Although I Love Donald Trump, I’ll Be Voting For Ted Cruz


UPDATE: This post originally stated the 4th Amendment kept govt from taking citizen’s property. NJMike was kind enough to point out that it is of course the 5th. Which just goes to show the wisdom of that century old adage: Never write a blog while drinking beer and watching football…

I love Donald Trump. For all of his faults, he has done this nation an extraordinary service that it seems no other politician has been able to do for a quarter century. He put the single, most important issue facing our nation at the top of the heap in terms of what voters are concerned with: Immigration. Illegal immigration is literally undermining our nation, and without control of our borders there is simply no way our country will survive as a constitutional republic.

That love, I suppose, is really more appreciation. While I thank Trump to the high heavens for his contribution to this race, I don’t plan on voting for him. I’m voting for Ted Cruz.

Trump has a certain unabashed style, a presence, a reputation and an unrestrained manner that has allowed him to become not only a spectacularly successful businessman, but a media star. As PT Barnum is said to have said: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Those things worked to Trump’s advantage getting immigration on the agenda and putting him at the top of the heap right now in the GOP race.

But none of that should suggest that he should be President. Ask a  Trumpian what they like about Trump and you’ll usually get something like “He gets things done”. That’s true, but like an iceberg, where 90% of what’s important is unseen, it’s how Trump “gets things done” that’s a problem for those who value the Constitution. And that’s exactly where Ted Cruz excels.

There are big differences between Ted and Trump, and once you get past the issue of immigration, where both want to build a wall from San Diego to Brownsville, TX, those differences become crystal clear. Here are a few important ones:

5th Amendment

One of the key elements of a limited government is the personal property rights of the nation’s citizens. You can’t have an American dream if the government can simply come along and take your stuff or let someone else do so. The 5th Amendment keeps the government from taking a citizen’s property for anything other than a public use. (It reads: No person shall … nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.) Or at least it did until Kelo v. New London in 2005. In that case the Supreme Court decided that the government could take property from a group of citizens and give it to a private company, with no public use involved. So, according to Kelo, if a citizen was sufficiently friendly to politicians in a particular area, they could use that friendship to take the property of someone else… and do it legally.

Donald Trump not only agreed with the Kelo decision, but he did so enthusiastically. In addition, and this does not bode well for limited government, Donald Trump had tried on numerous occasions to do the same thing that Pfizer did in Kelo. Ted Cruz vociferously disagreed with Kelo and would appoint Supreme Court justices who actually understand what the 4th Amendment says.


Donald Trump, while correctly characterizing Obamacare as a disaster, talks glowingly of the dysfunctional single payer systems in Canada and Scotland. Indeed a decade ago he advocated for a single payer system here in the US. In his most recent healthcare proposal, while he advocates repealing Obamacare, it’s not free markets he offers as the solution, but rather the opaque “something terrific” that ensures every American who wants health coverage can get it. He says that government will provide healthcare for those who can’t afford it, and according to Forbes magazine, that “plan” could essentially only function with government cost controls in the first place.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has been a staunch opponent of Obamacare in the Senate, even going so far as to shut down the government in 2013 in an attempt to overturn it. And did so very much against the wishes of the spineless GOP leadership. More than that, Cruz wants to harness free markets to solve the problem of healthcare.

10th Amendment

And this one may be the single most important difference between the two candidates and the most important determinant as to who to pull the lever for. The 10th Amendment is at the core of America’s limited government and the prosperity it has engendered. It states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Donald Trump is not today, nor ever has been an advocate for limited government. From getting into bed with local governments for tax breaks to leveraging government gambling licenses against creditors to encouraging local governments to use eminent domain against opponents, Donald Trump has never shied away from using government intimidation to further his interests. A President Trump would likely pay as little attention to the 10th Amendment as President Obama has.  There’s a reason unions and 20% of Democrats are considering supporting Donald Trump, and it’s not because he’s a small government guy…

Ted Cruz, however, is a staunch defender of the 10th Amendment and an advocate for dramatically cutting government regulations. Indeed, he’s been a strong advocate for state’s rights and for states to be competing “laboratories of democracy” since before he was Senator. And just in case there was any uncertainty on the subject, in November of last year Cruz announced his “Five for Freedom”, five departments he would shutter if he were president, including the IRS and the Department of Education.  Ted Cruz is the opposite of a Crony Capitalist… which explains why the big government loving GOP establishment favors Trump in a two man race.

If Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination I will vote for him with no hesitation. I will not however vote for him in the primary. There are fundamentally two cancers that threaten our Republic today. The first is unfettered immigration, because when the voting rolls are packed with new “citizens” who don’t share out culture and with no understanding of or appreciation for the Constitution as a restraint on government, then eventually government simply becomes an enforcement and redistribution arm for the majority. The second cancer is a leviathan of a federal government which seems to know no limits and believes it exists to solve every problem imaginable for its preferred citizens, regardless of what the Bill of Rights and the Constitution say. As Jefferson could have said – but didn’t – “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you have.”

Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would cure the first of these two cancers, but only one candidate would cure both. That man is Ted Cruz, and I will be voting for him come primary day.

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If Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination I will vote for him with no hesitation. I will not however vote for him in the primary.

If Donald Trump Ted Cruz wins the GOP nomination I will vote for him with no hesitation. I will not however vote for him in the primary.

Here’s my main reason.
The way a candidate is with other people’s money in his campaign is the same way he will be with all our money (tax dollars and printed debt) after getting into office.
Ted Cruz has ”forgotten” to report on TWO (possibly more) huge loans from Goldman Sachs and another lender.
But he spent the money.
His campaign is bleeding cash.

OTOH, Donald Trump’s campaign has MADE him money!
Yes, because the campaign laws require him to lease his own planes and helicopters from himself, he is coming out ahead in his campaign.
So much so that he felt guilty about it and began spending $2 million a week in Iowa, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Donald Trump will bring his capability at getting things done for less to the government.
Do you even know about the ice rink he built in NYCity?
For 20 YEARS the gov’t tried to build it.
Spent over $20 million on it.
All they had was an un-level disaster that leaked coolant!
Then Trump offered to do it for the government.
Even adding in the extra cost of tearing out all of the gov’ts bad work, he still came in ahead of schedule and under budget.

Donald Trump, while correctly characterizing Obamacare as a disaster, talks glowingly of the dysfunctional single payer systems in Canada and Scotland.

In ”another age.”
That age long ago, before 9-11-01.
We were $1 trillion richer back then and going up!
Things have changed, so has Trump.

But, if Cruz gets the nod I will vote for him.

So Vince were you against the taking of private land for the Keystone pipeline ?
Nanny, many Demd will also vote for Tump……. But only in the primary.

Yes Ted Criz took loans for his campaign but let me explain what kind of loan it was. He and his wife have stocks bonds and with those you can take ” loans” from the assets held,. in this case your the banker not the :”bank” You are taking from your stocks bonds account which is actually your own money this money doesn’t have to be repaid. it simply lowers the amount of total in your asset account. The reason i know this is, i do it myself. im not a millionaire not by any regards in fact I am a person that lives week to week. When i need some help i take a :’ loan ” from my assets to help out.

the state of Texas hates cruz, no chestnuts, lied about his loan from GS. realize that all the amendments have substance because of the 2ed amendment.

Texas does not hate Cruz. He got elected with huge GOPe opposition.

@Nanny G:

The way a candidate is with other people’s money in his campaign is the same way he will be with all our money (tax dollars and printed debt) after getting into office.
Ted Cruz has ”forgotten” to report on TWO (possibly more) huge loans from Goldman Sachs and another lender.

1) No one candidate has used campaign funds more wisely than Cruz. You want bleeding? See JEB!
2) Cruz’s loan were “equity” loan basically borrowing from himself and his wife. He put up his own portfolio as collateral. It is no different than borrowing money against your home equity for improvements. You still have to pay it back, with interest.
3) There is not ONE candidate that has not filed an amended campaign finance filing. Not ONE. That is why the FEC allows for amended filings. The CTA is responsible for the filings.

Yes, because the campaign laws require him to lease his own planes and helicopters from himself, he is coming out ahead in his campaign.

Please, provide that law. Also, it is not a net gain for Trump; merely a wash.

@MOS #8541:

Actually, you’re wrong. He beat Dewhurst by a wide margin although Dewhurst outspent Cruz 4 to 1.

