Why is the media treating Cosby differently from Clinton? Because Clinton is white?


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The Hill reports that democrats want Bill Clinton to pump up Hillary’s coffers in her Presidential campaign as she tends to be a stiff:

“Fundraising is not a natural strong suit for Hillary,” one top Democratic fundraiser bluntly said.
Hillary Clinton is “lacking a certain personal touch,” the person said. The source added that the former secretary of State “publicly, is a little stiff.”

Donors think Bill Clinton, who so far has been on the sidelines of his wife’s presidential bid, could fill a void for the campaign.

“She doesn’t come across as naturally comfortable in these settings,” the donor said. “Bill Clinton is the complete opposite. The more social an environment, the more at ease he feels.”

Hillary’s aloofness consequent to the belief that she deserves to be President and her naturally chilly nature leads to a lack of popularity with those having the big bucks:

“If this was a business, you’d never run it that way,” the donor said. “I’ve been unbelievably shocked by the lack of basic courtesy.”

If she can’t fake sincerity even with the big donors, she’s got trouble. It doesn’t help her cause that she feels she’s entitled to a coronation. Neither does it help that she believes she is above the rules that apply to everyone else.

Anyway, the question is- why don’t democrats want a bigger role for Bill Cosby? Cosby is a democrat who campaigned for Obama in 2008. Why not prevail upon him to boost Hillary’s campaign?

Could it be that pesky sexual assault accusation thing from 50 women?

Word is that Cosby is looking for a criminal defense lawyer.

Bill Cosby’s agents are looking to hire a criminal defense lawyer as prosecutors in Pennsylvania consider revisiting a 2005 sexual-assault complaint. Lawyer Edwin Jacobs said he was contacted by Cosby’s representatives about a Montgomery County investigation into allegations made by former Temple University employee Andrea Constand. Jacobs said he referred them to another lawyer. The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported Jacobs’ claim.

If charges are filed, it would be the first time the 78-year-old comedian has faced criminal charges on allegations from the more than 50 women who have accused him of drugging and raping them.

Here’s a timeline of Cosby’s alleged, er, activities.

Even Hillary Clinton says we should believe rape victims. democrats make a huge issue of sexual assault. Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) suggested that male students at schools should be expelled for mere accusations of rape. We should generally believe claims of rape, says WaPo.

So the left really seems to take this seriously. Some of the accusations against Cosby go back decades. It seems elapsed time is not an impediment.

Thus we have to ask- why do we not believe the women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assault? We’ve documented the abuse and invective the left (including Hillary) have heaped on the victims of Bill Clinton’s “alleged” sexual assaults here and here. Clinton’s accusers were treated like vermin:

To see similar hypocritical Leftist misogyny, we need only go back to the last time a Democrat was in the White House. Whenever a woman came forward with allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct by Bill Clinton, the response of the Clinton defenders, both in and out of the media, was to attack her credibility, character, and virtue. Advisor James Carville famously said of Paula Jones (the young Arkansas state employee whom Clinton as governor had his state police guard procure to his hotel room for the purpose of orally pleasuring him), “Drag $100 bills through trailer parks, there’s no telling what you’ll find.” Evan Thomas of Newsweek dutifully complemented the slander by declaring her on national television “just some sleazy woman with big hair coming out of the trailer parks,” though he later was compelled to apologize in print. (One wonders how residents of trailer parks felt about that, but I guess empathy for them is for the little people.) When Kathleen Willey accused the president of groping her in the White House, and was physically threatened for her trouble, feminist icon and (former) scourge of sexual harassers Gloria Steinem said that it was no problem — he was entitled to a freebie, after which Cathy Young of Reason magazine reported on “the death of sexual harassment.”

It was abominable. Donald Trump has been blasted for his words recently but his antics pale in contrast to the above.

Given the Cosby events, why are we not revisiting Bill Clinton’s past pursuits? Why aren’t they appearing daily on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood? Why doesn’t Gloria Steinem feel Cosby is entitled to a “free one” or two as she did Clinton? Why is Cosby being whipped and Clinton sliding by? Cosby has become a pariah and the left wants them more of Bubba. Why? There is one obvious explanation-

Bill Clinton is white and Bill Cosby is black.

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So, Clinton drugged and raped dozens of women? And Cosby admitted it. You’re an idiot.



So, Clinton drugged and raped dozens of women?

The idiot fabricates quotes, sets up straw men and bashes them.

And you morons invent relationships where none exist to make your shallow points.

Bubba can do no wrong.

The media treated them different because the cases are very different
Clinton. Never drugged any women
Let’s not forget also how you dr j and other cobs originally defended Cosby and blamed the victims saying they lied
It was only after the number hit double digits that cons started saying that maybe he possibly did drug and rape whites women
Course there was a time not too long ago that he would have been lynched by conservatives( yes dem conservativesas if their party makes a difference)

Bill Clinton is our most popular living POTUS. Swallow that nugget drj


Clinton is also.the only living ex-president who.was.disbarred for perjury.
Clinton is also the only living ex-president, and only 1 of 2 presidents to have been impeached by the House.
Clinton is also the only ex-president,.living or dead, to have been PROVEN a liar by DNA evidence from his semen.

