Killing the Refugee Crisis and Campus Fascism Birds with One Stone



Every week it seems that some new story breaks about Crybullies on some college campus having a meltdown over some perceived grievance. Writing for Victor Davis Hanson summarizes the petty nastiness that’s been infecting the college campus landscape:

Today’s students, especially on elite campuses, pride themselves for being cultural warriors. They are determined to make their college experiences referenda on the alleged race, class, and gender inequities of American society more broadly. In pursuit of that noble end, they feel they are entitled to use almost any means necessary to raise social awareness about perceived injustice.

At Rutgers, activist faculty and students succeeded in having Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice withdraw from her invitation to give the commencement address on grounds that she—like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden—supported the Iraq War. At Yale, students cursed out a professor and demanded he apologize for being unsympathetic to campus hypersensitivity over child-like Halloween costumes. At Missouri students and faculty use strong-arm tactics to muscle out any bystander deemed counter-progressive. In 2010, student journalists at the Sanford Daily, in an unsigned editorial, called for the Hoover Institution to “repudiate” me because I had written a column noting that the criteria for, and protocols of, affirmative action had become so arcane, cynical, and Byzantine at most campuses that it was almost impossible to identify who—or why one—qualified for special ethnic, racial or gender consideration.

Deliver a college lecture that includes the Israeli perspective on Middle-East tensions, question the Ferguson “hands up, don’t shoot” mythic narrative, or entertain views contrary to the idea of apocalyptic man-made global warming, and one is likely to be labeled by campus activists as a colonialist, racist, or enemy of the environment deserving to be silenced for the greater good. The end of civil liberties on campus is coming about not suddenly with an authoritarian bang, but insidiously with an egalitarian whimper.

Though campus warriors appear to be hardened would-be revolutionaries, they are more accurately defined by their faint hearts. At Brown University, students claimed that they were traumatized by the inability to square the circle of being full-time social activists and full-time students, and therefore became depressed and stressed out—driving them to counseling and anti-depressants. According to one student, “There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on.” Throughout the year, this student has worked to confront issues of racism and diversity on campus. His role as a student activist has taken a toll on his mental, physical and emotional health: “My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now. Counseling and Psychological Services counselors called me. I had deans calling me to make sure I was okay.”

The Daily Targum, the campus newspaper at Rutgers, complained that after conservative gay activistMilo Yiannopoulos spoke, students had to receive therapeutic support. One student, the Targum reported, “broke down crying” after the event. Another felt “scared to walk around campus the next day.” “It is upsetting that my mental health is not cared about by the University,” reported a student at the event. “I do not know what else to do for us to be heard, for us to be cared about. I deserve an apology, everyone in this room deserves an apology.” Rutgers offered support to wounded students from its Psychiatric Services, the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, and the Rutgers University Police. A definition of the modern cry-bully might be the student who “broke down crying” trying to make a speaker do the same.

Meanwhile, Europe is having some problems of its own with a very different kind of “bullying” It seems that the swarms of recent immigrants who have been welcomed to their countries don’t seem to share the values of their hosts, via Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden:

Young male asylum seekers have turned Sweden’s public swimming pools into ordeals of rape and sexual assault.

Swedish politicians seem convinced that some education on “equality” will change the ways of men, who, since childhood, have been taught that it is the responsibility of women not to arouse them — and therefore the woman’s fault if the man feels like raping her.

More and more Swedes are now avoiding public pools altogether.

Staff at Malmö’s Hylliebadet family adventure pool were given strict instructions not to report certain things, and above all, never to mention the ethnicity or religion of those who cause problems at the pool.

“What the Afghans are doing is not wrong in Afghanistan, so your rules are completely alien to them. … If you want to stop Afghans from molesting Swedish girls, you need to be tough on them. Making them take classes on equality and how to treat women is pointless. The first time they behave badly, they should be given a warning, and the second time you should deport them from Sweden.” — Mr. Azizi, manager of a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan

For many years, it was possible to cover up the abuse, not least because the mainstream media chose to call the perpetrators “youth gangs,” and never mention that they were almost always immigrants from Muslim countries. In Malmö, one of the most immigrant-heavy cities in Sweden, and where Swedes have actually been a minority since 2013, the problems at public pools started at least 15 years ago.

