It ain’t over


hillary lie


Back in October Hillary Clinton testified, under oath, before Congress. About her emails she testified:

“Well, I don’t know why he had emails I didn’t. And I don’t know why, apparently, I had emails he didn’t. And all I can tell you is that I turned over every work related email in my possession.”

And she testified that:

“nothing was marked classified at the time I sent or received it.”

Here are her public assertions.


Lying to the public is not a crime, but it is lying and speaks to her

There were a couple of masterful questioning periods during today’s hearings involving FBI Director James Comey; one by Jason Chaffetz and one by Trey Gowdy. Now, keeping in mind the above statements, here is Gowdy:


Here is the exchange:

  • Gowdy: “Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails, either sent or received. Is that true?”
  • Comey: “That’s not true, there were a small number of portion markings on, I think, three of the documents.”
  • Gowdy: “Secretary Clinton said, ‘I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email, there is no classified material.’ Was that true?”
  • Comey: “There was classified material emailed.”
  • Gowdy: “Secretary Clinton said she used just one device. Was that true?”
  • Comey: “She used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state.”
  • Gowdy: “Secretary Clinton said all work-related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true?”
  • Comey: “No, we found work-related emails, thousands, that were not returned.”


And here is Chaffetz:



Watch as Comey dodges the “reasonable person” questions as to how someone would be treated were her name not Clinton.

Clinton did lie to Congress under oath, and Chaffetz promised a referral to the FBI for an investigation.

FBI Director James Comey told Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) that he did not recall reviewing Clinton’s testimony to the House Benghazi Committee in which she declared to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) that “[t]here was nothing marked classified on my e-mails, either sent or received.”

“I’m aware of that being said though,” Comey said.

Asked whether the FBI had investigated that and other relevant statements, Comey responded, “Not to my knowledge. I don’t think there’s been a referral from Congress.”

“Do you need a referral from Congress to investigate her statements under oath?” Chaffetz asked, to which Comey responded, “Sure do.”

With a chuckle, Chaffetz said, “You’ll have one. You’ll have one in the next few hours.”

It’s going to be entertaining watching democrats argue that Clinton is not “sophisticated” despite her being “an original classification authority.”

Speaking with Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), Comey disputed the Republican lawmaker’s assumption that Clinton was well-versed in the world of classification levels and related information.

“I don’t think that our investigation established she was actually particularly sophisticated with respect to classified information and the levels and treatment,” Comey said.

“Isn’t she an original classification authority though?” DeSantis asked, to which Comey responded, “Yes, Sir, yes, Sir.”

DeSantis exclaimed, “Good grief.”

Read this– all of it. And also remember what Comey said when asked about the Clinton Foundation.

It ain’t over.

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Yeah, it’s definitely over.

So they are going to ask the same bunch who let her off the hook with the emails to investigate her for lying to Congress? Gee, I wonder what the outcome of that will be. This is a waste of time and money. It would be better spent declaring July 5th “Hillary Clinton Day” whereby everyone else in the country is held to the same standards that day as her and the other Party elites. In other words, the rest of us can commit any crime (or crimes) we want that day with no possibility of prosecution.

@another vet: The Clinton foundation is not out of the woods yet. I am sure she sent emails to it. The issue of the uranium is being followed up by organizations seeking FOIA documents. She may need a Trump pardon in the future.

On a totally different topic… Very disturbing reports are just now coming in about the earlier Dallas shooting. Let’s hope this one, from out 10 minutes ago, isn’t accurate. It was sent by a local TV station’s senior reporter:

@Randy: The standard of proof for the email scandal was far less than what will be needed for the Clinton Foundation. It is very difficult to prove corruption charges and white collar crime. If they were able to skate the obvious with the email lawbreaking, they will surely skate the other one as well. Comey has shown that the FBI “career investigators” who handled the email crimes and himself are either political hacks just like Lynch and company or are so incompetent they couldn’t catch a whore in a whorehouse. I vote the former.

Damn. CNN is now reporting the same details.

This is so inane. The general public knows nothing. It wants to know nothing, just like Sgt. Schultz. The leftist press wants to tell nothing to the public about this. No one will protest the withholding of information. Hillary Clinton is a woman. We need a woman president. Just like we needed a black president. It doesn’t matter that she is a criminal liar and evil reprobate. She is likely to get elected by ignorant folk through devious means by leftists with an evil agenda. Her election is sure to eliminate what is left of America.

