One Weird Trick that Big Government Leftists Can Use to get the Rest of us On Board



This one is for our Lefty readers. We know that you love all things Big Government, whether having them make our choices for us regarding education, our retirement savings, health care, our basic right to self defense – heck, you even think that our children are property of the state.

And we know that you’re frustrated and mystified why, for some strange reason, we knuckle-dragging low-forehead conservatives haven’t gotten on board with your government-knows-best philosophy. Between the success stories of Obamacare, the high quality and affordability of higher education in America, not to mention the wealth and prosperity where your policies have come to fruition such as Greece, Venezuela, Detroit, Illinois, and California what’s not to love? You could try asking us and listening to our reasons, but you already know that our resistance stems from either our ignorance or racism. What if I told you there was a way to get through to us ignoramuses? I know, you don’t really care what we think since we both know that you hate us.

And I’m not going to try to BS you that we’d all get on board – I’d probably still be among the naysayers. But what if there were one easy trick, and it were so simple that anyone can do it? And as an added bonus this action could actually turn the government into as great a force as you want it to be! If this sounds like a trick and that I’m setting you up for some twisted punchline, it’s not. Still interested? Well, here it is:

Give a damn.

Instead of focusing in how brilliant and noble your intentions are, focus on the actual results of what you support.

That’s it. Whenever there is a government scandal that does not involve embarrassing a Republican, the biggest cheerleaders for Big Government get mysteriously quiet. We conservatives get angry as well, but unlike the radical left, government is not our one true faith. When you’re Hell bent on every last one of us living under your belief system, how can you expect us to follow when you care so little about it that you do nothing to improve it? You’re ready to warn Christians to not get on their high horse over those killed during The Crusades, but you have no trouble getting on your high horse over the over 100 million who’ve been murdered by Big Government in the last century. When the mistakes of private companies (Exxon, BP) hurt the environment, you collectively chant for us to fine them and destroy them. When the EPA’s negligence pollutes a river all you can do is shrug and say we need to throw more money at them.

Look at other scandals in the news – instead of flying into a rage and destroying somebody’s lives over a wedding cake, how about giving a damn when the IRS basically robs small business owners at gunpoint with no recourse? Remember your cute little anti-Bush protests 10 years ago when you were claiming to support our troops except for when they do their jobs? Great times! Well, they need your support now. Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller reports on this abuse of VA patients:

Rima Nelson disappeared from public view after the St. Louis Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital she managed potentially exposed 1,800 patients to HIV, was closed twice for serious medical safety issues and ranked dead last in patient satisfaction.

But Nelson wasn’t fired. Her VA superiors hid her literally on the other side of the Earth in 2013 at the department’s only foreign facility, a seldom-used clinic inside the palatial U.S. Embassy in the Philippines capital city of Manila.

She resides in a government-provided condo and gets the same $160,000 salary she made in St. Louis, which allows her to live like royalty in a country where the average person makes only $2,500 a year.

While Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw shows how completely unaccountable the heads of the VA truly are:

For the third time in a matter of weeks, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) has met and reversed the order to terminate the employment of a VA employee who was taken to task for falling down on the job.

In the last year, two male nurses at Stratton were accused in separate incidents of stealing and using powerful drugs intended for patients. One of them was charged with federal crimes, and the second nurse, who was found incoherent with a used syringe nearby, was let go from his job but not charged criminally even though it was the second incident involving his illicit drug use. Another nurse remained on duty despite complaints from co-workers that he was sleeping on duty, including in the bed of a patient who had died the night before. Also, a former nurse alleges that patients in a geriatric unit with “treatable” conditions were instead being given morphine, hastening their deaths. A hospital spokesperson denied the allegation.

So when you wonder why we don’t share your enthusiasm for a Single Payer system, understand that we don’t hate our friends and family as much as you do. You don’t like the fact that we don’t share your faith in Big Government and that we cringe at the mention of SP? Get mad at them, not us – they’re the ones making our argument for us. If you think a system like SP is going to work, you should be the ones calling for these criminals to be held to account. Where is the outrage? These people are making fools out of you. You march in force over every perceived slight or grievance – where is your outcry when the leaders of your belief system fail you?

I’ll close on a positive note. Here in my own backyard, The people’s Republic of Arlington County just released some proposed child care regulation changes that could only be proposed by somebody with zero understanding of children of child care – here is a quick sample:

“The licensee will ensure that mothers are encouraged to breast feed their infants.”

“Celebrations (birthdays, special occasions) should include mostly healthy foods or non-food treats.”

“Staff will promote dental hygiene among children at mealtimes.”

“The licensee will ensure that a trained staff member shall conduct and document a health check of each child every morning upon arrival.”

But this story actually gave me cause for hope. If you read the comments of the original post at, you’ll see almost unanimous opposition to this insanity. And in there are even a few quotes along the line of, “I’m a lifelong Democrat, but this could get me to start voting Republican.” Where there is life there is hope.

Or at the very least we’re seeing people on the left start to give a damn.

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Ok so whats the trick to get me on board? Them giving a damn? Oh but they are the only ones that give a damn, problem is we conservatives must stamp out the racist left! Yes the racist homophopic left. Where ever they take over it is systemic, two examples, the Colleges, you cant get more left and now just ask the students the entire administration must go, then there is Hollywood my goodness you would think you couldnt get more left but as we see the blacks are not getting enough participation awards. You didnt hear these complaints (not that some racism wasn’t present) when the conservatives ran the colleges or hollywood. There certainly were not all these youths that needed a safe space.
SP Russia, you can now buy health insurance in Russia…why?
Everytime I hear the government should do something about that I cringe.

The VA is not unusual in this regard. As we have clearly seen exhibited for the past 7 years (not to say that is when it began, though), government employees found guilty of wrong doing are not fired. Mostly, their transgressions are simply ignored but, as if to add insult to injury, often they are promoted, allowed to retire with full benefits or even awarded bonuses.

There is no possible argument that this government has grown to an out of control state (see the actions of the BLM, VA, IRA, HHS and EPA, to name but a few departments) and must be reined in, not grown.

50% of the workers in the VA are vets
Why is it that conservatives who seem to feel that they are better than liberals choose not to work in government service?
Why is it that we see no conservatives opening early child care facilities, perhaps based on some Prussian child rearing principles?
As far as the child belonging to the state you seem to be 100% ok with that, as long as it is inside the uterus
Also BB you need to check primary sources instead of relying on something as partisan as The Daily Caller if you had you might have seen 2 rather contradicting things
First the author wrote quite a faviorable piece about Rima Nelson and the Manilla VA in Feb 24 . The Va there currently serves 6000 Filipino WWII vets and
There are currently about 1/2 million Americans living in the PI I am sure that the number of vets there is quite high
A great many are beyond middle age and have service connected disabilities or are retired and choose to live in the P.I.”
Oh and Rima Nelson was in St Louis for less than 6 months before the potential HIV problem was discovered
It was caused by corosin on surgical instruments which might give someone an idea in the age of the equipment the VA must use


Why is it that conservatives who seem to feel that they are better than liberals choose not to work in government service?

