Busted: Top 5 Myths Justifying Mass Immigration (Guest Post)


Whenever the controversial issue of immigration is debated, bleeding-heart liberals and West-hating leftists will trot out the following reasons to justify it. They’re passed off as though they’re self-evident facts only racist Nazis would dare to deny. However, if one gets past the faux moral outrage accompanied with predictable ad hominem slurs and looks a little deeper, one sees these reasons fail to stand up to scrutiny.

1. Immigrants are human beings who want a better life.

This is the biggest excuse pro-immigration supporters will always cite. It relies on triggering a misguided sense of guilt and compassion in people. Who could fail to be moved by the plight of “fellow human beings” who just want to be free from oppression and suffering?

However, the underlying implication here is that immigrants somehow have a divine right to a better life without having to do anything themselves to create it. So absolute is this right, immigrants are awarded a free pass to break laws governing immigration and asylum! Encouraged by pity-driven bleeding-hearts preaching this narrative as if it was the gospel, aliens heading for Western shores have an attitude of:

“Our country has failed so we have a right to leave it and invade your country to enjoy a better life – at your expense.”

Underpinning this is a false narrative claiming that “Westerners have it easy and it’s unjust, there must be an end to white privilege!” It’s as if the West was magically and somewhat unfairly created out of thin air! Yet never does anyone dare to say the immigrants could always do what generations of Westerners did – fight, work hard and make sacrifices to overcome adversity and build a better life for their future generations. And let’s remember (as if it’s possible to forget) governments and the media insist all races are equal. But hey, mustn’t say such things as they’re racist and oppressive to immigrants.

Let’s look at this “only looking for a better life” shtick from a couple of different angles.

Doting German parents Hans and Ingrid can only afford to shop in budget supermarkets but they want a better life for their kids and want to feed them the best quality food their developing bodies need and deserve. The cash-strapped parents, who work hard and pay their taxes, see immigrants are allowed to break the law because they just want a better life so the couple decide to go into the best stores and help themselves to the finest foods. Now THEIR kids can have a better life too!

All-American guy Bob has a low paid job and drives a small cheap second hand car. It’s slow and keeps breaking down. Bob decides a brand new car would give him the better quality of life he deserves so he simply drives down to the nearest showroom and helps himself to one. After all, illegal immigrants who pour over the border looking for a better life are given amnesty so why shouldn’t he be?

Newly-wed twenty-somethings Jaden and Precious Serenity decide the rent for their tiny one bedroom apartment is making their lives a misery. Once they’ve paid it along with their taxes they don’t have much money left so their quality of life is non-existent. Life is really hard, they struggle to make ends meet and they feel like slaves! Frustrated and unable to go on living under such unfair and unjust circumstances, they spot a ten bedroom mansion in the posh part of town and decide they can live there without having to pay rent or a mortgage. As it’s owned by a small family of four, there’s plenty of room and besides, the young couple believe they have a right to a better quality of life just like immigrants do. No one wants to be a slave! It’s oppression!

Of course, these scenarios are completely ridiculous because only immigrants are allowed to break the law because they want a better life.

2. Western nations have a duty to help people fleeing war.

This canard is predictably rolled out by corrupt, failed, West-hating global organizations The United Nations and The European Union along with anti-West Marxist charities such as Amnesty International.

These charlatans conveniently ignore the fact that the majority of immigrants are not refugees fleeing war zones and are therefore economic migrants. Furthermore, many of those who have fled the conflict in Syria subsequently leave “safe countries” such as Greece, Turkey and France to claim their share of the free bounty on offer in welfare states such as Great Britain, Germany and Sweden.

The claim that governments have a duty to help ANY aliens no matter what the circumstances is completely bogus. Let’s get something quite clear: The only duty a government has to its people is to keep them safe from tyranny and violence. In return, the people pay the government taxes. By refusing to protect borders, Western governments are placing their people in danger and are therefore in breach of the social contract. A government doesn’t have any duty whatsoever to aliens because they’re not citizens and it certainly has no duty to open up its borders to them. That scores of these invaders then go on to commit serious crimes including murder and rape should raise a red flag and force governments to enforce borders and protect their people.

