5 Shameful True Stories Muslims Desperately Don’t Want You To Know About Their Prophet Muhammad (Guest Post)


In the Islamic religion, Muhammad is revered as God’s final prophet and the ideal man, the perfect example for all time. But just how perfect is Muhammad’s example Muslim males especially must strive to emulate? Here’s five little-known shocking stories about Islam’s ideal man Muslims desperately don’t want you to be aware of.

1.Muhammad adopted Zayd, the freed slave of his first wife Khadijah, as his son. Zayd married a very beautiful woman called Zaynab bint Jash. One day, Muhammad went to the home of the couple and he happened to catch sight of a naked Zaynab. He made lustful comments about her and she duly told her husband what had happened.

On hearing what Muhammad had said about his wife, Zayd told Muhammad that if he wanted to marry Zaynab then he would divorce her. Initially, Muhammad told him to stay with his wife, but Zayd divorced her and Muhammad then married her claiming it was the will of Allah.

Allah’s somewhat convenient and embarrassing will is revealed in Chapter 33, verse 37 of the Quran. Even Muhammad’s favourite wife Aisha, whom he married when she was just six years of age, voiced her suspicions saying: “Truly Allah seems to be very quick in fulfilling your prayers.”

There’s a tragic legacy of Muhammad’s lust for his son’s wife. In an attempt to justify Muhammad’s marriage to his daughter-in-law, Allah subsequently forbade adoption in Quran verses 33.4 and 33.5. (Note the Quran is not organized chronologically.) To this day, thousands of children in the Islamic world remain orphans all because of the “perfect example” of the lustful Muhammad.

2.Speaking of Muhammad’s favourite wife Aisha leads us to another event in Muhammad’s life which continues to have tragic consequences. Aisha was accused of cheating on Muhammad by three witnesses. Upon hearing their accounts, Muhammad refused to believe them and made a ruling requiring four witnesses to prove fornication.

Sex for unmarried women is forbidden in Islam. If a woman is raped and the rapist doesn’t confess to the crime, four trustworthy male witnesses are required to prove that the woman was actually raped. Many rape victims in the Islamic world have been criminalized because of Muhammad’s ruling with around 80% of women in Pakistani jails being victims of rape.

3.The next story comes from one of the most authoritative accounts of Muhammad’s life, the hadith of Sahih Muslim. A pregnant woman confessed to Muhammad that she had committed adultery. Muhammad told her to have the child then return to him. When she returned, he commanded that she be stoned to death for her fornication. You can read the full unpleasant story in Sahih Muslim book 17, number 4206 here.

4.Salah, praying five times a day, is a pillar of Islam and an obligation on all Muslims. Missing prayer is a serious transgression in Islam and the reason is because of the following event in Muhammad’s life. He acknowledged the hardest prayers for Muslims are the first pre-dawn prayer and the final evening prayer. He instructed the cleric who calls Muslims to prayer, the Mu’adh-dhin, to give the second call to prayers, the Iqama. He commanded a man to lead the prayer and once the prayer was over, Muhammad demanded that the homes of those who missed the prayer be burned down with the occupants being burned alive. Sahih Bukhari is regarded by Muslims as THE most authoritative hadith and this wicked deed is recorded in volume 1, book 11, number 626.

5.Perhaps one of the most shocking stories of Muhammad’s life concerns the fate of the peaceful Jewish farmers of the Khaybar Oasis. Muhammad had signed a treaty to break peace between the farmers and the Muslims. He had also agreed not to be recognized as a prophet in the treaty, much to the chagrin of his followers. To regain their respect, Muhammad decided to attack the farmers who were no match for his army and they soon surrendered. The “ideal man, the perfect example for all time” told the farmers they would only be permitted to continue living on the Oasis if they handed over their wealth.

Convinced the Jews were holding out, Muhammad tortured their leader, Kinana. Despite inflicting severe punishments on Kinana, including pouring burning oil onto his chest, Muhammad was unable to obtain any details of withheld wealth, so he had Kinana beheaded. He then ordered his men to bring to him Kinana’s beautiful 17 year old wife, Safiya bint Huyay. He told her that if she embraced Islam and married him, he would spare her life. He married her and consummated the marriage that very night.

Safiya’s fate is described in Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, book 59, numbers 512 and 513.

Muslims will try to deceive unbelievers by portraying their prophet as a man of peace. Indeed, when they say his name, they will usually follow it by saying “peace be upon him.” But as these five disturbing events show, Muhammad was not a peaceful man and this begs the question: How can anyone claim Islam is a religion of peace when the perfect example of its prophet is one of violence, deceit, unbridled lust and savage cruelty?

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I just read through all of these comments…everyone kind of skated over one fact about Mo…he married a 6 year old! One more time…HE MARRIED A 6 YEAR OLD!!!!!! I’ve read the bible a few times, I can’t recall Jesus doing anything like that.

@Adam: it was a norm at the time. not only muslims did that so did christians and jews. And back then that age wasn’t that young because the life expectancies were also very short.