Who says they don’t?

How do you explain the poor quality of the facilities within the VA when they are forced to burn off excess cash each year on office furnishings and artwork in order to not see their budgets reduced?

No one is held accountable for results because they are always playing with the taxpayer’s Monopoly money; waste all you want, we’ll get more. Just as we saw with the Obamacare website, this is exactly as SP healthcare would go; no oversight, no accountability, wasted funds and a disastrous end result.

Perhaps you have an example of a well-run government operation that operates on a tight budget, makes schedules and meets expectations?

@John: HIV caused by rust?? really seriously. Is there a doctor in the house that can confirm that? Age of the equipment or shoddy hygiene practices, not corrected by superiors? Those superiors not held to account.
Corrosion not corrosin, surgical instrument spotting, staining, and corrosion are serious problems in many healthcare facilities. These problems can be avoided provided careful attention is given to the method of processing the instruments and possible causes are understood all can be avoided with proper training.
All in all I have never thought I would need a tetanus shot or fret about HIV to get my teeth cleaned.

There could be People who think that some People on the Left of Politics want a Dictatorship in America.

The method that they want to use is the Environmental Problem, but their Wrong remedy is based on Lies, and their solution is to make America a Dictatorship, and when they Know that their Wrong remedy Cannot work, then they will suggest more of the same Wrong remedy and say that More Dictatorship is needed to Care for the Environment.

There is a Controversy regarding what is causing climate change, and some People say that carbon dioxide is the major or entire cause of climate change, but we will see that there is an Evil Ulterior Conspiratorial Motive of Slandering Innocent carbon dioxide in order to create a Dictatorship in America.

I believe that the climate does change under certain conditions, and I have done a considerable amount of research on this matter, and I have found that the major and Deliberately Unmentioned cause of climate change is Deforestation, and that carbon dioxide does not contribute to climate change.

There are People who think that Geo Engineering is an added cause of climate change to that of Deforestation.

This is being done in America with Chemtrails, and those who are against Chemtrails say that the Dictators of America are using the method of Unnecessarily creating a Problem in order to create a Dictatorship as their supposed solution.

I have Not researched this matter of Chemtrails, but I think that this comment will show that carbon dioxide does Not contribute to climate change regardless of what Chemtrails may be doing to America’s climate.

These People say that the Geo Engineering with Chemtrails is causing droughts in America and it helps to support the Lie that carbon dioxide is a problem for the Environment.

The Dictators of America want to create a Military Dictatorship in America, and so they have Invented the Lie that carbon dioxide is causing climate change.

Carbon dioxide is called a greenhouse gas, and it is a Vital Plant Nutrient, and it exists in trace quantities in the atmosphere, and it does Not affect the climate.

There is said to be five major greenhouse gases, and they are water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and carbon dioxide, but only carbon dioxide is mentioned as being the cause of climate change.

Water vapor is claimed to account for 60 % of the warming effect, and there is much water vapor in the Tropics, and it does Not heat up the Tropics, and it is the Humidity that makes it appear to be hotter to Humans, even though it is cooler than the Deserts which have very little humidity in the daytime.

We know that it was the Democrat Al Gore who was Vice President to Bill Clinton, who was used by the Dictators of America to Slander Innocent carbon dioxide, and he is now a billionaire with his books and videos, which are his Treason against the American People, and his Treason against People of other Countries.

The Sahara Desert used to be a Tropical Rainforest, and so it Obviously had a tropical rainforest Climate, and it became a Desert long before automobiles or industrialization, and its climate changed to that of Desert Climate, and carbon dioxide was Not the cause of climate change in the Sahara, but it was Deforestation that caused that.

There are People who say that if our Planet did Not have greenhouse gases, then the Planet would freeze, and American winters would be Much Colder than what they currently are.

They say that these greenhouse gases may cause the Planet to maintain a certain temperature, but they do Not cause the climate to change significantly, because if the alleged greenhouse gas of carbon dioxide creates deserts, then those desert regions have less of the greenhouse gas of water vapor in the atmosphere, and so the Planet should be cooling, but greenhouse gases are Not causing climate change.

This is because it is Deforestation that causes climate change, and if there are such things as greenhouse gases, then they can be compared to doing the job that a climate control unit does in a room that keeps that room at a constant temperature, and if a heater (deforestation) or a cooler (reforestation) were switched on in that room (this planet), then the temperature or climate of that room (this planet) would change.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one twenty fifth of one percent, or 400 parts per million in the atmosphere, and it is Not responsible for climate change.

There is no mention of doing anything against the other greenhouse gases like water vapor, because that is impossible, and there is no way to stop vegetation from decomposing and becoming methane, and nitrous oxide is created by bacteria in the soil, and it would be lethal to biological life on this Planet if there were no ozone in the atmosphere, and Deserts have very little water and produce very little water vapor, and Deserts have very little vegetation and produce very little methane, and so Deserts should cool the Planet if the greenhouse gases theory were correct, but we Know that the Lies on carbon dioxide were Invented to create a Dictatorship in America.

Every alleged greenhouse gas has a natural cycle which keeps it in its proper balance, and that includes carbon dioxide with the carbon cycle, and it can become slightly out of its original balance because of Deforestation, and it is restored into original balance with Reforestation, and All Scientists Know these Facts, but Forests have to be restored to an appropriate balance to solve the Problem of climate change, because it is Deforestation that causes climate change.

This means that the Dictators of America and their Puppets who happen to have Science Degrees, and who Know how Talk Over ordinary People with their scientifically sounding Lies, and who Know how to Accept Bribes can only mention Innocent carbon dioxide, because they Cannot speak against the other alleged greenhouse gases, because People would Know that they were either mentally sick or Lying Again as Usual.

Furthermore, there are People who say that there is no such thing as a greenhouse gas, because gases cannot trap heat, because the Laws of Physics says that Heat Always travels from the hotter object to the cooler object, regardless of whether it is a solid, a liquid, or a gas.

The Unelected Shadow Government of America wants to build a Corrupt Business Model in order to increase their Dictatorship with creating Favored Monopolies, who will be given a way Not to pay carbon taxes, and small businesses will Not be able compete because of Unnecessary Carbon Taxes and other Unnecessary Regulations that will increase Unemployment, and which is based Entirely on the Lie that carbon dioxide is the cause of climate change.

The moon has no atmosphere, and this is why there are large differences in the temperate or climate on the moon between day and night on the moon, and the moon does have days and nights, but we only see one side of the moon, and the Earth has a thin layer of Atmosphere, which regulates the climate of the Earth.

The moon does Not have trees, and trees absorb and retain heat during the day, and they release that heat during the night, and this make variations the daytime and nighttime climate in a forest much less than what it is in a desert.

