The Dangerous Extremists Hiding In Plain View (Guest Post)


In an attempt to crush opposition, the ruling elites and the mainstream media will demonize people who dare to disagree with them as “extremists”. If you disagree with immigration you’re an extremist. If you oppose forcibly imposed multiculturalism you’re an extremist. If you’re against creeping Islamization and the imposition of sharia you’re an extremist. And if you dare to vote for any political party or politician who opposes the established political elite or global governmental organizations such as the European Union or the United Nations, you’re an extremist.

The aim is of course to portray opponents to the established parties and their pernicious social experiments as “right-wing extremists” thus framing them as hated Nazis and Fascists. It’s a devious tactic relying on the ignorance of the masses who’ve been brainwashed into believing that Nazism and Fascism are extreme right-wing ideologies. However, as I explained in a previous article, both Fascism and Nazism are of the left.

So who are the real extremists? On the outside, they’re nowhere near as obvious to spot as Hitler’s Nazis or Mussolini’s Fascists. Today’s dangerous extremists are far more cunning and much less obvious. Gone are the military uniforms and jackboots. Instead, they dress smartly in designer suits, they kiss babies and smile for the cameras and they claim to be champions of the people. They portray themselves as honourable, trustworthy moral crusaders fighting against oppression, discrimination, poverty and injustice.

Hiding behind this manufactured veneer of faux respectability lurks a very different picture. These self-proclaimed fighters against injustice who love to demonize those who have the audacity to oppose them as extremists are anything but honourable representatives of the people. Beyond the anaesthetizing narratives they’re determinedly conducting the most heinous crimes and deceptions ever carried out against a people. As these self-righteous devious authoritarians point an accusing finger at human beings whose only crime is the natural desire to preserve their identities and nations, they are:

1.Deceiving their people on an unprecedented scale. Since the end of the Second World War, the goal of Western ruling elites has been to establish one-world governance whether the people want it or not. In pursuing this long-term aim, power-hungry self-serving Western elites committed one of the grandest deceptions ever committed: The creation of what is now called the European Union. From the outset, this supra-national project was all about political union and the dismantling of Western European states. Not only was this concealed from the people of Europe, European politicians deceived their people into believing the aim was merely to establish a common trading block. And this deception was conducted using taxpayer money! Surrendering sovereignty then forcing people to pay taxes to two governments, one of which is entirely unaccountable, sounds like an extreme act to this author.

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose. But which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.” – Jean Monet, Founding Father of the European Union

It’s a similar story with the United Nations. Equally as corrupt as the EU, the UN was sold as an organization to foster peace between nations after the horror of World War Two but is just another ever-growing leviathan pursuing global governance. That delegates from totalitarian states such as the People’s Republic of China, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, nations that have no regard for human rights sit on UN human rights commissions tells you all you need to know about how corrupt this nest of vipers has become. In a world where morality has been turned upside down, accusations of extremism levelled at the UN are conspicuous by their absence.

2.Stealing from the people, paying themselves inflated salaries and awarding themselves all manner of expenses. In Great Britain, the expenses scandal exposed the contempt Members of Parliament hold for the British people. In addition to claiming expenses for essentials such as cleaning a moat and renting pornographic videos, MPs were also playing the housing market using taxpayer money. One can’t help but wonder why the British people don’t regard this outrageous abuse of taxpayers as “extreme.”

In the United States, the principle of government of the people, for the people, by the people, has been abandoned. Half of congress members are millionaires and surprisingly, there are more Democrat millionaires than Republican. As George Orwell rightly stated, some animals are more equal than others. Corruption in Congress is rife and instead of serving the best interests of the people, US politicians now serve the interests of powerful corporations. The Third Way, a merger of state and corporate power pioneered by Benito Mussolini, is alive and kicking in the home of the free but don’t expect anyone to call it extreme. Only patriots who oppose this perversion of democracy are the real fascists.