There is only one avenue left to rational Americans. Trump is not the candidate we would like to have. He is sometimes irrational, sometimes liberal, sometimes wacko. But he is not an ideologue with a statist agenda. He has made his billions, and gotten the Republican nomination. He is a capitalist and a second amendment supporter. We must throw our support behind him, because the alternative is completely unacceptable.

@Angel Artiste: She will lead us like sheep to the slaughter.

@another vet: We certainty don’t have access to lawyers like Hillary,almost too numerous to count. How many did they say were with her at her FBI interrogation? I think it was between 6-10 and staff members. No way would she make a “misstatement.” It’s really sad that this is the way it works. Apparently lawyers are really good at destroying evidence too, I mean at deleting beyond recovery.

“The Bulldog, Trey Gowdy, rapid-fired through Hillary Clinton’s lies during a House hearing on Thursday.”

Trey “The Bulldog” Gowdy? Hilarious. The only thing “rapid-fire” is the between-syllables video cuts they had to do of James Comey’s replies to make it look like Gowdy’s list of talking points were being confirmed. The first one takes it to the point of absurdity. People really don’t notice this sort of thing?


Less then 24 hours after our master-of-distractions (president) blew the dog whistle his obedient minions obliged him.
The worst attack on American law enforcement since 9-11-01 and Obama comes out (again) against the guns instead of the perps.
But, this is an effective distraction for Hillary.
It is a distraction that cost at least 5 lives.

@Spurwing Plover: Bill was disbarred for lying.

Hillary will not go to jail. Hillary was NEVER going to go to jail. Have no disillusions, that was never going to happen. However, based on WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON it is of paramount importance that she NEVER see the inside of the White House ever again. She needs to be permanently barred from any access to any classified information. She needs to be ruined, politically, so she never can gain the trust of the public (aside from the usual dim-witted contingent) again.

Trump was given yesterday an entire campaign’s worth of high-grade material to use against Hillary. I only hope he can rationally and judiciously use this material, extensively and repeatedly, to make the point that Hillary is totally, completely and comprehensively unsuited for ANY public office, much less POTUS. I also hope he unleashes Gingrich with this message, because he is just about the best speaker and orator that can be hoped for to deliver this message calmly, effectively and convincingly.

The media LOVES to cover Trump. Every time he so much as farts, ALL media gives him extensive coverage in the hopes that he will finally do SOMETHING that verifies their unfounded accusations. He needs to deliver the message of Hillary FINALLY being caught lying, under oath, before Congress, and covering up her corruption and incompetence repeatedly, loudly and factually.

@Greg: Yes, the worst is realized here in Dallas. Details are few, but already Obama has come out with his anti-gun agenda. Of course, this is the guy that stated no one has ever been more qualified to be President than a lying, corrupt, now criminal incompetent, so take that for what it’s worth.

One of the shooters, who killed himself with an IED, stated he was doing this in support of BLM and he wanted to kill white people… a theme the left has promoted and Obama and Hillary have done nothing to tamp down.

Comey also testified during his appearance that between 2-10 individuals of Clinton’s team had not only access to classified data but also read top secret data despite not having a ‘security clearance’! Image that!
Taken together with her testimony without the usual oath one takes as well as Comey being absent from that ‘questions and answers’ session – one can safely conclude that not was this interview with her a clusterf$ck but also warranted being charged by enabling those without a security clearance to read classified and top secret data on Hillary’s server..

The assassination of the Dallas police officer appeared to be well organized as though it involved agents from our own government. This assassin was heavily armed and ambushed these offices from a high rise garage. He had bombs and other devices which are normally carried by ISIS. The protest/march was intentionally routed to pass that high rise building. Doug Hagmann spoke with one officer who gave him that information.

@Songbird: We also have to consider that even if Comey wanted to see Hillary prosecuted, it would have been the FBI Director vs. the POTUS (or in his case a more accurate title would be Premier), a former POTUS, the democrats’ presidential nominee, and the AG. It’s obvious who would win out. Obama’s statements from a couple of months back whereby he stated that Hillary was very careless but not criminal is remarkably similar to Comey’s statement. It was his way of saying, “Here’s the way this is going down.” This has been rigged from at least that point in time if not sooner.

This will be one brutal campaign. The stakes for Hillary are very high. Not only is the presidency at stake, but so is her legal future. If she loses, she will very likely be prosecuted given the number of prominent former judges and prosecutors who have said this was a no-brainer for prosecution. Some of them will no doubt be considered for AG. Not only will she be prosecuted, but there most likely won’t be any pardons coming any time soon given her crooked past. Expect lots of underhandedness this election. The dems and Clinton smear machine will pull out all the stops. I’m sure the number of dead voting this year will set a record. Also expect Obama to pull a Bill Clinton and try to get as many illegals “naturalized” as possible before the election so they can vote too.