The most important point to this selection process is to elect the most electable person in the field. Any should agree that Hilldabeast is the worst choice for America, that is if she gets the nomination before she goes to jail!! Bernie is a joke and wants to raise taxes by over $1.7 trillion just for health care, what a socialist idiot!!

Very well stated Sir; thank you for your service and I completely agree with your sincere and heartfelt view on this matter.


@Nanny G: I believe those loans were for his Senate race, not this one. He has reported the loans before, on other applications, but says they forgot it on this one. At any rate, it was a LOAN, not a contribution or gift.

@John: The Keystone does not take land; it uses it. In fact, the land owners get to KEEP the land and are paid lease fees.

@MOS #8541: Who in Texas (where I live), besides leftist Windy Wendy Davis supporters, hates Cruz? Rest assured, the majority of actual Texans LOVE Cruz.

Trump this morning on Fox and Friends—“Everyone hates Ted Cruz..” Last week he loved the guy. With friends like that——-
Talk about being unpopular. The Donald trails Bernie Sanders 54%-39% in NBC national poll released yesterday.
Trump’s rantings may play well with right wing Repubs. but not with majority of American voters.

@Reem: Yeah. Rolling Stone. They’re credible.



Who would want to participate in a war launched by Democrats, botched by Democrats and lost by Democrats?

Now, Vietnam is a capitalistic economy selling us all manner of goods.

@Pat D: A MAN like the many other MEN who served and did their service to this country. But let us not forget his demeaning comments about Mc Cain, when he added that his little RICH BOY/BAD BOY. Military academy was harder than what actual soldiers had. He was a draft Dodger, he was called to serve and FOUR TIMES BELIEVED HE WAS BETTER THAN ANY OF THE OTHER MEN WHO WENT AND SERVED AND DIED, but then of course these other MEN didn’t have a rich daddy in NYC. Stunning support for a coward, draft dodging, progressive liberal piece of crap. P.s. are you one of the 1/3 white supremacist, white nationalist who are supporting this heathen cretin? By the way check some history it wasn’t only a democrat war, ignorance of history will be the death of this nation.

The GOPe and the Dems both THANK YOU for
the GOPe can “broker” the convention and
…which, in turn, almost guarantees
a victory for Hillary.

Foolish you.

@Nanny G: Bravo! Agreed.
And the smear about dredging up the ancient “single payer” stuff is right on target.

@K: Concern Troll much? (…and the ALL BOLD doesn’t help…)

There are Democrat Voters who think that Voting in the Primaries is as easy as ABC, which stands for Anyone But Clinton.

This is because they Know that Clinton Will Harm America’s Image and Interests in the World, and that she is a Real Liability for America, and for the Democrats.

They Know that America is a declining World Power, and having Hillary Clinton as President is Not good for America.

If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination for President Candidate from the American Democratic Party, which is Controlled by Hillary Clinton, then these Democrat Voters will either Vote Republican for the President, and for the Congress and Senate, or they will abstain from voting at the Presidential Election, because they Know that Hillary Clinton is Not good for America.

These Democrats are probably only 10 % of Democrat Voters, and that means 5 % of All Voters, but if they Vote on Principle, or if they abstain from Voting, then it would make it much easier for America to have a Republican President.

There could be some People who think that Leaders of these Principled ABC Voters might write to the Delegates and Superdelegates of the Democratic Party, and to All Democrats State and Federal Politicians informing them of their Concern for America.

This should Not be seen as Blackmail, but it is the Free Exercise of the Consciences of those ABC Voters, based on their Knowledge of how Hillary Clinton will Harm America’s Image and Interests in the World.

Hillary Clinton should Not say that these Democrat ABC Voters are being Bribed by the Republican Party, but these Democrat ABC Voters could say that Hillary Clinton’s Puppets in the ‘Democratic’ Party want to be Hillary Clinton’s Friend, because they Know that Bill Clinton has a Secret Harem.

These Concerned Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton is a Real Liability for the Democrats, and that is why they want Anyone But Clinton as their Presidential Candidate.

These Democrat Voters Know that there is a Chance for a Democrat President if the nomination from the Democrats is Anyone But Clinton.

These Democrat Voters do Not want Election Campaign Funds to be Unnecessarily Wasted by the Email President Hillary Clinton on Undermining another Democrat Candidate who has a Real Chance of becoming President, especially if Hillary Clinton Donates the Money she intended on Spending on her own Campaign.