Furthermore, a thin layer of trees further regulates the climate of the Earth, because trees put water vapor in the atmosphere that creates clouds which reflects heat back into space, and which produce rain, which cools the Planet, and rain prevents droughts.

The oceans absorb carbon dioxide, and there are over 200 underwater volcanoes in the oceans that produce more carbon dioxide than Humans do, and trees take in carbon dioxide and store carbon in the wood and they release oxygen, and so Reforestation will also reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reverse the damaging effects of climate change.

This is because Deforestation and Reforestation are the major causes of climate change with too much Deforestation being detrimental to proper climate, and sufficient Reforestation being beneficial to proper climate.

Big Businesses are Deforesting Forests and planting Palm Oil to create bio fuel, and bio fuels create carbon dioxide, but carbon dioxide is Not a problem, and so bio fuels are Not the problem, but they create the problem of Deforestation to grow the Palm Oil trees, and Deforestation causes detrimental climate change.

The Earth is mostly moving molten earth with a thin layer of solid earth on the surface, and the weight of the oceans is tremendous, and so islands can move up or down, and is this because the oceans are rising, or because the islands are sinking into the oceans.

Geologists know that this happens because of what are called guyots, which are seamounts that have built above sea level, but erosion by waves destroyed the top of the seamount resulting in a flattened shape, and due to the movement of the ocean floor, the sea floor gradually sinks and the flattened guyots are submerged into the ocean.

People are Not against the Government or Private Companies researching into alternative energy that will be needed one day, or using alternative green energy if these alternatives become cheaper than fossil fuels, but we see can see that there is an Evil Ulterior Motive to create Favored Monopolies for the Political Class which would be sustained with a Military Dictatorship in America.

People should consider what the climate of the Earth which is Entirely like the Sahara Desert would be like at , and then consider the climate of the Earth that is Entirely Rainforests at , and they can see that it is Deforestation which causes the Climate to change and it has Nothing to do with carbon dioxide or any other Greenhouse Gas at .

If the Trillions of Dollars that were spent on the Wars in the Middle East were used to Reforest the Deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, then there would Not be a Climate Problem today, and there are Massive Deserts in the rich Country of Australia who can afford to Reforest those Deserts, and there are Deserts in Asia and America, and the Middle East has Oil with which to pay for their Reforestation.

The Dictators of America want Americans who work in the fossil fuel Industry lose their jobs, and they are lowering the prices of fossil fuels to the Sellers of the Comparatively Cheaper fossil fuels, which decreases the income of the Middle East, and makes it more Difficult for them to Fund the Reforestation of their Deserts.

I am Not suggesting that America pays for the Reforestation of the Deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, because they should be allowed to Fund that themselves with fair oil prices, and America has Much Deserts which could have been Reforested, with that Money Wasted on Wars in the Middle East that Senator Hillary Clinton Voted for then or Caused as Secretary of State.

There are Environmentalists who Know these Facts, but they Know that Democrat Vice President Al Gore became Rich with his Lies, and they Also want a Dictatorship in America.

There would very little Poverty or Unemployment today in America if Reforestation of American Deserts had been at the Agenda, rather than looking to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3 using Innocent carbon dioxide as their excuse

We Know that the Dictators of America have said that those who deny climate change can be compared to Holocaust deniers, but I do Not deny the Holocaust, and I do Not deny that the climate has changed because of Human activity, and if the richer Countries of the Earth are Not Reforested to the sufficient degree, and if Geo Engineering Chemtrails continue then it will cause another Holocaust.

However, the detrimental changes to the climate, are Not because of Innocent carbon dioxide and it is Not because of Innocent fossil fuels and it is Not because of Innocent bio fuels, but it is because of Guilty Deforestation, and some People would include that in America it is also because of Guilty Geo Engineering with Chemtrails.

There are droughts in North Africa and the Middle East caused by Guilty Deforestation, and these will increase the numbers of Refugees coming to America due to climate change, and America already has enough of its own Problems that were Greatly Exacerbated by the Hillary Led and Dominated Clintons, such as the Deregulation of the Banking System, the Sub Prime lending, Anti Constitutionalism, and many other things which were needed to make America a Dictatorship.

The Solution is for sufficient Reforestation in the Middle East, North Africa, Australia, and America, and that would compensate for the Deforestation in the poorer Countries.

Hillary Clinton wants a Dictatorship in America, because she wants to be Above the Law, regarding her Treasons, her Corruptions, and her Criminalities.

The Constitutionalist American Democratic Environmental Party may form their own Political Party for the next Election, and they want to Reforest the Deserts of America, and they do Not want to Slander Innocent carbon dioxide, or create a Dictatorship in America, and they would receive campaign donations from ordinary Americans, because Proper Science shows how to Care for the Environment.

Are you suggesting that nothing goes wrong in the private sector, and that all who do wrong there are invariably held responsible for the negative consequences of their actions?

I would argue that the premise of this article is a false dichotomy. The problem isn’t really a public sector vs private sector thing. The problem is human nature. Faulty people can turn up and become embedded in the woodwork of either environment. Their sins can range from minor incompetence to major malfeasance, and in both settings they’re sometimes rewarded for negative behaviors that have highly negative consequences. For any public sector example you cite of that I can cite a private sector example, and raise you two Wall Street executives and one pharmaceutical industry CEO.

@Anonymous: Reforestation–exactly–your thoughts on animal agriculture as a major, yet rarely talked about, environmental problem..

@Brother Bob, #9:

Which government employees/politicos have lost their jobs over their negligence or failures?

That government employees are not fired for such things has become a political meme, and consequently an often-encouraged misconception. You might find this article of interest: You can’t fire a federal employee? Don’t tell that to the agency that hears their appeals. From the article:

In answer to the perception that “it’s impossible to fire a federal employee,” the Merit Systems Protection Board pointed out that over fiscal 2000-2014, more than 77,000 full-time, permanent, federal employees “were discharged as a result of performance and/or conduct issues.”

Those would just be the firings. There are a variety of disciplinary actions that are frequently taken short of firing, depending upon the circumstances, which are likely far more numerous. For example, employees who prove to be unable to handle the duties and responsibilities of their current positions can be demoted to positions that are less demanding.

@Brother Bob: You will never get an answer from Greg I still wait for an answer from the first question I asked him. Bernie Sanders esteemed member of Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, wants to run the country. I cant ever see being lured to think like Greg or John they are racist liberals that don’t give a damn about the country or its people. His hero is more concerned about letting loose terrorists than fixing the VA. He meets with terrorist orgs, and racists in the whitehouse. Interesting 77,000 number that is all federal employees 41% while on probation and no numbers on which of those were from the VA or how many were reinstated with back-pay. Anybody can play with statistics never giving a straight answer.

@kitt, #12:

Regarding the VA, note that Sharon Helman, the one fired employee mentioned by name in the linked article, actually was a high-level VA employee.