@Bill… deplorable me: do u think what u just said was right I dont know what you strongwere thinking by saying that a Muslim person would never do that or are u mixing proper muslims with ISIS or somthing like that cuz what u said was just wrong

@Adam: What does marriage means to you? For me marriage in Islam is not only to have sexual interaction but to ceritify a guide for each other, to let the soiety there that they are accepted to be togther in a house with trust. In this case, that 6 years old daughter was asked to learn from Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. by her own father. I state here that your mind was cramped by your peasant surroundings.Try the Sultan’s reason for marriage. You think you are mature enough is it?

Oppression of women and human rights… and a bunch of guy on guy on goat fucking. This religion is and it’s oh so perfect prophet is a joke (like the others).

Muhammad: the comic book.

So, what about the costic christians who are living in Arab for thlusand of years? Muslims didn’t kill them to convert to muslims.

@SAYYED BUKHARI: excuse me!! I don’t know what is your name but please stop this type of languages if you are realy a fan of Islam then please read the surrah mu’minu-n. Then you will realize that what a big mistake you have done by writing this. @Taliban: I swear please stop. That.

Assallamu Alaikum. I am a muslim and I made a refutation of this article. May you mind checking it out? Thanks.

@Guy: please do not be so disrespectful. Everything in this blog has been refuted

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
show me…i will surely check it..

Well if Muslim want to hide them so why did the they mentioned them in books like sahih bukhari.

How can you hide something by putting it right in front of you…and tell you where you can find it…so that means it’s not hidden..which also means that the interpretation you used is wrong…as I previously shown..

@John: another thing, don’t believe what the internet told you, you’ll become a fool, peace.

@Muserr D Taalibuddeen:

Check at this link . Jazak Allah khayran
http://aminoapps.com/p/0nmsq3@93749: true I made a refutation against this. Did you see another refutation?

@John: this thread is several years old, but I couldn’t help but point this out. muslim countries are continuously tryna expand their borders even today. Ever heard of cyprus and kashmir? Ever heard of the Arakan Army? Peaceful coexistence does not exist in their cultural history.

@rahi: have you ever heard of the British empire?? Or any other empire in the history of the earth??

lol, you’re pretty much altering the hadiths to serve your situation and taking advantage of the fact that none of your readers will actually double check, not only because they lack the language, also because people hear what they want to hear honestly. None of these stories were documented in the Quean or Sahih in this narration, liar. Stop being a lazy ass and refer to the Tafsir and four Imams sayings, otherwise don’t talk about something you don’t know the slightest thing about. Quoting the Quran “فاسألوا اهل الذكر ان كنتم لا تعلمون” Ask who knows when you don’t, simple as that.

@Muserr D Taalibuddeen:
I came to despise bloggers and journalists to be frank. They don’t care about integrity and credibility anymore, their only concern is the numbers of clicks. They don’t mind researching a subject that takes years of learning for like 30 minutes from gods knows sources and then claim that they’re the experts, the most fitting word is “رويبيضات”. What upsets me the most that people don’t mind a flimsy article as long as it fulfills their hatred for Islam.

@FREEDOM: Damn bro i love you for this comment these goat fuckers must learn how to face people when they will all learn the real face of their shit religion its base and principles.

@Earthbound: he’s not altering them he’s taking them out of context

@Rapist Mohamed: the fact that you are calling him a rapist with no evidence makes a child seem more mature than you

@FREEDOM: literally you are just as bad as the people who send death threats and say death to America

He is brother, he’s implying to non-muslims that Aisha was seen cheating on the prophet with Safwan by three witness, and that the prophet just had them punished immediately. Moreover, he never mentioned Abdullah ibn Salul even though this character is constantly mention by anti-islam socialists, because he knows the part he played in the story would destroy the impression he built for the prophet peace be upon him in this post.
Furthermore, he said that “adultery is forbidden for women in Islam” as if it was allowed for men, what a joke smh.
Also, regarding the Prayer Hadith, the prophet never instructed anyone to set these houses on fire as that never happened, the Hadith says “هممت” as I had an urge. Furthermore, the Hadith didn’t mention burning the houses with whoever inside, even in the link he provided in the post LOL. I can’t believe people are too lazy to check. At any rate, it is identical to spoiling money.

atleast don’t spread false and negative things about our prophet if you don’t like us then mind your own business plz but don’t you dare to insult our prophets
2nd thing is that Jesus was not God nor the son but he was also the msmger like mohaabbat adam Jacob yousouf dawood idris ibrahim and all rest of the massanger who past ago before.. although Allah gave some power of every his massnger to show his presence in this world and to obey him and to pray only to him bcoz he’s only one nor father not the son of anyone!!
3rd thing if we talk about the power then Jesuus could make the dead people alive and to make a ill man into a healthy man without diseases .. so that the power Allah given to him to make sense to all his community that obey only Allah.. Allah can do anything.. similarly all the rest of the prophets had some powers to show people Allah is one he can do any thing

@Farzana: it’s true, it’s just twisted is all. But he didn’t lie

The “I haven’t lied, I’ve only hidden the truth” approach is bullshit and a Texas Sharpshooter fallacy in this situation at this point.