What’s absolutely despicable is Western governments and their lickspittle lackeys in the media knowingly cover-up these crimes to deceive their people. I assert: Such cover-ups are acts of treason and to see the shocking extent of this criminal betrayal in Sweden, just watch this video.

To add insult to injury, Western governments then use taxpayers’ money to pay for generous welfare gifted to immigrants. Once again, this is a breach of the social contract. Law-abiding citizens do not pay taxes for governments to re-distribute it for the benefit of aliens. Yet, in the once mighty West, taxpayers are being forced to pay for failed countries through the scam of foreign aid and also, for the surplus populations of third world nations who are invading THEIR nations. Governments are not human rights charities they exist to serve and protect their own people. At least they should.

Does this mean Western governments should turn a blind eye to the suffering of people around the world? Of course not! The real help that should be given is through the international community who should force rogue governments in the Middle East and Africa to uphold human rights so ALL of the people living there can enjoy better lives, not just the strongest who manage to flee. This won’t happen though. It’d be deemed as imperial racism.

3. We were all immigrants.

This is a blatant lie. Many British and European people can trace back their origins over thousands of years. With countries like the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, these countries were SETTLED by the British and Europeans. No nations existed in those regions beforehand.

Even if this claim were true, there would be a serious unjust flaw. Because the accusation is only aimed at white people as if they were the only people who conquered other lands. Not so. Once Christian Turkey was conquered by Muslim invaders. The Arabian Peninsula was conquered by the sword into Dar al Islam and the same fate befell North African nations – Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.

Perhaps the worst hypocrisy of those who accuse the West of this “crime” applies to former colonial nations in Africa. Liberals and leftists assert the lands of South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) were “stolen” by whites and had to be returned to the “indigenous black peoples” because it was their land. This, again, simply isn’t true. The black tribes that are now living in these countries are not indigenous they are Bantu tribes who migrated South from central Africa into the lands of the indigenous Khoisan people. Maybe the Bantu tribes just wanted a better life? What a crying shame for the Khoisan people who were subsequently wiped out by the invaders. There’s a lesson from history here but it must be ignored as it’s an inconvenient truth. Not to mention racist obviously.

It’s strange but liberals and leftists never dare to say to these Bantu tribes: “We’re all immigrants so the land rightfully belongs to the whites as much as it does to the blacks.” And just imagine saying this to Turkey or Saudi Arabia and demand they take in thousands of immigrants from Africa. This will never happen of course because the “we’re all immigrants” brickbat only applies to the West. What was that about racism again?

4. There’s plenty of room in the West.

This is possibly the most lame excuse of all. The amount of space in a nation isn’t relevant. Africa has far more space as do Russia and China. So if space is the issue, all of the immigrants should go to those lands instead. Of greater importance are the resources in a country. These resources are not free they are paid for by taxpayers! I’m talking about critically important resources such as roads, schools, hospitals, welfare – unemployment benefit, child allowances, housing – more immigrants means more competition for these resources.

The problem is these immigrants have paid absolutely nothing into the pot – and most never will. It’s simply unsustainable. The madness is even more obvious when you remember the people of Britain and Europe are currently under austerity imposed by the European Union after the financial crash of 2008. Just as happened in the United States, British and European taxpayers were put on the hook for failed, corrupt financial corporations. As the immigration crisis continues, now they’re on the hook for a tsunami of aliens who believe they have a right to claim as much as they can. I assert: This is an immoral abuse of Western taxpayers who are being made to pay for the failures of their own incompetent, profligate governments; criminally irresponsible banksters and corrupt foreign governments who couldn’t give a fig for the human rights of their own people.

5. We’re all the same we’re all human, we all bleed red when cut, migrants and refugees are our fellow brothers and sisters.

This is the biggest load of emotionally retarded, sentimental hogwash bleeding-heart liberals and anti-Western leftists will spew-out to justify the invasion of the West. For a start, all human beings are not the same, not between races or within races.

Whilst it may be true that all humans do bleed red when cut, it doesn’t mean their blood is the same. You can’t just take blood from one person and put it into another without establishing the blood groups. There are clear differences between races and the only duty each race has is to its own. Other non-white races feel no duty to other races, especially towards the white race. But somehow, the people of the West are deemed to be responsible for aliens. Let’s remember, Socialists were adamant that colonialism in Africa had to end because the Africans are not the “white man’s burden”. But when it comes to immigration, surprise, surprise, this no longer applies.