It has also been in the news lately that the VA is attempting to streamline the firing process. That’s happening on Obama’s watch, isn’t it? What’s happening on Obama’s watch is that long-standing problems are surfacing and finally being dealt with. They aren’t something new.
She has some snuff a typical democrat its never ever their fault, and they will have an ambulance chaser waiting to make a name for themselves in the wings.
Obama knew about VA problems since 2005 but he was just too busy dividing the nation with his bigotry and racism to get around to looking at it.

@kitt, #14:

Obama knew about VA problems since 2005 but he was just too busy dividing the nation with his bigotry and racism to get around to looking at it.

Obama wasn’t president in 2005, was he? Nor did democrats have majority control of both the House and the Senate. Republicans had it all. So, your point?

The GOP talks the talk, whenever the occasion arises, but their actual record on veterans’ issues leaves a little something to be desired.

Republicans have based their entire strategy for years on Obama and Clinton bashing. This is wearing thin.

@Brother Bob, #16:

I don’t consider incompetence or misconduct to be common issues in the federal workplace, given that hiring is a highly competitive process to begin with. It’s not an easy matter to get a federal job. The screening of prospective employees is generally more thorough than what is commonly found the case in the private sector. Then there’s a 1 to 2 year probationary period, depending on the agency. Termination during that period doesn’t require documenting a pattern of poor performance or misconduct. Anyone weeded out during the probationary period won’t turn up in the Merit Systems Protection Board’s count of firings.

All considered, I don’t believe 77,000 terminations is an insignificant number. I also have my doubts about how objective those on the right are about government employees. In many cases they seem to take a generalized view that government is the enemy. The idea of government rendering services that could theoretically be provided by the private sector seems to run afoul of their idealized model of a free-market society, where all activities are best governed and all things are found worthy or unworthy by the marketplace. That’s a model I reject. Not everything can be reduced to profits and losses.

Good numbers Bob
Yo greggie poo:
He was a bit more involved than just a briefing, Obama was a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. he lied May 2014 when he said he learned about it from the media what a shmuck, but not as big as you for defending him. You certainly are not convincing me to come to your side, you dont care that he lied that he has done nothing in 7 years to make the situation any better.
If you think throwing more tax dollars at a broken system is the answer you truly dont give a damn.
You are correct I dont see the government as a benevolent gifter of all good things but a huge sucking arrogant leech draining valuable resources without a competitor it has no reason to be thrifty or wise. Not the enemy but in drastic need of intervention for its addiction to power.

The VA health care system has consistently been ranked as good or better than the private sector healthcare system.

3 Things To Know Before You Judge VA Health System

VA Care as Good as or Better than Private-Sector Hospitals

Report: VA Outperforms Private Sector on Key Measures

VA’s Mental Health Care As Good or Better than Private Sector Study Finds

None of this, of course, is going to fit with your political agenda or the right’s propaganda messages, so I expect it will roll off like water from a duck’s back.

The truth is that better better care, better access, and shorter waiting times do sometimes cost more money. Some inadequacies do cost dollars to fix. You’ve only made a down payment on the total cost of a war, once the war is over. You might want to keep that in mind, next time around.

Wow here is a perfect example of great service provided, I guess its a plan to cut down waiting times.

No doubt republicans know how to fix this without hiring additional hotline call staff. Did you notice that the source of the report was the VA’s inspector general? That suggests the government is monitoring its own effectiveness, doesn’t it?

@Greg: Transfer the calls to a “working” suicide hotline? Why is it you always say the republicans must come up with a solution? oh thats right because we give a damn and you dont. You are not luring me to your side.
I worked in a call center I know how tight they can monitor calls, from average rings to answer to total dead air time. Any call center that doesn’t know its own system must be a government low bidder,or connected with a liberals relatives, the wrong type to put someones life on the line with.
VA is monitoring its own ineffectiveness moron. Do you read what you type and ask yourself if it on any rational level could it make sense?

Why is it you always say the republicans must come up with a solution?

Because if they have no solutions, what’s the point of them? There’s nothing constructive about spending 7 years trying to monkey-wrench other people’s efforts.

I guess I’ve had enough insults for one evening.


Are you suggesting that nothing goes wrong in the private sector, and that all who do wrong there are invariably held responsible for the negative consequences of their actions?

In the private sector, when things go wrong, it costs businesses their own money, or the money and confidence of share holders. This is different from how the government has been operating in that when the government screws up, misses deadlines, suffers added expenses or losses, they just ask for more money… and they get it.

In the private sector, there comes a time when it must be determined if the costs justify the end result. In government, this doesn’t become a factor because, to the individuals involved, there IS no cost. There IS no penalty.

In government, because there is no accountability of managers, the managers hold no one else accountable; accountability is strenuous work. Why make people hate you and make enemies (that can bite you in the ass) unless required?

We see many managers in the Obama administration not held accountable due to the possibility that they have been directed to do what they have done. The IRS scandal, Benghazi, HHS, Fast and Furious, Deepwater Horizon, immigration… they all share a common thread; people making lame-brained decisions and not being held accountable. Why? Well, obviously, because that is what they were TOLD to do and to hold them accountable for failure would reveal who told them to do (or not do) what and why. Or, perhaps there is a better explanation?

I am held accountable for my department. I have schedules, budgets, quality goals to achieve (and better each year) all while walking an HR tightrope of handling employee morale and attitude. Failure means reprimand, demotion, pay reduction or dismissal. This is ALL missing from the government sector. True, it makes work…. well, work. But I expect the people I pay, just like the people that pay me expect, to put forth an effort to be efficient with the money they are given to do their jobs.

Because government is filled with people who have NEVER felt the sting of responsibility, this is sorely lacking.

Because if they have no solutions, what’s the point of them? There’s nothing constructive about spending 7 years trying to monkey-wrench other people’s efforts.

What IS the solution is people having goals to meet and being held accountable for their performance. What is NOT the solution is just throwing more money at the problem. As we have witnessed for decades, this only makes the problem worse. REWARDING incompetent people for failure is a recipe for disaster… as we are currently witnessing.

@Greg: Because if they have no solutions, what’s the point of them? There’s nothing constructive about spending 7 years trying to monkey-wrench other people’s efforts.
There it is, only liberals have ideas, such drivel fed to bigots be regurgitated by racist bigots.
And rewrite history, 7 years the republicans had the majority and AHCA got voted in without a single republican vote.

@Bill, #24:

In the private sector, when things go wrong, it costs businesses their own money, or the money and confidence of share holders.

The financial crisis of 2007-2008 suggests otherwise. So does the offshoring of 3.2 million American jobs to China since 2001, to make a quick buck. Or the flood of millions of illegal aliens into the United States over the same period, who came here only because the private sector could profit from having an inexhaustible pool of dirt cheap labor closer to home. Never mind that hiring them was illegal. It’s the government’s fault for failing to keep them out.

All of these things have had lasting costs and dire consequences for the nation as a whole and for the average American, while the people who were directly responsible reaped enormous monetary rewards. They’ve profited by creating lasting dysfunction. They’ve grown wealthy by selling out American workers and communities, while hiding the gains from taxation abroad. And then they’ve done everything possible to shift all blame to somebody else, using the power of their money to do it. They try to tell us this is the natural order of things in free markets, saying with the same breath that the least interference with free markets produces the best results.