3.Implementing punitive taxation then redistributing this wealth of the people to a gamut of foreign governments via foreign aid. Recipients of this largesse include rogue governments such as Pakistan, Sudan, Colombia, Palestinian Authority, globalist organizations especially the UN and the EU and the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. Even failed, criminal banksters were bailed out by Western governments using taxpayer money. Welcome to corporate welfare! This was an act of Fascism committed in plain view but most Westerners were completely unaware of it. They didn’t seem to understand the message their rulers sent them either: If you fail, you pay. If banks and corporations fail, you pay. It’s like a game of Russian roulette but the gun is only ever pointed at the heads of the people.

Is bailing out failed, private – and in many cases, criminal – corporations with taxpayer cash acceptable or is it extreme? You tell me.

4.Refusing to protect and enforce borders and importing millions of aliens from the third world. Legally or illegally it matters not a jot. In doing so, Western governments are deliberately diluting the identities and cultures of their nations. The invasion is paid for by honest, law-abiding citizens who are paying for their own towns and cities to be colonized. Furthermore, these aliens will be allowed to vote and will of course vote for the elites who are importing them and handing them all manner of benefits. Such actions amount to the most appalling, may I say “extreme”? – acts of gerrymandering ever committed. And to add insult to injury, the elite “champions of the people and fighters for justice” impose punitive laws to enforce “positive discrimination” and put the interests of immigrants above the interests of the native population. But passing laws that demonize and criminalize your own people, disgracefully judging them to be guilty of the Orwellian thought-crime of racism by default isn’t extreme oh no. Patriots who refuse to cooperate with the surrender of their territory and with it their own gradual demise are the real extremists.

5.Waging a stealth war to dismantle the family unit. Sex education programs in schools promote promiscuity and pornography. The aim is to make marriage undesirable by encouraging women to place hedonism and a career above having a family. Feminist narratives are propagated in the mainstream media to portray men as women-haters who have abused women for centuries. Divorce is big business throughout the West with the goal being to remove the father from the family. Quickie divorces are now common, so much for the principle of upholding contracts. Instead of helping couples stay together, divorce laws make it easy for the family to be broken. This assault on the traditional family unit has resulted in such low birth rates, many Western countries are simply not breeding sufficiently to replace themselves and maintain the culture.

6. Aborting millions of healthy but unwanted babies. Eugenics, the practice of deciding who has the right to life is a alive and kicking in Western nations just as it was in Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. By allowing women the legal right to murder their unwanted healthy babies, the fighters against oppression and injustice have relegated these most vulnerable of human beings as “untermenschen.” Their only crime is to live in the womb of their mothers but because they’re inconvenient, they lose the right to be treated as human beings and can be disposed of in the trash. Since abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973, over 55 million babies have been aborted. Such mass murder of innocents isn’t extreme though, the real extremists are the ones who oppose this holocaust of the innocents.

7.Importing millions of Muslims into their nations and are demanding the people tolerate Islam, an extremist religion which has waged non-stop jihad against unbelievers across all faiths since 622. It’s one of the greatest betrayals ever committed in Western history and the consequences have been beyond dire.

Islamic practices such as women being forced to wear hijabs, female genital mutilation, child brides , honour killings and halal ritual slaughter of animals all common in Islamic states have now been imported into a civilized society where these inhumane, cruel practices had ended long ago. It’s important to remember that the first victims of Islam are Muslims, especially women and girls.

Devout Muslim males emulating the perfect example of their prophet have brought a rape epidemic to Europe with gang rapes of infidel women being one of the most diabolical strategies of Islamic jihad. Yet those self-aggrandizing elites and their lickspittle lackeys in the media – who claim to fight for women’s rights and equality of the sexes – went to great lengths to cover up these heinous crimes against women. In the British town of Rotherham, it transpired that over 1400 girls had been raped by Muslims and that the government, police and social services had known about it and covered it up for a decade.

What’s that you say? Those responsible should be accountable for betraying those girls? Come on, what are you, some kind of “right-wing extremist?”

As if that wasn’t enough, after the terror attacks on 9/11 in New York, on 7/7 in London, and more recently in Paris in January and November 2015, deadly attacks carried out by jihadists fighting in the cause of Allah that slaughtered thousands of infidels, still the elites who are just as culpable for these atrocities dare to call those who correctly assert that Islam is not a peaceful religion “Islamophobic extremists.” By deceiving their own people about the reality of Islam, I assert they are knowingly and deliberately placing them in grave danger. In a sane society, those committing such a betrayal would be regarded as dangerous extremists.

