How “Immigrants” in Europe show their gratitude


muslims riot



“Immigrants” thanking France for its hospitality


Uninvited undocumented infiltrators in Macedonia are rioting because they are not given halal food and the packages have a red cross.
Hungary: Person offers assistance, is robbed.

Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims.

Muslim Raped 2 Year Old Girl Because Family Refused To Embrace Islam

This is how they behave when they want to be let in
Imagine how they’ll conduct themselves afterward?

Muslim “immigrants” attack travelers on a roadway in France

The real reason to migrate. It’s not the violence


We need this here – like we need the plague.

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Europe deserves what they get if they allow these people to stay.

Sure Sweden and Germany have ”generous” welfare benefits, but even a few thousand refugee/invaders can outnumber their entire able-bodied male populations.
The Swedish average age is over 40.
The German average age is over 45!
The average age of these invaders is 20.
I really doubt the liberal/elites idea that these men will assimilate and support older European natives by working will succeed.
It is more likely that older Europeans will be killed and their homes and bank accounts looted.

Europe has a population of 700 million
one million refugees? do the math
Conservatives said the same thing about Jews Irish Italians all people with funny names and a funny religion.
Germany has a population of 80 million
How much is 1% gonna affect them? Get a grip on your paranoia. Look at Dr J’s horrific fears and warnings about “the invasion of diseased kids” or “Obama is letting Ebola into the country, it could kill MILLIONS”
Say Doc any up dates on that one?

@john: Take Germany.
comment image
13 million German men between ages 20-44.
Merkel is promising to accept 500,000 migrants (invaders) per year.
She has already accepted 800,000 this year.

There’s plenty of fight in the invaders, is there any fight in the German men? It is an all-volunteer military in Germany. They haven’t fought anything in recent years EXCEPT when America tries to make cuts in our footprint there!

@John: The big difference is western countries used to assimilate immigrants into their culture. Germany does it the best out of any European country and if they’re having problems how does this bode for the rest of Europe?

@john: The difference is that this 1% does not want to assimilate like our previous refugees. Most elections are won by a 1% vote. They will change the who culture of the European block. The cities will look like the garbage dumps these people came from.

@Brother Bob: and obama and john ketchup kerry want us to take in 100 – 200,000 of these people on OUR tax payer money who will not be vetted and could and most likely will be sleeper cells.

@Nanny G: #4
Dim-minded trolls and useful idiots don’t understand the difference between the current Muslim invasion and all other immigration waves which have in the past built America.

A majority the immigrants flooding into Europe are men — they have a purpose, and it’s not to go work for Volkswagen or Mercedes.

@Enchanted: Another issue is that these people will not be spread evenly throughout the country. They will settle in groups who will not assimilate.


They will settle in groups who will not assimilate.

i.e France

@john: Be sure to include your home address so you can take in a dozen or so of those you care so much about.

Or, are you simply just another big-mouth, tiny-brain liberal that thinks charity, giving and sacrifice is just great… as long as someone else does it? In addition to that, you can actually SEE what the problem with allowing these people into a country is. No different than illegal immigrants DEMANDING government subsidies right here in the US.

@john: As simply stated as can be, in the minimum syllables necessary. Immigration without assimilation is invasion, Period. Full. Stop. Your turn.

Honor killing on upswing in Germany:
The latest a lovely girl who had been gang raped in Syria.
She emigrated to Germany and found employment with the German government as a translator.
She avoided her family, realizing her traditional family’s views were that she was now ”impure.”
For a while she lived in a home for women in trouble in Germany, but her family convinced her to ”come home.”
Only days after she moved in with her family they murdered her with knives and buried her body in their yard. in Dessau, Germany.
Assimilate much?