Pardon my skepticism. We’re looking at some of the results.


The financial crisis of 2007-2008 suggests otherwise. So does the offshoring of 3.2 million American jobs to China since 2001, to make a quick buck.

Stepped right off into that one, Greggo.

Were it not for liberal social engineering, the Community Reinvestment Act, the Carter and Clinton administrations MANDATING that mortgage institutions grant mortgages to people that could not actually afford them and Clinton approving the advent of variable rate loans to ALLOW those who could not afford a mortgage to do so… temporarily, lending institutions would not have had billions in toxic assets they felt they needed to bundle up and dump off on the next guy. True, shame on them for doing so, but when the liberal federal government tells you to go and cut your own throat, what else would you expect?

Manufacturing jobs streaming off shore is a direct result of liberal meddling as well, over-regulating industry and partnering up with unions which price labor out of the market. Again, when progressive stupidity takes the reins, it is do or die for industry and to compete with lower-priced foreign competitors, moving off shore is the only means.

Or the flood of millions of illegal aliens into the United States over the same period, who came here only because the private sector could profit from having an inexhaustible pool of dirt cheap labor closer to home.

Hardy har har. I suppose Obama, right here and now, refusing to enforce immigration laws, refusing to cut federal funds to sanctuary cities, refusing close our borders and refusing to allow states to do what the federal government will NOT due is because they are sucking up to big-business? You could have a valid point, Greg, since time and time again we see the Obama administration supporting crony capitalism. However, we all know that it is a liberal dream to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants, hand then a voter registration and a list of suitable Democrat candidates, so you can stow your weak and silly argument of blaming it all on business.

All of these things have had lasting costs and dire consequences for the nation as a whole and for the average American, while the people who were directly responsible reaped enormous monetary rewards.

Exactly correct. This is why, under Obama, the middle class has suffered more and income inequality has grown exponentially. Whom else can you possibly blame after 7 years of Obama, his pen and his phone?

There are some People who use the Unprincipled tactic of wrongly accusing anyone who disagrees with them, as being racist, or against women, or of being a conspiracy theorist.

These People sometimes use Unprincipled tactics, such as Wrongly accusing Innocent People of what they themselves are Guilty of.

Those with Experience Know that the Clintons are Certainly More Often going to Lie, be Criminals, and Cover Up, than being honest and law abiding, and so Most of the times, it is Not conspiracy theories, but they are Facts.

The Clintons are Lawyers, and so they Know how to Defend Criminals, and so they Know how to defend themselves, and that means to deny any Wrongdoing, even though they Know that they are Guilty Traitors and Criminals.

The work of a Secretary of State involves Dealing with Highly Classified and Top Secret Information, and Hillary Clinton says she was able to do this work on her own Unsecured Private Server, rather than on a Secure Government Server.

If Hillary Clinton Only received and sent trivial information, then she could Not have done the work of Secretary of State, and so she has No experience, but she either lacks judgment or she Voluntarily Allowed Only those who Paid Bribes to look at the Top Secret Information on her Computer.

Those Bribes were Disguised as Contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and to Hillary Clinton’s Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, and to other Secret Bank Accounts.

The Clintons Know People in Washington who could Sell them Top Secret Information, and the Clintons can Sell Top Secret Information at a marked up Price, where both the Clintons and those other Traitors who Provide the Clintons with Top Secret Information would Receive Money, and it is Hillary Clinton who has set up Contacts during her time as the Espionage Secretary of State, and the Clintons Know how to Launder Money with the Clinton Foundation.

If People working for a Company each receive Very Large Files marked Top Secret, and if they are told Not to Send or Receive any of those Top Secret Files on their Private Email Server, and if they send and receive Secret Information which is contained on those Files, then it does Not matter if their Emails based on that Top Secret Information were not marked Top Secret.

This is because they broke Company Law, and Competitors discovered Top Secret Information, and the Boss would be Foolish to employ or promote them, yet Hillary Clinton wants a promotion, because she is a Traitor who has no standards.

The Facts are that at least one Computer Hacker named Guccifer has Admitted to having Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Computer, and he found her Top Secret Secretary of State Emails on it, and he also Hacked the Computer of the confidante and former Bill Clinton White House staffer Sidney Blumenthal, and Sidney Blumenthal was Employed by Secretary Clinton as an Advisor, and they Corresponded by Secret Emails, which were Admitted to have been Intercepted by Guucifer at , and at .

Foreign Intelligence Services Employee Many Computer Hackers, and we can be Certain that they also looked at Hillary Clinton’s State Department Top Secret Emails, and Hillary Clinton completely ignored Barack Obama’s express order Not to employ Blumenthal as an Adviser, and Hillary Clinton wanted Blumenthal as an Advisor, because she is Incompetent, and she has others to do her work while corruptly claiming the credit, and saying that she has experience at .

The Obvious truth of this matter is, that Hillary Clinton Compromised National Security, and Treasonously Broke the Law, and she Sold American National Top Secrets for Big Money for the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton has Ordered the Obama Administration Not to prosecute her, and to do the Usual Lawyer’s Tricks to Protect, Assist, and to try to promote the Known Criminal, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton wants a Known Criminal, a Corrupt Traitor, and a Racist to become President.

There is a young man of mixed race who is the son of Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton does Not want Bill Clinton to have a father and son relationship with him, because she is a Racist.

This young man looks identical to Bill Clinton, who is his biological father.

Bill Clinton is not the biological father of Hillary Clinton’s daughter, who looks identical to her biological father, Webster Hubbell.

Webster Hubbell was the Managing Partner in the Rose Law Firm, and he is the biological father of Hillary Clinton’s daughter at

Webb Hubbell: ‘No comment’ on fathering Chelsea Clinton


Hillary Clinton worked at the Rose Law Firm, and she was made a Partner after only 2 years of working there, because Webster Hubbell saw that Hillary Clinton Knows how to Lie and Defend Guilty Criminals.

The reason Bill Clinton said that we are all of mixed race, was because Bill Clinton was sending a message to his mixed race son that he loves him, and that he would like to spend time with him, and Hillary Clinton did Not suspect the real meaning of Bill Clinton’s statement that we are all of mixed race.

Hillary Clinton will Not allow Bill Clinton’s mixed race son into their house, and Hillary Clinton will use this to gain Votes from the Racists during the Primaries, because she Knows that the African Americans will Vote for Hillary Clinton in the Primaries.

Bill Clinton wants to be a father to his son, but Hillary Clinton does Not want that, and we can see that Hillary Clinton makes Bill Clinton act as a good stepfather to her biological daughter, but she will Not allow Bill Clinton’s biological son to have a proper relationship with Bill Clinton.