Just because rogue regimes in Africa and the Middle East violate the human rights of their peoples with impunity doesn’t mean the West has a duty to step in and uphold them. As I stated above, the solution is for the international community to unite against such brutal regimes.

This is not a new solution. Both South Africa and Rhodesia faced the wrath of the international community and were forced to end apartheid and hand over the countries to majority black rule. Serbia was another country forced to bend to the will of the international community when it was falsely and quite diabolically blamed for the civil war that occurred during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia.

So let’s see the international community apply the same pressure on countries who violate human rights such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Pakistan, Iran – oh, wait a minute, there’s no way that will happen so the peoples of the West have to pick up the bill and deal with the consequences. Not least of all the invasion and subsequent transformation of their nations.

If the left’s claim that all people are the same, why is it many African and Islamic states continually fail to create the same advanced, civilized, free societies that the peoples of the West have?

Here’s a key point: Forcing one race of people to be responsible for other races IS NOT racial equality!

Unless the West loses these childish, guilt-ridden, pity-driven attitudes towards immigrants and focuses on imposing human rights in the backwards unstable hell holes of Africa and the Middle East then the horrors in those lands will continue and so will the hordes of immigrants flocking to the West seeking a better life. Such strong action to fight for human rights would involve the international community tackling the cancer of Islam and at the moment, there isn’t the courage or the will to even begin considering that.

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And the Republican Party, for which Flopping Aces shills for 24/7, will continue to betray this nation and it’s citizens non-stop.

Your lame-ass, faux – patriotic writings should be focused on the GOP, not Obama.

Christopher J. Green

“Our country has failed so we have a right to leave it and invade your country to enjoy a better life – at your expense.”

Underpinning this is a false narrative claiming that “Westerners have it easy and it’s unjust, there must be an end to white privilege!”
That scores of these invaders then go on to commit serious crimes including murder and rape should raise a red flag and force governments to enforce borders and protect their people.

What’s absolutely despicable is Western governments and their lickspittle lackeys in the media knowingly cover-up these crimes to deceive their people.

In Bonn, Germany immigrants were invited to a ”Welcome Party,”
http://welcome.blogsport.de/2015/11/10/stellungnahme-zur-party-am-7-november/ (English translation follows German)
They took advantage of the party to molest, touch and harass the German women there.
Were they arrested and/or threatened with deportation?
They were simply allowed to leave the party.
What lesson does that teach?
Not STOP the behavior.
It teaches these men to not get caught while doing the behavior!

This article is wrong on so many levels.

@Rasputin: Most of the top candidates scare the hell out of the GOP (not all) Our little way of firing a warning shot across the bow. You are correct we should save some our venom for a few other liberals like Harry Reed who is anti Kates Law. We save most of it for the head of the snake.
Post an article of your own.

sounds just like what conservatives said about allowing Jews into the USA who were fleeing Hitler.
Of course they could have gone to Africa just like Green suggested.
Nanny tell Green what your Bible says about immigrants

Anyone that pretends they want to help the plight of those fleeing their home nations cannot convince anyone of that farce. We can’t help them by encouraging to swamp this nation with their economic, social and cultural needs. What they will promote is the collapse of this country. When that happens, where will all those in need go? Antarctica?

If anyone truly wants to help anyone in a country that oppresses and drives citizens out, the way to help is to promote democracy and capitalism. This combination and this combination ONLY has created the individual freedoms and economic opportunity and advancement that can help those people.

But, no… the left wants to lure them all here while turning this government into exactly what those people are fleeing.

I caught a rerun of the old Barney Miler show recently. In this episode, a guy from immigration was called in to deal with some illegal… Lamenting to Barney about the responsibility he had and the power he wielded over immigrants he says, “Sure give me your tired, your poor….. big talk from a statue”.
And speaking of “multiculturism” (were we?) The same actor who played a greek welder here was a Hispanic vigilante in another episode… and a Gypsy survivor if a nazi camp in another episode.


sounds just like what conservatives said about allowing Jews into the USA who were fleeing Hitler.