@True muslim: Exactly Alhamdulillah .. Love our religion❤️❤️❤️

Christoper j grin your psyco man, you have schizoprenia disorder, you must take your medicine and threatment..

@John: I would appreciate if you respect my religion just as Muslims respect Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. It’s rude to offense to say things without even proof especially when you don’t know much about Islam, maybe you should research about it. We Muslims don’t create controversy about other regions so I hope you don’t spread all these nasty news either. RESPECT ALL RELIGION. WE ALL ARE HUMAN BEING AFTERALL before any religion, race, ethnicity.

before reading and writing something like this, please take a look for yourself. Prophet muhammad is the greatest man who ever lived. He was kind, thoughtful and he is the perfect example that everyone should follow. here is proof: there was a woman who used to throw her rubbish on prophet muhammad every day. She used to stone him and curse him whenever he would by. One day she became ill and prophet muhammad went to visit her, he was so concerned about her, he treated her with kindness and respect. There are so many stories like this, read them for yourself. Islam is the truth, the religion of peace. Read the Quran for yourself. It is the only religion where everything makes sense.

This is all a lie…..there is nowhere such stories exist….please don’t make up stories just to gain popularity or entertain others….research properly on this for the path you are taking won’t take you to good but will lead you to evil..have respect for Islam even if you don’t believe in it….Islam is not the enemy…the real enemy is ignorant people and extremists are not the answer

All the above stories are false.

All the above stories are false and you are a lier.

@Islamic: the double standard is funny. Muslims respect all religions (most Muslims) and other religions don’t need to. It’s kind of annoying

@James Raider: sorry but how many times has christianity caged up other religions for their beliefs? If your family member was a murderer would you want me to assume you as a murderer too? Just because there are some bad muslims, doesn’t make them all bad. I don’t know why you guys just can’t get that in your head-

How dare you to say anything like this for my most precious beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam , you just tell me your address otherwise i wouldn’t be afraid to appoint a highly professional hacker to take out your address insha’Allah I’ll kill you with my bare hands , and yeah in Islam it’s peace full but if anyone points out Muhammad (saw) and Allah we have to take his soul out. (Just wait for me )

How dare you to say anything like this for my most precious beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam , you just tell me your address otherwise i wouldn’t be afraid to appoint a highly professional hacker to take out your address insha’Allah I’ll kill you with my bare hands , and yeah in Islam it’s peace full but if anyone points out Muhammad (saw) and Allah we have to take his soul out. (Just wait for me )

Christianity is as barbaric as Islam, Hinduism and Judaism . Just look at crusaders who traveled through Europe and on the order of the pope hanged those who refused to convert and embrace Jesus and the bible. The homes of those who did not convert were also burnt as a sign of warning to others. Until today both christians and muslims hate, persecute and kill I the name of their religion, their Christ and their Allah. Religions are the one greatest evil that is plaguing this planet. One greatest evil that is holding back humanity .


You’re not helping your case of Islam being a religion of peace…just saying

@SAYYED BUKHARI: according to you, anyone or anything different should go to hell. Pure hatred.

This is all full of lies, all of these stories are twisted and wrong, please do not believe these and go and study the life of prophet Muhammad, which is full of beauty, kindness and peace. In a society that slaved black peaple, nearly 1400 years ago, he made them free, in a time when they killed their infant daughters because they thought girls were worthless, he showed everybody that men and women are the same and worthy and made them respect women. Those days barely anyone could read, he made them study and showed them the importance of it, he was the kindest to his enemies, and all of them lived in the most peaceful society because of him! PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE THESE LIES AND GO STUDY HIS IMPRESSIVE LIFE YOURSELF!

Don’t get angry, instead give the correct story so we can know the truth.

@Sukamiakuka: Isis is not a part of Islam.And never will be.They use Islam as an excuse for what they do.

@Muzammil: this is the reason people see us as terrorists. don’t get angry just explain its the correct way to go.

Why is it you moslems cut of the heads of non moslems? In France some asshole moslem cut the head off of a catholic 70 year old woman and killed two others. You morons celebrate the killing of infidels. Time for you reprobates participate in the 21st century.

@July 4th American: those don’t represent Muslims, if u want to judge a whole society on the acts of some, then what about new Zealand mosque incident? What about the people there who were praying peacefully and got shot randomly and cruelly? Am sure you don’t want to shoot people randomly just because they r following a religion that u r not? or would you like to do that?

@XxX: Seems there is a lot more mental illness that springs from the ideolgy of Mohamed you can name very few horrible attacks on mosques. We can name many thousands of “those are not real Muslims” examples. Perhaps if families report to your religious leaders family members that go astray they could be effectively deprogrammed. Seems the community isnt even trying so we wont accept your fake victimhood.

Your knowledge is zero and your bible is false your words has no value and it cant even touch prestige of islam and harming islam’s and our beloved prophet reputation is not at all your capability your are zero i hope your in many more troubles after this post if not today is your last good day.. Allah is watching everyone all have to pay..

@Najya: Then there was no Abraham if you are not lying about my bible, no Adam?
You have never read the bible only repeat lies you were taught.