Green Chickenhawks, You’re Missing a Great Opportunity!


We haven’t had a good series on the Chickenhawks of the Radical Left in a while. You might remember some of the previous ones – paternity leave, minimum wage,and of course, my first chickenhawk post from three years ago, also about green chickenhawks! But now let’s return to the chickenhawks of the Church of Climate Change. Where a few years ago I asked why they don’t invest more of their own money in green technology, let’s look at it from a simpler angle of how they live their everyday lives. A few months ago a few of this strange cults’ higher elected clergy published an opinion piece in The Nation, offering what is basically a grand plan on how to destroy the US economy. You can click through through to read the entire bill, but in the article they summed up their “plan”:

Last Monday, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) introduced an ambitious climate-change resolution calling for goals of near-zero emissions by 2050, 50 percent renewable electricity by 2030, and 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2050. The resolution covers everything from emission goals to job programs for American workers. It also seeks to unify activists, organizations, the scientific community, and elected officials around our common survival.

As you might imagine, the bill itself is a pretty entertaining read, touching on nearly every per cause of The Radical Left. Naturally, they give us generalities of how we’re going to completely change the way we live and by what year, but nothing about how one implements these changes, the cost, or which specific steps need to be taken and how success or failure are measured. As Mike Lee recently lamented in an interview,

“Instead of passing a law explaining how we’re going to clean up the air, they pass a law saying ‘we will have clean air,'” Lee said.

Patrick Richardson at PJ Media gives a bit of insight as to why such mandates are unrealistic and little more than political posturing and power grabs:

Nearly everything we wear, eat, or use has fossil fuels in the supply chain somewhere. Even the carpets most of us walk on are made of synthetic fibers. To most of the environmental left, food magically appears in the grocery store,; iPhones and other modern conveniences are conjured by Technology Gnomes in the middle of the night, rather than having been manufactured using toxic processes.

And in practice these mandates aren’t working out too well, like with South Australia’s $14,000 Mwh cost for renewable energy:

The South Australian Government been forced to beg fossil fuel operators to bring mothballed plants back online, to contain wild swings in electricity spot price caused by unstable renewable production, prices which last month peaked at $14,000 / MWh – up from more normal prices of $100 / MWh which prevailed before political favouritism towards renewables messed up the market.

If I were the owner of one of those mothballed power plants my response would be simple, “EMBARGO ON!”


And one of the hazards of blogging that I’ve lamented before is that you can get a great idea and somebody smarter than you writes about it before you get a chance to write your post. That’s exactly what Glenn Reynolds did this week in an op-ed in USA Today, and he lays his own challenge to these Fossil Fuel Chickenhawks:

Likewise, it’s hard to expect Americans to accept changes to their own lifestyles when the very people who are telling them that it’s a crisis aren’t acting like it’s a crisis. So I have a few suggestions to help bring home the importance of reduced carbon footprints at home and abroad:

Extend Smith’s bill to cover the entire federal government. We have Skype now, and Facetime. There’s no reason to fly to meetings. I’d let the President keep Air Force One for official travel, but subject to a requirement that absolutely no campaign activity or fundraisers take place on any trips in which the president travels officially.

Obama makes a great point about setting the thermostat at 72 degrees. We should ban air conditioning in federal buildings. We won two world wars without air conditioning our federal employees. Nothing in their performance over the last 50 or 60 years suggests that A/C has improved things. Besides, The Washington Post informs us that A/C is sexist, and that Europeans think it’s stupid.

Read the whole thing.

What is interesting is that Climate Religion is starting to fray the coalition. A few of them actually believe what they’re saying, which means assaulting a sacred cow of The Radical Left and going nuclear. Literally:

According to Oreskes, suggesting that nuclear power play some role in limiting carbon emissions and solving global warming is not just wrong but “a strange form of denial that has appeared on the landscape of late, one that says renewable sources can’t meet our energy needs.”