You’ve just read seven examples of how the ruling elites throughout the West are deceiving their own people. I could add many more, not least the deceptions deployed by Western governments and the mainstream media to justify illegal, murderous wars in Serbia and Iraq. I will leave these deceptions for another time as there isn’t space here to cover them.

Far from being decent, honorable champions of the people fighting for justice and equality, the ruling elites are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They’re the new “do as we say, not as we do, we know better than you” self-serving authoritarians who believe the people exist to serve them. They see human beings as guinea pigs and their nations as laboratories fit for conducting pernicious social experiments to mould society as they want it. They certainly don’t exist to serve the people who they deceive with impunity.

Yet somehow the people of the West do not regard the devious politicians and media charlatans as “extremists” and allow themselves to be deceived over and over again. One hopes that one day soon, they will wake up to their own betrayal committed by the real and very dangerous extremists hiding in plain view.

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A political rally is for supporters of a candidate. Protesters are allowed to protest outside, but are not by law allowed to enter. That is true whether a candidate is Democrat, Republican, third party or independent..It’s a Constitutional right, The Freedom of Assembly. But of course fascist-socialist don’t give a damn about the Constitution or freedoms.

Entrance to a political event is usually allowed to those who have tickets
If tickets are not required anyone is allowed there is no loyalty oath required before attendance

Please note that when people have disrupted Dem events they have NIT been assaulted as is frequently been reported at Trump
events but never/seldom at GOP events except with Trump
Trump himself has often been quoted at these events encouraging his people to “rough them up” saying that they should be “carried out on stretchers”

@Nanny G:
That is not certain Nanny is it ? Guns make it quite easy to kill themselves?
The state with the highest suivide rates also gave high gun ownership rates
More than 50% if all suicudes in the USA are done with guns
Certainly you would have to agree that at least some woukd not have happened if a gun was not easily available

Guns make it very easy to kill oneself or another
I do not think it should be easy to do either


“Civil rights activist” is what the most of media the is calling the “protestors”. The same group that burnt Ferguson when Brown was shot to death-Brown had just robbed a store and was confronted by an officer unaware of that. Justified homicide, add another number to rest.

Who controls the police in Chicago?

Who really are the “protestors” and what part do they play in “Trump Violence”.

The media prepped us for “Trump Violence” when a 26 year old jackass, cursing flipping off the supporters pissed off a 78 year man to the point he wanted to punch him in the face. Skin color had not a damn thing to do with it.

First person take and note the lack of policing.

True elements of the Nazi party were leftist who instigate violence then blamed the victims for it… And the press supported it.

And as the MSM whines about Trump violence they will not report the whole story.

@John: Certainly you would have to agree that at least some woukd not have happened if a gun was not easily available

Sure, maybe some SMALL number of suicides MIGHT not happen unless a gun was present, but most people that motivated will find a way.
The old wrists slit in the hot tub would make a comeback, perhaps.

Better look at who supported the Nazis and helped them gain power
Prescott Bush ? He was almost indicted for trading with the Nazis after Pearl
Henry Ford? I guess you would call him a “leftist” also
Almost all who speak Enhlish say that the Nazus were right wing fascists, certainly if they were not they would not have been supported by German industrialist and bankers
Even the other GOP candidates are speaking up about the violence that occurs primarily at Trump rallies
I am quite pleased by how I think the 2016 POTUS election will end. Are you as confident?
Perhaps that is why you choose to insult others who do don’t have the same politics as yourself

@Nanny G:
Thankfully most people who slit their wrists do not die, especially if the cut is on the wrists, think of all those Africans who had their hands cut off (mostly by Christians) during the blood diamond wars
The thing about suicide by gun is that after you cant change your mind and call for help like pills or cutting
After you pull that trigger it is over

Most people who attempt suivide fail on their first time
Except when using a gun


Please note that when people have disrupted Dem events they have NIT been assaulted as is frequently been reported at Trump

Please note that many have protested in Republican events and not been assaulted. However, now BEING assaulted is the goal, so they provoke and throw punches until their is retaliation. It is an old fascist tactic.

