Ted Cruz and the Oxymorons of Washington


Oxymoron: A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction

One sometimes thinks the word started with our government: Government Intelligence… Government Efficiency… Government Accountability… In reality, it’s been around since the Greeks first coined the phrase, no doubt adding oxy to a word they probably used to describe their politicians too: Moron.

The Greeks may have invented the word, but the US government has perfected its common use. We have a welfare system whose ostensible goal is to get people back on their feet during hard times yet the numbers of people on the program never seems to go down. We have an education system that spends an ever increasing amount of money to somehow do an increasingly bad job of “educating” our students. Barack Obama has penned an agreement with Iran to keep them from getting nuclear weapons that actually rewards them for bad behavior AND makes it more likely they will get nuclear weapons!

As bad as those things are, and there are countless other examples, this very day we are witnessing possibly the single best example of government incompetence possible. So far this fiscal year the IRS has taken in more money than ever before, $2.6 trillion! Yet somehow they still managed to run a deficit of almost half a trillion dollars. And just two nights ago the utterly worthless GOP introduced a bill that enables even more incompetence in the form of a giant two year spending bill that would also raise the debt limit.  Somehow, Americans watch the middle class struggle while programs for the poor proliferate and the connected rich see their incomes skyrocket as Washington and its regulatory machine smothers more and more of the free market.

This is Washington unhinged. This is how liberalism works… including when enabled by the GOP. The government takes more and more of the citizens’ money, which leaves the citizens with less income with which to live their lives, nevermind have money left over to start businesses as they pursue the promise of prosperity. Seeing the resultant slowing economic growth, the government decides to come to the rescue by creating more regulations and more giveaways to make up for the “failures” of the free markets. It’s a viscous cycle… More government equals less freedom and less prosperity.

And today we have on full display the GOP’s disdain for freedom and prosperity. They seek crony capitalism for the specific purpose of ensuring their continued participation in the Washington cocoon – a comforting place where 7 out of the 10 richest counties in the country are located – out of a total of 3,143 counties! That Washington cocoon provides them with parties to attend, a staff to do their bidding, jobs for friends and family, introductions to the “right” people and of course a golden parachute upon leaving after having done enough favors for big business.

Ted3Unfortunately, this is likely a fait accompli as the anointed one, Paul Ryan, the soon to be head squish has jumped onboard. The result of this betrayal of the American people makes it only that much more important that voters look to someone like Ted Cruz to be the next president. We are at a point where the government continues to take more and more of our money, yet continues to demand to borrow even more, and this is while the GOP has both the House and the Senate. Ted Cruz has both the intellect and the intent to thwart the liberal enablers in the GOP. No one else in this race has shown the willingness to fight the GOP establishment the way Cruz has. Today’s treachery puts the nation on notice. If you want a change from the failure of liberal policies and crony capitalism, put someone in the White House who does more than talk a conservative game. Put someone in there who has shown a willingness to fight the leviathan of government and it’s GOP enablers. Someone who’s not an oxymoron… That man is Ted Cruz.

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Sumthin happened to that Ryan boy after 2012 failure he be came ASSimilated, Must warn Cruz to look for the socialist-liberal pods lest we lose our best hope.

We have an education system that spends an ever increasing amount of money to somehow do an increasingly bad job of “educating” our students.

Can you imagine this?
A student got a failing grade in math because he/she gave the right answers but added the numbers the easier way than the teacher wanted.
Two examples of ”wrong” answers:

What is 3 times 6? Show your work.
6+6+6= 18


The ONLY correct answer was penned in as:


What is 8 times 4? Show your work.


The correct answer was ONLY 4+4+4+4+4+4+4+4=32.

The teacher, and Common Core is idiotic!
There are many ways to skin a cat.
All are correct if they get you to the right outcome.

While I have no doubt there is all that comfort and benefit for our representatives to go along with the mad spending and debt piling, there is one other element to consider and, possibly, the most difficult to resolve.

Republicans face not only the Democrats but also the liberal media which is, basically, ALSO the Democrats… an arm of the Democrat party. As we have seen, repeatedly, if and when the Republicans try to set their feet and oppose spending or raising the debt ceiling, the White House and the Democrats merely sit back, grinning, and say, “Go right ahead; shut down the government” However, they are NOT shutting down the government; those who will not compromise to solve a desperate problem are responsible for shutting down the government.