So despite Jennifer Flowers, Juanita Broadrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones all publicly claiming either an affair or unwanted sexual attacks by Clinton, his acts are not to be believed nor held agaist him…despite the $800,000 payout to Jones and the semen left on Monica’s dress.

The fact that leftists still support Clinton says volumes about their hypocrisy.

@Pete: There are several other ‘firsts’ for slick willie, but his wagon is sufficiently loaded to show that dimocrats live their lives by double standards. I’ve never claimed Cosby was innocent. I’ve never claimed Slick was guilty. The record speaks for itself in both cases. But the dimocrats will never admit to Clinton’s standards.

We should give Willy credit for slowing down the illicit action of his libido and his bean. No longer is he raping women with impunity; now, he flies to a remote island on a pedophile’s private jet to have honorable sexual relations with underage hookers, away from annoying jurisdictions. Surely this is an improvement. Who wants the First Dude of the United States raping women indiscriminately. It would make the US look as if our leaders were devoid of morality and decency. Using Lolita hookers for illicit sex is much better; they know what to expect, they are being paid, and they are out of the public view. Surely Bill wouldn’t consider stiffing a teenage prostitute; otherwise, what could go wrong. Well, Bill is rumored to be rough with his women, but I think the professionals are reimbursed for the extracurricular fat lips and black eyes. Boys will be boys, when they want to wriggle their bean and Bill likes to wriggle his bean.

@Skook: Yes Skook, isn’t it interesting how that whole story has been ‘back burnered”? Wonder how that happened, oh well, I guess the same way all the stories back when he was in Arkansas and DC. Ole Vince sure must have had the goods on him.

@Reem: What RELATIONSHIPS? Leaving a DNA sample on the front of a blue dress is by no means evidence of a relationship. Also,it is not an invention of the right.

DrJ, when the media and the liberals build then worship their gods, facts and evidence never cloud their adoration.

The royalty in which these loons drenched JFK, led by Time and Life, which in time rose to deification, never wavered. Even confronted with a nauseating story retold by an innocent JFK intern, of having had sex imposed on her by JFK, and of being told in the White House pool to sexually “service” one of his buddies while he watched, could make no mark on his sainthood.

Morals? Nope. Principles? Nope. It’s the way of the deficient liberal mind.

@John: He’s especially popular with those little girls he is having sex with down on the pedophiles island. They don’t have a choice.

@James Raider: You’re right, JFK is still listed by the dimocrats as their most admired president ever.


That speaks volumes about you and those who support this sexual predator. A smile and a laugh is all it takes to excuse the abuse of women.

@James Raider:

Let us not forget Teddy becoming another left wing icon for drowning a woman.


And you morons invent relationships where none exist to make your shallow points.

What doesn’t exist? Monica? Are you suggesting all those women are liars? Are they trailer park trash?

I was going to launch into a tirade about how the left has no principle but for the principle of using false principles for political gain, but then here comes john and reem to prove my point before I make it.

john, Clinton is only popular among dimwits that think the Presidency is a popularity contest.

@Skook: It also occurs to me that the girls on this island could probably disappear without anyone actually noticing… should they become an “inconvenience”. But, certainly a revered former President of the United States would never be a party to anything like that. Besides, he has the lovely, warm and personable Hillary waiting at home.

Who could ask for more?

The bottom line is that Cos read the riot act to the dufus ebonics crowd — while der slickmeister was sanctioning depravity

Yeah Pete he was impeached yet he had a 68% approval record by the PEOPLE of the USA

That is about as false as your UNDERAGE DOMINICAN HOOKER SCANDAL

You know it actually is pretty funny to see the false accusations about pedophile island. Now let’s take a look at…….. the longest serving GOP Speaker of the House Denny Hastret !! Caught breaking laws trying to smurf hush up payments from when he was a serial gay pedophile as “wrestling” coach and Boy Scout leader. Please remember the Speaker of the House is #2 on the list of POTUS ascension right after VICE
As to Skook’s belief that maybe those girls could be “disappeared” well let’s just say that sometimes Skook might get a bit confused between historical fiction and fact
Like with a cease and desist order

@john: John you do realize that Lucifer would get at least a 60% approval with Dimocrats?



“I” don’t have an Underage Dominican Hooker Scandal, that would be Slick you’re thinking of.

@john: You’re confused: a pedophile likes young boys, below the wresting team and Boy Scout age. That would be a gay person, which the Dims all love.

where did you all miss-pedophile?


@john: John you do realize that Lucifer would get at least a 60% approval with Dimocrats?

They put him in the WH!

@DrJohn: #2,

“Clinton is a serial sexual predator.
You sort of missed the entire point about sexual assault victims being crushed by the left.”