Poor john. He’s too stupid to know that it was a Democrat president that refused the Jews entry.

@Rich Wheeler:

This article is wrong on so many levels.

But I notice you weren’t able to quote any.

When immigration is out of control, there is zero opportunity for newcomers to be vetted, or to become assimilated into the nation. Can’t happen. Communities just become overwhelmed.

We can now also add that Radical Islamic Terrorism has attacked Americans on French soil and yet Obola will still NOT utter the truth!!

@Redteam: #9
Trolling has never been about the presentation of a convincing argument. Such is about as likely to occur as the vetting of these invaders, . . . . “Open Gates,” the result is now all over our news channels today with the slaughter in Paris.

Well done, Hollande.

@Common Sense: #11
Common Sense, . . . this work-place violence just has to stop! “I will not sleep until, . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

The attack in Paris is so serious, we may have to send James Taylor AND Joni Mitchell to sing a duet! Scramble the folk singers! We are at terror level “40% of Global Warming”!

Is the stupidity being cured yet?

And a big friend of commie thug Stalin, I must add. Is it a coincidence that Democrats continue to befriend commie scum those days?

I disagree with only one thing here. “Bleeding heart” has nothing to do with libtards. “Jet farter” sounds much closer to reality.

@Rich Wheeler:

Yea cucks like you get cognitive dissonance when instead of virtue signaling you would have to actually do what you claim for refusegees with your own money instead of the taxpayers. I bet you take in more from the taxpayers then you contribute

@Jim S:

While the statue came from France, it was a jewish woman that wrote the poem.


Schroder’s jew, if you do what jews want for their homeland in your homeland you are a “NOT SEE”

American general, Wesley Clark, who was in charge of the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, when they tried to kick illegal aliens out. As he explained:
“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”
“I am the oldest son, of the oldest son, of the oldest son – at least five generations, and they were all rabbis.”


I bet you take in more from the taxpayers then you contribute

An interesting thought. That is certainly true for a huge number of citizens and illegals. I don’t personally get anything from the taxpayers and I’m 75 years of age. Or a least I can’t think of anything that I get that I didn’t personally pay for myself. Social Security, I paid for, Medicare, I paid for, IRA, I paid for, Retirement from private industry, I paid for. Seems as if that’s the way it should be.

@Steve: I don’t take a red cent from the taxpayers–I bet I fought in Viet Nam so assholes like you could spout off.

@Rich Wheeler:

I don’t take a red cent from the taxpayers

I’m guessing that’s generally true of our generation.

@Rasputin: Sadly your the blind and deceived moron here. You blindly believed Obola when he lied to get elected with his healthcare plan, he lied about Al Qaeda to get re elected, he lied about ISIS being contained, he lied about Benghazi being caused by a video, and he lied about ISIS being a JV team of farmers and teachers. Now he is lying about our ability to vet incoming Syrian refugees and therefore he is allowing ISIS into our country. He is worse than a fool and a liar and America will pay!!

@Redteam: @Rich Wheeler: You did not build that. Remember?

Teddy had it right
(Not Kennedy, Roosevelt!)
And his attitude was the one my parents and other relatives adopted when they got here….legally.

As to these ”Syrian refugees,” how can we take their word about assimilation?
Taqiyya and Kitman are built into their koran and hadiths.
Like that one French terrorist with the fake Syrian ID, lying and holding back some of the truth is second nature to them.
Or that a different one of the French terrorists owned and ran a BAR serving drinks (haram!!!) in Paris.
And the women?
Oh, my!
One of the French terrorists moms claimed her son probably never meant for any one to die. But he shot a lot of people. He only blew himself up afterward out of STRESS!
And what about the children?
Take a look.

Having watched an amazing documentary by you Chris I am now working my way through your articles. I am just so impressed at your intelligent and insightful approach to everything you produce. So far I can’t contradict any of your observations on historical events or the current immigration crisis around the world. I look forward to reading many more articles by you as your sharp intelligence and amazing comprehension of the current world problems is sending a breath of fresh air into understanding all this confusion and chaos surrounding all these issues.. Thank you.