@cali: Comey basically said, “Hillary is a criminal, but we will charge no crimes.” Anyone that cannot understand why this only raises more questions is too stupid to be left unattended.

@another vet: I’ve said it before. The election will be decided in the “rust belt”—Michigan, Penn. and Ohio. Win 2 and you are Prez–that simple.
I won’t vote for either of these deeply flawed candidates—As always, I will vote.
Semper Fi

@Richard Wheeler: Neither of their candidacies (especially Trump’s) would have been possible without an Obama presidency first. Thanks for doing your part!

@another vet: If it wasn’t Obama you’d have had HRC for eight She easily beats Mac and Mitt.
Why any sane Repubs. would pick Trump over Kasich is for you to explain.
Obama approval north of 50%–you’re welcome

BTW Most likely– women (52% of electorate) will elect HRC. It’s their turn–don’t you love Democracies?

@Richard Wheeler: Because Kasich is milk toast. People that have been taking a beating for the past 8 years are sick of PC and an aversion to speak the truth if it includes some unsavory words.

With few exceptions, when Trump speaks, he speaks like he is having a conversation with YOU. Furthermore, he sees the frustration and what people are frustrated with. The true insanity is bending over backwards not to identify radical Islamic terrorism. The true insanity is keeping open borders, excusing criminal illegal immigrants and luring in every illegal immigrant available while the job market suffers for citizens. The real insanity is excusing blatant violations of the law by members of the administration why other folks are prosecuted.

Trump may be an overreaction in the opposite direction, but it is a reaction to lunacy.

@Richard Wheeler:

If it wasn’t Obama you’d have had HRC for eight She easily beats Mac and Mitt.

She would have won in ’08 because it was a change election. No one has anyway of predicting ’12.

Obama approval north of 50%–you’re welcome

Santa Claus has always been popular. My niece and nephew will send you a thank you card when they have to deal with the long term damage he has done to the country like imploding the national debt. This is another area you and I disagree on. This is a popularity contest to you. To me, it’s about the long term health of the country. Remember, Truman’s popularity was in the 20’s when he left office. Obama couldn’t hold a candle to the WWI artillery Vet. This is a country, not a football game.

Looks like HRC is still under investigation for lying to Congress.

@another vet: I am familiar with the statement made by Obama in April that used the same language as Comey’s, like careless, negligent, it was a mistake that she admitted. While the investigation was still going on. He is a Harvard law grad. He knows better. Yes it smells like corruption. It looks to be at the highest level.

Nothing will happen to her. Congress has her cold on a perjury charge but she’ll get off. The Big Money Oligarchs want her in the White House and it’s going to happen. The last time I saw the government and media move in one direction like this was in 1963 when Kennedy was shot down like a rabid dog on a Dallas street. Then too, Big Money moved quickly to put down any talk of a conspiracy. JFK was killed by a lone nut assassin who was killed by a lone nut assassin…and that was that!

Decades later we found that Kennedy had nixed fighting a land war in SE Asia. That was not going to stand and Lyndon Johnson saw that it didn’t. Too much money on the table.

Same thing here. Clinton represents Wall Street, Big Media, corporations, and certain governments that have heavily invested in the Clinton Foundation and in her and Bill’s “speeches”. She’s golden.

@Richard Wheeler:

Obama approval north of 50%–you’re welcome

That’s pretty low considering he has a corrupt media that praises his every move and helps blame all his failures on racism, obstruction or Bush. Why isn’t it 80% or higher? I guess around half the people can see through the propaganda.

I was reading a novel to get my mind off of Dallas. There was a quote that sums up Comey’s statement on the investigation and questions before Congress. “There is no truth in the courtroom, only what you can prove.

There were carefully crafted questions and answers. With Comey it was short answers, yes and no to the right questions. That is a well prepared witness. It is what he said and and what he could not say. That is what we need to pay attention to.If there were no facts in evidence to prove obstruction of justice or criminal intent he could not say that it happened. I am no attorney and do not pretend to know the laws the FBI used to make their conclusions. But I have worked with them and that’s just the way it works.

Not enough evidence? Then we need some more, because most of us know Hillary’s past behavior and ability to lie and try to keep her statements legal. Can anyone say, “Not to my best recollection”? You don’t admit to guilt with that while under oath.

So it ain’t over and the American public will be the jury. We can look at the whole picture, not just evidence produced thus far by the FBI. After all she has lied to us over and over. And I am also!utely sure the Cover-up started with her. She is on auto pilot with that.