Prescott Bush ? He was almost indicted for trading with the Nazis after Pearl
Henry Ford? I guess you would call him a “leftist” also

So, Hitler only became the Democrat role model thanks to Bush and Ford (Ford did run for Congress as a Democrat). How utterly stupid to think everyone else is as stupid as you are an will actually believe such garbage.

You, like Greg, with all your excuses, tangents and rationalizing, support fascism and violence and, by doing so, guarantee their will be more, more brutal, violence in response. Of course, in light of the failure of the liberal agenda, violence and the misery of others is your only hope of maintaining power.

Definition of Political Rally:

A “political rally” is a gathering at which people of similar political beliefs listen to speakers or musicians. Political rallies are often high energy events that are used to raise morale and support.

Much like a church, they do not ask if you are member of the faithful, because it is fully expected that the reason you are attending is to hear the message of the speaker. Both religious services and political rallys are free speech events protected by the 1st Amendment under the right of Free assembly. The law sees it as right and proper to for such lawful gathers to eject ,by whatever reasonable means necessary, individuals who are there to disrupt and interfere with the Constitutional rights of those who are there exercising their rights of free assembly.

Yes, sometimes opponents do infiltrate Democrat candidates rallys , but generally, they aren’t as obnoxious and leave peacefully. As such, they generally don’t use violence in their protesting, and don’t force security to drag them out yelling and screaming. That latter kind of intolerable behavior is mostly used by leftist protestors in order to make a public spectacle of themselves. They will often use foul language, insults, push, shove or punch attendees to try to instigate violence.


So, Hitler only became the Democrat role model ..

Let us not forget that Hitler was a great admirer of Democrat President Woodrow Wilson’s heavy handed “progressive” socialism tactics, and adopted and expanded on them for his own administration.

Let’s not forget that American conservatives liked Hitker right up until Pearl
Let’s not forget that American conservatives hated Rooservelt and tried to stop him helping Churchill fight Hitler
Go ahead nominate Trump he will be easiest to best in the election
Americans dislike him and DO compare him to Hitler

The left does love revising history.


Let’s not forget that American conservatives liked Hitker right up until Pearl

A rather simplistic claim that leaves out much and makes inaccurate assumptions. Over-all, the US party leadership, despised Hitler, but allowed US business to business with his nation in hopes his fascist government would serve to staunch Russian communist expansion. This is not so dissimilar to how the US deals with some Islamic nations today.
(The Enemy of my enemy is my friend.) It’s a pretty lame and somewhat false argument to stretch this to infer that “conservatives” supported Hitler, especially when one doesn’t bother to define which type of “conservatives” one is talking about. But that is the modus operandus of trolls, to twist facts and use them to make unsubstantiated claims.

@John: Let’s not forget that the good doctor has shown Obama’s own words promoting violence by his followers and they have followed his instructions well.

At least the Nazis could understand the people they attacked fighting back. They didn’t commence to whining about how mean the people that attacked were to them.

When you say that Hitler and Nazus are not from the right wing you have officially begun we tiring bizzaro English
Try reading two books
Who Financed Hitler
Trading With The Enemy

An interview with Tommy DiMassimo, the guy who rushed Trump’s podium at the Dayton, Ohio rally.

Trump has described him as “a maniac with ties to ISIS.”

I don’t approve of how DiMassimo chose to make his statement. On the other hand, I don’t approve of the statements Trump has been making, either. I suppose I’ll have to acknowledge that DiMassimo did, in fact, manage to have his own message heard. He probably speaks for a lot of people who feel as though Trump has been given a megaphone, and they have had tape placed over their mouths.

@Greg: How about not agreeing with MoveOn and Soros orgainzing violent disruption of rallies?

I haven’t seen any evidence that they have organized violent disruption of rallies. You probably haven’t either.