In 2003, “youth gangs” were so disruptive to other guests at the indoor water park Aq-va-kul that on several occasions, the establishment was forced to close. Despite investing 750,000 kronor ($88,000) in taller entrance gates, a glass-enclosed reception desk, surveillance cameras, and an Arabic-speaking “pool host” to tackle the security problems, things just kept getting worse. In 2005, senior staff member Bertil Lindberg told the local daily newspaper, Sydsvenskan: “Things have escalated this year. Large gangs of 10-20 young people threaten and provoke other guests as well as the staff. They did not come here to swim; they are just looking for trouble.”

One of the problems is that young Muslim men refuse to take a shower before bathing, and keep their underwear on under their swim trunks. For obvious reasons, this is not allowed, and when the staff call out the violators on this, trouble and threats ensue. On several occasions, gangs have ambushed staff members on their way home from work, and the company was forced to hire guards to make sure employees get home in one piece. Events reached a climax in 2013, when youth gangs smashed the interior, threw objects in the water and threatened other patrons. Aq-va-kul was closed, and the pool was drained and cleaned of shattered glass. A few days later the pool was reopened, but it closed permanently to the public in 2015. Now the facility has been renovated, but is only open to competitive swimmers and swim clubs.

Exasperating the problem is the complicity of the left wing press to cover up sexual assault that does not fit a convenient narrative, as Politico’ Matthew Karnitshnig observes (emphasis mine):

Another is that the broadcasters downplay or conceal events that might rouse the public’s emotions. The alleged gang rape of two teenage girls in southwest Germany on New Year’s Eve by four Syrian refugees was not reported by any of the main news programs, for example, despite the parallels to the attacks in Cologne and other cities.

In other words, just as with the terror attacks in Paris, the culprits in Cologne were most likely homegrown “foreigners.” The real problem, the paper concluded, was likely “failed integration” — German society’s failure to assimilate foreigners.

Just hours after the article appeared, a police report on the assaults surfaced, revealing that many of the suspects were, in fact, refugees.

The German media’s timidity on the Cologne sex assault coverage has presented right-wing agitators with a useful “told you so” moment.

Wait a minute – lefties complaining about hearing “I told you so” from people who they chose to ignore – where have we heard this before? Oh yeah – that would be just a few weeks ago in my “Being a Leftist Means never having to Say You’re Sorry” post:

This leads to my final story, courtesy of Nirak Chokshi of The Washington Post. I don’t even need to excerpt any of the story, as the headline alone gives a perfect summary: German sexual assaults lead to ‘I told you so’ claims on Muslim immigrants in U.S. The article reads exactly as you would expect. And the retort is easy:

“Maybe if you had the two brain cells to understand that bringing in large numbers of men from a culture that treats women like property you would have understood this would happen. As for the ‘I told you so’, if you had anything resembling a conscience and had the slightest capability of introspection you would acknowledge that you were horribly wrong and wouldn’t need the rest of us to beat you over the head with reality!”

So how do these two very unrelated stories tie together? When the news first broke that President Obama was planning to force towns in America to accept hordes of middle eastern migrants, I got into a Facebook food fight with two lefty pals who sniffed that helping people is the right thing to do, and we’re a society and this is why we pay taxes, etc. Both live in the DC area, and when I asked how their efforts were going to put a refugee center in their particular neighborhoods they got unsurprisingly quiet. I’ve suggested putting the Middle Eastern, as well as Mexican immigrants, in some of the tonier left wing enclaves. Hey, these are the people who rail against income inequality, so wouldn’t it make sense to put the migrants in the neighborhoods with the greatest shares of American wealth? And who wouldn’t pay to watch the live footage of a gay pride parade in San Francisco marching near a refugee camp holding a few thousand Muslim “youths”? But then I came up with a better solution, which you’ve probably figured out by now:

Set up refugee camps of Middle Easterners on college campuses across the country! Think about what a great educational opportunity this would be!

