Obama’s Disdain Of “Aging Angry White Men”


Seven years ago the MSM, in an extended display of pageantry reminiscent of a Louis XIV crowning, proclaimed to the world that America had entered a post-racial era in its election of Obama.   The euphoria was short-lived.  Evidence oozed out of the White House that it’s residents were not as evolved on the “racism” front as the media had pretended.

Miners In Montana


Other than those who were “in” the inner circle of the small group which led his political campaign, most of the new President’s supporters didn’t fully appreciate the extent of his resentment for America and for most Americans. Few had read the two biographies published under his name.  None knew anything about him, his background, or his record, and even his educational documentation had been very effectively hidden by his handlers.

Today, seven years after his election, although the denial and willful ignorance of his feelings continue apace, Obama cannot help himself. His ego regularly drags his mouth into the ditch of indignation and bitterness.

The analysis of his rancor is made effortless as we read his  responses just three days ago in a vacuous NPR interview, “blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck.”

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How many unreserved insults can middle America absorb from its own President?  Bargain?  BARGAIN?  People who work, or have worked in blue collar jobs, whether in factories, or putting up bridges, or driving tractors, or shovelling in coal mines, or risking life and limb on oil rigs, . . . got BARGAINS?  The people who bust their backs, or have busted their backs building America just got BARGAINS?  What effrontery?  What absolute denigration of a middle America.

So all of YOU aging angry white men, whom he also accuses of being racist if YOU don’t bow down to him like his sycophants, YOU who now need two pay checks to make ends meet, YOU who, evidence shows, have ZERO in your savings accounts, YOU who financed Obama’s ability to take another multi-million dollar golfing vacation to Hawaii, YOU who voted him into office, YOU are the problem with America.

YOU, not your racist President, YOU are the problem because YOUR racism is in your DNA.

And just keep in mind that you’re dying off, YOU aging angry white men,  while YOU go have yourselves a Merry Christmas if you can afford one, you ungrateful radicals — Obama will remember you from the 18th green, but don’t YOU expect the guy who’s never done a day’s work in his life as you have, to be grateful for you, or grateful for living in the Nation you helped build and continue to build.  Don’t ask him to wish you well.  Ever.  Just remember you got a “Bargain”.

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“blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck.”

Gloating over the de-industrialization policies by the Washington DC establishment elite in their war against the American Dream? What a complete asshole this president is. In his proud and scornful elitist ignorance, he seems to have over looked the fact of all the minorities who fought their way up for generations to become “blue collar” middle class workers, only to have it taken away by greedy globalists. This smirking prick and the progressive elite of both parties along with their crony capitalist corruption are only deserving of the same kind of treatment the French Revolution gave to a similarly snobbish privileged class.

Lenin promised the world to the working classes of Russia only to throw them under the bus like everyone else once the revolution was over with and the Bolsheviks took power. Obama and his ilk are cut from the same Marxist mold.

The current resident of the White House is the worst kind of racist; the kind who only uses racism as a tool. It isn’t that he has disdain for white Americans, he has disdain for all Americans and all of western civilization in general.

He may hate whites, but he doesn’t love blacks, he loves only himself and islam.

The “bargain” is relative; there are fewer and fewer of the types of jobs that can provide a person good with their hands and mind a fair wage and a promising future. This is why it has become necessary, for political support reasons, to try and elevate piddly $7 and hour low skill jobs to $15 an hour; that’s pretty much all that is being produced in the jobs market and it is the left’s substitute for a healthy economy.

Obama simply wants to see the United States deteriorated to the point that it cannot do the “harm” in the world that it has in the past, all while the wealthy keep chugging along producing the wealth that can be confiscated and traded for votes against US interests and security. Madness.


What the fools don’t realize is that simply doubling the minimum wage will have two effects. Automation of all minimum wage jobs that can be “robotized”, and sudden spike in inflation. I think the real reason behind the Democrats push for a $15 an hour menial worker raise is the “transformation of America.” To put the nail in the coffin of the US dollar as the world’s preferred money of exchange. With China’s continually fluctuating Yen as the main alternative currency, the only stable thing of value will be the precious metals such as gold, platinum and titanium (not so much silver) and rare earths all because of their value to manufacturing.

@Ditto: #7

. . . low skill jobs to $15 an hour.

Ditto, this socialist talking point is used by the left as an accusatory appurtenance that makes anyone with common sense who argues against it, appear to be a hater of all things puppy-dogs-motherhood-and-apple pie. What? You don’t want the government to enforce a law that says everybody must earn a minimum of $15 per hour?

Socialists don’t JUST want to destroy capitalism, they want to destroy and eradicate all remnants of entrepreneurialism. . . . . . As in: Only GOVERNMENT should employ people — and redistribute the cash.

. . . . . uninformed slugs.