Who else supported Hitler?:

Some of the primary and more famous Americans and companies that were involved with the fascist regimes of Europe are: William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Kennedy (JFK’s father), Charles Lindbergh, John Rockefeller, Andrew Mellon (head of Alcoa, banker, and Secretary of Treasury), DuPont, General Motors, Standard Oil (now Exxon), Ford, ITT, Allen Dulles (later head of the CIA), Prescott Bush, National City Bank, and General Electric.

William Randolph Hearst (Yellow Journalism Publisher and Democrat Presidential Candidate.)

Joseph Kennedy (JFK’s father, Bootlegger, Banker, Democrat FDR supporter, FDR appointed chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 1938 FDR appointed him ambassador to Britain,)

Charles Lindbergh (Historic pilot, Democrat supporter of Hitler’s Germany, yet promoted US isolationism over entering WW2)

Henry Ford (Automotive innovator and failed Democrat Senate candidate.) An admirer of fellow anti-Semite Hitler, Ford supplied 5-ton trucks to Germany’s Military.

Prescott Bush: (A ‘Progressive’ Republican, was a partner of the wealthiest of New Deal Democrats, Averill Harriman.)

The Democratic party under Franklin Roosevelt (president 1933-1945) was a contradictory coalition of socialists and trade unionists, technocrats and bankers. It incorporated onetime Republican progressives and provided a political home for Catholics and Jews.

However from the Anti-Defamation League Prescott Bush’s Alleged Nazi “Ties”

Rumors about the alleged Nazi “ties” of the late Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, have circulated widely through the Internet in recent years. These charges are untenable and politically motivated.

Despite some early financial dealings between Prescott Bush and a Nazi industrialist named Fritz Thyssen (who was arrested by the Nazi regime in 1938 and imprisoned during the war), Prescott Bush was neither a Nazi nor a Nazi sympathizer

John Rockefeller (Rockefeller Republican)

Rockefeller Republican refers to a faction of the United States Republican Party who held moderate to liberal views similar to those of Nelson Rockefeller. The term largely fell out of use by the end of the twentieth century, and has been replaced by the derisive term RINOs. Many Rockefeller Republicans have since left office, being replaced by either more conservative Republicans or Democrats & left the party altogether, becoming independents & Democrats.

Clearly those 1940’s “progressive’ elites supporting Hitler (up to the attack on Pearl Harbor,) were of both Republican and Democrat party alignment. The only thing “Conservative” about them was their “Fiscal Conservatism” I note that lots of Democrats and RINOs claim to be “Fiscal Conservatives”. But that certainly doesn’t mean they are “Constitutional Conservatives”

‘We shut Trump down!’ Admitted terrorist cheers on anti-Trump protesters in Chicago

MoveOn, BLM, Socialists, remnants of Occupy Wall Street, Bill Ayers…Getting the band back together for 2016.
— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) March 12, 2016

We shut Trump down! Beautiful gathering of anti racist youth.

— Bill Ayers (@WilliamAyers) March 12, 2016

Actual terrorist Bill Ayers is protesting against trump in Chicago.

— Progressives Today (@ProgsToday) March 11, 2016

Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come

Greg, BLM and in all their bragging and disingenuous blame shifting, are too stupid to understand howtheir aggressive, violent militant protest tactics; in forcing Trump to shut-down Constitutional Rights to Free speech and assembly, in infiltrating the rallys with thugs who scream at, push and shove Trump supporters, and in trying to rush the stage (as they did to Sanders) only help Trump.

Karl Rove: Protests Disrupting Trump’s Rallies Will Help Him

WALLACE: Karl, do you expect all of this, about the rallies, the violence, do you expect it to have any impact on the vote on Tuesday? And if so, and I ask this as a genuinely open question, will it help Trump or hurt him?

KARL ROVE, GOP STRATEGIST: Well, I think it will tend to help him. Let’s divorce this two, this question, put it into two parts., Black Lives Matter and others who — who have announced their desire to break up Trump rallies by organized demonstrations inside the halls. This is reprehensible behavior, worthy of the (INAUDIBLE) run by colonels in mirrored sunglasses. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the leaders of the civil rights movement have a moral obligation to speak openly to these groups and discourage them from doing so. Do whatever you want outside the rallies. Do whatever you want to do outside the hall in a peaceful fashion. But to — to have, as an organized aim, like the leader of said, to get into these rallies and disrupt them is fundamentally un-American.