@another vet: Yes it will be brutal.

@VoteOutIncumbents: I doubt anything will happen to her either unless a smoking gun is found on her and photos to prove it, Naahhh, she would just say it was photo shopped.

@Bill, #22:

With few exceptions, when Trump speaks, he speaks like he is having a conversation with YOU.

There’s a reason for that. It has to do with his skill at manipulating his target audience. Those who aren’t part of it only hear angry words and appropriated political propaganda memes and slogans, delivered one after the other in speeches devoid of any actual substance.

Trump the Candidate is a bag of hot air. Trump the President, thankfully still hypothetical, would be a totally unknown quantity. He has held no consistent positions on anything and has stated no detailed plan. His ego is limitless. No one has a clue what that guy might turn into, if allowed to place a crown on his own head.

Then there’s the fact that you could be pairing Trump up with a republican-majority Congress that is one of the most extreme and most dysfunctional on record. I know you like what they say, but suppose for a moment that they were granted their every wish. How would that work out for the average American in the real world? Conversely, suppose Trump ran wild, and they were no more effective at reining him in than you always complain they’ve been at curtailing Obama. They certainly haven’t been able to control him as their party’s presumptive nominee. There’s something to consider.

I’ll take Hillary Clinton over those unknowns any day of the week, thank you very much.

@Greg: @Greg: As opposed to speaking from a teleprompter and spouting pablum-flavored lies, like Obama and Hillary does. Now Hillary, Bernie-style, is offering free college tuition. Obama lies, Hillary lies. You voted for Obama, want to vote for Hillary, yet you criticize what Trump says. That’s just bizarre.

@another vet: National debt–nobody has the guts to change that. It would require military cuts–Repubs gonna do that?
Unfortunately politics is like a sporting event—people pick their candidate and go for THE WIN–no ties no compromise–my guy great your guy or gal a fool.Stupid egotists.
Our great PREZ’S could reach across the aisles and compromise for the good of the people—Kennedy, Reagan,. Clinton come to mind. I think Kasich could have done that–possibly Biden or Rubio.
Trump will pull a defeat from the jaws of victory–Repubs regroup and come back with a winner in 2020. Think I’ll write in Bill O

@DrJohn, #12:

Trey Gowdy himself redacted lines from a March 18, 2011 email to Hillary Clinton from her attorney Sidney Blumenthal containing the name of an alleged CIA informant, which Gowdy then asserted to be “some of the most protected information in our intelligence community, the release of which could jeopardize not only national security but human lives.” This he presented as an example of Clinton’s irresponsibility and disregard for classified information.

The CIA then informed both the Democratic and Republican heads of the Select Committee that this was a load of manure. They had previously reviewed the letter and determined that no part of it was actually classified or required redaction.

The man is a lying weasel. This was nothing less than a deliberate attempt to frame a political enemy with altered evidence. Whatever credibility the republican witch hunts had previously should have gone out the window at that point. There’s a totally obvious, long-standing pattern of using their Congressional investigative powers as a partisan political weapon. It’s about the only thing they’ve demonstrated any talent for, and something they’ve pretty much devoted their full attention to. Useful governance is the farthest thing from their minds. With majority control of both the House and the Senate, they have failed to produce any useful legislation. Their full-time attention has been on monkey-wrenching the effectiveness of the Executive Branch and figuring out how to get themselves reelected.

@Richard Wheeler:

National debt–nobody has the guts to change that. It would require military cuts–Repubs gonna do that?

The military has BEEN cut… and the debt still rises. It requires cuts to entitlements… Democrats going to do that? No. Hillary wants to out-Bernie Bernie and offer free tuition. No way to pay for it… just free.

How about controlling illegal immigration, that costs about $300 billion a year. Democrats going to cut that? How about removing some of the tens of thousands of regulations that strangle the economy and tax revenues. Democrats going to cut those?

True, no one expects a Democrat to be fiscally responsible… or even aware. But, it is the left’s demonizing of every fiscal program that does not involve more free stuff… and the media’s complicit support… that prevents economic reform.

@Richard Wheeler: While Kasich would have made a good President, he would have been devoured by the Clinton attack machine and the media just like McCain and Romney were devoured by the Obama attack machine and the media. The only proven fighters were: Cruz, Trump, Walker, Perry, and Christie. The rest would have been used as punching bags.

@another vet: @another vet: Trump will self destruct-no help needed. The others mentioned wouldn’t get enough Indies or Dems like myself. Kasich could “reach across” to get the win. Clinton too weak to effectively attack Kasich.So Repubs lose again–no joy in it for me.