It is one thing to wonder about the value of nuclear energy—I was mostly opposed, too, until I saw Robert Stone’s compelling documentary, “Pandora’s Promise.’’ But to label Hansen . . . or Caldeira as denialists is absurd. . .

Oreskes is certain that we won’t need nuclear power to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. This is a legitimate and essential debate. But it should be possible to have it without denigrating positions held by people who have spent their careers, quite courageously, trying to solve the world’s biggest problem. . .


Image appears via The Earl of Taint

Heh – it’s always fun to see Lefties whine when they get treated how Conservatives are always treated by the Radical Leftist brood. Luckily, here in America we’re smart enough to learn from the mistakes of Australia, right?


The U.S. and Canada are responsible to a great degree for causing the Earth’s temperature to rise and spurring climate change, President Obama said Thursday.

“In some ways, as wealthier countries, we can probably adapt and manage better,” Obama said in a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “On the other hand, we’re also those responsible for a lot of the carbon pollution that is causing climate change.”

So wrong.

“The Ontario government will spend more than $7-billion over four years on a sweeping climate change plan that will affect every aspect of life – from what people drive to how they heat their homes and workplaces – in a bid to slash the province’s carbon footprint.

Ontario will begin phasing out natural gas for heating, provide incentives to retrofit buildings and give rebates to drivers who buy electric vehicles. It will also require that gasoline sold in the province contain less carbon, bring in building code rules requiring all new homes by 2030 to be heated with electricity or geothermal systems, and set a target for 12 per cent of all new vehicle sales to be electric by 2025.”

To use a favorite old phrase, “Ill believe it’s a crisis when the people who say it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis.”

Stay stupid, my Green Chickenhawk friends.

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I love you final statement:

“I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who say it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis.”

U2’s Bono is considered a Green King who can ”knight” people for their green energy projects.
But even he was enjoying the fireworks on a terrace over that street in Nice, France when the jihadi rode over hundreds.
Matt Damon is so green he reeks.
Yet he takes private jets thousands of miles just to be seen at a talk about green energy and living!
Obama claims green is the way to go.
But his own money isn’t in the game, ours was.
And he lost it all for us.
Then he jets off thousands of miles (each way) in an older gas-guzzler just to golf nearer his Choom Gang buddies.

Their words are belied by their actions.

I am adding this because it relates to climate change idiots. I was on FB. I should know better. I shared a “Coal Miner’s Matter” post, made a comment about people not giving a shit about them, lyin’ crooked Hillary traveling through WV, and the lack of “white privilege” in Appalachia and a thank you to the EPA for making the laws instead of Congress. I advocated no violence. It was not really a radical comment. It took them about 15 minutes to take it down. Is it really this bad now? Thought police? I have not been on FB for 2 yrs. Stupid me. Keep on preachin’ Brother Bob. At least you can say the truth on here; for now anyway. I am beyond shocked at what will happen next in this country.

@Nanny G: It REALLY pisses me off when you see their mansions with lights on all over, fountains, God knows how many kilowatts they use each day. So many people out here with one light on in a room trying to keep their electric bill down.

these nature freaks wont be happy until were a ll living in cave worshipping nature and wildthings making sacrifices to their various pagan deities they worship during their dumb Earthday celebrations and stating in our caves when their a solar or lunar eclypes and sitting lotus style in the grass meditating arms at sides thumb and finger forming little o’s and going OOOOOOOMMMMM OOOOOMMMMM OOOOOMMM while listening to the calls of whales and wolves

@Brother Bob: I don’t know how to do that from FB. I am way behind the times.

A few years ago in West Virginia some miners showed their being fed up with these stupid enviromentalists one of their signs read TREE HUGGERS GO HOME yeah TREE HUGGERS STAY AWAY

Tree huggers never admit that trees are a “renewable resource.” That’s why I keep my bills coming through the mail. It keeps people in jobs, including the US Post Office.