I haven’t seen any evidence that they have organized violent disruption of rallies. You probably haven’t either.

Self-imposed willful ignorance is no excuse.


Let’s not forget that American conservatives liked Hitker right up until Pearl

Let’s not forget that almost EVERYBODY liked Hitler up until 1938 and the rape of Czechoslovakia. He was Time Man of the Year (oh, how little things have changed). He was a miracle worker, bringing Germany back from a financial abyss (had he not started WWII, Germany would have had to declare bankruptcy… again, how little things have changed). Very little was known of his secret police or treatment of the Jews (of course, very few people cared much about what happened to Jews… again, how little things have changed).

So, in the historical context, something you are happy to be blissfully ignorant of, your little diatribe is meaningless.


“We need to double down on our work, showing that America is better than Trump’s bullying, hate-baiting, and incitements to violence,” the email read. “We are committed to nonviolence, but we will not be silent. We will not be invisible.”

… said the organization that used bullying, violence and hate to shut down a peaceful rally.

Greg, no doubt, will miss the irony… er, hypocrisy. After all, he SUPPORTS left wing fascism.

“everybody ” liked Hitler @Bill: up until 1939????? Untrue
Many Americabs did not like Hitler
including our POTUS at that time
I think the fact that FDR did not like him was indicative of the feelings of most Americans

Please try and look at the Oxford English Dictionary
It clearly states that fascism is an authoritative and nationalistic right-wing system of government
Please NO BIZZARO ENGLISH where up means down and right means left

@John: Why don’t you try reading my comment again, eh? Till then I will temporarily disregard what an idiot you are.

Fascism is leftist.

Fascism is a Big government, totalitarian, economic and political ideology … based upon the energies and frustrations of modern industrialism. The 30s and 40s actually had industry, things have changed evolved. Would fascism be such a dirty term if the Nazis would have won? Maybe they did win, at least in Europe as an ideology. They play white guilt much better due to the history of the crimes of WW2. Their “conservatives” are much more like our liberal democrats.
GREG#68 They carry neatly printed signs Trump is a Racist, that takes money and organization.

@Ditto: Perhaps we should also focus on the left’s ties to Lenin and Stalin. They dwarfed Hitler when it came to slaughtering innocent people.

@another vet: Dont forget the greatest of all time, the murderer that graced an ornament on the Whitehouse tree Zedong. had to post from a site the trolls love.

@kitt: Notice how the only dictators the left seems to go after are the ones they try to call conservatives? They do a pretty good job of ignoring Lenin, “Uncle Joe” as FDR called him, Mao, Castro, and anyone else who was a Communist. I sometimes wonder if there is an underlying admiration for them because they were proponents of the political and economic philosophy embraced by the left- Marxism.

@kitt, #77:

GREG#68 They carry neatly printed signs Trump is a Racist, that takes money and organization.

All it takes is somebody with Photoshop, a few spare bucks in his pocket, and a quick trip to FedEx or Staples.

You seem to have gone a bit off course there sailor
You have changed it from conservatives/liberals to conservatives/Dems
Yes there were many conservative Dems who may have sided with Hitler
That was when both parties had liberal/conservative wings
Conservatives in both parties have Hitler support and regardless of their political party I say it was wrong

In BIZZARO Enhlish it might be
According to the Oxford dictionary of English it isn’t

Boy kitt you just keep getting hosed
Please note that the tree used T the White House is a Douglas Fir
Your link shows a tree that is s Fraser fir
What kind of a city slicker can’t tell that difference
At least be able to check on the truthiness of that story
Just google Mao on White House Christmas tree
You got hosed again was it from Big Government or Fox News????? They both carried it

@another vet:
That IS true while the comparison of Trump to Hitker seems to be common
We seldom hear any comparisons of Hillary to Lenin
Why not try that and count the laughs?