@Skook: #10

“Using Lolita hookers for illicit sex is much better; they know what to expect, they are being paid, and they are out of the public view. “

There are two critical components which deviants, particular those with money, depend on:

1. Drugs. Almost all ‘working girls,’ high priced or not, have been sometimes willingly, but usually unwillingly hooked on hard drugs by those who control (own) them. They’ll barely remember who, what, where or when. Being ‘druggies’ immediately disqualifies them from the vestibules of credibility.

2. Threat. As you note, Skook, their mouths are shut because no one will believe them, plus if they said anything about the ‘Slick Willies’ of the world, they would either never find work again, or they might simply disappear and no one would care, certainly not the cops or the justice system.

Those are very real impediments to ever having the realities of debauchery coming to the surface.

Owning an island, or part of an island, brings an additional layer of protection against truth ever surfacing. The girls aren’t stupid. They can see from 2,000+ feet up before they arrive, how easily they can be disposed of.

The price paid to the women is nominal regardless how high the amount they receive for their molestation. It is a low risk enterprise, . . . not for them, but for the Pimps and for the Slick Willies.

@James Raider:

Those are very real impediments to ever having the realities of debauchery coming to the surface.

Kinda reminds me of some the escapades of the ROP

@James Raider:

Owning an island, or part of an island, brings an additional layer of protection against truth ever surfacing. The girls aren’t stupid. They can see from 2,000+ feet up before they arrive, how easily they can be disposed of.

Ala Natalie Holloway!

@Budvarakbar: #32
And remember Robyn Gardner from Maryland who disappeared in Aruba? No one cared. Why? . . . Because she engaged in ‘risky’ behaviour.

She wan’t even a prostitute . . . but she engaged in risky behaviour. Huh? So she’s not a human being worthy of our judicial attention?

It’s entirely possible that she was ‘sold’, picked up on that beach, then shipped just beyond the horizon to Venezuela. Hell, you could swim to Venezuela from Aruba. Is anyone squeezing the scumbag Giordano? Not in Mary-Maryland.

@James Raider: I had forgotten about her — see how easy that was — Greta must not have gotten the budget to cover another missing girl in Aruba.

@john: Does that make Clinton any less a sexual predator and abuser of women in your view?


They put him in the WH!

Yeah, they did.


Ala Natalie Holloway!

She may well be on one of those islands Slick visits.


Oh, so truth and morality are determined by poll numbers? So if 68%, or anything above 50% think the world is flat, slavery is ok, or rape is an acceptable act, you are just fine with it?

Your 68% represents those too ignorant to understand that a liar cannot be trusted, combined with those who don’t care if someone is lying so long as the liar is pushing the collectivist ideology.

Larry Craig, David Vitter, John Ensign, Mark Foley ,Ken Calvert, Mark Sanford. Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert—-

@rich wheeler: What happened to all those guys, Rich? How is their fate different from Clinton’s… and they didn’t RAPE anyone.

@Pete: As shown by Rich’s post, when someone on the right is caught in inappropriate situations, they are shamed, prosecuted and drummed out of office. However, when a liberal is caught, even if involved in criminal activity, being liberal absolves them from guilt and they can continue in the pandering for votes (in addition to continuing their abuse of women).

This, of course, expresses what I said above, that the left only cares about women’s issues, for instance, when it can be used as a weapon against a political opponent. The same is true of any other liberal cause.

Perhaps we should listen to Todd Akin (R Mo) ” If it’s legitimate rape the body has a way to shut the thing down.” or
” If a woman has a right to abort why shouldn’t a man use his superior strength in pursuit of sexual freedom..” Laudenberg (R) or
” rape is a gift of human life.” Santorum (R Pa)
BTW Who would you rather have as a role model—Pope Francis or The Donald?

@rich wheeler:

Larry Craig, David Vitter, John Ensign, Mark Foley ,Ken Calvert, Mark Sanford. Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert—-

Not sure what you were listing Rich, but if it is rapists, you left off Slick Willie and if murderers, remember Vince Foster? And if it’s felons you left off Hillary. When you are listing criminals, you should list from both sides.

@rich wheeler:

BTW Who would you rather have as a role model—Pope Francis or The Donald?

why didn’t you answer? Tell us what it is about the Pope you admire?

@rich wheeler:

Rich, you don’t seem to understand you are making the conservative point for us. The republicans you quote and refer to as having made stupid, bizarre comments or who were caught in their sexual peccadillos either lost their positions or never got any support from conservatives. Conversely, while feminists shriek and scream that rape accusers should ALWAYS be believed turn a blind eye to the sexual attack victims of Clinton – calling them liars and trailer trash. And leftist continue supporting Clinton, even after his semen on Monica’s dress led to his impeachment and being disbarred for perjury. How long do you suppose a conservative president would have lasted had he been proven to have lied about having sex with a woman young enough to be his daughter who worked in the White House? Yet leftists have no shame about continuing to support such a despicable, crass reprobate. The left was outraged by the false Duke lacross rape accusations, insisting that women never lie about being raped, yet Broadrick, Jones and Willey were cast as lying political opponents.

@John: What proof do you have??

Clinton = Cosby?????

Funny stuff!

@RJ: Clinton = garbage.