Rape culture? Oh, you wonderful campus feminists are going to learn about what a rape culture looks like. Hey, we feel bad for you looking stupid while quoting that factually challenged “1 in 5 college women get raped” statistic – at least now you’ll finally be correct when you throw out that number!

Trigger warnings? Oh yes, some of you will know what a trigger warning looks like. And safe spaces? You’ll be redefining that term, too. And when you look for someone to protect you you’d better hope that your friendly college administration hasn’t driven every male with a trace of masculinity off campus. Estrogen-envy suffering male feminists will probably display their sexism when they’re grateful that they can outrun you while being pursued by mobs of “youths”.

Feeling threatened by the University allowing Customs and Border Patrol to recruit at your campus? Great! We’ll convert the lounges in your dorms to refugee centers where we can cram as many “undocumented Americans” as we can fit in them. You’ll quickly become acquainted with the grievances addressed in the last two paragraphs!

Are you feeling that the university officials don’t care about you? Wait until actual rapes start happening and they get covered up by your government and the press because your life means less than them being able to cling to their narrative!

Of course, this probably qualifies as another one of my bad ideas, and would naturally create other problems. But if it causes one problem to keep another one from bothering the rest of us how bad can it be?

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Please comment on the rate of sexual assault in our US military academies
I read that during their 4 years 10% of women at Annapolis will be assaulted

Aldaus Huxley wrote: ”Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
How true.
Remember when the Left media was denying the existence of ”no-go zones,” in Europe?
But just yesterday we learned (again) that the area police had to go to arrest one of the Paris murderers was an area they had CEDED to Islamic law and did not go in.
A ”no-go zone.”
This is real:
This is what the immigrants are holding out for:
That is also slavery, not just becoming sex slaves and rape victims.
Both of these are slavery.
The unassimilated refugee males want slavery of all females.
Sadly there are liberals who would give it to them.

pride themselves for being cultural warriors

Pretty funny considering they are not warriors and have no culture.

There is quite a difference between a gang rape of a woman documented by police and statistics developed through a questionnaire. Trying to compare rape n the Military Academies with the gang rapes in Europe are not comparable circumstances. Apples to Oranges. All rape is wrong, but when a woman is surveyed long after the incident, she may often see the incident differently afterwards. Remember the Duke and similar accusations that had been recorded as rape afterwards?

“I read that during their 4 years 10% of women at Annapolis will be assaulted”
The key word here is “assaulted”.
That would be anything from a glance from a male to verbal threats.
I’ll bet 99% of those “assaults” were simply a male student looking at a female student. Or saying something that she didn’t like.
So, John, what percentage of cadets were convicted of sexual assault?
Yeah, not buying that crap anymore.

stupidity and ignorance has no cure. uneducated and sub culturally driven, illiterate individuals can not speak or write a sentence and have arrived on campus under a minority status. e warren is a prime example of cultural lies-she has no Indian in her but utilized this lie to enter Harvard.
cultural warriors, what a joke, they have no idea of combat is other than matching with signs, looting and screaming.
American collage administrators when are you going to realize that this stupidity and protest has bankrupted your institution? forgot, most professors and administrators are democrats that have been castrated by political correctness.
America is now a third world country.
big question, all or these alleged warriors will eventually wind up on welfare.

@Nanny G:

The unassimilated refugee males want slavery of all females.
Sadly there are liberals who would give it to them.

And women that will vote for them and ‘it’!

@MOS #8541: Due respect Marine but if you can’t spell college correctly you probably shouldn’t be lecturing on education..
If you are a Conservative why would you vote for Populist/Dem Trump over Cruz–one reason please.
Semper Fi.

@Robert What?:

Pretty funny considering they are not warriors and have no culture.

Their sniveling whining about right wing speakers and need for “counseling” after hearing conservative or Republican speakers, makes them complete pussies.