Unlike Trump who has all his gear made in China

@John: What difference what plant it was, the decorations were the point, honoring a bastid that killed and imprisons christians during the Christian holiday I dont have to ask if you are that dense your posts make it very very clear.

@Greg: 81 Thanks for proving my point. A few extra bucks photoshop and some one to hand them out to the protesters before the Rally, no evidence at al not a smidgen huh?

Kitt we lefties can do our own Adobe
It isn’t difficult
As for being paid I have given the SOROS my PayPal account link but he hasn’t gotten back to me
Any idea what the going market rate is ?
Does it include any benefits or perks?
The Trump agitators are being offered fully paid legal expenses if criminally charged with assault, is this something I should demand from the SOROS ?
Trump agitators are compensated more than me, is this because my compensation is reduced because I am competing with a diversified labor group?

@Bill: is funded by George Soros and was working in concert with BLM which uses violence, riots and looting to support their message. A Trump supporter was gunned down in Chicago by one of these thugs. The response of BLM was to fight with police and use their masses to stop ambulances from helping the injured.

Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt
What FDR had in common with the other charismatic collectivists of the 30s

In the North American Review in 1934, the progressive writer Roger Shaw described the New Deal as “Fascist means to gain liberal ends.” He wasn’t hallucinating. FDR’s adviser Rexford Tugwell wrote in his diary that Mussolini had done “many of the things which seem to me necessary.” Lorena Hickok, a close confidante of Eleanor Roosevelt who lived in the White House for a spell, wrote approvingly of a local official who had said, “If [President] Roosevelt were actually a dictator, we might get somewhere.” She added that if she were younger, she’d like to lead “the Fascist Movement in the United States.” At the National Recovery Administration (NRA), the cartel-creating agency at the heart of the early New Deal, one report declared forthrightly, “The Fascist Principles are very similar to those we have been evolving here in America.”

Roosevelt himself called Mussolini “admirable” and professed that he was “deeply impressed by what he has accomplished.” The admiration was mutual. In a laudatory review of Roosevelt’s 1933 book Looking Forward, Mussolini wrote, “Reminiscent of Fascism is the principle that the state no longer leaves the economy to its own devices.…Without question, the mood accompanying this sea change resembles that of Fascism.” The chief Nazi newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter, repeatedly praised “Roosevelt’s adoption of National Socialist strains of thought in his economic and social policies” and “the development toward an authoritarian state” based on the “demand that collective good be put before individual self-interest.”


You seem to have gone a bit off course there sailor

You seem to have a lack of any knowledge beyond the constraints of your narrow-minded leftist propaganda. “Conservatism” is a much broader descriptive term than your trollish mind can apparently comprehend. try performing an internet search for “types of conservative” and you might learn there is more to conservatism than your Dimocrat indoctrination can encompass.

As for Fascism:
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government

Full Definition of fascism

often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

Urban Dictionary

The only official definition of Fascism comes from Benito Mussolini, the founder of fascism, in which he outlines three principles of a fascist philosophy.
1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country is all-encompasing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body, often a dictator.
2.”Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government.
3.”Nothing against the state”. Any type of questioning the government is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you are wrong. If you do not agree with the government, you cannot be allowed to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens.
The use of militarism was implied only as a means to accomplish one of the three above principles, mainly to keep the people and rest of the world in line. Fascist countries are known for their harmony and lack of internal strife. There are no conflicting parties or elections in fascist countries.
Nazi Germany was extreme Fascism, better examples of fascist countries were Mussolini’s Italy, Iraq, Iran, and many middle eastern countries.