But, being but another tentacle of the Democrat party, the media does not agree. So they champion the Democrats, promoting the mantra of the Republicans shutting down the government. Recall how Cruz was treated by the media for filibustering the last hike; all for a delay in the enactment of the Obamacare mandates. HE shut down the government; never mind that, later, to protect himself politically, Obama HIMSELF did (illegally) just what Cruz was demanding (legally). It’s all in the presentation… and the left gets to do ALL the presenting.

If Republicans do the things they SHOULD do, they are vilified by the media and take a beating in the polls and, eventually, the elections. If that happens, there is no one left that even PRETENDS to stand for fiscal responsibility. If they protect their jobs and go along with most of the spending… same results.

What IS the solution?

@Bill: m
Bill as I have said many times before America s have wide range of media tochoosefrkm, you blame for profit media corporations fornotchllsi g to produce what you want them to produce

During the prime time news hour. Only about -0% of Americans chose to watch Fox News
Do you want people force to watch it?

The abuse that Cruz took after his filibuster is the reason I will vote for him, I said to myself that dude should be president!
The rest of the pantyhose republicans saw a bashing of the democrats in the elections like never before and did not learn.
They tried to Recall Walker for doing what he said he would do, and we stood behind him defeated the recall and to add insult to injury we re-elected him. Many will not like the solutions that are needed to save the republic but we will take our foul tasting medicine cause it is needed. Conservatives scream loud and long, louder than the socialists, longer that the liberals. Read the Liberty Amendments the government Leviathan doesn’t need cut backs it needs to be slashed and burned. Scary that there are people out here that think like this, I don’t want anarchy I want a government that doesn’t make me afraid for my kids and grandkids.

@Nanny G: We all know this common core is indoctrination to leftist liberal thought. Teach your kids and grandkids at home read to them history, play math games, train them how to think for themselves. Go to school board meetings, parent teacher conferences stay involved or watch as they are turned into mindless workers for the state.

cruz born in Canada, to a US citizen and a Cuban citizen (who BTW was one of castro’s radicals). perhaps since obama has been resident the Constitution has been diluted but I really do not think he is eligible. I don’t care if he threw away his Canadian citizenship in 2014, he is not a natural born citizen.

@Enchanted: all people born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, including, generally, those born in the United States, those born to U.S. citizen parents in foreign countries, and those born in other situations meeting the legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth.”[2]
:)and a person born by c-section
Did his mother relinquish her US citizenship before his birth?

As originally written
No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.
Would we disqualify a child from a soldier stationed overseas? (even if one of the parents was batsh*t crazy)

There are birth announcements in hawaii paper archives for Barry, supremely difficult to fake unlike a birth certificate. His time is thankfully nearly over now time to repair is near. If we keep looking back we wont find our way safely forward.


An infant born to a US military member married to a foreign national while overseas is considered a US citizen. This would make Cruz also a natural born US citizen, even though his US parent was not in the military. I looked into this before I started donating money to his campaign.

If you think Cruz is going to be POTUS he currently is showing 40-1 odds.
Hillary is 8/11 @Pete: http://www.paddypower.com/bet/politics/other-politics/us-politics?ev_oc_grp_ids=791149

I must have misinterpreted your comments , I thought you stated Cruz was not eligible
pardon me, and hope you enjoyed the Debate.


But, being but another tentacle of the Democrat party,…

I am now fully convinced that the progressive establishment Republican leadership is also a tentacle of an entire progressive-establishment elitist-oligarchy, and that these traitorous frauds are working to undermine and stifle the GOP’s own conservative base along with all the citizenry they disdain. They have abandoned their republican principals and have betrayed the very voters that put them in power. It makes perfect sense for them to want to “compromise” with their fellow progressive elite. The Republican Party is dead. The changeling’s have taken over it’s body and they wear it poorly.

Voting for an establishment RINO is no different than voting for a Democrat. They don’t represent their voters, they only represent the progressive oligarchy. I will vote third party before I again vote for an establishment RINO.

Screw Ted Cruz. He is Goldman Sachs’ bag-man and shill in the Senate.

Why do you people keep blowing the oligarchs????

Goldman Sachs is the waffen ss of the financial industry.

He has an exemplary conservative voting record, ticked off the Rinos with a filibuster against AHCA who are funding it today after vowing they would not. Go ahead vote for Hitlery or Sanders. My choice of candidate has always been a pain in the a$s to same old politicians that make promises they have no intention of keeping.
Yes his wife is a working mother who has a high position at Goldmans is that all you got?


So what is your opinion on the revolving door of democrats that work for Goldman Sachs in between government positions in democrat administrations?

Ted Cruz is my first choice.
Donald Trump second.
Ben Carson third.
The drunk down the street is #4.
At least he’s always passed out- can’t do any harm.