek out the last nonbelievers to rape and commit atrocities upon, but in the mean time these maniacs only happen to be Muslims. True and bonafide Muslims don’t commit these heinous acts; therefore, the criminal acts of terror have nothing to do with Islam. These acts are committed by criminals who were born into the faith.

Thank you Obama, for enlightening us on how wonderful Islam can be and reminding us of the Crusades and allowing us to forget the 300 year invasion of North Africa and the 800 year occupation of Spain and the Muslim invasions of Europe. It makes more sense to use stealth and deliver the Muslim by airliners to areas that you hate like Idaho and Tennessee. Yes, you will not be considered to be much of a leader by the Western world, but you will become the equivalent of a Martin Luther in the Muslim world. The infiltration of the Muslim hordes will degrade the Western World until we begin to accept terror as an everyday occurrence and young women will accept rape as part of growing up in your Brave New World.

@Brother Bob: I can see his actual response on my email. All that is confirmation that this idiot and john have no response to the facts of any subject. Once they are forced out of their pre-prepared talking points, then the FU’s and culinary recommendations pour out, displaying their actual capabilities at thought and discussion.

It’s impossible to rationally argue things you just invent out of your ass. Do better, get better.

@Doesn’t matter to you: How would you know until you try? First, experiment with rationality. Then try arguing. Don’t try it all at once; you’ll pull something.