This is because Hillary Clinton is a Racist, and she is Unfit to be President of America at


There are many Democratic Party Voters who think that Hillary Clinton is the Wrong woman and the Wrong Person to be President, because she is Corrupt, Incompetent, Untrustworthy, and a Racist.

Hillary Clinton praised the KKK Leader Senator Robert Byrd, and said that he was her Mentor and Friend, and so she will get the votes of the Racists, because they Understand what Hillary Clinton is Really Saying.

Hillary Clinton will also get Votes from the naive African Americans, because of the endorsement of the Black Congressional Caucus and the former Civil Rights Leaders who have either been Bribed or Blackmailed at , even though Senator Sanders was part of the Civil Rights Movement, and should be receiving their Votes, because he Cares for the Unemployed and the Underprivileged.

Larry Nichols a former close Employee of the Clintons, said that Hillary Clinton a Dictator who Dominates Bill Clinton because she has the Evidence to put Bill Clinton in prison if he disobeys her, and Larry Nichols Explains the Treasons, Corruptions, and Criminality of Hillary Clinton, and People can look on the Internet to do their own research on these matters.

A Traitor wanting to commit Espionage and Sell Influence and Top Secret Information to Foreigners, would keep their Correspondences on a Private Email Server.

We Know that Much of the work of a Secretary of State is Top Secret, and Hillary Clinton Knew that the Information in those Top Secret Emails were Secret, but stored that Top Secret Information on a Unsecured Private Server, because she Knew that her Motives and Actions were both Treasonous and Criminal, and they were for the Clinton’s Improper Personal Advancement at the Expense of America.

This is why there are Many Democrats who want Anyone But the Establishment Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s nomination for Presidential Candidate.

There is the President’s Daily Briefing, and a copy of it is given to a few people every day, and The President, the Secretary of State, and the National Security Advisor are among the very few People who receive a hard paper copy of it.

The President’s Daily Briefing provides the President with new international intelligence warranting attention and analysis of sensitive international situations, and All of that Information is Automatically Classified and Top Secret.

Hillary Clinton at first said that she had only one Secret Unsecured Email Server, and then she admitted that she had another Secret Unsecured Email Server to communicate with Sidney Blumenthal, and she said that she has a poor memory, but Obviously she is Lying Again as Usual.

Hillary Clinton asked for Sidney Blumenthal to be Employed by the State department as an Adviser to her, but Barack Obama had unambiguously said that Hillary Clinton was Not to employ Blumenthal.

The Clintons think that the Rules do Not apply to them, and so she Employed Blumenthal as a Secret Advisor whom Hillary Clinton Paid from the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund.

This is why Hillary Clinton found the other Secret and Unsecure Private Email Server to be Convenient to Employee Blumenthal against orders from Barack Obama.

Clinton said that she used Private Email Servers for Convenience, and we Know that avoiding a Criminal Trial is Considered to be Convenient, and Acting Treacherously in the Secret Blumenthal Employment is Considered to be Convenient for the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton signed a Government Contract to hand over All of the work related materials that had to be given to the Government, under the Official Records Act, but Clinton refused to comply with that Law for 2 years, and this would give her and her Employees time to change those Original Emails to something Less Treasonous.

The American Government has spent Billions of Dollars developing, deploying and protecting its Internet protocol router networks to enable authorized Government Officials to conduct the business of government, properly exchange information and intelligence, up to and including information classified Secret, with others in the Government that are authorized and entitled to have it.

Hillary Clinton has disclosed that her Employees who Know that she has Money had deleted more than 30,000 emails that Clinton has Defined as personal.

It would be Interesting what type of Emails the Tax Evaders would consider to be Personal in nature, and having little to do with what would Interest the Taxation Department, and how many People would believe them merely because they say that they pay their Taxes.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for 4 years, and that is 1,460 days, and if she was writing private emails on all of those days, then it would average 22 private emails a day, and so when did she find time do any work as the Official Secretary of State, because she had Secret Emails with her Secret Employee Advisor Blumenthal which are Not added to that list.

Lawyers Know that the Espionage Act says that when a Government Official fails to produce relevant evidence within her span of control, evidence which they are otherwise naturally expected to possess, such as documents, physical objects or relevant data, then the American Legal System allows and even mandates that unfavorable presumptions be drawn against them, and there are People who think that Patriotic Voters should do the same.

Spoliation of evidence is prohibited by an array of laws and regulations, and anyone who destroys relevant evidence or assists in such destruction is subject to criminal prosecution, and intentional destruction or negligent loss of evidence suggests, that the party in possession believed that it was harmful to them, and that Consciousness of Guilt led them to destroy, conceal, or lose it.

The 30,000 Deleted Emails are said to need 60 reams of paper to write them on, and that Hillary Clinton’s private emails would account for only one ream of paper, and that leaves 59 reams of paper for Department of State associated Emails, which were deleted, and this is the very definition of spoliation of evidence, which is a Crime under the Espionage Act at .

It is said that Hillary Clinton’s Unsecured Email Server was not hacked, and any good Spy might not hack Hillary Clinton’s Unsecured Email Server, because that might have alerted her, and so they would go looking to the Computers of those People that they either Knew or Suspected she was sending Emails to, and they would gain Information in that manner, but if her Computer was hacked, which it may have been, then she will Not admit to that for the Obvious reasons.

A Criminal like Hillary Clinton would have had a third Private Email Server, and the Emails of those who would have passed on Top Secret Information such as Bill Clinton should be Investigated, but with the Clinton Foundations Slush Fund, they would have other ways to pass on that Top Secret American Government Information in order to gain More Bribes in the Disguised form of Donations to the Clinton Foundation.

A Thoroughly Corrupt Person like the Establishment Hillary Clinton only needs to have a laptop Computer which was obtained from the black market, and then she goes to a certain Designated Foreign Website or Social Page, and Hillary Clinton has the Information on a Word Document, and those at the Foreign Website look at her Computer and then they copy and paste what is on the Word Document, and later a ‘Donation’ which is a Bribe is Paid to the Clinton Foundation.

They use fictitious People on America’s Voting System as part of Electoral Fraud, and so obtaining a laptop Computer is No problem if you have the Money that the Clinton Foundation has.

These days, because of Computer and the Internet, it becomes a Matter of trust, and there are Many Americans who Know that the Clintons are among the Most Untrustworthy Politicians in America.

We Know that while Bill Clinton was posing as the President, and while Hillary Clinton was the Real President, that she Employed her Secret Agents who were Paid with Corporation Money to Secretly Film People of Influence in Criminal Acts, and now they are Puppets of the Clintons, and we have seen the Congressional Black Caucus acting as Puppets on the Clinton Democratic Party Plantation, and some American Mainstream Media Journalists have Not done Investigative Journalism, on whether some of them or some of the Black Congressional Caucus have been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Controversial Island, and doing things with consenting adult, rather than with children, is not a criminal offence.