(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
(sometimes initial capital letter) the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.
(initial capital letter) a political movement that employs the principles and methods of fascism, especially the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922–43.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Fascism, political ideology and mass movement that dominated many parts of central, southern, and eastern Europe between 1919 and 1945 and that also had adherents in western Europe, the United States, South Africa, Japan, Latin America, and the Middle East. Europe’s first fascist leader, Benito Mussolini, took the name of his party from the Latin word fasces, which referred to a bundle of elm or birch rods (usually containing an ax) used as a symbol of penal authority in ancient Rome. Although fascist parties and movements differed significantly from each other, they had many characteristics in common, including extreme militaristic nationalism, contempt for electoral democracy and political and cultural liberalism, a belief in natural social hierarchy and the rule of elites, and the desire to create a Volksgemeinschaft (German: “people’s community”), in which individual interests would be subordinated to the good of the nation. At the end of World War II, the major European fascist parties were broken up, and in some countries (such as Italy and West Germany) they were officially banned. Beginning in the late 1940s, however, many fascist-oriented parties and movements were founded in Europe as well as in Latin America and South Africa. Although some European “neofascist” groups attracted large followings, especially in Italy and France, none were as influential as the major fascist parties of the interwar period.


While communism is a system based around a theory of economic equality and advocates for a classless society, fascism is a nationalistic, top-down system with rigid class roles that is ruled by an all-powerful dictator. Both communism and fascism originated in Europe and gained popularity in the early to mid 20th century.

Fascism (clearly a form of socialism,) is incompatible with classic Republican conservatism. (ie smaller, limited, less controlling government.) Ergo, True conservative Republicans are diametrically opposed to fascism.

@John: Many more lives are saved because of the right to self defense. Now if you want to save lives, compare the deaths attributed to alcohol to gun related deaths.

@j Operator:
About 500 deaths by shooting are classified as justifiable
The total deaths by gun are around 30000
The total dead from long term alcohol use about 88000
Quite frankly if I had a choice of immediate death by gunshot or death by excessive long term alcohol use I’d go with the alcohol
Full disclosure I am Irish
Full disclosure I have enjoyed upland bird shooting

Sooty my bad I thought we were talking about conservatives
I didn’t realize that you were talking only “true” conservatives
Can you give me a heads up on what the % of “true” conservatives are out of all who woukd claim to be conservatives?

@Greg: #81 Just as with your mindless, throw all logic to the wind defense of Hillary having over 2000 classified on her secret, private, unsecured server (the one with ZERO classified emails on it, remember), you suspend reality and mangle the truth in order to avoid facing up to the fact that MoveOn and Soros organized Bernie supporters into a riotous gang to shut down the 1st Amendment rights of Trump and his followers.

@John:#82 But, here is what is happening today: The Democrats sided with Hitler and embrace all his methods.


We seldom hear any comparisons of Hillary to Lenin

“We” being the sheltered left which resides in the left wing media echo chamber.


Kitt we lefties can do our own Adobe
It isn’t difficult

If you are no better at that than spelling or constructing a sentence, we have nothing to worry about.

“Trump agitators”? Trump pays people to agitate at his own rallies? You, like Greg, suspend intellect in order to try and convince yourself that what you want to believe is actually true.

@Ditto: I view fascism as more a method than an ideology and it usually goes hand in hand with socialism because the fascist methods are necessary to keep people that prefer more freedoms under the government thumb.

Thus, the clear direction Obama has been heading and the tactics of BLM, MoveOn, Soros and the entire left, generally, is fascism.

@Bill, #94:

I suppose I just don’t take the presence of neatly printed signs as clear evidence of a well-funded leftist conspiracy against Donald Trump. This is as silly as your “evidence” against Hillary Clinton.

@Greg: Your denial of clear and indisputable facts (over 2000 individual facts on Hillary’s serve and hundreds of indisputable Bernie-clad facts in the thug-mobs Soros organized in Chicago) is nothing but blind ideological ignorance.

Sounds like bully needs a safe space!
Always with the victimization
Come on bill nobody likes a whiner


Come on bill nobody likes a whiner

Oh… you mean like every leftist liar is whining about getting caught RED handed employing their fascist tactics they pretend to abhor.

Tell me, John… why do liberals lie so damn much?

@John: Your views are definitely worth laughing about. Perhaps you can give us some specific examples of how conservatism and fascism are comparable since you have yet to refute any of the comparisons between leftism and communism and fascism. Have you ever read Marx or Lenin? Their views on capitalism and the role of government are pretty similar to the left’s views in this country. Marx’s writings were done to counter classic liberal economic and political thought, i.e. free markets and small government.