These Democrat Voters think that Democrat Voters have Given Hillary Rotten Clinton and Bill Secret Harem Clinton much over the years, and that it is up to Hillary Rotten Clinton and Bill Secret Harem Clinton to give something to America, and American Voters are Reluctant to Vote for a Divided Democrat Party.

These Democrat Voters Know that Hillary has been the Unofficial but Real President during the Vice Presidency of Bill Secret Harem Clinton and during her Puppet Obama Administration.

There is much Proof that Hillary Clinton is a Schemer, a Hardened Liar, a Professional Excuse Maker, and a Criminal, and the Proof is the Numerous Clinton Scandals at

Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever


Hillary Clinton is a female, but she is not a woman as Many People would define the word woman, because the Evidence Proves what Hillary Clinton is, and this is why there are Republican and Democrat Voters who think that it is Proper for Americans Voters to Vote for anyone except Hillary Clinton, because Americans should Respect America.

Cruz is not the man he pretends to be but rather a very slick and polished deceiver – not rooted in conservatism.
He is also an opportunist of the worst kind – using those whom he owes his many careers only to backstab them time and time again – beginning in Texas with the Bushes.
His populist spiel claiming to nearly go broke during his election to the senate – was a lie.
Hiding low interest and signature loans from Goldman Sachs and CITIloan funding a senate seat are illegal for a reason – mainly to prevent candidates simply pushing legislations on behalf of those given these ‘special loans’.

So is with Cruz – admitting about one week ago to not report these two loans to the FEC during the required time had its reasons – which was the worst case of deceptions of voters – mainly claiming to nearly bankrupting while running for the senate yet – hiding these loans used to finance his campaign.

Cruz voted to fast track the TPP – why? Isn’t it a fact that Wall Street pays their politicians handsomely to enact ‘their’ demands of policies and laws.

I could go on but I would be careful to vote for someone who claims to be ‘destined by God’ to be king and bring the spoils back from government to his church’ – manipulating people of faith to such.
Why would Raphael Cruz consider himself a ‘righteous’ king based on some un-biblical truth?

Ted is part of the establishment although he hides it much better than the other sell-outs! His votes and campaign contributions as well as his signature loans and deception about it tells the story.

@Nanny G:

Ted Cruz is part of the establishment? WTF?!? Thats just nuts.

The loan issue is a smear. He didnt get money from Goldman Sachs, he borrowed against his own portfolio.

The cheap shots just keep coming from people that support a guy who voted for Obama in 08 and is pro choice. Likes socialized medicine, and plans to readmit all the illegals that are here, even if they are made to leave the country at some point.

There is no excuse for supporting Trump if you call yourself a conservative.

@Pat D:

Pat spoken like a true Dhimmirat.

@Kauf Buch:

Have to agree with you, Trumps inane and socialistic comments and contributions have no bearing on today’s lies. After all the end justifies the means, right?

Anything except another Democrat!
During the debate Cruz proved to be more dedicated to Service of the US than Donny. While he said he was willing to take VP, Donny said he would return to putting up buildings rather than take the second highest position on the Planet.

I just thought I heard Rocky the Flying Squirrel endorsing Donald Trump on the TV in the other room, but when I checked it turned out to be Sarah Palin.

This certainly settles it for me.

@Greg: Amen Brother—I too heard the squeaky wail–they certainly belong together—What a twosome.

@Greg: @Rich Wheeler: Yeah, I would whistle past the cemetery as well if the choices I was ideologically bound to was a corrupt liar that hangs America’s most sensitive information out on the clothesline or a blathering misogynistic socialist with a platform of free everything.

When adults want your flawed opinions, we will certainly make it a point to ask for it.

@Bill #28:

“When adults want your flawed opinions, we will certainly make it a point to ask for it.”

We can assume that adults NEVER read or post here at Flopping Aces, as nobody EVER “asks” ANYONE for opinions, flawed or otherwise.

The Takings clause comes from the 5th amendment.
“Nor shall be deprived of property without just compensation.”

@NJMike: Dude! A perfect demonstration of the lesson I obviously forgot: One should not write blogs when drinking beer and watching football! Note to self: Next time remember to quote the text to which you are referring!


With pleasure, Vince. One benefit of being a Giants fan is the drinking ends with the regular season……