We Know that Bill Clinton has been to the Private Island of his Friend Jeffrey Epstein, who is a Convicted sex offender who spent time in jail regarding a minor, and he can Afford high technology miniature concealed cameras to Secretly Film People in a Criminal Act, so that they will become Puppets.

The following short Videos show what Experts say on this Treasonous matter, and a Video is Titled: Clinton Emails Compromised – Hacker Targeted Hillary’s Aide Sid Blumenthal at

, and the Video Titled: Report on Sidney Blumenthal’s Role as Secret Advisor to Hillary Clinton at the State Department at


Hillary Clinton said that she did Not send or received anything over her Unsecured Email Servers that were marked Classified.

The Clintons being honest is Sparse, and this matter is considered by the Clintons as a Farce, because it is a Clinton Lawyer’s Parse.

The Secret Information sent to Clinton’s Unsecured Email Server could Not be marked Classified, because these had Not gone to the State Department to be Classified and Clinton was Not going to Classified them, because then she could Not use her Unsecured Private Email Server, and Secret Information that Clinton sent to others could Not be marked Classified, because they were Secret to the State Department, and Clinton was Not going to Classify them, because then she could Not use her Unsecured Private Email Server, even as a Tax Evaders Real Earnings are Not disclosed to the Taxation Department, and both of these Activities are Criminal, and it is Not a case of over classifying Secret Information, but of Treasonously Not classifying Secret Information.

This is because All of that Abundant Sensitive Information is Not going to be marked Classified and Top Secret, because it has Not gone through the State Department System, because Hillary Clinton set up her Unsecured Private Email Server to go around the State Department System that would mark material as Classified and Top Secret.

This is a very serious matter, because of Hillary Clinton’s Unnatural and Unhealthy Lust for Power, and if she becomes President, then she will receive the President Daily Briefing, and she will Continue to Sell Top Secret Information to Foreigners to Finance her Reelection bid, and the Clintons have Only ever made a virtue out of necessity in this matter and their other Treasons, Corruptions, and Criminalities.

We Know that Senator Sanders has been far too soft on Hillary Clinton over her Racism, and the Email Scandal, her Treasons, Corruptions, and Criminalities, and with the General Untrustworthiness of Hillary Clinton.

If Senator Sanders is a True American, then he will repeatedly declare that he is seeking the nomination for Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party, because he does Not want someone who is Corrupt, Incompetent, Untrustworthy, Criminal, and a Hardened and Compulsive Liar like Hillary Clinton to receive it, and that very little of what Hillary Clinton says can be trusted, because Hillary Clinton is 0 % American and 100 % Clinton, and this makes her Unfit to be President.

There are People who think that Senator Sanders should Demand the Democratic Party nomination for Presidential Candidate, and if he does not receive it, then he will form a New Political Party, and Hillary Clinton will go to Jail, because there might be a Republican President rather than a President Sanders.

There could be some People who are wondering if Senator Sanders has ever been invited by Bill Clinton to visit Jeffrey Epstein’s Controversial Island, or if he has a Clinton Funded Secret Swiss Bank Account, and that perhaps this is why he is overly timid with his Political Advertisements and Debates with Hillary Clinton, and these things can be mentioned by some of the callers to Talkback Radio.

Democratic Party Senator Webb who has served as a Secretary of the Navy, and as an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, has said that he will Not vote for Hillary Clinton at

Webb: ‘I would not vote for Hillary Clinton’


This is why Many Democrats who want Anyone but the Thoroughly Corrupt Establishment Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s nomination for Presidential Candidate.

The story of the Clintons wanting a Personal Email Server began during the Presidencies of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton of 1993 to 2001, when the Clintons withheld nearly 2 million Email Communications from Judicial Watch, the Congress, and Federal Investigators.

We can be Certain that after that experience, that Hillary Nixon Clinton wanted her Emails to remain Totally Secret from Proper oversight, because she was and is a Corrupt Traitor and a Devious Criminal.

This is why in 2008, Hillary Nixon Clinton acquired a Personal Email Server for her use in running for President, and had it installed in her Chappaqua New York home.

There are several People who have the Duty to Classify Material at the State Department, and Lawyer Hillary Nixon Clinton signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with the Government, which Unambiguously Stated that classified markings are Irrelevant to State Secrets, and that includes Classified Information, which is marked or unmarked, and it also includes verbal communications.

The Secretary of State has Original Classification Authority, and that means that Hillary Nixon Clinton was supposed to Evaluate Secret Material that she Sent or Received, and to Ensure that it was Marked by one of the 3 Classifications of either Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret, and that it was Stored Safely, which was Not done on her separate Personal Unsecured Email Server.

Clinton had a Secret Personal Unsecured Email Server during her 2008 Presidential Campaign, and yet Hillary Nixon Clinton said the following, during her 2008 Presidential Campaign: “Our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, the secret military tribunals, the secret White House email accounts,” Clinton said. “It’s a stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok. It is everything our founders were afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent.”

The Bush and Clinton Dictatorships were working together to make America a Dictatorship, and this is why American Social Democrats and other Democrats want Anyone But Clinton for Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party.

We can see the Corrupt, Criminal, and Treasonous Mindset of the Clintons with regards to Government Emails that the Congress has a Duty to monitor.

The reason that the Congress has a Duty to monitor the State Department is to Prevent a Dictatorship in America.

The Congress has a Duty to monitor the State Department, because there is the Right of the Public to Know certain things that are Not Official Secrets, and this is called Freedom of Information.

Hillary Nixon Clinton conducted All of her Secretary of State Email Communications on her Secret Personal Unsecured Email Server, and it is Interesting how Clinton sent a memo for her Staff at the State Department to use Only the Government Email Servers, but this was for the honest ones, and Not for the Corrupted Clinton Puppets at .

Hillary Nixon Clinton had Original Classification Authority, along with the Highest Obligation to Classify Material, and should as Secretary of State, have had among the Greatest Competencies in the State Department to Classify Material, and even more so because of having a Personal Unsecured Email Server.

Hillary Nixon Clinton was Demanding that Classified Material to be Sent to her, because that was the Only way she wanted to do her work as Secretary of State, and she Sent Classified Material to others on her Secret Personal Unsecured Email Server, because as a Traitor and a Criminal, Clinton was Not going to have accountability of her work as Secretary of State by using the Secure Government Email Server.

It was discovered that in one of Clinton’s Emails of June of 2011, that she Ordered her Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan to remove the Classified Markings on a Document, and to send it to her by means an Unsecured channel to her Secret Personal Unsecured Email Server.

It is Obvious that Hillary Nixon Clinton Verbally Ordered her other Staff to do the same, and this is why there are over 2,000 Emails that Hillary Nixon Clinton Sent or Received that contain Classified Information, and it is Not as she Lied as Usual that it was because of over classification of Material at , and at .

Foreigners Knew that the Clinton’s had their own Personal Unsecured Email Server since 2008, and so they went to look into Hillary Nixon Clinton’s Emails after she became Secretary of State, and they made Donations to the Clinton Foundation, and the Clintons were very happy with this arrangement, and let Favored Foreign Clients look at America’s Top Secrets for Money.