Dont forget that nutcase Julia(Butterfly)Hill who spent two years sittting ina tree she named LUNA(Lunatics like her and her friends)then raised a big fuss when someone went and cut around the girth of Luna and i’ll bet her and the rest of her granola munching twats are all Pro Choice(Pro-Abortion)and back some years ago some bunch were crying big tears over the tree that were chopped down

As they cry over de-forestation, the wingnutz now want wood skyscrapers, yes wood, I guess the lessons of the great fires of Chicago, London and Rome are forgotten.

Yeah like back in the 1990’s when we were being told that the rainforests were being wiped out at the size of 10 city blocks a minute and the rainforests were the Lungs of the Earth(Only if you beleive that GAIA poppycock)and the usial suckers fell for it Hook,Line & Sinker and sent in their money to some eco-wacko group(Rainforests Alliance,Rainforest Action Network Etc)and then there was hollywood actor Woody Harrelson and this Save the Redwoods and him and some eco-wackos got arrested climbing the Goldengate Pridge to unferal SAVE THE REDWOODS banners and then theres Robert Redford getting into it all

Sometimes enviromentalists themselves can be the biggist bunch of hypotcrites around just look at Leonardo DiCaprio flying around the world to give long boring lectures on Global Warming Al Gore vast estates the other various Hollywood idiots and the eco-wacko groups themselves especialy GREENPEACE in their deisel powred ships and their zodiacs with their gasoline engines and the leaders of these eco-freak groups living in their big homes and driving their cars and the useful idiots taking part in the PEOPLES CLIMATE MARCH and those idiots in their PLASTIC KAYAKS protesting against the Shell Oil rig

@kitt: Sounds like a disaster in the making. I read that too. It might make for a good lawsuit when one burns. Most ordinary people know that wood houses burn faster than brick. That’s why the insurance man asks about the construction of your house.

@Songbird: They are talking about either taking the big trees, or the rapid growing trees and man make big timbers, ok what chemicals will be used are they safe for long term exposure? If when they get wet will the fibers swell and seperate like MDF, and if they burn will the chemicals cause toxic fumes like some foams and plastics ? Really less likely than steel to burn?

Frankly these enviromentalists need the ESA shoved down their throats i mean the EARTH JUSTICE idiots want to violate Private Property over this. TREE HUGGERS GO HOME

@kitt: P.T. Barnum said there one born every minute.

Songbird, And these suckers marched in the People Climate March back in Sept 2014 they opose fracking and are the Keep it in the ground types and they send in money to GREENPEACE so they can keep their garbage scows(Rainbow Warrior II and Arctic Sunrise,Etc)fueled and gas for their Zodiacs and to fuel the leer and gulfstream jets of their grand Eexhaulted Poo Poo Heads

@Spurwing Plover: I try not to pay too much attention to them because they are so absurd and just plain stupid. I just get to pissed off. Their money and time would be much better spent on people in need. There is political speak and environmental speak. That’s garbage.

We used to have one of those stupid enviroenralists organiztion in our largly agriculteral community they want and got the water to the klamath Basin cut off over two worthless trash fish(sucker fish)and a salmon(Coho)that could be bought at the store back in 2001 the fatcs was their leader lived in a LOG HOME and and had a second home with a wood burning water heater and their HQ was also made of wood with a dumb wooden fish shaped sign on the front after the Klamath Basin incdent they disbanded but their leader is still doing his dirty work using the ESA

Kerry now says that Air Conditioners are more dagerous then ISIS Please tell me if Kerry is not crazier then a loon? Bust thena loon is lot more sane then these liberal demacrats with their screwed up minds

@Spurwing Plover: Geezzz Where did you read that? I would like a good laugh. I think his wife has been putting something in his ketchup.

@Spurwing Plover: Kerry did say that its because AC keeps the elderly and very young alive in excessive heat, useless eaters, non tax paying drains on their resources.
They banned Freon now after HFCs.

Then im guilty becuase i have a Air Conditioner so that means al those that have air conditionners are guilty of crimes against the earth Yeah these eco-wackos just get more rediculous and idiotic all the time Frankly Kerry needs to quit using a air conditoner and so should all those eco-wackos