There are People who think that it was by means of Bribing the Clintons that Foreigners gained Personal Management Data at .

There are People who think that Terrorists gained Secret Information from Hillary Nixon Clinton, because it was to manipulate matters to further the personal Ambitions of Bill Secret Harem Clinton and Hillary Nixon Clinton.

We Know that the Navy Seals that killed Osama bin Laden in May of 2011, were killed a few days after that, and there could be People who think that Hillary Nixon Clinton wanted Barack Obama to take the blame, because she thought she could manipulate the situation to run for President in the 2012 Election.

The same could be said regarding her handling of Benghazi, which was because Foreigners had looked at her Emails on her Personal Unsecured Email Server.

Those who were affected by the Personal Management Data Breach, and other Americans who Know the Clintons, can Inform Fellow Americans on Talkback Radio Shows, and writing comments on the Internet.

These comments should contain No sarcasm, which is the Lowest form of wit, and those comments should be waffle free verbal or written comments, which contains the most relevant Facts, and these comments should be deliberated on and refined over a few days, before they would be good for publishing, and they should be read over the Phone on Talkback Radio Shows, rather than to rely on memory to say them.

A timeline of the Clinton’s Secret Personal Unsecured Email Server and matters regarding that can be found at .

Hillary Nixon Clinton has shown that she lacks Judgment, because had she retired from Politics at the time she retired as Secretary of State, then things might be better for her, and for the Democratic Party.

This is because she has Many millions of Dollars, and is not in jail, and had she not wanted to be President, then all of this could have been ignored.

Perhaps the Clintons Know that because they have taken Corrupt Cash from Foreigners in exchange for Selling American Government Secret to Foreigners, then those Foreigners want Hillary Nixon Clinton to be President, and the Clintons want More Dirty Treasonous Money.

It may be More Complicated than this, and the American Voters need to Know these things, because the First Line of Defense for America is to Vote for Anyone But Clinton.

It could be that Bill Clinton or Hillary Nixon Clinton have been Secretly Filmed in a Criminal Act in a moment of weakness, when they thought that they had Full Privacy, and we Know that there are high technology miniature concealed cameras.

We Know that Bill Clinton has been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, which some People call Orgy Island, and that it is a Crime to do certain things with children, and if someone has such Films, then Bill Clinton and Hillary Nixon Clinton would be their Puppets.

The Clintons have Extensively Travelled to Foreign Countries where they may have been Secretly Filmed, and they could Not Deliberately lose the Primaries by promising to increase Taxes under these conditions, because the Foreigners might become Suspicious and release Films on the Internet.

The Clintons are Concerned that the Congress and the Senate may not assist them if they are the Puppets of Foreigners, and this needs to be Bipartisan because the Democrats may have a similar plan in order to avoid a Hillary Clinton Trial, and to gain sympathy over Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in a Fake automobile accident for votes at the Election, and such an action, which is designed to Protect America’s Top Secrets should not influence how People Vote at the Election.

Furthermore, the Devious Dictatorial Democrats may have wanted this Incident to say that Hillary Clinton Compromised National Security so badly, and that they Only discovered the severity of the situation after the Faked Clinton automobile accident, and that the Elections are Suspended and Martial Law is announced, and this is why the American People need to Know that the Clinton automobile accident is a Fake to Protect America.

Perhaps something can be thought of, and has been thought of for such situations, and the Congress and the Senate should reassure the Clintons of their offer of Assistance, because of such a matter.

If a Government Official and the Country may need such emergency assistance, then they could Fake that Person’s death, by means of their automobile going over a cliff, and where the driver was said to be very drunk, and where the driver was the Only Person in that automobile, and the Only Person who is said to have died or been injured in that Fake incident, and where the body is said to be burnt beyond visual recognition, but a DNA Test is said to confirm the identity of that Person, but where animal flesh is used and then cremated in that fake accident to Protect America’s National Secrets.

It is much better if those Foreigners and even All Americans Know that such an incident is a Fake, because the Foreigners or even possibly some Americans would Not release such Films on the Internet in these circumstances, because they do Not want to release such Films on someone who is falsely said to be dead, because they must try to Puppetize other People.

Those in Congress and the family and friends will to have Pretend that the fake accident is real, and that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are dead, even though Everyone Knows that they are alive with New Identities.

We might know that Bill Clinton and Hillary Nixon Clinton have Not been Filmed in such a situation, if the Department of Justice will take seriously the Investigation and Prosecution of High Treasons of Hillary Nixon Clinton.

Senator Sanders wants Free College Education, and we heard that Bill Secret Harem Clinton say that Free College Education is unaffordable, but he is Lying Again as Usual.

Free College Education is an Investment in America’s Economy, that will Pay a Dividend, and it is Easily Affordable if there is Proper Economic Management, which both Increases Employment and Government Revenue, and Lowers Taxes.

If America Elects a Republican President, then there are People who think that they should announce a Very Similar Free College Education Policy to that of Senator Sanders a few weeks before the Election, and to only use vague and generic speech on Education Policy until then, and to Offer Senator Sanders the Secretary of Education position if he does Not receive the nomination for Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party, even though he would more likely want to be a Senator.

There are People who think that whoever Hillary Clinton chooses as a running mate will be the President if Hillary Clinton is elected, and so Americans will Not be voting for Hillary Clinton, but for who she chooses as her running mate for that Election, and there are Democratic Party Voters, who think that Hillary Clinton should withdraw from the Primaries, and that the First Line of Defense for America is for Americans to Vote for Anyone But Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has said that she is better for African Americans than what she says that Senator Sanders is, but she is Lying Again as Usual.

With this statement, Hillary Clinton is Saying that the Democrats are a Racist Party, because some Democrats are better for African Americans than other Democrats, but the Facts are that any Leader of the Democrats would Identically implement Democrat Party Policy for African Americans if they are Elected, and that would be regardless of who is nominated as Presidential Candidate.

There are People who think that Hillary Clinton’s Lies against Senator Sanders could be as Racist as suggesting that, because African Americans originated from a Country where there is witchcraft, then this is why African Americans would endorse or vote for Hillary Clinton who has a witch’s cackle, and because Hillary Clinton was endorsed by Madeleine Albright, who some People think is also a witch, and the Clintons gave Madeleine Albright the job of Secretary of State, during the tenure of Bill Secret Harem Clinton at the White House.

Bill Clinton was a Knowing and Willing Accomplice with Hillary Clinton’s Servergate Treasons, Corruptions, and Criminalities.

If Senator Sanders is a True American, then he will repeatedly declare that Hillary Clinton is Corrupt, Incompetent, Untrustworthy, a Hardened Criminal, and a Compulsive Liar, and that very little of what the Devious Hillary Clinton says can be trusted, because Hillary Clinton is 0 % American and 100 % Clinton, and this makes her Unfit to be President, and that American Voters want someone Trustworthy to be the President of America.